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The main old wealth wants to make one two Yis too still the kid keep a daughter-in-law!?"Lin Xin Yu pays white delicate chin, vision not bosom with good intent Pie the Pie be not choking in distance hand the line feet sew to mend clothing for the warriors of virgin Yang Ni of Yang Jia.
The warriors touch grasp to roll a dozen to spoil, the clothes breakage on the body is always fierce, the big man is mostly not kind what needlework son, oneself's sewing and mending is all dealing with of big thick needle feet, even if is the uniform material of the area brigade the quality lead very much hard, but or can not help to repair D to press to repair D, Yang Ni helps the warriors the darning on one's own initiative, or is popular among the warriors very much, the women folk does this kind of matter son much wither talent than the man.
"Coquette?!"Li Wei follows Lin Xin Yu's vision to see go, Yang Ni devotes one's minds the needlework son on the oneself's hand, completely is a daily life at home fair lady manner, two inches are long of embroidering and spending needle the excrescent white delicate finger jump up over there, willing break into abuse to turn an eye to sew must not stay trace.
"H'm, pretty be like coquette!H'm, braise in soy sauce meat, delicious!"The fork that Li Wei becomes overdo to stretch chopsticks to braise in soy sauce meat.
Starting to clip a cake of is big, directly and to mouth throw into, made an effort to chew several chew,monster beats by dre christmas gift discount online.Again pick an one mouthful rice, have never also taken care of Lin Xin Yu that the pair annoy the drum drum of lovely shape, with concentration go to to of start to deal with this bowl of braise in soy sauce meat.
In Li Wei Yan at present, the coquette's attraction to him didn't°yet braise in soy sauce meat come of big.
"You eat, know to eat, similar to pig, grieve me!?"Lin Xin Yu's girls temper sees Li Wei this a pair oil salt don't enter of shape, angrily stretch out the delicate of thin spring onion sort is on the Li Wei's head make an effort En for a while.
"You how again?!"Li Wei contains a meat piece, the seeing of injustice is toward Lin Xin Yu.He returns Yuan than the Dou E and connect to eat a piece to braise in soy sauce none of meat ability Anne living.
"Say,Artist Series, when bring in the troops inside to this coquette?!"Lin Xin Yu face top clear write frank from the breadth, resist from strict.
Li Wei blinked to expect several bottom eyes, frank from the breadth, the prison bottom sits to wear and resist from strict, go home to celebrate the New Year, if the truth actually say.This bond maid film doesn't take back this bowl of braise in soy sauce meat to make him drink northwest breeze just strange.
"Are you getting more jealous?"Li Wei belongs to a silly heavy thick type in the emotion of, but is not out and out either silly come home, seem in Lin Xin Yu's tone can smell that arrive one silk very jealous flavor.
Almost can pin up a vinegar bottle on Lin Xin Yu's small mouth:"BE how again?!"
"I like soy sauce!"Li Wei continues to be devoted to stuffy rice, the big piece clips to braise in soy sauce meat, *like to eat to braise in soy sauce meat, to*study!
"You!You!"Lin Xin Yu suddenly now, at present this guy basically has never been so serious affair to return to matter!
Is a pair of to be obviously suffused with to have cloud in the beautiful eyes, the chemisette heart is always so with no reason touchy-feely, the woman feels jealous of the disposition don't need reason.
"Must get and have no the that time matter that you imagine son?!"Li Wei's title tooks a look Lin Xin Yu fine become cloudy, feel braise in soy sauce meat how to more and more be like sugar of vinegar sparerib, well heavy vinegar flavor son.
"You humiliate me!"Lin Xin Yu plants Zang frame-up Li Wei very simply!
"E!"Li Wei is braised in soy sauced meat to choke keep turning over cold stare, this wench doesn't do Xing Xun to extract confession absolutely is discommode this natural endowments.He early knows the young girl that saved that surname, behind affirmation will make this dispute, and the woman was the most irrational living creature, so he just has been packing the appearance of world peace.
Are those warriors waiting to see to smile on the side!?Li Wei's appetite was stopped halfway.
"Like good!"Li Wei also eats not to enter to braise in soy sauce meat and simply lets go of a bowl, didn't like a spirit way:"Do you see me being like sex maniac?Do you see me being like to eat to hope a pot in bowl an inside?!Please, I admit that Yang Ni grows it's really outstanding, can I ain't hungry either don't choose the person of food, if I am so easily lured by the attractive woman, the another female kid still doesn't cry to rob to make me steep."Wrong, the sky greatly wrongs, must be which soldier Zai son add oil to add leaking out of vinegar information, he must the opportunity to seek drill this to help well world only and perhaps not disorderly bean-head son, don't beat for three days, last building Jie tile.
