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 Seeing know more wide Wang Shao Chuan's nature can't be frightenned by a young girl and answered to without extra trouble put into a time inside the Dan the dollar quit and simultaneously and boldly walk up Liu Han Yan, a hugged her small pretty waist, fiercely pull to own bosom ……
Liu Han Yan completely didn't miss Wang Shao Chuan incredibly will suddenly come to this skill, immediately foolish live, waited until Wang Shao Chuan's big mouth thoroughly seize her cherry small, just the disillusion comes over, however the general situation has been already gone at this time, Liu Han Yan's flounder would rather say than say to is to resist is cater to.
Proper 2 people all forgot the whole, whole body nature devotion in the middle of being wet to kiss, the "cough ……" a burst of and violent cough voice spreads.
Two people immediately as getting an electric shock separate, sees Liu Yi Chao be violently coughing, stand to stare over there big eyes stare at 2 people.
Liu Han Yan sees Liu Yi Chao coughs of imitate a Buddha have to want heart lungs to all vomit, hurriedly run over to pund the back for Liu Yi Chao, but drive Liu Yi Chao enragedly a jilt to open, Liu Han Yan injustice ground the unbearable tears upwards flow out.
Is dark angered in the heart that Wang Shao Chuan sees, you heel I so, frightened what your senior misunderstands you?Ze Ze, unexpectedly flow for your senior what tears, what good injustice do you have?
Suddenly, Wang Shao Chuan becomes dispirited and discouraged and wish Liu Han Yan finally is Liu Yi Chao's younger sister Shi, fix true life span so long, so probably and early was a rightness of sons lovers, just didn't°yet in time the double fix just, alas, my putting to come in like this isn't a third party is what.
Thought of here, in Wang Shao Chuan's heart more of iciness, also keep silent, turn round and then walk, in the brain, the girl friend ever left his/her own scene to imitate a Buddha and appeared at at present, make him painful and unbearable, he completely has never heard Liu Han Yan at behind loudly of call, head also not the time ground ran away.
Liu Han Yan frighteneds to disgrace and just wanted to make track for, the roars way of Liu Yi Chao:"You come back for me!If you dare to make track for,Beats Detox, I don't recognize your this younger sister Shi any further!"
Liu Han Yan Nu is blunt blunt the ground stand to Liu Yi Chao's in front, call way:"Liu Yi Chao, you are just my senior, you threaten less me, and you basically have no right restriction my freedom!"
Liu Yi Chao just still listenned to his/her own words don't make track for for Liu Han Yan but happy, now again the fire emit three Zhangs, Nu way:"That boy has what okay, do you make track for him to do what?I am your senior, our childhood friends, together and so several years, even agree teachers through several years and then let us the double fix ……"
If Liu Han Yan Nu is blunt hurtle ground interrupt him, way:"You are little to take teacher to scare me, like what person is my freedom, your tube doesn't wear, also the round don't arrive you to take care of, anyway I certainly would not with your double fix of, now can't, in the future also can't, you want to also don't think that and early as possible died this heart!"
"You dare to walk, I die in front of you!"Liu Yi Chao's hasing never thought Liu Han Yan will speak words like this, immediately foolish live, seeing Liu Han Yan had to make track for Wang Shao Chuan to go and immediately lost rational, have no life ground to hurtle to Liu Han Yan to block her before the body, one word a ground speak this to connect him by himself surprised words also, but make him surprised BE, Liu Han Yan really has never dared to leave.
Liu Han Yan is immediately foolish to live, she how also have never thought the senior of childhood friends incredibly will speak words like this, she tooks a look the direction that Wang Shao Chuan leaves and reluctantly saw Liu Yi Chao whom an eye walks on air again and grasped hair to look up at sky to scream and vented chest in of depressed, this a moment, she starts regretting own hesitant.
Being really satisfied and uncommon in Liu Yi Chao's heart is no matter an use what means, younger sister Shi always returns is accompany at ownly and nearby, this is all right already, hence smiling tunnel:"Younger sister Shi, now that adopted to come round a fruit, we hurriedly returned to Ao capital city to report the result,Artist Series, does the teacher still wait get excited to use."
Liu Han Yan hates ground to stare at Liu Yi Chao's way:"I will walk by myself, need not you call I, you roll a little bit far son for me, mean mean person."
Greatly hate in the heart of Liu Yi Chao, almost bite into bit teeth all, the in the mind very anxious to ability was cut to pieces Wang Shao Chuan.Actually all the way he is all basic in the deep slumber, altogether also have no to speak more than three words with Wang Shao Chuan, to be Wang Shao Chuan to know not a thing.
Say again after rushing out all the way, Wang Shao Chuan in an absent sort of way follows brook to run before having been going toward, also not know run how long, suddenly hear "Hua" one huge ring, a deep-fried thunder blasts open on the head, immediately after rain-storm pouring but go to, Wang Shao Chuan this just return to absolute being,Beats Solo HD, hurriedly run to take shelter from rain to forest at the side of shore.
Wang Shao Chuan doesn't know that he or she ran how long as well by himself/herself, now this is where, wry smile for a while, Wang Shao Chuan feels ownly empty matchless inside the dint and cope with breeze thunder vulture he already exhaustion all inside the dint be wellrunning not to need to be expended inside the dint so much, and lead a such a childhood years, inside the dint seem return oneself resume some.
However, with absorb in the valley of those first grade crystal stones, obviously can not add losingly inside the dint.He suddenly thought of the breeze thunder Dan inside the vulture at this time and hurriedly took out a , the feeling that feel pure fragrance to come into nostrils, knead a hand is also soft, seem at the longan son that eat often on the earth general, on impulse under, unexpectedly Zhang Kou watches over a thunder vulture of inside Dan to keep on swallowing.

