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Meeting parties some emperor nights and Ba the emperor expect of the monk come.Among them, affirmation has other hard existences for moving.
"The big ratio this time, really calculate up Be getting grander.No matter is a place, award, again or is that crystal screen, still current of defend strength, all is go toward what has no."
Feel those if is like the breathing for having no, Kang clear double of eyes in of sh è a glow-in-the-dark.Thus and also need not fear the person of thousand college of Qings waits a person to he or she disadvantageous.
"Sit down first, according to the former arrangement, should have no too many useless talks, will directly start competing."Mu nebula one bottom sits on the stone and in a soft voice says.
Is public to sit down, the ancient south Chen finally appears at place the center.Immediately, the voice of the acclaim of mightiness earthquake the sky ring out,beats by dre pro.The name of ancient south Chen, who all understand.Alliance in the sky the SAMSUNG is long, star period strong.Once he come out, the strong spirit field directly gobbles up the whole grandstand and broke out an acclaim storm of mightiness.
"Ha ha, shoulded say yesterday, have already also all said.Each college greatly compares, is all my alliance in the sky, and cloud China believes in, purple Lin Yuan's etc. hold together.Hold rule, sequence, and scene...etc. every time, everyone is also all clear.This time, and was also similar formely."
"Useless talk I not much said, now 7:30, formally compete at 8:00.These 30 minutes inside, I say for a while after a while of the matter of game."
"Was all doption to grasp the method of Jiu formely, but this time, because the number taking part in a game is quite a few, if grasp the words of Jiu, time expending is too long.So, we decide, let several square monks adopt big ability of Shu, compete this first the place change magically solid view, let many students go in to take part in a game."
"Around ten thousand students, get into together in take part in a game.Totally two entrances, the first is ingoing.The second, then export.Give you a xi ǎ o of time, 500 students first appear, can rise in rank.Leave of and directly eliminate"
Once the ancient south Chen export and immediately discuss to get up in succession on the scene.More than 10,000 students unexpectedly and directly eliminate one greater half and leave 500 promotions.Among this, demand of, is absolute real strenght
However, discuss this on the scene of pour isn't too many, but because is ancient the south what Chen says, let big can change into a solid view on the scene.Can make to arrive like this real strenght of and only have a star period above strong.And demand of, also not only 12.The general situation dint of the highest rank indeed as expected has generously
This will compete a place to change magically solid view, just add of one of the rules rule.Connect down, the ancient south Chen said some rules again, after finishing saying, time at the right moment passed by many xi ǎs of halfs o.This lets Luo maple some bad impression, indeed as expected is love affected, even rule of time, all want to arrange of thus delicate.
"The rule is also these, now, all students for taking part in a game please arrive to compete a place top."
Xiu Xiu
The words sound of ancient south Chen just fell, a way relentless the information then roared and shouted but rose.A student starts to jump in succession, facing that game place jumps.The student of green college of cloud is no exception.Although have some strain in the heart, they know, this time, they have to appear.The Luo maple is tiny tiny on smiling, also is to use general speed, the facing competes on the stage Lue to go.
Tell the truth, use the qualifications that the college that the game wins exists, he really has some to despise, if he of words, perhaps directly take a person to give° thousand college of Qings to put out.Which come of what gamble it say.However the words say back again, he has that real strenght, but the Kang waits a person clearly and has no.
In the war whoop of whole field, all student whole amounts fall present medium.The ancient south Chen every where hoped one eye and saw have no student to appear again, tiny tiny on smiling, way:"The underneath is then believed in by the alliance in sky and cloud China, and purple Lin Yuan's star is strong, display big ability, convert the game place some kind of, change into a solid view"
The words sound just fell, the sky on, abrupt however appear a burst of Weng blared of voice.This voice, make people listenning to some dizzy.The public and surprised title sees go, sees a huge game place a sky, a personal shadow is straight but signs, the light breeze starts to blow, will it the dress Cape float the d à ngd à ng.They become the form of wreath form and surround the whole game place, amount unexpectedly livelong 36 people
"Star the period is strong"
"Good heavens, I really see a star a period strong, and still so many"
"Hurry, hurry, hurry to record image a crystal for me, I must give° this act to record down.Affirmation can earn big price in the future.These are 36 star periods strong in addition to this time, I perhaps all see be missing from cradle to the grave."
