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200 years of the wood of Ba Luo and Triceratops so of Long Jiao of the wild dinosaur create then heavy bow to break their defense.
But Ba Luo wood growth of the scarcity of slowness and wild dinosaur, make these two kinds of materials expensive over gold, Kun especially the Kingdom miserable wretch like this can not in great quantities equip at all,cheap beats by dre.But decline Long Mu different, decline Long Mu absolutely is the typical model of "the weed burns not to exert, the spring breeze blows and livings"!And its material is also the wood of Ba Luo to compare!
Once song in Chu sky accepted this fief, when the time comes at thunder gram the under one's eyes of the this person, can protect the secret of declining Long Mu?Decline Long Mu once exposing, song in Chu sky can imagine will result in what kind of result, this strategic supplies affirmation will let Kun especially the person grow crazy!Does song in Chu sky return how to monopolize to make money?
So this beautifully Pa orchid fief.Kill Chu song to also take nothing ground for sky!
It is engaging in mental drudgery to think a way to push to take off for a ground of time in song in Chu sky.Suddenly and urgently and in a hurry come over here a white tunic fiesta department.BE exactly just opened a transmission to send Chu the song to come up ground, that white tunic for sky.
"Pope's adult!Palace bearer?"The white tunic fiesta department ground the facial expression is very weird.Let people pretty much ponder.
The full room ground hullabaloo immediately became silent.All departments that all see this white tunic fiesta.All doubt isn't oneself to listen to wrong.
"Pope's adult.Send a person to come to plea for interview his highness and Chu's adult in palace!"The white tunic again says.
People all listenned to clear and immediately started discussing to get up in succession this time.Song in Chu sky is one Leng first, however smiled later on.Waited several days, finally came, and, come of return is really time!Ha ha ha, at the right moment don't know how decline, this is the nap to come to pillow!Especially the these Yis person is still pretty lovely of!
"Who is the bearer ?"The Pope asks a way.
The white tunic tooks a look Chu first the song for sky, then hesitatingly says:"BE, BE'match especially archduke'-way the space pull Si.The Kai is strange!"
!The owner includes Chu the song is all again stunned speechless for sky, how is that he came!
The way space pulls Si.The Kai is strange, Kingdom on waiting duke, the former incumbent king's"rich man", Yi especially the person's husband of princess, the total military instructor of Wang Cheng the palace guards war absolute being army corps ever, the soldier department of now chief of general staff.These are all of no account, importance of is this old man is the old dad of the Gang Sa thunder Si!
Beating is small, come out old!
Song in Chu sky touches the chin smile, this was to seek a son to come for the Gang Sa thunder Si!Am I worrying to can not find to lend however you can miscalculate this time!
"Adult, you see how do like?Want to be not, say you and his highness not here?"Pope's this old man is very deceitful, know Yi especially person come affirmative is seek a son, but since is what king sends come, can not disappear, either, hence threw the hard nut to crack to song in Chu sky.
"Pope's adult, my dictionary inside, don't evade this phrase!Now that the somebody else seek to come, that I experience the person of Xi gold gold Dou spirit actually have much severe!"Song in Chu sky sneers at a , firmly say.
"That is all right, since adult insists, that I let second space out teacher he the transmission come up!"Pope immediately for the donkey in ascent, toward white tunic the fiesta take charge of second pull to signal hint.
That is second to space out teacher to politely draw off, then start starting transmission again, along with the ray of light flash across of transmission, several personal shadows appear from Shan in the transmission.
This several personal shadows lead the way of an old-age nobility, whole body stylish nobility dress, seeing the appearance age has been not young, the hairs all have already started spending white, although the canthus has crow's feet, but the canthus can see out from the outline of face, young of the time is also the lord that handsomely brings calamity to the country and the people.The most stirring attention of, is his after death is that rightness of gold color sheath wings of very much resembling Yans tail cape and two antennae of overhead.
See these two sign characteristics, the song need not other people of Chu sky introduced and then understooded, this affirmation was the old dad of the Gang Sa thunder Si,Beats By Dre In Ear, match especially the archduke-way space pull Si.The Kai is getting more strange!Although superficially care nothing about, but the in the mind of song in Chu sky has already raised a vigilance.This old man although the age isn't young, but song in Chu sky with lend his/her own beastly sensitive, felt from the body of this toward sunset deeply great power.
Stand at him after death of is four abnormalities high big tall and big in stature Yi especially warrior, be all dressed in gorgeous metal battle armor on their body, the waist acrosses lance.Most the eye-catcher is all that they hang a very small gold color in robust neck Long Di!The expressing their identities is all high-level Allosaurus knights!
Long Di is a kind of special space method machine, add to hold on the special material after high level magic trick"the life invokes" of fiesta department, can form 1 to be provided to sit to ride the knot boundary that Long Shou dwells for rest space.Just this kind of method machine is very precious, the life invokes this magic trick although just high level, this magic trick isn't what everyones can study, but is like the absolute being grant remarkable talent and all depend an awakening.And can the metal material being added to hold unusually cherish.This precious abnormality that caused Long Di.The sacred knight of the whole temple of the gods regiment inside, also only have Lei Ji Nuo and the chief of knight's regiment section Lei just one person provided with Long Di, have never thought Yi especially the person unexpectedly leap four knights who own Long Di all of a sudden!
The result started falling!The brotherses, how all?

Three matters of the text chapter 104 king
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"Fight absolute being at up, pay respects to Pope's adult!"The way space pulls Si archduke on stepping a transmission to take four Allosaurus knights to politely salute to the Pope, facial expression and euphonic absolutely take charge of than the fiesta still devout.The legendary way space pulled Si archduke to ever since that time do husband of princess hereafter started the devout Augustinian war absolute being, opened to is true.
"Fight absolute being to protect you, respect of ducal adult!"The Pope puts of appearing lost in thought the stick power, the response way space pulls Si 1 line:"Excuse me, you this time, what is up?"
"Pope's adult, I this time am the order that receives king's his majesty since then.The king gives an account the his majesty to me three affairs."The way space pulls Si to raise head and says:"The first comes to wear the Er Ba Li's his highness toward the absolute being clan of doing obeisance the awakening.His majesty originally is wanted to come in person, but suddenly got a big disease half month ago, could not get up up to now, so allowed me to represent his majesty and whole Kingdom all subjects of a ruler toward doing obeisance his highness!"
After finishing saying, the Dai that tooks a look surprised uprising say:"The absolute being clan-Dai that is awakening.Wear the Er Ba Li's his highness?His highness, the Xi gold clan servant-way space of your loyalty pulls Si.The Kai is strange to ask Anne to you!"After finishing saying, unexpectedly crouch down to start going since the complete prostration ancient gift!Once he crouch down, the four high level Allosauruses knight is also close behind to crouch down to start to go a gift!
Pope and thunder gram Sa husband and wife and come to take part in all Kuns of banquet to in every aspect and mutually peep especially, the big eye stares a small eye, connect the always stuffy head Lei Ji that doesn't talk Nuos to all raise head to use the vision doing not understand and looking at to crawl at five people of ground.
Song in Chu sky and Dai are also getting more silly, this is how the words say, not is come to seek an of Chi stem?How to at first come Ke?
Face public don't understand of vision, the way space pulls Si archduke the milli- is inattentive, after meticulously saluting, stood, immediately after said:"The second matter, be apologize to Chu's adult for the sake of the business of pediatric Gang Sa thunder Si."
The way space pulls Si to finish saying hereafter changed direction body song in Chu sky, conjectured two times, say:"The adult of this brave force definitely be wear the Er Ba Li's his highness of'have no'-Chu's adult,http://www.beatsbydr4us.com!My son the Gang Sa thunder Si is a martial Chi, again young unreasonable, be incited to come to pick a quarrel, violated openly Chu's adult, please definitely forgive!"
The old man finishes saying to immediately after kowtow.
Song in Chu sky could not stood any further this time, his temper is belong to agreeable hair donkey, open to persuasion but not to coercion, ignore Yi especially person actually for the sake of what purpose, but the somebody else after all has no to first, ask for trouble, and still solve Chu rounding of song for sky.The person of so big age, give oneself one small young kowtow, this lets Chu song how can be subjected to for sky, though he is a bastard, but most at least of the old love take care of the young to still understand.
"The ducal adult led and led!I can accept to can not stand, you can not ability so!"Song in Chu sky hurriedly blocked old duke.
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