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Is a -if have this innocent expectation to the young child of thin boon Bo De Wang's house, is his highness king's companion, I be not seem to be too not to know the depths ……" Ya if present a fatalistic tragically heroic facial expression on the face of a kind of insect, write by the tone imprecation of moan sort."But, at least before this kind of Sao loose hair living, please in advance notify me!Even if escape not to settle a dispute behind of rehabilitate a work, make me once hide before the event at least of struck with fright or horror!"
"……Is sorry." Brief war with some on squarely and thoroughly defeating but announcing be over, Suo Er Si profoundly pendency head, raised to mean to completely surrender toward the lover of flag of surrender.
"Mother, this matter ……really so serious?" Summer sound's hasing a little is frightenned of appearance, uneasily to Ya if a kind of insect confirms.
"H'm ……24 hours before this a moment be probably called'the day of the mentally dense of unprecedented in history'but load in empire history?" Although Ya if a kind of insect also wants to comfort a daughter possibly, however in consideration of will condescend to come a daughter in the body right away of try to do, so this a mother still a wry smile write to tell the daughter the true facts.
"Emperor all the transportation completely break off for 24 hours, and the drill of new warship is forced to stop halfway, even if need not I say, you should be able to also thought of that this is the how serious affairs, my princess' his highness?Is much less me to still hear ……"
Make reference to my Ya if a kind of insect for a while, see to Suo Er Si.This thin boon Bo De Wang's house is lord wry smile to order to signal hint to her, hence she continues to keep on saying again.
"The second promise Lai Wei Nie house has already decided to convene 13 parliaments, seem to intend the household middle age is light to oneself one jumping the track of generation the behavior carry on a processing ……"
If Ya the words summer sounds of a kind of insect behind didn't hear.Because this brave princess' facial expression has already become very pale, just bright of mood also suddenly the dark cloud that is feared cover with.

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Face he or she once at thin boon Bo De Wang's house the run away of dissolute a princess of at the same time, with it proceed together in the same sea of orbit orchid virtuous household be also just preparing especially a grand rites to greet the returning of young child that consigns the hope of household renew.
In the sea that presents a huge battleship shape especially the temple Di of orchid virtuous household up, is exactly some kind of prospectses of hot sky of fire dynasty now.
Before now, in the emperors all the first the staff persisted to insist under, the old duke was lifetime for the first time used is the long power of source clan, requested the emperor the for the use of emperor engineering corps of temple to re- fix the whole he or she that because of usually hardly included the opportunity uses but neglected many spaces of temple Di.Then, support in the all who relate to Qing dint including emperor under, this originally slightly decadent temple Di, in only 18 hours, already in the sublime and beautiful aspect exceed oneself of any time in the past.
Now that just withdrew in the for the use of emperor engineering corps, this temple Di in of public again the beginning is a rites the spot of adornment and the food in the party but go all out.The whole things needed are all been directly responsible for adjusting a degree by emperor temple manager on the welcome mat, on the supply any nonexistent problem, almost will have the platform inside the warship for landing liberality in the temple Di of a transportation warship every 5 minutes, then from in constantly and constantly deliver food to anticipate with decoration.Even, connect this temple Di to still too late enlist of attendant, all act as while urgently adjusting to send the bellboy approach in the emperor temple under the suggesting of emperor ……but all everythings, all for greeting that sea the young child of orchid virtuous household especially, an again ordinary however of ground last youth.
Even if is one of 13 source clanses,monster beats by dre christmas gift discount online, only for the sake of a party and make an exception to the treatment of such extent, also calculate in empire history up is unprecedented.If that party concerned can know at oneself will soon go to a place is taking place of the whole of words, probably immediately move tearful?However, in consideration of that youth's simple and honest character, so at drive touched tearful before and first be frightenned a dizzy possibility to probably still have to be aer little higher.
Now, this is lucky of stupid is just fighting with endless endless plant fiber product, exhausted.
"Wu ……childe, you feel this blouse how?" What second Ji takes in hand is a set of solid white underclothing that embellishes silver line in the edge, before comparing with with that the ruby trims border of that has to be much refreshing, so put in the words at ordinary times, the sky should make an explicit choice.
"……" However at the moment, he is just numbness and machine location head.
In the middle of packing and experimenting for changing of before as long as five hourses, the youth who originally towards to pack a problem to not and very care finally exhaustion all bottom dint, start whole body stiff, arms and legs dither, followed and then unconsciously gotted in to contemplate status inside the interest.Anyway, body side this up to the present action nowise see slow of, capability difficult to know female, nature the meeting probably has no terminal point this of experiment keep on continuing.
"……Matching effect isn't bad.Try again to see other matches so, childe." Indeed as expected ……in the sea of the sky that muddled consciousness, this mind one Shan namely dies, immediately after again was returned to mentally dense.
"……H'm, so!Childe,Beats By Dre Free shipping day, you can open eyes." Didn't once know how long as well, like announcing of sounds of nature sort finally condescend to come to arrive have been praying to redeem of in the youth body, relieved from is horary of the jailbird cage he.
"Good!" The sky pleased hopes other parts of country to open eyes, then stunned speechless a while.
In front of him didn't know to when stick out one side very thin metal wall.It is mappinging the image of an unfamiliar man at the moment, over there in the smooth mirror noodles.
That man's clothes regards white as principle.At embellish in addition to the solid white underclothing of silver line, is a long sleeve jacket with is had same color, grow the cuff of sleeve of dress to completely open, and have relaxed but elegance of flow line, the whole long dress had been hanging till a knee, and take to tie with a bunch in the loins, tie to take to seem is have the silver Jing the vulture but become, inset one in positive center should be have what connotation of present oval shape of topaz.
The transparent crystal that has deep blue in the man's forehead position,http://www.headphonest.com, however seem is inset in wearing one.Head takes oneself Be approached to dark ash of silvery, although there is externally no fine work, but the sky can not judge this head to take exactly from what material make into.Because the head takes by all accounts full of and flexible and very soft, however the part of the contact skin bring him woody touch.
The sky originally has the short hair of a head of utter darkness and was taken by the head to tie then now, but because his hair quality very soft cause, didn't drive head the part that take to hold up naturally pendency, then to both sides separate, peep out the transparent crystal in deep blue of forehead positive center.At present everywhere the transparent crystal of shape is central, suspend quietly a gold creates of delicate wing, this represents he is taking this"the wing of gold" as armorial household, "the wing of empire" sea especially a member of orchid virtuous household.
The man in the mirror so quiet quiet stand erect.No matter what angle it is see, he has already completely been a standard empire nobility, even even if review with the standard of the nobility in the nobility, 13 source clans, at externally could not seek the blemish of one silk ten cents as well.
If, stubbornly say the orchid public of the man and the summer within mirror the source clan image within eyes has what differentiation of words, that probably can that can force to call from the man in the mirror ascend the handsome facial appearance came up a composition chapter?
"Seem …… the where once saw ……"
Although the sky manages should the ground should be a second Ji this almost disguise Shu but surprise of absolute being skill shocking, he feels first of is 1 kind to puzzlingly acquaint with feeling.
Still was like a where to once see this person?Completely can not believe this person to is his/her own youth to turn head sideways, at memory of original in the bitterness bitterness look for.
"H'm, even if moxa Liu Ya Gong Nyu sees you's appearance, will be definitely also satisfied." Second Ji rather feeling Related articles: