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, Up still embroider a gold silk of, hang up Qian to become a pretty flower line, wear one to inset a golden hat outside the member on the head, on the hand ten fingers but is take full ring, but is the felling with no the slightest vulgar extravagance, on the contrary and the old an expensive spirit setoff.
That several guard soldier at see clear the old of looks behind, all frighten the facial expression is pale, even the weapons in the their hand all have already grasped unsteady, fallen off on the ground in succession, ring out one jingle clear and crisp voice.That and the carter take place guarding of antinomy the soldier directly tiredly kneel all over at ground up, had him to take the lead, leave of those guard a soldier is also kneel in succession at ground up, keep kowtowing toward the old, keep crying to shout in:"Old Wang Ye Rao's life!Old Wang Ye Rao's life!"
"Hum!"Although the old didn't peep out angry countenance, heart in but is burning with anger, coldly hum a way:"Old man however just a Lang outside member just, how dare say to the life of soldier Ye three four of!Many soldier Yes got mistake!"

The Wei of completely inexperienced in society chapter 116 strict house
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The old light tone but is let those guard a soldier to frighten is to try very hard to kowtow, the forehead is like a Dao medicine to generally put out strength the ground bump toward ground, immediately is an one blood-red.The cellular phone quickly reads:The w à p is .1 ⑹κ x ses.The c OM writing version head hair[`super`soon`head`hair]around still have the common people to is many to pass by, looking at this with surprising look pair scene, former once sees these soldier Yes show off the shape that the force spreads fame, when once saw them thus distress, momentary the person who round in the city gate is also more and more, and many people smell the Xun is from the city inside rushed through to join a crowd for fun.
That old but is seeming to be basically don't see, stand don't talk over there, the old doesn't talk, those guard a soldier not to dare to come to a stop, have been kowtowing over there, even if is a Ke to don't dare to come to a stop to get a head to break a blood.This scene, the common people who sees around secretly call it's strange, and those carters and waiter are to secretly feel feel avenged.
Time not and in a short while, from the direction inside the city but is to rush through to come to a group of persons' horse, took the lead to ride a horse to dash away but go to of,google, is exactly many cities of Nao cities to guard ancient Hsin-cheng.This thou Hsin-cheng originally already do finish official business, prepare to return to mansion rest, but is to listen to come to hand down a person to notify, say is city gate trouble,Facebook, this just flurried take city to guard inside the mansion of is a soldier to rush through.Those soldier help to open a new road, thou Hsin-cheng one stem person soon crowded opened crowd, arrived at inside the arch hole of city gate.Thou Hsin-cheng sees this first generally guard soldier's east to pour west slantingly kneel on the ground, a head breaks a blood, but still and just and without intermission Ke wear head, is already secretly get mad, the just so-called dozen dog must also see host, these guard a soldier again how don't help, that is also his subordinate.But wait thou Hsin-cheng again go toward before hope of time, the fury of that belly all immediately eliminated and left of, only have dismay with bitter and astringent, the thou leaves a words for in the head of Hsin-cheng:"These rabbit Zai how does the son have already asked for this Ye!"
Right away, thou Hsin-cheng runs in quick time to the in front of that old, toward that old profoundly on doing obeisance, accompany to say with a smile:"Is old Wang Ye back!How to don't let people report letter, let Hsin-cheng come accolade so much!"
Though thou Hsin-cheng has already put carriage very low, but that old is the debt that doesn't buy him, cold hum 1, say:"Old man be just a lie grass people just, but the adult is a big Chang country country lord the city appointing in person guard, the city guards adult for managing governmental affairs, the day manages ten thousand machines, old man again how dare to disturb city to guard adult!If because the reason of the old man held up the proper business of adult, is that old man not offense should ten thousand die?"
Listen to the words of the old, thou Hsin-cheng not from must secretly complain of hard lot, in the heart already those give offense to at present this old of guard a soldier to scold a time, on the face but still must put a smiling face, keep saluting to do obeisance a way toward the old:"If old Wang Ye says where, this many persons of Nao cities who don't know, old Wang Ye is us the sky of many Nao cities!Have what matter can compare to greet old Wang Ye come importance!"
Thou Hsin-cheng is expensive to guard for a city city, thus humblely treat this old, don't because of his good temperament pour.Before serving as city to guard, thou Hsin-cheng's that one that is also the big Chang country to loudly be is fierce will, fight battle, that was an of malicious hot, the pit once killed 5,000 captives.But malicious hot, that must also see object, at present this old, obviously be not thou Hsin-cheng can display his object of malicious hot means.
This old isn't other people, exactly the contemporary lord much stricter Qi in house of strict house that has reputation most in many Nao cities.This first the Zu is those early years south pretty the country lord of country, although south pretty the country have been already fallen through, in many Nao cities, people still call strict lord in in the past house in the house as Wang Ye to show a rightness of respect of strict houses.Strict house although now has no one person's officialdom in the big Chang country,cnn, military authority to take a post a job, in many Nao cities, you can not respect city to guard,absolutely can not not respect strict family.
Hsin-cheng at the beginning just took office this thou many Nao cities city guarded of time, but fee very big effort, just obtain the approbation of strict house, this just can at many Nao city Anne Be safe to steadily be city to guard.At present this how many guard a soldier but is recklessly and blindly do ground of lord in the house that gave offense to a strict house, this not is let ancient strenuous effort of Hsin-cheng several years to Be ruined to once?If this much stricter Qi is blamed on a third party to him of words, that thou Hsin-cheng can don't want to keep on staying in many Nao cities.
However, on the whole this much stricter Qi isn't the person of good matter either, seeing ancient Hsin-cheng has already put low figure thus, he also not intend again difficult the other party, cold hum 1, say:"Adult!The old man wanted to return to mansion to take a rest and also invited adult to bridge road for old man now, the old man appreciated not to exert!"Say and also ignore a thou Hsin-cheng answer not to promise and then and directly turned round to return to car compartment up.And those carter, waiters is to return to his/her own wagon in succession up, but is have no one to realize this open city to guard adult.
The attitude of much stricter Qi is to mean the fault that can't pursue his thou Hsin-cheng and got this answer, thou Hsin-cheng where also dispute the attitude of those carter, waiter, being already happy must almost jump.The wagon that hurriedly towards much stricter Qi repeatedly salutes, the soldiers who once turned round to toward after death drink a way:"Return Leng why?Didn't grow ear!Still don't hurry to dredge road for old Wang Ye!Still have, give° this a few bastards me to grasp, flog heavily 50 greatest planks, picked the battle armor on their body, from now on no longer employ!"
The last words of thou Hsin-cheng but is to shout specially and loudly, the nature is to shout to sit listen to in the much stricter Qi in the car compartment, this severals guarded a soldier to give offense to much stricter Qi, his certainly wanting was an explaination for much stricter Qi.If that severals guard a soldier to listen to get ancient Hsin-cheng, noodles unmanned color, plus face up just kowtowed leave of blood Zi, absolutely and dead person have no two kinds, drive that several well-known scholar soldiers to keep on dragging along.And the soldiers, who leave,s also directly run to wagon in front, drive out those common people who block a front at the wagon.In fact also have no call to those soldiers to drive out, after knowing these wagons and unexpectedly aring the wagons of strict house, those crew cut common people how dare to block in the in front of wagon, immediately break up in a hubbub, let to the wagon a spacious road.Had no common people to block off road, that carter is simply on trembling the bridle in the hand, drove wagon to by leap and bound rush to go into city, left one dust smoke.
The shadow that looking at wagon to gradually disappears, the smiling face on face in thou Hsin-cheng this just slowly dissipation, replace of, is the Yin malicious anger of one face to hate, the direction that stare wagon to leave of the gnash teeth in hatred ground.How thou Hsin-cheng say is formally also a big Chang country appointed of officials, drive strict house thus despise, he again how pleased, but unwilling also have no way, he if want to continue to keep on treating in many Nao cities, have to keep a good relation with strict house.Thou Hsin-cheng is otherly already to secretly make a firm decision, must think a way to leave this ghost place, arrive at this time Related articles:

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