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Of words, after death of these 14 disciples, can have how many on the hoof come out?
Want, she by herself also however just just to opened up a valley to expect of fix for flew swords just haven't played benefit Suo, after a while canned all hope Wang Shao Chuan to protect hers.She thou if all of orchids is such, so she after death just just opened light 14 disciples of building the radicle?This not is come to walk into death.However, now want to run to be also late, don't say now, would was to just receive Ai cloth to pull the time of reaching the notice especially then escape, afraid is also inescapable.
Wang Shao Chuan lightly kneaded to knead a thou if the hand of orchid, light tunnel:"After a while heel good I, don't talk, the nobody dares to move you a fine hair of."
If thou the intelligent of orchid is of a pure, Wang Shao Chuan of self-confident and thin settle, immediately gave her great confidence and courage-the man of old Niang, but the best, this son is small and bother, where difficultly pour him?
A son person raises head to stick out chest ground to follow Wang Shao Chuan to in walk, a shape with hundred percent confidence.
The Ai cloth pulls to reach to have already faced out especially, don't know as well whether the in the mind contains the cause of ghost, if thou the orchid always feels that the smiling face on his face is very stiff.
Soon arrive at inside the lord hall, text Sen especially moxa Bo Ta just and smilingly sit at up the seat of host of head, or so stand before the body about 20 confident superiors, 2 bringing from the Hugo city don't move a brigade and then have already replaced the bodyguard of castellan mansion, the whole castellan mansion, have already become a trap now.
The text Sen seen smile happily especially moxa Bo Ta, Wang Shao Chuan is also getting more happy:"It indeed as expected is you."
Text Sen especially moxa Bo Ta Da Dun is strange, his coming here is absolute secret, connect his confident under charge and don't move a brigade, is also arrive green city after just know, destination is here.As for target, after being also kid's tiger that Wang Shao Chuan plays to appear, everyone just knows of ……since don't even know the persons whom he becomes intimate with most , is the that king little Chuan how can anyone know?
Momentary, text Sen especially moxa Bo Ta's curiosity greatly rise.
"In addition to you this 205, also have who meeting so the absolute being absolute being Dao Dao ground, put a Hong Yan in the door also put disadvantageous Suo, you said your this son productive, alas, I not and sparsely say you."Wang Shao Chuan is a hate iron doesn't become a steel of tone, pull Ai cloth to reach to wait especially person to almost stare out for surprised eye pupil son.
Thou if orchid and 14 disciples don't know text Sen moxa Bo Ta's identity and position especially, the Ai cloth pulls and reaches and waits a person especially but know of, that is the text Sen the household incumbent clan grows especially of the in the big Jiu son, strange Luo door Qiao expect of the best, tremendous power solid power person, Wang Shao Chuan unexpectedly and so at random plays trick with person like this ……yes, Wang Shao Chuan's tone was really too easy, text Sen especially moxa Bo Ta is also the surprise of the full face, can not tell to cut up rough, with as for all people all think was this a pair person an old acquaintance, is playing trick.
Result text Sen especially moxa Bo Ta's under charges started to be depressed and wished all since is oneself's person, why return mysterious Mi ground of absolute being to pull the brotherses to run so far?And then absolute being does the mysterious Mi ground set out Yan in the Hong door?For making the somebody else scold 2?Depend, 205 be 205, even the mode of thinkings are all different from normal person.
Yes, because text Sen especially moxa Bo Ta at ordinary times work son don't wear and adjust too much, with as for his confident under charges also ever and anon and in mind complain 2-follow this eldest brother does, it is too affirmative, but handle affairs son to have prospect not wear adjust, the brotherses don't also want and follow and receive scolding Yao, be a little bit small depressed don't dare Sa, the brotherses in mind whisper, always can?
"Admire, you does the boy talk like this with me?Defeated opponent, my seeing you is live Be getting more impatient."Text Sen especially moxa Bo Ta attend to not best plan compare, Wang Shao Chuan is exactly to how can anyone know is his, be he is so many noodles sons of younger brothers, Ya unexpectedly and deserving does the noodles son humiliate this adult?
"Pull down you, who is your defeated opponent?You are so whole many people lay siege to Lao Tze together, Lao Tze which have carefree and contented mood to alone come to grips with you?This, do you unexpectedly think that Lao Tze is your defeated opponent?Calculate to calculate, Lao Tze is to really take you now, the I really took YOU ."Wang Shao Chuan turned over to turn over cold stare son, two the hands are one stand, one carry the facial expression that you vanquished on one's back.