Is public to discuss in succession, and some influences of the spot are also shocked by the real strenght of this three greatest tycoons in the mainland.Star the period is strong, dominating an on the mainland is each square, wave hand, destroy the existence of an empire.These 36 people, even if is to divide equally, also each influence is 12.
Like this real strenght, does who dare to ask for?Most BE, this returns just superficial.Secretly, affirmation still has more.Even that Lu absolute being expects, saint area, all therein
"Their real strenght, indeed as expected be not we can compare of perhaps only have a first term director, can compare with these old things."Hope above those 36 face s è the serious shadow of human figure really isn't a taste in the Kang clear heart.Oneself real strenght like this, connect a somebody else there the mat bottom is all not enough.
"Old guy, don't think too many.Don't forget you to still have another heavy identity.Wait the maple absolute being group growth to get up, who dare also call plank with us?And there is also one and half years' time, our real strenght, can also match in excellence with them.When the time comes, not just we say how, how?"
The Mu nebula pours is see of open very much, some kind of words say of, Kang the clear thoughts and feelings pulls back.Green director Lian who tooks a look a flank, is also secretly sighed tone.Compared with the somebody else, oneself differed really too many.
These 36 people reads to spread a sound towards seeing one eye, absolute being mutually, abrupt however come out the wildly fierce dollar dint explosion in the body, and the absolute being reads to still therein lead and takes everything away in the facing field.A star dollar that expect a strong dint is good enough to turn over for a sky, Dao sea, 36, is also demolish world
The huge spirit explodes of voice, all without exception deep-fried at the moment to.If isn't these monks have already wrapped up this voice with a dollar dint, on all sides those common audience on the grandstand are perhaps this voice, also resist not.The meeting is shaken seven Qiaos bleed but die.They can feel at the moment of, is just huge voice just.
Because the dollar dint that has been already blended sends out, these 36 people, the figure finally moves.Motionless then already, a move astonishing.This sentence, completely presented at the moment its meaning.
But see those shadow of human figures twinkle of, directly disappear.Being unique can recognize them is at ambulatory, would be that numerous space cracks.Usually is this together haven't resumed, that is a, then bomb however open again.They move of, when the position of station is also different, finally come to a stop, good constituted a strategies.
Those audiences all frightenedly discover at this time, this huge game place is unexpectedly and all surrounded by a light ball.Ascend an eye basically have no and imitate if winked, this light the ball appeared.The Yan s of the light ball è, present seven colourful long grasses, what Yan the dollar of the s è the dint also have and continuously twinkle.
See go from the outside, inside of object, shadow of human figure, everything of everything, all have already canned not see clearly.Can see the east a black eddy of s è, the west noodles is a black eddy of s è.At the right moment here two ends that compete a place.See come to this is that so-called entrance and exit.
The entrance hasn't used, those students are wrapped up at in, only exporting can come out.The persons of many colleges are all some to worry, because they don't know, in take place what affair.Only those periods of old strange, a crosses legs to sit in the sky and absorb spiritual influence instauration dollar dint.
At this time this game place in, environment has already completely changed.Luo maple when they come in, is still the place at first.But put into strategies in these strongs, after sending out a dollar dint, then changed appearance.
They now the ground of place, is a volcano with huge to surround in.His also have a student to stand nearby.However came together together green student in the nephology hospital with oneself at first, 1 had no at this time.
"You now the environment of place, is five lines of of ground.While needing ǎ o at a xi inside, fasten through a gold, the wood fasten, water fasten, the fire fasten, the soil fasten Related articles: