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Key of time let oneself become the key that opens game logjam."
" I start paying attention to your training and game of that from day, I see little of you present up shoot ball at goal on my own initiative.That's right, you can use to spread the defense line that the ball tears to pieces opponent, but you have to know 1:00, don't let to spread ball to become lock to die his/her own cage."
"If the opponent is understand you are the the guy that will spread ball, so you are very easy and then will sink into passive.Because they the route that need to stare at to die you spread ball all right, you don't have the ability of any threat ball door."
"Want to open enough big indentation from the body of opponent, not only want to use spreading of knife sort ball, more important, you want to become a knife by yourself!"
"Is firm to go in, you at in the road should be like a knife's direct crest on the throat of opponent.Remember,www.buybeatsbydrdreheadphone.com, polish off opponent, should a lot of that methods, but not addict to oneself to spread ball in."
"Want this club the legend ever, Lu Yi ·section Si tower while taking the offensive will also the opportunity to hold tight comes for opponent malicious for a while of, this is one qualified of medium field player.Modern football be so, you can pass to spread the grain that the ball combs ball team, so you should also learn the method of using the active aggression disrupts opponent of defend rhythm."
Lin Yi's ordering a head to signal hint him has already listenned to understand this problem, shoot ball at goal?In fact Lin Yi can spread spreading of demon's sort ball with the beautiful feet method, this is good enough to prove that he has a kind of good felling to football.
Only he while filling to expect diagram Er and breaking of back in the church ground to kick ball before, all made it a rule to present went up to direct other people, not made oneself become a terminator, his feet method wasn't in fact bad, was just that he still not and habitually made he work out a problem.
Compare to shoot ball at goal, Lin Yi even likes to see ownly spread a moment that the ball tears to pieces opponent defense line, those the despairing look in the eyes is all his favourite.However he the understand Mu inside Ni Ao say right, oneself at take the offensive of time really have already grown to the bigotry that spreads ball.
This is the disease, must cure ……
"Everyday an hour shoots ball at goal training and tries in many angles to rise feet to shoot ball at goal, your or so feet all want to do!"The Mu inside Ni Ao of voice seem to be have a little not smooth, however Lin Yi is completely understand at present this facial expression is serious of guy is at stem what.
When a person hopes you are good, he would request you with the serverest standard, if you were a lousy mire, no one would care your future.Although all day Lin Yi Du Rang the big uncle before fixing attention on is a tyrant,he has never stopped the step that once descended he's training.
The Mu inside Ni Ao seldom goes like this to one by one teach a member of team, in addition to he in the Portuguese low class ever don't the league match serve as the time of youth brigade coach just thus of once do, but now Lin Yi's the boy that just acrossed into occupation football threshold but let the Mu inside Ni Ao again pick up old profession.
He needs to make this boy understand, knowing how to spread the ball is a condition that the organizer has to have, but in the turning point of ex- put will be a key that wins a game, sometimes appropriately selfish is also a kind of choice of necessity.
The Mu inside Ni Ao is optimistic about the small guy of this black hair very much, although he usually at looking at own of time, Du Rang in the mouth wears those languages that don't understand.
But the Mu inside Ni Ao never skins a flint to think to develop this boy, not only for the sake of the result of the ball team, also for the sake of the future prospects of this boy.
Lin Yi has no lack of natural endowments and has no lack of a technique, but what he lack is the system development of true war experience and occupation football.That small guy seems to be a little bit more natural on the football field, the things of the most original football inside seem to be all to flow in his blood vessel.
However having too many things can not develop, that an untamed nature on the boy body is to let the Mu inside Ni Ao pay attention to one of his reasons thus.
Dare to put together, even if when the cent set resists, Lin Yi also expresses very cruelty one side is on the ground, he can be not lovely at all this time.
He always can't let football easily be broken in he's foot, unless defend member of team to lean against bodily advantage very cruelty direct put for him to pour, otherwise really difficult rend away football from his foot.
Even if is someone can break Lin Yi of take ball, he will also immediately return to body anti- rob, the Mu inside Ni Ao discovers this boy while breaking ball, there is very heavy player's style in South America.
Lin Yi believes very much ownly and first judgment, computing him probably can't immediately rob ball power once, but he make you can not continue to take ball.
If say Lin Yi while organizing aggression return is like a gentleman, so he at in is like also a cruelty robber when the field intercept other people.
This boy has the self-confident heart of very mightiness, probably Lin Yi's characteristics, the Mu inside Ni Ao ability usually from oneself body up see.
All of them are that kind of to the person of they very self-confidence, only 1 is present up, one is present next, their all believing firmly the choices that they are is all correct.
There is a strength head for refusing to concede defeat son on this small guy body, this is what the Mu inside Ni Ao appreciates most , a person who likes to lower the head to admit defeat can not become atmosphere forever.Be like while being present to up take ball Lin Yi is similar, regardless gain or loss, you have to start to rise own head and looking at all opponents.
Lin Yi never likes admitting defeat and is like him before and that man started practicing the time of football most similar, he liked to see to still have the mother the vision of gentleness on brief smiling face of the face of that man when himself won ball, this is also why he would have been kicking ball of reason.
Have him on the football field to formely all recollections of happy days, however the choosing football from him was rare of that from day, he was understand he wanted to undertake more responsibilities, the occupation usually represented of is responsibility.
But now, he understand he why can choose football, see green turf-grass, hear the acclaim of the audiences, his bloods are seething.
"That is a kind of to let the blood vessel all deliver hot madness."Lin Yi can also think of the game that he pulls a brigade in the fee thunder now in, several acclaims of myriad people.
From an orphan that is forgotten inside in the corner to face several idols that the myriad people shouts, that very short 30 minutes make Lin Yi understand he or she should be what.If also want to hear that, in addition to writing freely more sweats on the training field, he there is no another choice now.
Think to be successful, so bite from now on the tight maxillary joint works well each matter, Lin Yi understand he or she nothing important way out, only go before grinding teeth.
Every day so of train will have kept on for 2-3 hours since morning, then after the normal regulations of ball team trains be over, is continuing.
Connect those kicked for more than 10 years, ball of old guys all trains strength to this kind of have a little suddenly tongue, but the boys of that black hair, seem to be suddenly don't feel.
The Mu inside Ni Ao is used to urge familiar training method to stimulate Lin Yi like this, he believes that that small guy has the ability the infusion for accepting this kind of big sport quantity.
Lin Yi's training is continuing crazily, however he each time at formally compete time taking place remain drive Ni Ao in the Mu dead dead of the card is within 30 minutes.Which afraid Lin Yi and then sent out to once help to offend in three games, don't can rob to more taking place of a minute in the hand from Ni Ao in the Mu as well time.
"Are an extreme limit for 30 minutes, if make him strong line of to postpone long time in the game, only have disadvantage."Still be placed in the small guy in nascent period to a body to say, the Ni an Ao still a demand in the Mu as far as possible of protection he, can be used as a strange soldier, but don't can make a weapon of normal regulations.
Really don't know that oneself when just can be used as a head to send out a field, every Lin Yi sits to rush in substituting and repairing at table to see the teammates present of time, will think so, his mental state hopes earnestly field up rush, but see now, the bishop does temporarily didn't°yet this plan.
"Opportunity to wait for ……hope that oneself can be betterly."While training every day, Lin Yi will say like this with he or she, this isn't reminding oneself Related articles:

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