The Ai cloth pulls to reach to wait a person to immediately watch out for especially.
Depend, feelings these 2 people aren't old acquaintances, but sworn enemies, otherwise text Sen especially does the moxa Bo Ta's adult how can seek so many people to lay siege to him?However, that kind of activity should be round up, how again and list pick to pull last?
The military tactics action that didn't wait a group of persons to make a guard, text Sen especially moxa Bo Ta but by surprise roar with laughter:"Is quite good, your boy is an indeed as expected true brave, I like."
This for a while, the Ai cloth pulls to reach to wait a person especially thoroughly careless-depend, is your two people exactly old acquaintance still a sworn enemies?Can you give a happy words?
"You the greatly very far son ground ran and also put so big appearance, Lao Tze isn't malicious to beat you up, how can you satisfy?Come, you seek a place, two of us do a , Lao Tze makes you admire sincerely to take orally this time."Wang Shao Chuan consumedly tunnel.
Text Sen especially moxa Bo Ta immediately eyes a bright, without thinking called 1:"Good."
Immediately, text Sen especially moxa Bo Ta realize mistake to come over, depend, Lao Tze but come catch a person, has the Zha already become to learn by exchanging views?Stale son!However, from beat to rise in rank a Qiao to expect, also really could not find suitable opponent to learn by exchanging views, pick with this boy list of Wang Shao Chuan, also really let people expectation!
For an instant, text Sen especially moxa Bo Ta did decision, does the Ya still have so many under charges, the woman of Ya also here, Lao Tze picks to go with Ya list,beats by dre cheap, not afraid Ya again dare to run.
Think so, text Sen especially the moxa Bo Ta Chao's under charge made a color, then took the lead to fly to go out-yes, after listenning to Wang Shao Chuan's suggestion, keeping of his excitement dither early could not restrained to want to begin to come to grips.
Text Sen especially the moxa what Bo Ta walked it may be said natural and unrestrained pole, but he so on walking, his under charge immediately silly eye.Depend, eldest brother, you so on winking, your pouring is to be getting more natural and unrestrained, can the brotherses the Zha know you is what meaning?BE grasp this kind of people all?Or living to wait upon so much?Blare, eldest brother you pour is to quasi- words ah, this not is make the brotherses difficult.
Text Sen especially the facial expression of moxa Bo Ta's under charge is cloudy or sunny uncertain, Wang Shao Chuan but see clearly, immediately heart in happy,Beats by Dre BMW, this than the circumstance in the imagination can want ideal many.Hence face before walking, the swagger ground of Wang Shao Chuan to thou if orchid and 14 disciples say:"You don't walk and wait me here and wait Lao Tze to tidy up the owe to beat of 205, come to drink with you again."
The Ai cloth pulls to reach to wait a person to foolishly looking at Wang Shao Chuan also and disappear in the sky especially, in every aspect and mutually Qu, who don't know how to do as well just good.Exactly the Ai cloth pulled to reach to be especially several years of castellan so,Beats By Dre In Ear, experienced, the stem coughs one- track:"Text Sen especially the moxa Bo Ta's adult not at, the nature is the representative director whom he specifies to make decision, brothers I definitely perform the duties of the host and have you waited upon."
Text Sen especially moxa Bo Ta's under charge be more getting depressed more, this old fox, give° oneself first to take off clean, the brotherses were more difficult to do.
If thou the orchid extremely clever at last sees intending of understand Wang Shao Chuan now, hence the side in mind gives oneself strong Dan, the side as if nothing has occurredly says with smile:"Each eldest brother, otherwise, let we come to some son dessert fruit first what of, let us first mat point son?"
Text Sen especially moxa Bo Ta's under charges in every aspect and mutually Qu, immediately nod a way together:"The Ai cloth pulls to reach castellan especially and ascend dessert and fruits quickly, we eat first and wait the adults to come back to say again."

Chapter 147 Yan in the Hong door(next)

Green city's being apart from Long Ma's plateau really is too near, even can say, the green city is the edge in Long Ma's plateau.Wang Shao Chuan and text Sen especially the moxa Bo Ta Liang people all is the superiors whom the superior wins, text Sen especially moxa Bo Ta although with degree slow, that mainly means, toss around in the small scope while fighting the Teng move ineffective live, not that flew absolute speed the slow speed is slow.
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