"Hum,cheap dr dre beats!"Lin Xin Yu Jiao humed 1 and once twisted a body to go, Li Wei's some kind of speaks still let her dissatisfaction quell some.
"Calculate calculate, the day is long to appear in public heart, I also not fee words!"Li Wei throws down a bowl of chopsticks to surrender, the station starts to want to walk, still cold processing a period of time of good, you more explain, the woman usually more comes strength son, Li Wei can't seek uneasiness for he or she by himself/herself.
Just turned round to go, listen to Lin Xin Yu shouting a way:"Is slow!"
Li Wei helplessly turns again back, this young girl still doesn't want to pass him and has never liked to annoy tunnel:"Is dry what?!"
"Ate up to walk again!"Lin Xin Yu lowers the head to avoid being seen Li Wei's vision, in the mind continuously reminds oneself, don't ask for this heart Gao Qi Ao's man too much not happy.Lin Xin Yu by himself/herself is also personally once realized, let this heartless man show interest, also really must be not so easy, the revolution children can't so has no confidence, either and also fears to contend for however another woman.
"How troublesome woman is!" Li Wei still has no alternative of sit to return to, re- held up to pick half of bowls, the path kept pouring braising in soy saucing of another inside meat and rice together, with the chopsticks mix blend for a while, is more similar than a pig food ground to pick in mouth, even if Lin Xin Yu again want to make the small temper of some son cans not obstruct him, either this bowl of braise in soy sauce all of the meats to eat up.
"All blame you!"Lin Xin Yu knead up Li Wei's arm, three turns of three turns of left right, Ning coal gas cooking stove leak oneself with no reason of disaffection.
"……" Li Wei Zhang wears hard meat of oneself's skin thick, endure a word to be a head!~The eye inside only braises in soy sauces meat!
Ning 34 times, but Li Wei have no the least bit respond, Lin Xin Yu end that son all of the small tempers eliminated strength son, looking at at present this man to pick a bowl chopsticks, gradually take in the vision happy and gentleness, think of good elder sister Yao dark teach of a words, want to fasten a men's heart, must fasten the man's stomach first, face oneself to personally be to Li Wei of braise in soy sauce a fleshy performance, Lin Xin Yu is satisfied with very much.
Lin Xin Yu looking at Li Wei to utter to eat to utter to eat to eat voraciously of shape, often way:"Is slowly to eat!Why the hurry, again the nobody robs with you!"Learn to cure be learn to cure of, know thus of take a meal way is not so good to digest.
"Wu!~Wu!"Li Wei the turning over turning over cold stare don't sway a ground of fierce go toward fill in mouth, not afraid you this wench film to rob Yao, the belly in breakfast, in case after a while again renege to rob a chopsticks Duo bowl.
"Saying with you is a , that coquette took over, turned headed and then paid 1 and let her followed me!"As the sanitation squad grow of Lin Xin Yu's little bit didn't also waste the power in his/her own hand.
"Go a line!"Li Wei is really to don't want to ask for this unexpected calamity, and fill into four of Yang Ni Yings even, is all those Fus to save a meeting staff the lane come out of matter son, Li Wei purely takes the blame for others now.
"Be getting more satisfied!"Arrive at this ages, toughen Li Wei of astonishing appetite let go of to finish sweeping one empty bowl, even order the son oil star sons don't leave, he pours is have no heart have no putting on of lung mouth:"Go to dry live go to!"
A shape of naturally threw down bowl the chopsticks clap a bottom to walk person, Lin Xin Yu is also a same naturally ground to start to tidy up a bowl for Li Wei chopsticks, all of this are to let Xin rain comrade to spoil out.
The place arrived by the sanitation squad of 12 area brigades is to go place, what Yan king wants is a life, what doctor cure is a disease, the person eats a grain miscellaneous food, isn't likely to have no one three disasters five diseases of.Completely touch climb and roll a dozen from the true war, use the medical skill that the human life whets out and always make the crowds very rest assured, the old Red Army regiment sanitation squad comes out of Lin Xin Yu is continuously strengthening a study exaltation for so some years, take the work efficiency of brigade in person the highest, quick will those are from the Japan's Imperial Army's hand in give relief to of the crowd carry on a setting and press and harm a disease and carry on classification insulation, four connect of the warriors is busy in beating for them and start, cook water disinfection, move medical tool, the 12 days basic control lived all wounds condition that are saved crowd condition and made several being on the brink of to die on-line advanced case crowd to save back from the on-line life and death.

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