Chapter 8:Meet by coincidence a mountain thief

Swallow after, Wang Shao Chuan this just feel penitence, worrying will appear what surprised condition, he is basic even if is that fix true idiocy and understand to none of a lot of common sense things, in case of appear what problem, he basically doesn't know the solution.
Good at, breeze thunder vulture of inside once the Dan enter belly, Wang Shao Chuan feels whole bodies all warm ocean ocean of, the fellings of some hunger all have no, even have an energy of Noan-noan gradually leaking out, add into empty of the pubic region of pole, again then, originally and almost grind to a stop of inside the dint also start slowly fluxion circulating.
Wang Shao Chuan immediately exultation, this breeze thunder vulture of inside Dan indeed as expected magic matchless, although the energy of not equal to fairy stone that sort purity with huge, more full of activity, can directly absorb for body, and, thin water long the felling for flowing is also quite good.
Cross legs to go an achievement a sky for a week in the small forest, Wang Shao Chuan feels that he or she has already resumed quarter of inside dint.
Wang Shao Chuan another breeze thunder vulture of inside the Dan also take out and carefully observed a burst of son and exactly also have no courage and eat again next, have to and weigh and take back a dollar to it to quit to put like.
In fact breeze thunder the use of the Dan is numerous inside the vulture, if is been used be used as crystal stone, absolutely is reckless waste of grain, however still have at Wang Shao Chuan so much a be not.
The more than 10 days after, the Wang Shao Chuan's side carefree court takes a stroll, the side carries on self-discipline, although walk to stop of, also have no a companion son,detect to ownly fix to a day and a day of progress, the enrichment pours to also make Wang Shao Chuan feeling more contented.
Walked how many days again, Wang Shao Chuan suddenly thought of a very important problem, he how long haven't eaten, but the fellings of a little hunger all have no, open up valley Dan hasn't been eating, , because the cause of Dan inside the breeze thunder vulture ……Wang Shao Chuan rejoice with wild joy ground to think a way, oneself imperceptibly of unexpectedly have already risen in rank to open up a valley to expect?
This detection lets Wang Shao Chuan's emotion immediately like a lot of, can not help dancing and stamping.He decides to no longer think those disagreeables and fix the morals norm of true boundary no matter is what is the row, he who come from the Earth China cans not tolerate he to be third party, either, his decision from now on does fixing of a happiness really and forgets the whole annoyance.
After all, he doesn't know as well he actually the ability walks in fixing true this being negative sky of of road how far, probably he in the future still need to return to the Earth eventually old of, Liu Han Yan can not definitely return the Earth to do the common run of people with him, therefore no matter how it is say, now be over all don't lose to a good final outcome, everyone can't have too many pain and sufferings at least.
After making a decision, Wang Shao's interest in the Chuan full of lifely starts practicing light achievement"fly on the grass", after achieving success, he goes forward of the speed can biggest strengthen.
Wang Shao Chuan believes that fluvial downstream affirmation will include a city, unfortunately he ran many roads in"fly on the grass" Related articles:

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