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Di the bird have heart to make Ma Zhong Long follow to go in case the Wan Mao sons in the mind is soft, future a see direction of wind not to, depend to betray oneself to keep intact, follow the words downwards say:"Can the Zha make a person of somebody else leave?!Pony.Get up.Heel the elder brother have a look jollification and missed, you affirmative penitence ……quick!"
How does Ma Zhong Long living a not familiar ragged place of ground to live the big palace of black hole hole at this person if the person all walks?!Di the bird arrive once his in front stretch hand, he also complied with the surrounding to stand, in the mind but 12 the cents don't wish, take out three to divide to cry mutually and hum big Hao:"Eldest brother.There is rain outside."
Di the bird pull him to go toward to outside walk and say:"Afraid of rain,beats by dr dre pro?!Is the elder brother not also on the matter head?!If walk to walk tiredly, talk a , elder brother carry you on elder brother's back?!"
They come out together, the common people attend to needs a few rain hats, Di the bird have a look not to say not to go to ground 7, 8 common people, until isn't enough to use, just take a take a to Ma Zhong Long and then say for everyone to Lyu Gong:"I need not.Who oneself want to take."Zhao Guo or to him take a , he turns a hand give flank of a head smallly common people, say:"You are thin and feeble, be covered with."Immediately after on turning head, be full of emotion, hug the shoulder that leads, put the voice thin:"Do you also take 1?!"
Over shake, loudly say:"We leave at once."
Walk first of turn over on the ditch road, wait fore noodles, the figure is as unclear as wall, tree, behind then move back and forth several pair ofs the rain hat remaining, once hugged body to keep up with as well.
Because just a bloody matter happened, will also take place, the tuft person has been beating a cold cicada, all the way"plop" step attends to walk and just occasionally coughs to just make a noise.
The road of foot drive one section one section rush to the utmost and arrived slightly broken-down western city gate, rain still don't be next heavy, mistily the light bottom stands a few hands hold a gun pole, the loyalty stem job guards of city soldier.The public in the mind contains ghost and sees soldier's throat soft and listen to Di the birds' twitter"open widely water" call a spirit, just the "stir La La" ground follows to roar loud.
On the city tower listen to get a goal an outside clearly, come up one person to answer, ask:"Who call me?!"
Di the bird registered, city of city the bottom say foreign words.Speak an imperial government amnesty, open widely water to loudly shout a way:"The city gate opens not to get, I put a rope, and you climb to come up."He is one order, top immediately pendency soft Suo, a few soldier Yes put out strength together.Several individuals on the Ye, go up of person again Ye underneath of person, a , one's ascending is clean.
Open widely water now the mature and steady is many, pull Di the bird by lamplight see several crests housing project for opening up that see, take to arrive buildings.Say:"An before the Niang son still just does the home say you."Di the bird Be afraid to hold up a matter, urgently wear want to walk.Hurriedly say the purpose to him.He immediately shouts loudly"can not", say:"Now already curfew, finish leading this jar city, walk on the street of still have been already cruised to press, again say, Zhang Mao is remarkable now.I find out, the somebody else is already four article military officers, you seek ……"
Di the bird get a shock, way:"Four articles."
He has never thoughts Zhang Mao to mix a general to do, stubborn way:"When dynasty one article is also an I family slave, Lao Tze as usual fixs.Curfew since already, we first live here and avoid, early dawn again say."
Flood Leng one Leng, have to depend on him.
The city inside doesn't lack a busy business person.Arrived four more, the curfew had been exist in name only, Di the bird hear action, the farewell flood walks.A group of people consumes all to lift not and at first and soon arrive at a line building.Arrive at front of, see understandly, is bright in doorman light, one takes turns small Li Yang to pour on the chair, the on the side contains a foot soldier and spreads two hands.Softly lie prone table.
Di bird the tube take person to go toward inside.Entering isn't two, the small Li wakes up.Threaten to say:"Which come to ground?!"
Di the bird is one title, carelessly say:"The sky is bright."
The small Li comes out a to see have the person to wear brocade to walk unhurriedly and wants to is the person who goes building to fiddle with thing and wait to take to buy in the long month a ground of numerous things set out and stand at behind hope a short moment, probably is proceed from hard be responsible for, at before they walk, the product of a little bit a little bit pure and pure public , later on, takes a small volume to keep up with.
They arrive at the outside of Zhang Mao Fang together, through only one silk light yarn, the door is a door, the window is a window, clear, with Di the bird live a line of career of building, a few buildings of on the side short head of live with the expert D, face to face big use to hold a meeting a guest before the building, led a screen, is a lord the officer live to hit the ground a place, immediately with lead 1, have whole yell by Xia ground:"Zhang Mao, the dog is miscellaneous kind of, come out."
Li in the door realizes mistake what, across into Di the bird is one side, way:"Do not you live here?!"
Di once the bird go up and immediately capture him, on the dynasty ground one nest, push to sit down, say:"Not dry your matter?!"
In house return nothing important action, over or so see, raise Ma Shi of one side overdo, before arriving at a door, fiercely the Lun arrives in the center door.Door where eat this hurl, "Dong" one Be huge to ring, wrecked a half, Mao Chi of lingering sound don't feel, immediately cause a burst of exclaim.
Lord building, side building ground the person is all surprised don't fall, descend a bed and descend the step of Kang, "Dong Dong" rings on the ground.
Over don't live to hit a door, beat a door fragmented and disorganized.
Everyone all drive he once held 100 catties of grounds everywhere the stone bump door from such as of the action frighten to pour, Di bird the crazy Sa Be a burst of to smile, see into them, they also hurriedly follow to smile.Someone's leave smiles, the rickets wears a body, someone really smiles, and the Yang noodles is toward the sky.
Voice too the extremely conceited is irritating to the ear, once the on the side door open and wear half clothes ground the person all hold weapon to jump out.
The center door goes toward the ash in the ex- hole bright, Zhang Mao could not touch a circumstance, don't dare to come out, just simultaneously wear clothes, part roars.Li in the door takes advantage o never thought that and climbs to side door to come out an inside in the heap of a ground of person, blows to ring whistle and points at to shout loudly:"Villain.There is no law of the land?!"Once he say, the side building comes out of big fellow square the in the mind contain number and keep rushing toward to come over.
Weapon dazzlingly clearly Shan at at present, public mostly the hand have no inch iron, by instinct retreat, Di bird one person stay to far away surround at a few big fellow grounds in.One person bound a gun to stab to come over and took information on the point of a spear, knew on listenning to is up lead battlefield ground, person deliver, take a cold idea.
Di the bird roar with laughter, don't back anti- enter, once let gun body, bump short stick into that person before the chest.
This stick once wears that person's arm first, and then the crest arrives before the chest and connect a person to take a gun to be like a meet to climb mountain one Hong of break a wood, and the oneself person fold to arrive together, a servant arrive ground, vacillating everywhere.
Another one person stands on the step to jump down, the knife light is flickering to become bright, Di the bird threw stick and ascended once the shoulder take, once let edge of knife, anti- raise among the waist, fill he to the stable.The stone slot of stable unexpectedly drive blunt break, a few horses that is surprised to stand up kick a leg indiscriminately, the shed for horses bombs Long a , hide indiscriminately everywhere at several individuals in downwards collapse to fall from the crest.
A few horses trail a wood pillar to come out and come up a time to clean up in the big hospital, completely is a pay a sky to fall a ground of for sinking power, however those big fellows but still enough Dan, crazy call upwards rush toward.
Formerly Zhao Guo door comes back, is copying their back routes.A piece of big stone throws to go out on the handle knob and hit one person the waist fold a body to roll.He doesn't wait person to return a body and grasp the short stick in a waist and toward one fierce hit.
Di the bird don't want to make affair too greatly as well, as long as the thunderbolt sought Wang Jiang and Zhang Mao, but around come out to more than 20 persons, been not made on coming up by oneself the malicious hand Be surprised to live courage, now is to can not but carry on to rest, flurried win Duo to come to a sword, or so horizontal point.Loudly remind Zhao Guo:"Hold weapon, shoot on sight."
This says.Enunciation just is still a small dozen Be small to make, surroundings of person, this just sees panic, then lead in the outside turn, one panic, hope to run the dead angle of a person and house constitute.Have to hug toward the Di bird, hope to dust back him.
Di bird but"" the ground loudly appeal to the public and hold sword upwards blunt.
He is picking to turn over one person, being also swept by the knife, stuffy hum 1.Over listen to frightened, the simply Dian cans not get up from lying position a ground of person and grasp an arm a leg, dynasty one nest the person throw to go and hit to turn over 1 string.Di the bird take advantage of an opportunity to kill them to spread.Lyu Gong sees them beating too vehemence Related articles:

