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Eliminating a form can say and arrived this one step, fought squad king is least likely to own what well controled breath ……arrived this one step, leave of, is an almost strong troops to be mixed here by luck of ……very few
Fight a squad king rest
Post-war summary will be have to of besides, this combat is leaf Zheng's their profession to"play" leaf Zheng who lets people of the same group see to really want and see, the guy of these"do not fight to excel" has what make progress
"Everybody says oneself for a while special viewpoint, don't repeat me to believe, the angle of everybody's station is different, the thing seen be differently not repeated ……also not difficult?"The sky dragon looking at public, light way he feels, oneself in nowadays still really had so several cents the flavor of"coach" ……damn of, does perhaps one-time oneself's killing unexpectatively will be such an at present as well?However, tell the truth, this felling is also pretty good
Leaf Zheng still shrinks when the dark corner is all right, he will not easily of speech of certainly, he is one speech, affirm is have very much authority
Foolish, ten tread a to kill to fall a dust with star 3 people then the attitude of "the matter doesn't close F Gao start to hang high up", carefreely sit on one side
This attitude makes the many people some depressed, but also helpless leaf Zheng directly said, if you can make a somebody else that one step, old shout your"big Ye" to all go
Hear this sentence in fact, three silent and closemouthed persons are all some eager for action, really want to make leaf Zheng shout "big Ye" to listen to however want result, still kept calculating ……
Is a burst of and silent, who also have no talk first, also have no everywhere Piao, but is lowering the head to contemplate
See this circumstance, the sky dragon also not is is hasty to urge to ask him to even take pleasure in seeing this kind of condition very much of after all, this represents public all is in the earnest thinking
A long time, the tea tea first stood out, will himself the previous viewpoint said 1 time
The sky dragon ordered to nod, way:"Is quite good, observe very cautiously to pass"
Is public inwardly sweat a , feelings did this all become to examine?
The tea tea would is after small black start to compare tea tea, small black is have no pressure most of because the whole troops in, only he is a real occupation
The beginning of two people, not only don't let the others take the floor one after another, on the contrary let the spot adds of silent this also very comprehension, after all the sky dragon once said in times before, the viewpoint was allthese 2 people who can not repeat to all make reference to two big points, wanted to seek to order fresh of ……still really isn't an easy matter
"I …… I feel ……" small dance some Qies Qie stood
Result, the words just had a , leaf Zheng suddenly interrupted her, way:"The star falls a dust, you follow me 1"
The star falls dust one Leng, "?Go to where?"
Leaf Zheng peeped out a "moderate" smiling face:"Do exercises in gymnastics building"
Hence, someone one face was depressedly dragged along to walk ……
See this act, the sky dragon is the first reaction comes over of he immediately understood, afraiding of leaf Zheng was to realize what is a star to fall a dust at and small dance airtight language?How to discover this guy of?Is there still this terrible ability?
Wanted to think, the sky dragon felt hereafter still and this guy is a little bit farer of well ……still want important person not to have**?
Actually, leaf Zheng really discovered that star's falling a dust is "cheat"ing for small dance, but,www.beats4monster.co.uk, wasn't concretely either to hear what, also not is that he can discover a body side the person is in the airtight language that ability ……basic is the judgment of just a kind of experience being not likely to own, according to the other people's facial expression what of to the circumstance for judging
The many people is still becoming speechless, leaf Zheng however of strolled back, and then make public one Leng:Is so quick?
"Like, solved, not well-behaved guy, you who will be settled in the wall of doing exercises in gymnastics the building by me to fall into trap mural continue" finishes saying, and then retracts a dark corner
The owner wants to smile not to dare to smile, especially small dance, the faces all suppress red
Star's falling a dust is really to remind her some things of keys, can this not hasn't come yet and say and then be grasped to walk?Make her is "doing not cheat to also become to cheat" this throws a person very much of
O.K., the others didn't say more what, don't also peep out what different facial expression come to small dance then thick face way:"In fact I feel …… the purpose of an exportation occupation's present top not only is attain to maximize of killing and harming sometime, the control will compare to kill to harm to add of importance and tube use" once having a , small dance own way of thinking also comes out to get into to fight a king, affirmation can't be a common man
"The control said by me not is say in the function of jacking up I's occupation but is, to fight rhythm of a kind of control regardless and quickly still slow, this rhythm, have to let us the whole team keeps consistent, so, so as to develop a biggest fighting strength of team"
The small dance has never said more other things as well a some all right already things still stay say for others of want so much not, your a person finishes saying, the somebody else still takes what"pass"?The under charge in leaf big evil head, who all not lead
"Well said" speak favorably to export at the same time, the sky dragon and leaf Zheng double the double agreed with this kind of viewpoint
Leaf Zheng can't doubt this words will be the this fellow that the star falls a dust to teach to the small dance have already been dragged along by him to walk not to say, star's falling a dust can don't necessarily see as well small dance of the thing of this level really is give him a surprise
"The regiment war and personal war mutually the places of are few, this rhythm is an one of them your ownerses all want to remember some regiment war in, the rhythm must control but want in the regiment to fight in control good rhythm, that has to give up personal rhythm first and cater to the combat rhythm of team" is rare, leaf Zheng did for the small dance end of the summary can see out, he is equal satisfaction to the answer of small dance
Tallied up the circumstance of meeting to not much say, nothing but to ascend a game of a little bit various review, also have is personal comprehend of thing this is just a guide line, truely useful of, still need to see them can integrate these things to the combat go to of
In fine, this fights squad king after competing of public at last unified on the thought, had an explicit target the remaining of, that be activity up of unify truely complete of unified behind, war king ……just can become well-deserved of war king
Connect down, truely ruthlessness combat, was regarded as to just just start just
Elimination series, head round this is the victory and defeat the demarcation of the set
Don't know as well whether the luck that fights squad king was used up a head round, they met one class strong opponent
Free alliance the card space out area-the war blood seethe to fight a brigade this is from second don't lead of troops
The Afro-Asian crazy Ao is similar to the early times to the slightest disappear change after knowing that his/her own opponent is a war squad king, immediately jumped out, clamored to want with Long Wang Yi's war
Possible someone will feel the Afro-Asian hoot being some laughably:You have what qualifications and Long Wang Yi's war?Did you answer for emperor class, but Long Wang being an absolute being class besides, this being not personal war, but team fighting, you calling other people willing?
Certainly, many people are after all embracing a kind of mental state of expectation, personal decisive battle of war after, inside very long period of time, many people all feel this team war become a bit boring if be not also want to see the circumstance of decisive battle, afraiding of the many people can't appear in the courageous tournament field inside
But, the clear eye person saw an Afro-Asian purpose, this was the pure mental state to fight a mouth up say of want with leaf Zheng a to fight ……do not necessarily see secondly not and really actually dare with leaf Zheng face to face set against this guy too abnormal condition ……Afro-Asian truely intent is to make Long Wang disdain to to him, then can't war as for fairy emperor the sky dragon ……he afraid hair?
To this, war squad king didn't do the response of serving as although interiorly someone annoy however seduce into wrong doing a leaf Zheng war, but leaf Zheng is light on smiling, way:"Are you getting more afraid?"
"Have no is feel this guy too overbearing" answers the person of question is unavoidably some guilty don't say to fear, to war the blood seethe to fight a brigade is BE not likely to don't be afraid of of Afro-Asian the head is to put at yonder
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