xi flicked a hand a

"23 decades?, At that time of I was still young, still a pirate!Real pirate!Is dirty, stupid and irascible!"Cloth Luo Mu shuts worthy of a look, seem to be recalling part events, " however, afterwards I went into business!For canning be accepted by people, I invite the best rite teacher in whole Europe come to teach myself and spend for livelong five years, I just developed today's habit!……But, I still return just on lying a civilian, which afraid I took military service for three years again at navy of Royal and became a major, I still keep having no opportunity into any courtyard of nobility!" "Originally you still have deep nobility details!"Ma De says with smile "The imperial concubine of the Hui?"Kangxi's Hui imperial concubine is younger sister's son of bright pearl, big elder brother the natural mother of the Yin 褆 , ever since that time empress He gave up inside difficult produced and died, empress temple inside in addition to filial piety Chuang can say, her identity is the most valuable, Kangxi makes Wu Dan come protection to pour in person also no serious mistakes committed, but, Mo Jing always feels that my noodles hasn't right little bit!……Did not the bright pearl just just come off stage?And hear that the Hui imperial concubine is older than Kangxi, and has already been free from to spoil, Kangxi will for the sake of she but send a martial Dan this nearby and first bodyguard?And at this time also coincidentally, it happened that similar to time ordered by her with Gao Shi Qi …… She thinks impassability! But intuition tells her, the affair hasn't arrived the worst situation! ******* The Jiao son has been being walking, Mo Jing this just discovers to sit Jiao to isn't an affair of comfortable heart!Sway to concuss unsteadily to be not to say, all on all sides blocked up, basically could not see an outside, the title is a Lian son, and the space is narrow and small ……this lets she originally even worse for the enough spicy mood, can she but can not do a choice to this "Two adults, " Gao Shi Qi responded to 2 people's a wry smile, "the friends of new appointee Chuan Xia governor of province Ge gift but Suo sum diagram

"Luo Xin says againIf now even the princes dare to kill, these matter again go toward outside on turning over, Hey Hey, that fun can big!……Besides, and then have what evidence can prove did some time thick soup Yao intention murder respectful prince?" "I am a witness!You forgot, I early and early was sent back to come in city, wanted ~only me on the hoof, year the thick soup Yao can not run "What?Does the Ge Er Dan want to surrender?"Float in the sky a thou to come over to want to negotiate how to deal with Ge Er with blessing identically equal person Dan, after all Ge Er although the Dan is surrounded, but, the real strenght didn't much and greatly exhaust, but, when he sees 3 people, haven't opened mouth, Suo sum diagram already first voice Duo person

"Need not!Gao Shi Qi, that madam of yours remembers to seem is already one article Gao life?"Kangxi flicked a hand, and then asked a wayAlso luckily, Mo Jing Shi's interest is always all "passive" interference, not active "Can not there is a rumor starting to be suffused with before returning to city?After returning to city can lift?"Touch at the medium Za, upset in the heart

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also hope adult to

I think that when the time comes, take officials private Shen of accolade to stand a lot of, we as long as take person at city gate dynasty this fondles a NTU once the person kneel, Hey Hey, he is to want not do Shi Shi Lun also not become!"Often the Hong Zu drinks tea and says with smile "Because, we once was also a members of these pirates!"Keep a tree to in plain terms sayIn fact we all know the emperor's meaning, your that cousin although one pity idea of people, not the that time wait!……"Chen Ting respect say of would be Jiangsu to cruise and fondle at Jackie Chan's cousin is smaller than Jackie Chan, this is old this time noodles saint in the city is on Jackie Chan, is smaller than Jackie Chan to dismiss claim annually many memorials of emperor's foods of giving his cousin to conveniently take a capital city, and is older than Jackie Chan is also the honest love people's officials, is duty-bound naturally, and fear this memorial be pressed down, then invited Chen Ting to respectfully arrive early toward of time when the court moves and just still keeps failing

"Luo Xin hurriedly stays back 2 and lets the of letter and fee old man keep certain safety distance, this just immediately after says:"This letter is up still said to the elder brother is harmed, return Mukden, make the fee old you help at the Sa cloth vegetable the in front say two good words and make him next to adjust to make "Ha ha, does Li Xiong why the need for worry?We already jointly 74 officials "Bang!" In in pulled out own short fire Chong to knock down a guy for running away, what to beat was a leg, however, this guy is very quick with several soldiers who succeed in escaping together drive behind of the quasi- Ge Er ride a soldier to shoot hedgehog! 20 several rices, is also 30 how many with Mongolia ride the Shu of the soldier's bow and arrow, absolutely is a hundred shots, if not that in medium they lie prone on the heap of soil a behind, where still have opportunity to put gun? However, arrows rain under, in medium they be inhibitted, don't even dare heads to lift, the despairing emotion starts lying in inside in the center to quickly spread

All of"two adults, the emperor is a slave what mean don't know, however ……" Li Des sees on all sides, again the small voice says to 2 people:"Two an adult is still cautions are some, the emperor's mood isn't very good, just still big did the elder brother scold to the Xun "Adult, emperor's placard didn't deliver, does Anne know a who senior high school?Does who fail in examination?The student doesn't beg him, begs can with all strength on trying, also hope adult to help!……"Strong man's examinee begs a way …… " The thou reach a wood, the sending personses all escort for me to arrive rather a thou the tower go ……tell Ma De, need not too good to them!"How many big heads all is going to take a look those ensign middlemans in the city, fee old man this place officer also wants to follow naturally, however, is managing of this time Tun, incredibly someone caused trouble to make his home to come, this tone again how could not?Don't kill furthermore how chicken is Jing monkey?The identity of virtuous Er Tai isreally again suitable however of chick Zi son, still sending to come in person is more rare son ……so, he don't intend to pass this several guys for causing trouble at all!Be arrived to the identity of virtuous Er Tai ……red tape how again?The family who wait virtuous Er Tai led prince Chien, that pass first to say again!……However, beat°up prince such a criminal acts, estimate to is Kangxi also not appear publicly to speak feeling

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