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Admire ……"a burst of smile to make, teach her pale cheeks to resume rosy.
Hope a body under of beauty, looking at carefree cachinnation of she, stop a hand of scarting the lane on her, his Ning enters her beautiful black Tong.
The Yang lies lawn up, to top his stare at, her eye has been already smiled, her lips tiny Yang.
She likes him like this quiet quiet looking at her, seem his eyes inside, his in the mind, she is unique ……
But, that is the infatuated crazy idea, she doesn't want to entertain wild hope, she want to cherish existing time, thinks in this very short few hours in, remember his all gentlenesseses and look like deep feeling of Mou light.
Can, he moved to open view and no longer saw her.
She water sort pure but wearing a smile Tong Mou, will influence his heart, influence his decision.
"Still want to go where?"He asks.
"I want to go ……" she wants him to accompany her to the forest to eat fine noodles and arrive the deep pit eats bean curd, arrive 9 eat a Yu circle, arrive the Kingsoft eat duck, also arrive rich the radicle fishing bay eat seafood.
Although see fish, she will fell sick and will be uncomfortable, but for the sake of him, she can endure, will also endure.
Finally, the setting sun falls in, the dark night came ……
Sit the side of coast blows chilly sea breeze and looking at one Shan in the distance a put out of sparse lights on fishing boats, her Wei thinks to embracing of his Noan-noan at break up of feel again that his warmth is once before a moment.
The side leads facial appearance, the Ning sees him a good-looking face, and she smiles.
"Today why once and again toward me to smile?"Do not see her eye, he the orthoptic front one is dark.
Today of she, teach him a bit hard face.
But, even if he doesn't see her, even if he doesn't want her to smile to her, even if his don't care whether she smiles or not, the shell Xuan still keeps again raising beautiful smiling face to him-
"Because you dislike to see that I cry!"She smiles Mi tears to only gleam of pure Mou.
If can, she wants to regret and wants to be a mean person that doesn't obey commitment, want to be a not label divorce letter of agreement of bad wife, want to be a……can continue to have his bad woman.
But, she will not be disliked by him.
On alternate days morning, she works well the last breakfast for him and returns to room to pack luggage.
"You can continue here."See she put simple clothes into luggage, he openings.
"Thank, but, need not."She not want to live is having him the place of recollection.
"I again for you seek a place good."
"Need not so bother, thank."She is tiny to close lightly red lips, shake head.
Lifted baggage to once walk he nearby, she the Yang Yan see him.
"See again."The innumerable words becomes one to say good-bye.
Looking at to cross his her, the center of the chest of Long Er Tian but one Zhi, disease right hand, he wants to pull to return her and wants to take back the request of divorce ……
But, thought of that the king can have Long Jia's kid in Xin belly, thinking will soon be merged into by group dragon of eastern China, he stretches out of hand, Jiang's in mid air.
"I send you."Take back a hand, he wants to send her one distance.
"Not, don't ."Shake a head, she smiles brush-off.
Take simple baggage,Cheap Beats By Dr Dre, she doesn't want him to send, she wanted to return to once have grandmother to keep company with alone of small house of.
Return to the cabin that totally lives with grandmother, before coming in, her step son bottom, turn a head to looking at on all sides.
Although the nobody can keep her company now, but the nobody has her here and the grandmother's recollection, so, she should not too lonesome ……
Turn a head, the accident sees Long Er Tian that drive heel's come, her Leng bottom.
She doesn't understand he why still want with, but, looking at him, smile slightly again the Yang ascend her eye.
Lightly nod, she enters a house and closes a door and separate the Mou that he deeply sinks light, but, sew and looking at him through the door, until he drive leave no track to leave.
Move view once, carry on the back to depend plank in the door, looking at the dust and spider's net of one house, she starts to invigorate spirit, the hands clench fist and inflate for oneself.
Encourage, shell Xuan!
The quick year nobody lives of house, the dust, spider's net is a lot of, outside of the miscellaneous grass also grow good Gao, want to live bottom, she has to spend several days of time, clean up to just go hard!
On knowing that Zhang Bei Xuan has already moved away Long Er Tian's downtown luxurious residence and lives to return to broken-down cabin, Wang Fu be dizzy with success, in the afternoon in a tea reception, public toward the new relation that the person shows himself/herself and Long Jia.
Gossip in the Hao door is like a spark causes a prairie fire, rampant.
In less than two minutes, news already from area in the east of Taipei spread into suburban area deeply villa living quarter in the sky.
BE drinking Long Fu of tea at friend's house, on hearing information, Chen big double of eyes, can not believe.
"This how may?That day, I just hear Er let go of for sky and accompany her up Yangmingshan ……"
Leave an old friend house in quick time, Long Fu goes direct to Er downtown abode to look for person for sky.
Want ~only to make sure shell Xuan still where, means that all of the whole affairs are the observant and conscientious persons' make out of nothings.
But, the mansion manages the keeping intact of room confirmation hearsay, the shell Xuan has already taken baggage to walk several days ago person, but they thought that she just goes out a tour.
Sit car, the driver of Long Fu Ming is hurtled with quickest speed to the shell Xuan old house.
Just get off, see be busy in sweeping environmental shell Xuan, Long Fu Dai lives.
"Shell Xuan, you-"
"Daddy?"See Long Fu, the dish cloth falls in in the her hand.
"You what is this doing?Why to move to return here?You aren't a heel Er the sky live together of?"
"Daddy, I ……sorry."
"I don't want to listen to what sorry, do I want to know that this exactly is what is the row?The person of outside why, all say that our Long Xi changed a person?"
"Daddy …… I ……" she has a people difficult speech.
"Do not you say?Like, that follows me!I see Er for sky how he give an account to me!"
Is strong the Xuan trailing a shell sit car, Long Fu Ming's driver drives into group dragon.
Arriving group dragon is all the way dragged along into the shell Xuan of appropriation elevator by Long Fu, urgently must hard put is good.
"Father pleases, you don't want so ……"
"You don't say that that is said with me by him, I want you two directly say for me to know!"
Take straight up Long Er Tian of elevator to transact floor, once the elevator door open, Long Fu Fen's voice roars loud-
"Call that not filial son, roll out for me right away!"
"Master son?"Lin Kai hears noise a hasty step to across an office.
Just hear rumor has it that, but together went upstairs Long Jia Lao who seek Long Er Tian two and old three, just tread an elevator see Long Fu's fury just prosperous, loudly roar.
"Daddy, how did you come?"Wear shallow gray lounge suit, outlooking old three dragon Erses of handsome United States are easy, come forward to hand him in quick time.
"Old daddy, you is be not at the outside hear what ……H'm ……what rumor?"Having Long Jia Lao's two dragon Ers of handsome facial appearance is second, very carefully sound out.
"Master son, your tonic doesn't eat and change to eat explosive?"Receive old two dragon Er second life, arrive group to seek the black bear that he takes a product test, also follow to go upstairs lo noisy.
However, the jollification doesn't have Er in their house easily good-looking.
"The Er is easy …… ha ……" Er in their house is easily very handsome!Follow close behind the black bear after two Human bodies, stretch forward to gather together forward, toward Long Jia Mei's man outspoken smile.
Suddenly, fury anger burning Long Fu, a caught him-
"Black bear, you chase that not filial son right away and search out for me!"
"Not filial son?Master son, which do you say?"Return to absolute being, touch a head, the black bear slowly becomes overdo, silly see the Er of one side second.
"Is that the Er is second Er still sky?Er second person's right here!"Long Jia San's brothers not filial seniority first, not the Er is second Mo belong to ……suddenly, Ka!A record to explode chestnut to knock to win his head.
"The dead Er is second, you stem knock my head?"Suddenly be knocked, the black bear turns round to roar a person.
"Mama of, you are to get fed up with living?Have no a matter to hold me back dry?"Temper fierce Long Er Ya, gesticulate and then want to receive him with the fist.
"I didn't speak amiss again!You three is original in brotherses is your temper the worst, biggest quick temper and ask for your old daddy to get angry most easily, is it you that still have who?"Black bear very gravamen, lists fact.
Isn't filial, the also terrifying house says!The Chen stares an eye, the black bear thinks one eye to stare to die him.
"Do you still say?"The Lun rises a fist, Long Er Ya's one punch wants that beating is flat he.
"Is what is the row here?"Just finished opening a meeting, Long Er Tian carried to walk from the long gallery bottom, saw front in confusion, the Cu eyebrow was upset.
But, see a father with glum look, see the shell Xuan that he tightly grasp in the hand again, Long Er Tian's knowing was the to do solution of the whole affairs.
Finish listenning to Er the process that relates the whole affairs for sky, with the decision of the end, Long Fu even if cuts up rough, even if deplore greatly, but also have nothing to say.
Because king can the kid in the Xin belly, as innocent as shell Xuan, he gives up whichever is all difficult.
And Er the sky is oneself, also made to decide for Long Jia, he wants ~only Long Jia's kid and business, but don't oneself Related articles:

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The enemy's big arrows has already deeply wears the nephew who strives for wealth in four younger sisters and diagram that strive for wealth in diagram.Enemy just was shot to back, spent son in diagram hurtle to car compartment behind.The adult and kid whom she sees roll out, one Ye is a to fill toward car compartment bottom.The piece is courageously green to also come to help, one Ye Ye two hand bloods, but the month of inside of diagram dances and stamps ground to resist, cry bitterly.He has to six absolute being the ownerlessly blunt bird yell:" Bird!You come and see quickly!"
Strive for wealth to catch up to go in diagram, Duo the oneself woman give slap, this just fills her to the concealment place.Is very quick, Zhu 玥 Bi and his mother's aunts embrace a head to seek bird, see him the dog hide chest tunic to just loosen an one breath.They this trembles, the feet tremble ground to pull out robe and give bark a soul.The bird sees they pull out not to open, hurriedly the dog pass to pass by.He without nuisance, a turn to read cold sweat, the heart says:What agreeable Huang water comes is a Yi soldier.
He this becomes nervous for ten thousand horses and arranges to strive for wealth in diagram, the tooth is several monkeys, shout over break through siege.Kill to the encampment.
Wood, right against the face is more than ten foemans.The bird Zi eyes open bow, the Xian voice rings place, the arrows delivers meteor, and the exact center right head enemy rides.That person is surprised to shout one to fall a horse.Turn a moment, right against the face two ride to cut, person's turning over Yang is rushing ground right away, the bird Fu body stretches arm, the Tao turns over a to ride and look back to see to lead a quilt countercheck.BE dancing a pair of Mao, Lei shot enemy, Ma Tou, .Then turn over a body and shoot one arrows.
Zhao Guo Ji lousy Ma Tou, in a twinkling chase bird or so.The enemy sees the power of his 2 people fierce difficult block, outflank and attack to put arrows in succession, 2 people and stir and walk of power make track for be defeated and flee.
Bird, Zhao Guo Zhi begs to get away from their ground to rush to make track for, or so still shoot don't let very much they title Ma Gen Jin, which attend to effectively kill wound.It is walking urgently.Front together the voice hair shout, and then kill a to pay ten remaining or so person's horse, make the Sou Sou shooting to the one ground feather arrows.
One person blocks bird front, stand gun to stab.The bird leaves bow to mutually face, the Ning waist Zong arm, chase his Ye a heel head.Don't think, he gets empty the horse of Si but blocks off road all of a sudden.Being "stupid" to urgently and urgently beat one is curved, become a turn of inclined walk, take the bird into their ground to surround.The bird pulls out knife fierce chop down, one person turn over.One pike on the close behind looks back to chop down toward the enemy's Ma Tou.That horse Long Teng Hu jumps sad Si of sort vacillating, fierce lift fierce kick.The bird takes advantage o to keep into indiscriminately, the east picks a west dozen.In a short instant again the Chuo dies count soldier.
Seeing will kill Zhao Guo front of, far in stretch out of set Ma Gan.
Tie in his head.That makes the person of Suo far at 67 outside, entering can not enter, after having to beat a horse Ye.Bird Ye pole, mutually the anti- a short moment has already been dragged along involuntarily and waits to flick knife to break a pole, the body almost stretches with Ma Shen even.Only a leg buttons up dish right away.
The back enemy sees cautiously.One pike Shuo past.He then eats not to live a strength, is fallen Ma Xia by the Dan.
Leading is held up by 34 people.Being just or so can not enter, the Tu sees he get hurt, hasty pain under living out huge dint, a Mao hits to turn over one person, and then lets go of one Mao 20 more and treads far, enemy Lu beat shake to concuss of cripple.The bird endures painful, roll a body to greatly drink, a knife cuts to step toward own war horse, unexpectedly the Huo slices but leads.
He is jubilantly happy, don't beg to climb a horse as well, just Hun as bloody left cut right shout.Reflect to go into one in his eyes suddenly horse Ma Tou, want to don't think as well, crazy not the Dian ground bow body bumps."Bombing Long" is a Ma Dao Xue's ground of huge ring.The cripple enemy is shocked.They originally see a bird head the top tie two long arrowses and sprinkle Li on blood of body, is thinking that he is already spent force, don't think that he was unexpectedly lame the leg Lei turns over a horse, again the wreath attends to or so, have already died or injured several people, this says that the voice "back".
The enemy seeing have no a horse and being harmed behind the half roll half to climb, Zhao Guo doesn't make track for as well and urgently wear to rob bird nearby.The bird just chopped down an eye front of of harmed a horse, a bottom sits to in the ground, confused swayed head, vomited an one mouthful of dry phlegm, silly the ground said:"Bump too maliciously, dizzy!"Immediately after, he touched touch a horse,beats by dr dre pro, suddenly En Ma Tui lets over see, Rang way:"On pushing over a horse, gains and losses!It is long to living what sky protect.I know it is afraid that I bump it, I bump it, its leg folded ground.You seek a good horse, I try again."
The Hey ground of Zhao Guo Hei smiles, the picking up weapon once binds wound for him, but discovers him a , and then said that the sentence is "dizzy", says to pour and then pour.
The full text word version novel reading, renewal, sooner, exert at the ⑴бk literature net, computer station:ωωω .ㄧ⑹k .The cellular phone of cn stand:w à p .ㄧ⑥k .the cn support literature and support ①⑥k !
This poured to is a sky black.
He just knew while waking up over see he faint and drag along oneself Lin Zhong once and almost be frightened to death public.He touch to hug Zhu 玥 Bi in he's bosom, and then chewed snow regiment son and wide awoke a lot.Strive for wealth to allow him to listen to an outside the ground shout to kill a voice in diagram.He just knows the encampment will soon not protect and can not help silent think a way:Even if I didn't faint and took over kill to return to also late.The enemy doesn't anticipate leaking out of news, early and early send army to hide can not.Can the enemy will hide where, the camp hunts of how to haven't run into person?
Is very quick, he thinks again:See with the color of the sky and the hunters negligence that today meets an enemy, they hide the location of body and then walk at the inclined square of southwest a ground of foothill district.Arrived in winter, aweather of foothill no man be willing to live, having no find would like to hide, is naturally the good place that lines up soldiers hides, I am still complacent, think I from sell it short, the anti- its teachings drills the stratagem of place with a draught son brilliant, unexpectedly thought of that a cake of went to with enemy.Compare but talk, I pulled person's horse of one camp, having no concealment could talk, soon become bad situation to defend from the concealment, if not that with the Na orchid mountain male send army for condition, it may be said inferior pole.But the enemy then is different, use a little amount of ……
The bird brain is shining, suddenly shout loudly 1 all of a sudden:"Enemy's person's horse can't be more than 500 people.Ten thousand horses the uncle isn't the possibility that didn't break an enemy!"
Zhu 玥 Bi sees lead and strive for wealth to round in diagram front of, Lei bird for a while, ask:"Are you how can anyone know?Or want us first.Then doesn't go, how to do children?The flower in the diagram son beat several courageously greens of hair pieces to pick up person in the home, doing not know as well could receive your grandpa Bo!"
Bird this just knows that his/her own Ba Yas have already walked to is just about, canning not pull several personal encampments to seek ten thousand horses.He turns head to to diagram strive for wealth to recruit and says:"You with over go together.Find out ten thousand horses, tell him:Enemy's numberses are few, divide a soldier after going into a camp, willing get nearby can don't necessarily have 100 people and seek quasi- beat!"
Strive for wealth to know to matter to a graveness in diagram, immediately"hi"1, turn round to arrange flower son in the diagram and month in the diagram to say:"You also take bow and arrow and guard good children with thriving Yang Lin and the road and guard good bird!"
The son that is public to looking at his 2 people, turn but lift car Lian.Asking the afraid and hungry children can also support live.BE saying, again someone goes into wood.Go straight to here.
Yang Lin Ji warned several voices, this then past, the different meeting then shivers a few whole bodies of the man send to bird in front.Once the bird see shape, know to scatter in encampment a ground of common people, this tells them to say:"Afraid of death not?I fight one battle in the northern side, if you drag along corpse horse back.We can have eat of!"
After they walk, the oddness of Zhu 玥 Bi he doesn't make Yang Lin go and then ask to make a noise:"Will they come back?You how don't let I ground does the person go?"
The bird lies prone by the side of the her ear, the low voice says with smile:"Useless talk.We is somehow also to live a person, there is car hasing fire to contain weapon, their Wei wears us, are the courages all strong, how can don't come back?As for make them go to, that is to think that they all have no horse and meet an enemy not to live and then die.The movements that don't expose us!"
Zhu 玥 Bi sees him self-confident countenance, unbearable at car compartment ground Zhuo in the figure he.Immediately, the bird is subjected to encouragement, it is warm hot to make oneself stretching her clothes of touch.Zhu 玥 Bi a burst of heart Jing falter, although know oneself and his Yi skin Ru son.Or afraid that the children in the car compartment know, a few adult disclosures be carelessly cared, bite ground tooth dither of thin silver.
The bird isn't willing to give up and ask her:"See I drive over drag along back, have you already cried?"
Zhu 玥 Bi originally wanted to deny, terrible he isn't willing to give up.Say for the low voice:"Cry!"
Bird Related articles:

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 He gingerly starts to wrap "a long distance mirror" and sweeps the cabinet wife of one eye attention and return overdo, the small voice says:"Your dad be for would not° until money seek me.If I don't promise, he would not like to ah?!" Thank small Wan heart in a hot, connect track:"You idiot.Give you well said okay, you cry poor, cry poor, he knows you are poor, extort can't extort, either this degree is till now!"
Di bird a think is also, let Xie Dao face to feel that oneself takes 2, 302 silvers all difficult, he can't definitely open 50,002 exorbitant prices, oneself can't returns to 100,002 silvers, either.But press this kind of match reason very much of calculate, oneself also has no 100,002 silvers ah, does he really prepare to make track for Zang?!Since give not, Huang wedding become, why and simultaneously marry a female.
Simultaneously make track for Zang?!It is peculiar.There is no some logic, these Gao Lai Gao go to ground is the person all not normal?!"
He also forgot he to want dish beef and drank some wine of and crumple a nose to say:" Wan.You say when the time comes, I could not give 100,002 silvers, he is really willing to marry you.Married you.Still make track for Zang, let me finish giving offense to own kin friend.Do nine a life times turn over not to get a body?!" Thank small Wan to say:"I don't know as well, looking him is to want to really want, I feel, he wants to make track for you poor, the honesty follows us and climbs mountain together, in the future leave the flower mountain to you"
Di the bird body is one earthquake, take off a people's way:"Say so to come, he begs for to walk 100,002, in the future still want to me, be for the sake of, for the sake of?!"
He has no upwards mountain to cut and polish and thought of to make track for Zang ground bad result, stretched tight a face, two eyes visited to leave and said:"He thinks that the ground is probably not is to make me climb mountain, this wants a soldier blood blade not ah, if Lao Tze takes not to come out this 100,002, once the authorities make track for Zang, result, be be stained with to take in person with me whole past be searched to pare off an empty, after, the brotherses walk walk, spread spread, I have to take top past wharf stem coolie, go home to all take a big fellow ground nest nest head each time, bye several petal sons, divide you to eat." Thanked small Wan to use small arm Lei him, Shen way:"Your blah what ah?!"
Di the bird more and more feel that oneself isn't blah, can not consider of one more flavor disappointed and loudly say:"Do not have a meal.I want to return to and get money for him, I see, these 100,002 silvers, if I the lane comes out, how does he do?!" Thanking the small Wan but again is a burst of and flustered and frustrated, the powder boxing embroiders a leg a burst of hit, say:"I also want to go."
Di the bird has a look her.
She hurriedly says:"My Niang hears that the Wen Wen son wants her mother to live here now, it lets I to see her, I didn't go, go to you are there, not very good?!"
Di the bird didn't think more and tooked topped and then walked.The back raised a burst of son head and waited he to order shopkeeper"ah", "ah" of vegetables to shout loudly:"Guest officer.You don't walk."
Di the bird pull up his/her own horse and take to up thank small Wan and dash away for a while and returned to building in the line, sees the front of oneself door and is a car traffic horse, outside tree next brothers, feel weak lichen clothes dither, but it happened that seem to enjoy the cool air in summer similar, hurriedly dismount, ask:"The person of the visitor?!"
Once he stretch hand and come down a , the brotherses of flank all have a little Qie and hurriedly lend an one step to talk and needed to be trampled two feet and walked to one side, once the atmosphere breathe heavily and say:"Is a person first to call that he or she is your big Jiu son, get your daughter-in-law back, to, also take a cry a ground of male child's son, immediately after is long enjoy Wang Jia's person, say to is to appreciate you for the long joy king, but is a female of, also very strange, again connect down, is Ms. Chu to take an officer wife and children elder sister, we still too late order piece, Tung spoilt daughter of a rich family again take a miss that comes and then quarrels noisily ……"
Di the bird haven't thought is who the kid of house, it is a natal home person of Huang Jia to want could not wait he or she to come to pick up daughter-in-law, send to the yellow shiningly bright comes back and kneads finger to calculate a to count and scares to death, on twisting a son, at him lend an one step to talk recently, thanking the small Wan has already been missing a person and probably catches up jollification to go to.
Di bird center of the chest a burst of Chu, hurriedly ask:"They didn't begin?!"
The road is thriving to say:"Only fight,Cheap Beats By Dr Dre, haven't come yet and have been already begun."
Di the bird hurriedly ask:"What about old.What about old?!"
The road is thriving to say:"Avoided to disappear a person."
Di bird 1 arouse to work properly and turn head to see a front door, the or so Chou wears, Ye Ma Yao slips away, and the hand is 1, point one, say:"If they come out to ask, you say lead to occupy to seek me with old, I in a great hurry go."
He walks 2 and turn head to hark after to ground road Be thriving to say:"You looking at a point and speak up can, begin absolutely can not."

The second shot Rang courageously the song chapter 3195 of Jian throne, the soldier certainly defeats to send Jiang minister(53)
Renew time:2009-5-214:17:50 chapter word numbers:3493

The Fan English flower has a meal to eat there half son, a listen to Di the voice of bird, remember this person see rice very heavy, the Ceng eats for rice the words are many, hurriedly say with 19 younger sisters:"The somebody else definitely says that we see him and hurriedly pull out rice ……stop eating, it lets the bottom add two smooth dry soup vegetableses!"19 younger sisters start into an outside to walk, and shake head to sigh of Di the bird rush through successively and got to doorway, listens to he where says:"Have a meal?!Do I still eat ……have mine?!Want to be not, do you remain little bit for me?!"Once she turn head and see him to once the Fan English flank in the flower sit down, horizontal from son head, stare at a Fan English to spend tight Chou slow Chou, inebriate an idea of Weng but is on rice, cannot help but whispering:"Do not know as well is a what person, the little bit doesn't know that what Qian is, see not to get other people's house to have a meal!"She knows Di the bird want to answer criticism and walk quickly, just the break out of comes, heard shout at behind of voice:"You this wench not tunnel, is all shriveled belly to visit other people's house having a meal?!"
Di the bird return overdo, is one Chou toward the table Chou, the appetite greatly moves, soon after discovering two green bamboo chopstickses the son is horizontal at at hand, on getting but rising, the Dian Ke Dian engraves and explores toward the vegetables of table.
Eye underneath one dish son ground mutton, a dish son sprinkles big tail fish of green belly, a dish son once rolls chopped onion of yellowish brown color bean curd, a dish son floated a ground garlic of green vegetables, a dish son concusses blob of oil soup of big cabbage, one dish son powder bud son radish silk, all of his attention puts at present vegetables up, spot be pulled a fish body of white shredded meat Chuo, talk become absent-minded, "sorrow", how listen to, all give people little bit complain without cause of felling.
He stretched chopsticks Dao the Teng is that fish, don't guard against the chopsticks of Fan English flower for a while the son knock and beat on the hand and raise head and look, the Fan English flower stares at oneself, startled way:"Do not let to eat."
Fan Ying Hua says:"Old Chuo that dried fish what?!Eating to order more is another.Mutton, fishes all deliver a thing, you how some don't know to hate as well?!"
Di the bird is careless.Rang way:"Last time came, not give meat, you edible, why ain't I edible?!"
The Fan English spends the way of Leng Leng:"Does not your body still ascend to have wound?!"
Di the bird don't know what call"hair thing", just make a mess of to pretty tie up:"There is wound on my body, just need to eat meat to gather flesh, you have to want to let to eat and then say Bai and why the need for assume air of importance, eldest brother, I have already enough worried.Let me eat meat, I let you see one good thing."Fan English flower not give compromise.Say:"Ran me to eat mutton here last time, I is Zheng eye, shut an eye, will never go this time, let your wound to be infected and die.Your mother doesn't seek me to arrive a life just strange?!You have to eat and go to another place to eat."
Di the bird swallowed one mouthful saliva, acrossed the clothes Zuan a long distance mirror and lured to say:"I really have one baby!Fully spend 100,002 silvers ah, you see or not, if don't see, can since departure regrets?!"
Fan English's spending basically doesn't believe and say with smile:"All became a stray dog, you which come to 100,002 silvers?!"
Di bird absolute being the mysterious Mi ground ask:"Do not you know that I am doing business?!"Make reference to here, immediately worry tip of brow.Think of these 100,002 silvers of difficult, not from Da draw down head, say:"Be getting tooer costly, return She now Zhang, three months Related articles:

Beats By Dr Dre Solo kes out a letter fro

 Deeply draw next one knife, be over Anne dream Ling pain and sufferings of whole life, also in advance end Anne's azure stone is sort of a quiet youth years.
Funeral service later on, Anne's azure stone follows mother, Anne, dream Qian explaination in the dying testament, carry out to drop out, one person takes simple baggage and alone flies to arrive Russian Moscow international airport in the capital city.
Take meter taxi, she arrives at Ke Gu to pull manor and plea for interview Sa Ge ·Ke Gu pull, but, on hearing the name of the dream Ling of Anne, the Sa Ge doesn't say two words and positively refuses to receive.
"Execuse me, my house's master son doesn't want to see you, you please back." looking at snow Yan white clean, the Jiao is soft aqueous Anne's azure stone, the Ao take charge of especially the look in the eyes take precautions against.
"Since so, I can seek a fee Mr. Si." she thin speech way.
"What?! do you want to seek my Mr. Jia?!" Ao department especially the facial expression greatly change.
"Yes." she nods.
"You, all right, you are here again etc., I go to heel we the master son said!" suffers the Ao of threat to take charge of especially and immediately didn't good facial expression, turn round into a house.
After ten minutes, she sees Sa Ge in the hall ·Ke Gu pull.
Sa Ge ·Ke Gu pull with the rigorous taste and up and down and cautiously conjecture a black hair, black eye and turn to say and speak fluent Russian especially according to the Ao department of she.
Same of, Anne's azure stone is also quiet quiet observe him, after, again see to stand his Ao to take charge of especially.
Ao department especially just as mother at the beginning describe of, be always dressed in a set of Russia type black uniform on the body, wear white gloves, chin Xu write a chase a small beard.
As for have a head of grey hair, sit upright the Sa Ge on the sofa, also such as mother describe of that sort taste sharp-edged, vehemence dignity.
"I have already promised to see you, I hope that you can't go vexed my grandson again." Sa Ge ·Ke Gu pull with angry look to stare her, the facial expression differs very much.
If not that having regard for the vigorous reaction that the fee Si will have to"Anne dream Ling" three words, and probably directly endanger very much, he would not like to hear again or see have relation with that woman a person, matter and thing at all!
"Please trust, I can't of."
The "is very good, say, she why send do you come to see me?" his fierce eye examines black hair, black eye of she.
"Is." she takes out a letter from small shoulder bag, "this is before committing suicide, my mother writes to one of your letter."
Hear Anne dream Ling the news of the suicide, Sa Ge great feeling accident.
"My mother wants me to chase this letter and hands over in the your hand in person, she requests you the apology that must finish seeing it, be alongside of to be subjected to her." lowers the head, her hands pass a letter.
However, looking at the letter in the Anne's azure stone hand, Sa Ge Ning white eyebrow.
After hour of thinking, Sa Ge ·Ke Gu pull to cancel the viewpoint that the letter burn down, open letter reading,Beats By Dr Dre Solo.He wants know Anne the dream Ling actually wrote in the letter what, also want to know at harm die his only son after, she why still have a face to make her daughter send letter for her, dares to also request that he must finish seeing her letter?!
In those early years, if not that Lai Er too silly, temperament too moderate, too kindness, and then loved her love too deeply, arrive in the article of death front, also recorded hang outcast manor of she, even, also trail an end one breath, begged him nod promise put her a way out, he early let her among the living evaporates, which permit she clay-cold still thus overbearing.
Letter inside, the Anne dream Ling writes full she comes and goes a Zhu to she under of blunder, and pull the injury that the household results in to Ke Gu, feel keenly of regret and pain and sufferings.
Just her repent, must be too late also too slow, until the scheme is revealed, see with own eyes Lai Er for beg father Rao one life but kneel entreaty, she just understood she to lose what, and then did amiss what.
The mother loves the love poison of wager, father, from small at dye to have the in home of bad habit grows up of she, once wanted to keep off thus of, tried to invigorate, but reality of environment, teach her how to become prostitute, became wine country famous courtesan.
Just indulge in a life of dissipation like this of in the world, she once sees colleague because of be cheated feelings by the man and suicide, once see a colleague be paying sincerely, but changing to unique feeling to treat under man's sweet talk, also see to the utmost a man of passing in and out the hotel over feeling with.
She thinks that all of the man are falses with over feeling, think only money, be she uniquely depend on.
Run into Lai Er to get married with him, is she this lifetime most the happiness also struggle most of day, she once wanted to let go and wanted to now be calm with Lai Er to lead whole life.
But, deeply rooted idea, with whole in the past take place of matter, taught her how to descend a false choice.
A read of bad, she pain lose to love deeply her husband, she is too late to regret, pain Che heart.
One heart is greedy for, she hurts ever to tie up to want her to embrace again and again, very intimate shout her a fee Si of"mummy", she regrets having done somthing.
She understands 20 year agos, the Duo that poisons to death close man and murders after the son produces scheme and not only seizes to love deeply her husband's life, but also seriously influences the healthy body of husband the only only son fee Si.
On as long as five letter paper, she writes to devote to win all regrets ideas and also writes a , these 20 in the last yearses, she is deeply subjected to pain and sufferings that the conscience rebukes.
Can not return his a son as well as return his a healthy grandson, she knows oneself sin deeply heavy, and have no Yan their pardons of imprecation.But for long time, regret and pain and sufferings Be put off to heart, teach her can not keep on propping up any further, can choose to end life in advance.
But in order to atone for sin, in order to can ease crime in heart, she decides to send Anne's azure stone to their Ke Gu to pull the lifetime of household as servant, in order to can compensate the feeling and debt that she accumulated to owe Ke Gu to pull household while was living ……
See Anne the dream Ling consider as correct of arrangement, the air of Sa Ge greatly changes.
He can feel Anne the dream Ling is in the letter of sincerely repent, also know that she is too to aware of self sin deeply, let down the fee Si departs from this life with him of son, just want to redeem her own heart with this.
But, she should not sacrifice the future of others, even if Anne's azure stone is her foster daughter, she also not should!
Even if lose the fact of only son, teach him to cut up rough to painfully sad, but the gratitude and grudge of preceding generation, he doesn't want to lead long again to pull their young generations.
"I have already finished seeing, you can walk."
"This ……" looks like equanimity not to rise the view of one silk great waves and continuously go back and forth between the Sa Ge and the letter.
Can she really walk?Looking at the letter paper in the hand of Sa Ge, think again for own future, Anne's azure stone tightly closes lightly soft lips, the heart is struggling.
Is what the Sa Mr. Ge's personally makes her walk, that as long as she is obedient to leave here, her future life will be greatly different, because of from now on, she will have all ofs to have no fetters and freedom comfortable and fine life.
Immediately, in fine threads the Yang smiling an idea ascend her soft smooth lips.
The suicide that just reminds a mother, she smiles an idea to to the utmost lose.Pain and sufferings that can not ignore a mother to bear crime while was living, can not neglect a mother while was living the woe of eye bottom, can not also forget past these more than ten in the last yearses, the mother wept over in the regret in the sleeping, she ……can not walk.
The Jie Mou in "execuse me, I can not walk." Lian, she deep deep breathing one breath.
If, complete while was living a mother be unique to loose a wish, a decided her this present life predestination-
So, she recognized.
However, don't want to talk more again with her, the Sa Ge gives order for guests to leave:"The Ao takes charge of especially, see visitor out."
"Is!" Ao department comes forward especially, "Ms. Anne, you still please."
"Not, my mother once says, you have to give me a work, after, I live here under."
"That is the impossible matter!" he Nu track, "we are here basically not you are welcome!"
Although is anxious, although is confused, her facial expression still keeps being calm.
"Not, Sa Mr. Ge, please listen to me saying ……" her voice is slow-moving and light and soft.
"You go without saying everything, because I what don't want to listen to as well! is the Ao department especially?!"
Tu ground, a low soft Ci throat spreads and gets involved 3 people's quarrel from the entrance-
"What is the row? so noisy?"
Because the tour"the Moscow builds project in the town for six years" engineering, but get off work in advance homing fee Si.
Just come in, see suddenly to ask for the eastern doll that the person feels pity on, the fee Si vision ground congeals.
She the black Tong is clear, the skin is deeply pure white clean, and the shoulder black hair is soft like silk, soft smooth red lips, be stained with honey gleaming of sort moving, allow who can not also neglect her existence.
"The Ao takes charge of especially, this is?" raises a step arrive at three human face front, he asks servant, can, a rightness of bright You brown Mous, but have never left her body.
"Shes, she are …… is ……" could not answer words, the Ao department sends out to plea for help signal toward the old lord son especially Related articles:


beats by dr dre pro 10000 My mama's tha

Is whole-crazy-!"The small guy out of the door pants noisily to say, more funny BE, in order to mean the severity of problem, the small guy is in the words, "crazy" speech consumedly prolong, still consumedly aggravated at the same time"crazy" euphonic!
A spool of joke brocade gathers the marriage of chapter 1762 my mama to outside love
Someone fell in love.This isn't rare, can that person is my mama.As long as divorced, fell in love all right, can unfortunately my mama didn't divorce.
Someone probably will think that I should develop like this Q spirit:"Is it the marriage that outside love?All over the floor."Can I but can not say like this, because the marriage of my mama this kind of species outside loves rare, and the price isn't thin.BE which species?Speak to frighten to death you, outside love on marriage of net.
Will someone like my mama?The saying according to my mama still is 1,000,000 rich men.This is true should that sentence in the song:"I have a little to you to show interest, a little shows interest, and a little hesitates.I absolutely dare not believe my eyes-"can I always was like to sing Bang son in Henan while singing the last, the "absolutely" good elephant was fee the very great strength extrudes of hoarse roaring cry.So say the pop song in nowadays ah-, still let the topic that we return to this marriage to outside love up.Extract confession in my strict Xing under, the mother finally gave an account:In "breeze high homicide night, month black flirtation sky", the mother arrived a chat room and had never thought her right here to walk to the crary edge and walked ascend the road of "crime".
Someone answered a chamber with my mama.It is a person who claims to be "brilliant scholar".Mother a see is a male of, hurriedly and awkward and shily say:"I was the person who has a house, you didn't have to me what imagination."That humality:"The imagination carries out very easily."The mother breaks to settle that person with this cultivated, there is sense of humor.The too anxious to somebody else has imagination to her.That person feels that my mama has already taken the bait quickly, make longer line to snare big fish, say to my mama:"I have 10000000-10000."My mama's that young girl sort is purely full of the heart of imagination drive that 10000000 fill with."Brilliant scholar" again way:"My divorce already seven years, only a son."Once my mama listen to is a single, very anxious to go far away with him right away.Predict details of behind according to me BE:"Brilliant scholar" estimates that my mama has already taken the bait, stay a telephone number to walk.Leaves my mama's this big silly wench to toward a screen stunned.
Has someone ever seen the kind of my mama this heart in torment?Presumably have no.I have never seen.I say to my mama:"That person is a liar."My mama says:"The liar also recognized."I say:"You if touching a to break a blood doesn't cry to shout to come to seek me."My mama's bitter in taste old woman nature advises me:"I married'brilliant scholar'also have an advantage to you."I determinedly different idea.Feel I refuse to bribe good great.
Someone is a single, the 18-year-old big miss is still different from the mountain in fierce tiger and kill his completely destroy, must returning the round wear my mama?So I pretty much doubt to this background unidentified"brilliant scholar".Can my mama's that silly wench but be made none of souls by"imagination is carry out very easily, also have that 10000000" at,beats by dr dre pro.Saw me the confused state of mind ground shouting:", Mine'gifted woman'."
Someone will ask my mama:"You is what like'brilliant scholar'?"My mama will look confused and agitated in a short while, then say:"The thing of the soul inside of some people will make you excited!"I sneer way:"Huming is his thing in the purse to make you excited."
Someone starts thoughting political to work to my mama, this is to have astute wisdom and ability of I.In front of me, my mama's pretending Jie has already criticized the false mask of "brilliant scholar".Who know that they are secretly very much in love.Once, two of them make a phone call, my mama knows that there is a word in that personal name word is similar to my mama's name, my mama this always the persons of infidelity letter ghost all feel that they decree by destiny, is a God arrangement.Being pleased must not go."Brilliant scholar" still has a face to come to his photograph for my mama's"younger sister's son".I peeped one eye.Oh!The most confident person all perhaps has no face to deliver this photograph in the world.He stands on a big bridge, a see is an imported goods that the village comes.If eyes again a little bit smaller don't know to still have eyes.See his in that manner, the headgear isn't whole, buy while wearing sale of shirt.There is a button that have no a button.My mama goes together with "brilliant scholar", that is absolutely fresh flowers to put at cow muck up.
Someone so the feelings weak body infirmity love to build castle in the air.That is my mama.On the evening in an in the dead of night, my mama finally picked up the telephone of "crime" and led for several minutes, the telephone bell thought, I guess my mama is excited to almost shiver.At this time, she hears a chemisette voice.That woman introduces myself to say:"I BE'brilliant scholar'of the second wife!"My mama feels the important event is far from good, but still past do a town quiet the ground says:"."That woman is surging hopeless situation don't speak:"Brilliant scholar in our house ah, there is no another trouble, is a lechery."Listen to, doesn't this still call trouble?
Someone guesses this story how coda?My mama acts with due care and respects ground to say:"I the on bed terms brilliant scholar associated any further."This big silly wench finally thinks that I was right, realized mistake.But for meaning my poise, I just slightly""1.However these several days, although my mama is different from a television the top cry to shout to say so"he cheats me ah, he cheats me!"She the stem what still stem what, but sometimes an on every occasion who also ignore, " chases all problems by himself/herself all anti-."
It above is my mama's this old comrade's"crime" record.
A spool of joke brocade gathers chapter 1763 to love you for 10,000 years(dialect version)
Once had is a……put at me of in front ……
Version in Peking
I know that I damned especially, your Ya killed me have no of say, had the love that still didn't depend on to stare blankly before my front of son, I had never taken to manage her and waited a later on silly eye, this ghost place to my best of which personal is your Ya of, your Ya was discarded me with the knife, don't cut and polish, if the god can make me turn head again, my protecting quasi- son will not stop three loquacious words to your Ya:My TMD loves your YA!If don't want me to fall in love with to plus date of at this, become don't become for 10,000 years?KAO!
Version in Shanghai
Old Li eight early, there is feelings that is old to pare off three putting the Lei my eye front of door, run into red guy, I didn't go to Cai Yi and waited until a space segment feelings nest dead empty Lei after, I again know.Nai Yao this records Jiang especially, if speak that the god makes purely and lets me come one more, I not will absolute being it blare it, the foolish Bu falls Du and sees the Yi run especially, I will speak for Yi I am old happy Nong sum, if coming to speak must stir Yi and work out a day stanza, space Yao I think literally where can always need to return 10,000 years.
Northeast version
A thief once pulled son pure love and put An front of, the An had no Zha to be to return to matter, until is whole have no, An just discover, suppress to bend most in the world of matter also so.If the god gives the An one more opportunity, the An would like to say to that man:"The An is rare you!"If don't want to this matter the whole year, the An hopes this year BE-10,000 years!
Version in Sichuan
Mama hey!!Lao Tze absolutely is beg Mo Ming Tang!!Inside in the year(that year) little girl son's sending her don't expect pure love to put many Lao Tzes ex-er, Lao Tze packs melon, the En is to connect reasons(QIO) don't beg one eye(QIO), now comfort and ease three, the melon has!If the words encored, Lao Tze's swear swears that"that fairy plank plank" no longer slices in the reason"village Gu".If that ignore, is son Gui .
Nanking words version
Have a positive son a long while ago and away back eight through of feelings put at me, I the brain inside contain excrement ah and wish many important events.The result Xie gets, one meter regretting now is much Gao, not ability and myself hasty Lao.If the foolish west that is old sky of to take care of my chases my one more opportunity, I am affirmative cheerful head of Huo son, this wants me fat west to speak with me, ah, I to you full interesting ah, we does the Xu Xu still go?If say to don't want to settle a words Nan of day, that 10,000 years depend on on the whole, vexed not
Cantonese version
Once had the Gen feeling put to fasten noodles piano, Kui to roared, Related articles:

www.buybeatsbydrdreheadphone.com make The person

The man is then uncultivated;Woman not reasonable is to act in pettish to deliver Dia, man not the reasonable is an immature self-will;Woman talks that in disorder a certain handsome boy calls to appreciate,www.buybeatsbydrdreheadphone.com, the man eyes the beauty longer than 10 seconds and then be defined into "sex maniac" ……
A spool of joke brocade after gathering chapter 2905 have love first has sex like?
After loving have sex to still keep there being a fondness for behind having sex first well?
This is like to have a chicken behind having egg first, have egg behind having chicken first and hard to say which kind is the truth, which compare another a
Grow higher still.
But this problem since put forward come, we have to try to say, BE?
We suppose:Chicken the elephant is sex, egg elephant love.
Then get according to the idea:
(1),If two people's has love behind having sex first.So, good elephant's keeping 1 will lay egg
The chicken is similar, the advantage is to keep a chicken to enjoy can also have agriculture by-product to produce is really a real benefit;Difficult place BE, if the person keeping
Don't like to eat egg or on the market egg not sell, looking at houseful to soon deliver smelly egg headache really, perhaps
Will have a liking for the chicken that can't lay egg that day.
(2),If two people's is to have sex behind having love first, get an egg for the elephant, hatch as a result a
The chicken is similar, advantage BE:Have the egg can also satisfy you hereafter of curiosity, hence add some temperature what try,
The result can also really make the chick of the amiability of a , good matter like this, making you happy must become mad, difficult place BE:A chicken
Keeping to keep will be definitely vexed, or when seeing don't the chicken of house is more beautiful not so good do, and anticipate and the excrement is that make
The person has a headache of problem.
(1),If you feel that egg is a burden, but likes a chicken very much again, suggest lane, the rooster keeps-together
Sex loves is that the head choose, secondly better way is to grasp a pheasant, however want caution hey~!!Also probably lay egg
Of, and the road of top of hill can not walk-now strict dozen.
(2),If you feel old to toward a with each passing day become the old chicken is boring, also rather and at the beginning that egg come
Is refreshing, if not afraid chicken Zhuo, you can try to make an egg again, however caution stop hatching out it, however
Being recent is new of laws set this is also very dangerous of hey~!~!, Your this person's best way is to think a way to let
The chicken lays egg because of this person in the beginning like egg.
A spool of joke brocade gathers your girl friend of chapter 2906 to have a grain of button solution not to open and how do?
Bush:This is the world to defend perhaps built-up humiliation, we want to untie this button at all costs.We have already sent to go to large numbers of special forces and promise at 3 months in untie button!
Pull to ascend:Lane airplane, must want to bump button!
Arafat:We in no case accept defeat!Button already strong have our territories to reach to for 24 hours!
Salon:I can nowise exaggerate ground to say!This button even if is the approval that goes to the stool to also want to pass us!
Clinton:Lai Wen Si Ji how have no so button?
Scholar article
Gold Yong:I with that a dollar money offers for sale this button of take power to the central television station!
Thou dragon:Very hard button!He lightly caresses that button!Beyond the horizon peep out one silk first light of day ……
Huang Yi:Is a burst of and shining later on, this button arrived at Qin Dynasty!
Wesley:This button is incredibly an outside star to come!
Wei Hui:He is still trying very hard to solve this button, but I, have already been getting wetter!
Entertainer's article
Zhao Zhong Xiang:In the clothes looked endless, suddenly flee a button, this maimed button struggles on the clothes, however the great universe is ruthlessness, this button finally disappears in the boundless clothes.
Ni Ping:I am very excited, however this button is how infinitesimal to motherland!(Shed tears in!)
Cui always dollar:Male reason for saying owned by public, old woman says that the old woman contains reason, the button card is on the clothes, exactly who have a reason.We please to this button on the scene, let he to talk card on the clothes personally feeling.
Wang Xiao Ya:This is the good luck first pass!Did you work well to prepare?-Good!Please listen to!(When!!!)-Do you suddenly have a button solution not to open while taking off clothes for girl friend to take?How to do-answer a she doesn't take off me to take off;The answer b buys a clothes with no button!
Doctor Gu:It is a solution to superficially see this button don't open!But why not does the ability see from the reverse side!In fact that clothes were also solutions don't open!
Kun:I early know that the button solution doesn't open, I am to don't say;The button solution that breaks so not open at 1:00 also not strange, if have already untied on the contrary oddness.
Snow village:Cui flower ascends button.
Originally mountain:Unbutton, choose a good medicine, choosing the medicine must also have a trade secret!-Do not see an advertisement!
Role article
Week Yu:Since living button, He Sheng's clothes?
Hot Li head:This button is purely original!If is similar, in really and strangely fits!
Tang Seng:This button the left breadth is right narrow, the front lightly weighs behind and button up up the most uncomfortable, may arouse a mammary glands pathological changes;As for that clothes, he will definitely understand me the fearless spirit of Buddha mercy but return to mine, south have no Amitabha ……
Pig eight quit:Again the solution doesn't open!Yi?I how can say again?
Wei small treasure:Each audience, thanks everyone gathers together so nearly, station must keep so to listen to me to say a book, be really do one the honor too much.(The small treasure sits in a few tables folded)the wanted to say today person is the total rudder lord of the world meeting button, have to call lifetime disappear button, then call hero also in vain.His height is eight Chinese feet, the waistline is also 8 Chinese feet!(Is public:!Wasn't that everywhere?)
Article in the school
Teacher chemistry:Please pour sulfuric acid, the button will slowly uncover to come.
Teacher computer:First, we come to format to turn clothes, so button and clothes will clear, then rebind clothes system and please before rebinding system to work well a backup to the son.
Physical teacher:Did you forget to make use of lever principle!
Teacher philosophy:We want seeing of dialectics, this button!
Business enterprise article
Chinese telecommunication:We have already started lowering to unbutton of list price, it is 30 dollars to is 3 minutes ago 0 ·, hereafter each time many a minutes more 0 · is 02 dollars.
China Unicom:Chinese button buttons up China!
21 CNs:fall in love with a life, fall in love with button!
Search fox:Lightning flash mail also sends button!
Sina:We released a week star Chi and series' on-line discussion of button!You can land to participate in a discussion!
The net is easy:We will ask the star Chi in week to attend our the button-onlin releasing of e rites!
Ten thousand nets in China:The customer respecting, how are you!Your problem process we to the careful test of button, the detection is the way for unbuttonning not to, so please untie behind start to re- button up or land clothes to handle by oneself.
Microsoft:The button solution doesn't open is an of button and clothes of and permit a problem, please download to lately repair D or get stripe your clothes.
The love signs letter:The solution of this button doesn't open, only is our technical personnel is making a test.
Nokia:May this a few buttons don't have the reason of outside antenna, so will cause button solution's doing not open.
Speed:Previously, we have already notified the customer, the button breakdown has something to do with the customer using a dialect over a long period of time conversing, but the customer unexpectedly and publicly opens a button solution not, for this kind of behavior we the reservation indict the customer's right.
A spool of joke brocade gathers chapter 2907 high school 18 strange
To kiss and love to the men and women, the accommodation move a school outside.Is lonesome true unbearable over the weekend, big style of drive to receive.
The vogue cellular phone along with takes and has a class electric wave to spread love.The disorderly dress of Huang Fa Peng shears bad, sway an eye a see be like mendicant.
The whole body famous brand claims to be handsome, the unlike study ratio wears.Someone top the building play imposing style Related articles:

beats by dre cheap ging beauty annoy t

277 chapter brain teaserses are 20
Renew time:2009-2-2817:09:38 chapter word numbers:1652

Small piece's walking feet always doesn't is stained with ground, this is why?
Because be dressed in shoe
King and Lee all Zheng an eye shut an eye to work, why the king must perform, does Lee punish?
Because the king is to shoot an athlete, Lee is preservation member in the warehouse
Kinglet's weight that the love eats between meals was 50 kilograms while being the heavy, but most light only 3 kilograms, why?
That is he newborn time
Did the thing drop how to do?
沒 Relation, there are also four blanks hemp 將 .
Your age 24, from recognize Ms. Ding of engaging beauty, annoy the love of this kind of game the human life gradually, hence is easy to make a firm decision in summer-want and the first person who proposes toward her, step into a carpet of that carries.But, when I run into Ms. Ding once again in autumn, although she means:"Someone wants me to get married and have already been up to 40
Is his parents because of wanting what she got married
May 5 is an our country people traditional festival:The Dragon Boat Festival is the day that great poet Qu-Yuan throws a river, so do you know what day May 12 is?
Qu-Yuan burns head seven days
The traffic accident takes place soon, a group of polices arrived to the spot, they discovers driver aring intact to has no Sun, turn over to reply of inside the car outside blood stain spot spot, but don't see the dead and injured, but here is a wild countryside open country, and unmanned smoke, is this what is the row?
This is one to dedicate a blood car
The frog in the free Yong game why lose to dog?
The frog is used frog Yong violate the rules
What water forever inexhaustibility?
Beautiful didn't achieve in the business, why also have the nickname of woman entrepreneur?
Because she usually forces to do
The small D swims in the swimming pool and visits to visit, why did water suddenly become deep?
Because someone just Sa water
Live clear in the ambition in the valley, suddenly want to eat instant noodles, then start to pay small pot of to boil water.Water's quickly opening instant noodles of discovering the home just has been already finished eating and hastily get to foot of a hill under of the grocery store buy.Return to a house 30 minutes later, discover that the hot water in the pot all is missing.This actually is why?
Because the hot water all became cold water
Use 3 water for 3 person's 3 dayses, use for 9 person's 9 dayses how many waters?
9 water
Why close feather is deadly and early than Zhang Fei?
Beauties are often ill-fated
A group of girls are taking a shower in the river bank, suddenly an unfamiliar man intrudes into, do you feel where they want to cover most ?
The man's eyes
A student lives in the school, why still be usually late at school ?
The school of house isn't the school that he goes to school
How do 魚 and bear's paw just can have both?
Keep a bear that will grasp 魚
The house of A gentleman and B gentleman all is located in newly arisen residence ground and mutually is apart from only 100 meters.Is this place in addition to these are two outside, didn't°yet other neighbors, and don't also install a telephone.Does A gentleman's wanting to invite the B gentleman"come to home to play" now , under the sistuation that don't invite at the B gentleman house, can notify a B gentleman at the earliest stage by what?Suppose the A gentleman nearby pack ten
He wants ~only to loudly roar all right
If there is an opportunity making you immigrate, which nation can't you definitely go?
Kingdom of Heaven
Tiger why fight, don't want to put together, do you die me to live to in no case give up?
No one dares to advise

The brain teasers of the text chapter 278 is 20
Renew time:2009-2-2817:09:39 chapter word numbers:1570

Rain weather, two personal total 撐s are an umbrella, result two people all drive drenching;Three personal total 撐 an umbrella, why 沒 someone again drive drenching?
Because rain stopped
Ancient times, what person have never been father to be a grandfather first?
Up to the present, what is the biggest shadow seen by you ?
Dark night, it is a permafrost shadow
Where is a place for doing which only causes trouble ?
Medicine store
What things just living a tail in the evening?
While carelessly being drowned if the nearby 沒 has others should how from save?
Drink up water=>but still meeting bulge dead
No smoking inside the movie theater, but when the plot attains a high tide, but a man start smoking, the whole silver screen covers with a smoke.But, have no an audience to come out a protest, this is why?
Because that man is host's Mr. in the movie
There is a woman who is dressed in a swimwear, she is on the loose soft sandy beach stroll, although all these all very normal, , you will discover her to after death and unexpectedly have no footprint!This is why?
She is pouring to walk
What is "the good horse doesn't eat to turn head grass"'s conformsing to a logical explanation most ?
The grasses of behind all give eat up
Is big brave to say he and the teacher of school is very familiar, in the school where can go in, but the small Han is partial to say his hasing a place can never go in, is where?
Changing is a little bit bigger of the car enter classroom
Grandpa the perusal soldier's book, but play chess to all lose to the other people each time,www.buybeatsbydrdreheadphone.com, is it what art of war to please ask him what to use?
Soldier's coming to will block
The morning sleeps overdo, result detection because of alarm clock 沒 ring, you meeting how?
Make the alarm clock should get up Luo!
Write a certain order on the paper.But, understand this literalness person, but absolutely can not read out an order.So, what is what to write on the paper?
Don't read this text
Why does the big wild goose want to fly to the south in autumn?
Because of walking too slowly
A rightness of healthy husband and wife why living to only have an infant of right eye?
Everybody only a right eye
8 piece words"8", how make it equal 1000?
The person most fears bottom up have what things?
The debt of one bottom
Occurrence traffic accident of street collision, be a police immediately and rush through formerly although the driver helps each other with all strength,one person is dead.According to the parlance of driver, it is this person to don't die in a traffic accident, but die because of the lung cancer.Because only driver and the dead 2 people who together take bus there is basically no witness;But, the police sees with half an eye, the driver didn't say
Because this is a hearse, the dead before traffic accident through die
The kinglet leads a 13-year-old birthday, why there are 14 candles on the table?
That late the power is off and have 1 is use illuminative
Is small is blowing electric fan clearly, why still full head big sweat?
He is blowing electric fan, the electric fan didn't blow him

The brain teasers of the text chapter 279 is 20
Renew time:2009-2-2817:09:39 chapter word numbers:1453

The most indocile is who?
Deaf person
There is that floriculture usually being icy cold in summer in the world, does winter warm up?
Bean curd pudding
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Monster Beats review a theory foo

Husband:Go, I also hand over a girl friend.
Wife:Don't go!
Husband:With what you go me not to go.
Wife:I hand over boyfriend, you can not do it of the somebody else can make, I not old pick your trouble, be advantageous to family happy.You hand over girl friend, I am petty, jealous with you noisy call, the disadvantage stabilizes at the family.
Husband:That I am also petty.
Wife:A men, as petty as woman, Kui you aren't bashful to say!
As for marriage outside love
Wife:Now on TV the inside Be old to play marriage to outside love, you say, will you have marriage to outside love?
Husband:Have you an I enough regret of, will never can want again the second!!
Concerning go to bed(a)
Husband:You so mean person, how have so the earth son!
Wife:That certainly, I must turn over a body, still have to stretch and yawn!
Concerning go to bed(two)
Wife:We cover that double person drive.
Husband:Do not!That till the second day all of morning bound in your body.I what could not cover as well.Or oneself cover own of, the in the mind is dependable.
Wife:Hum, you are you's cover, as usual must be bound by me to walk as well till tomorrow morning!
Concerning get up
Husband:Get up, got up, you didn't say to want to rise early to hold a meeting today.
Wife:Don't fight me, I sleep a short while again.
Husband:Get up quickly, will be late.
Wife:You don't touch me!I still need to sleep!!……
Wife:Ah!All be late!How don't you call me?!
Concerning have a meal
Wife:Husband, we get there to have a meal, eat what?
Husband:Do you want to eat what?
Wife:What all let my decision, that do I still want you to do what?Literally, you say to eat what eat what
Husband:That let's go to XXX and eat XXX
Wife:Is great anger, and then eat this, you can have a little a creativity
Each time so what I got angry all want to become angry
Concerning true words
Wife:You see, that girl is much good-looking.
Husband:Is good-looking what.
Wife:You are what mean!You why on bed terms I keep consistent!
Husband:Is good-looking ……
Husband:Ah, you don't walk, how ignore me?
Concerning kid
Wife:We want a kid.
Wife:That you like us of kid?
Wife:That doesn't go!You have to like my a person!
Husband:Like, good, I like your a person.
Wife:That my kid with what don't like!
Husband:We still don't want a kid.
Concerning divorce
Wife:If we divorced, the house returned me, my money I must also take away.
Husband:What about that my money?
Wife:Your money is all my money, you have what money!
Wife:Still have, your monthly income must also give me 80% after the divorce.H'm, if you were married again, that gave me 60% and then became.
Husband:Wife, I will never divorce with you!
Concerning sexual equality
Husband:All say sexual equality, our house whether also getting is equal?
Wife:Go.Your male humiliates the quite a few of humiliating of female for thousand years.Waited us to also humiliate you humiliate for several thousand years, is truely equal.Don't urgently lead again for several thousand years, our house is getting more equal.
Concerning happy
Wife:You married I isn't special happy?
Husband:Don't feel.You again not reasonable, and then don't do to live, also old toss about a person, I how happy.
Wife:This is your happiness.I not reasonable, just can anti- Chen your tolerate a big degree;I don't do to live, develop you, so-called skills don't press a body more, make your ability strong still not good;I toss about a person, your life was just full of colorful, you see, your marital life is different from difficult Yao in other people's house monotonous.
A spool of joke brocade gathers chapter 382 from the joke episode of wit and humour joke derivation
Ha ha, a wit and humour joke can also cause of making of 2 husband and wife smile a story, a segment is living small episode.Hint:The different meaning of "car".
The some day saw a wit and humour joke online, to the husband speak for a while:Female secretary the time in conference see the general manager's pants zipper open, in public the person says not and very clearly and reminds a way:'Manager, your good elephant in the garage door didn't lock'the manager understand and look for unmanned place to pull like.Next day, the manager is smiling to ask a female secretary:'You visited my garage door don't lock yesterday, that have you already seen my car?'The secretary smiles Yue'car's pouring don't see, saw one vice- old tire'.
Episode 1:the second day morning, I wear jeans, haven't worn well, the husband thinks of the joke last night and badly says'feed, don't forget to like garage lock'
My cachinnation says:'It doesn't matter, I have no a car in garage'
Husband Yang eyebrow way:'I am afraid that the other people open into car!'
Episode 2.Newly married soon, the husband comes back from the other parts of country and is dressed in whole body new suit.Come back of that day of is an afternoon, on coming home a husband to embrace me, say, wanted to die me baby, the part touches in person in person.I was also made by the husband to can not stand, took off your coated or gown for husband.Can that blamed belt button up how to also beat not to open and made along while to more make more tight, the husband hurriedly spares a hand to untie belt by himself/herself, I who leave continue, am getting more dizzy and how have so many buttons and hook?The structure is still so complicated!Have never made to open again, I hasty, ask a husband:This pants how so,Monster Beats!~~
The husband's answer makes me be getting more dizzy more:"New car, guard against theft to lock certainly more difficult break"
Episode 3.We carefree Fus in the small area have no a matter to sit in the garden to return once walk of people review a theory foot, time grew, small area inside a drive rich man pack the woman for keeping review for the small area first beauty and review I for second beauty, this evening, I sit a husband of small break a car and right against the face sit BMW the first beauty right against the face meet, is that crane that wraps to keep her for what she drove to deliver rich man old Sir.
I sighed tone to say to the husband:Is similar is all beauty, the somebody else take of the car is so new, mine so old.
The husband considered to answer for a while:The car that she take is new, use of'car'old ah, you take of the car is old, use of'car'much better!'
Episode 4.These two years, the work of husband's unit is specially busy, very worrying of that kind of, just followed but signed of year of he, the temples side has already piecemeal appear of grey hair.
I brought up this joke concerning"car" above with husband this morning, I made fun him to say:Unexpectatively I use lately'car'so quickly old.
The husband put to put a hip and said:The hull son is a little bit old don't relate to, the motor is still pretty new!
A spool of joke brocade gathers the different parlance of the men and women whom chapter 383 stripped nude clothes
See two different parlances, story is between each Manchu Dynasty year, there is a scholar in Taiwan prepare to leave for to test up the city.The in the mind of scholar doesn't say to have what strain!Always could not fall into sleep to still love to dream in the evening, a day evening he have three dreams in a row, his in the mind felt very perplexed and didn't understand.
He invites a teacher at teacher's house help he solve the artistic conception in the oneiromancy.
The teacher asks him to say:"What is your first dream ?".
The student says:"My first dream BE, I dream on the over the wall to grow a rice!".
The teacher says:"Grow paddy rice on the over the wall?The kind doesn't become!Explain you this time go to the capital to rush through to test is medium not!".
The teacher asks again:"What about that second dream?".
The student says:" Second dream BE, dream my head up wear a rain hat hand inside to still support Related articles:

Cheap Beats By Dre cow Geng to do henc

Have one male one the female be on business in Shenzhen and meet to travel high peak, unable to find hotel, finally find out a house at a hotel, but a male a female how live, the man develops a gentleman style and says:"I am a man,Cheap Beats By Dre, that you for the berth, I sleep a sofa".The female says:"You tomorrow still need to handle affairs, will be very hard, your berth I sleep a sofa."Quarrel not next, still the female's proposal says:"We all berth, in the center take quilt book as boundary:"The male agreed hasing no matter for a night.
Led a period of time, this male one female is again together on business Peking, remaining of the official business, play to the Great Wall, on the Great Wall, the sudden breeze rises and blewed off a female of of hat, the man duty-boundly jumps down the Great Wall to come back hat Jian to hand over to a female, have never thought female of an once connected a hat to give the male's one box on the ear, say:Mama of, the Great Wall you turn over lead, quilt book you turn over not to come over!!!!!!!!"
A spool of joke brocade gathers chapter 3405 Jing to pack to reduce weight a history
The fatty arrives at a clinic to say to the doctor:"I want to reduce weight."
The doctor says:"You want standard fix menu in restaurant, a medium fix menu in restaurant still a luxurious fix menu in restaurant!"
The fatty says:"Come to a standard fix menu in restaurant to try!"
The fatty handed over 200 dollars and ascended 202 buildings, enter building to see one beautiful of**, **say:"You catch me and make with you."The fatty catches around be could not catch, tired get asleep, got up to indeed as expected lose 2 catties in the morning.
Led to come again for two days, said with doctor:"I want to win a class fix menu in restaurant."The doctor says:"Will can not stand by your figure."The fatty says:"I can be subjected to."He handed over 800 dollars and wished this bottom to have 3, 4 beauties I can definitely catch a , he ascend 302 buildings, indeed as expected have 3 young girls over there, the young girl says:"Catch, make with you."He started catching again.Be could not catch, slept a to feel, get up in the morning thin 5 catty.
Led for a day, he arrived at clinic to say again:"Want a luxurious fix menu in restaurant."He handed over 2000 dollars and wished:Like this Be not afraid of could not catch, more than ten this under can definitely catch a , he walks into 402 buildings and waits to disappear someone for a long time, sees a bathroom light bright, can't more than ten misses all hide in the bathroom!Door that he opens sees, !!!Is a big gorilla, before the chest hanging of the big gorilla a brand write "catch you, make to die you", he ran for a night and waited until to open the door to lose 15 catties a while in the morning, and you wanted to try.
A spool of joke brocade gathers chapter 3406 small raincoat
A women secretly mixed with lover while taking advantage o a Sir to go to work.Have the sky 2 people on the bed, the woman hears her Sir's car come back of voice.
She anxiously calls her lover:The clothes that take you at once jump a window.His lover a see:Does the outside rain heavily you to make me jump to go out?
If my Sir arresting us were two, we would is certain to die.The woman calls a way.
Her lover has to to picked up clothes and jumped to go out from the window.Result he jumps up to unexpectedly dive into a group of Marathon contestants.He has to a side to lift clothes and simultaneously join running.
There is a contestant that ask him:Are you used to streaking?He breathes heavily spirit's answering:
Yes, by so doing you can feel that the breeze lightly once kissed your skin.
The another contestant asks the man of this streaking again:Did you all are used to willing take clothes on the hand while running?
He has a little deeply however the answer annoyed, yes , by so doing, finish competing me and then can put on clothing, drive to go home.
That person asks to say again: do you usually all take condom running?
The naked man says: only at the time of raining just wear.
A spool of joke brocade gathers the story of chapter 3407306 rooms
Formerly have although one poor people financial situation isn't good but extremely lewd, usually visit prostitute in brothel.On the first, the human nature's interest again come, then go to a brothel, how know on money of body don't take enough, hence measure with owner's company, owner a see is a frequent clients to then say:"It is all right.I seek for you a , but age ……"that person listen to, hand over money to handle affairs right away ……again that person goes to a brothel again on the first, but body up only ten dollars, the owner arrives also generous, say you to him go to 306 rooms, hence that person then walked into 306 rooms, who know a bed up is an old sow, the eye sees an owner have already accepted money to walk a person, can not want money back, hence heThe (The after the event feels to still go), and then led for several days, this person and then visit prostitute, on the body only 5 dollars, the owner considered that a short while says this time:"So, you arrive 406 rooms go to".That person hands over money to go upstairs and pushes door one one male of see, lying prone on the viewpoint.He wishes:I depend, can't, last time was incredibly a sow, a male this time of, owner also too not enough meaning.Wait he to walk up a detection just be not return so a matter, originally there is one small hole on the floor, that person just sees through a small hole underneath person in the room handle affairs, hence he also lies prone on the ground the top and that person to see together and lead well for a long time, underneath those two talented persons in the room do finished.Hence he and that person communicate:", Is really fascinating, severe!"Listens to that person making reference to:"I depend, this has what severe of, do I a few days ago still see have individual and pig stem"
A spool of joke brocade gathers a chapter 3408 every month bride
The Shamanism taught in Shenzhen to establish "Huang Xia Men" Gao Ke prostitute artificial film company.Shenzhen that have no place not of"loving surgical operation, promise that seeing is red" the large neon card is the advertisement of "Huang Xia Men" company.Start practice half year, full up to bring trouble, all come to beg to cure everywhere from the Mu from 13-year-old young girl to 79-year-old old womans.The center leads gladly an epigraph:"Naturally a fairy hole, the twilight is diffused to see strength loose, the blood flies to make pouring rain, country one in the motherland is red."Said when Shamanism taught to accept an interview:"My company opens to make a live outcome.Everyone makes and made to break Be getting more difficult to do.The action ability that makes for everyone is a little bit bigger, my company emerged with the tide of the times."The Shamanism taught for a while and ordered "red tower mountain", " I the company next generation product have already developed success, we adopt bionics' last word, the mimicry house lizard breaks tail reborn process, 'she'have automatically reborn ability, monthly a period, whatever make, come down in January, intact like place."The Shamanism teaches excitedly recital to rise recall~toing the mind of chairman Qin E:"The male pass Man way is from the beginning and more really like iron, now then move forward, from the beginning and more, night after night bride, the every month contains blood ……"
A spool of joke brocade gathers chapter 3409 to put to come over
The day fled from home in the Kuomintang in, having four wounded high classes will leader of a group, the hand inside didn't leave what things, only a cup!Their Jing tired dint strength, but behind of Liberation Arm already catch up come, they try very hard to of run forward!
Arrived one river side, there was an old agriculture to see them saying:"You have to be careful, river inside in plant kind of fish, exclusively bite the man's younger brother younger brother, Be careful of!"
Four people are all silly, at this time they an in the middle teacher say to other three people:"My officer Jue is the tallest, you have to obey my order!I walk first!Give me the cup!"Say, an once robbed cup, take off underwear, take the river in cup.
At this time, the gun of Liberation Arm again ring, and spread person's voice, the circumstance is very urgent!
Other 3 will get to also quickly take off underwear and jumped down river!
Listen to several"ah" later on, the bottom of teacher is very painful, but also cans not considers of a lot, tries very hard to go straight up.
Arrived opposite shore, once the teacher turn head, detection moreover three people have been already gone ashore as well, is oddness very much, "how?Does the old agriculture fool us?Didn't the fish bite you?You how to come over 3 of?"
", Is so, we one put 1 to come over!"One among the persons says.
A spool of joke brocade gathers chapter 3410 monk and my daughter/push-ups 【2 and one chapter 】
Ancient times one monk goes to the country to beg for alms, through one farmland, see a young girl is getting rid of cow Geng to do, hence rise to spend heart, shout Yue:"I house more than ten years, don't see a young girl Related articles: