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 Deeply draw next one knife, be over Anne dream Ling pain and sufferings of whole life, also in advance end Anne's azure stone is sort of a quiet youth years.
Funeral service later on, Anne's azure stone follows mother, Anne, dream Qian explaination in the dying testament, carry out to drop out, one person takes simple baggage and alone flies to arrive Russian Moscow international airport in the capital city.
Take meter taxi, she arrives at Ke Gu to pull manor and plea for interview Sa Ge ·Ke Gu pull, but, on hearing the name of the dream Ling of Anne, the Sa Ge doesn't say two words and positively refuses to receive.
"Execuse me, my house's master son doesn't want to see you, you please back." looking at snow Yan white clean, the Jiao is soft aqueous Anne's azure stone, the Ao take charge of especially the look in the eyes take precautions against.
"Since so, I can seek a fee Mr. Si." she thin speech way.
"What?! do you want to seek my Mr. Jia?!" Ao department especially the facial expression greatly change.
"Yes." she nods.
"You, all right, you are here again etc., I go to heel we the master son said!" suffers the Ao of threat to take charge of especially and immediately didn't good facial expression, turn round into a house.
After ten minutes, she sees Sa Ge in the hall ·Ke Gu pull.
Sa Ge ·Ke Gu pull with the rigorous taste and up and down and cautiously conjecture a black hair, black eye and turn to say and speak fluent Russian especially according to the Ao department of she.
Same of, Anne's azure stone is also quiet quiet observe him, after, again see to stand his Ao to take charge of especially.
Ao department especially just as mother at the beginning describe of, be always dressed in a set of Russia type black uniform on the body, wear white gloves, chin Xu write a chase a small beard.
As for have a head of grey hair, sit upright the Sa Ge on the sofa, also such as mother describe of that sort taste sharp-edged, vehemence dignity.
"I have already promised to see you, I hope that you can't go vexed my grandson again." Sa Ge ·Ke Gu pull with angry look to stare her, the facial expression differs very much.
If not that having regard for the vigorous reaction that the fee Si will have to"Anne dream Ling" three words, and probably directly endanger very much, he would not like to hear again or see have relation with that woman a person, matter and thing at all!
"Please trust, I can't of."
The "is very good, say, she why send do you come to see me?" his fierce eye examines black hair, black eye of she.
"Is." she takes out a letter from small shoulder bag, "this is before committing suicide, my mother writes to one of your letter."
Hear Anne dream Ling the news of the suicide, Sa Ge great feeling accident.
"My mother wants me to chase this letter and hands over in the your hand in person, she requests you the apology that must finish seeing it, be alongside of to be subjected to her." lowers the head, her hands pass a letter.
However, looking at the letter in the Anne's azure stone hand, Sa Ge Ning white eyebrow.
After hour of thinking, Sa Ge ·Ke Gu pull to cancel the viewpoint that the letter burn down, open letter reading,Beats By Dr Dre Solo.He wants know Anne the dream Ling actually wrote in the letter what, also want to know at harm die his only son after, she why still have a face to make her daughter send letter for her, dares to also request that he must finish seeing her letter?!
In those early years, if not that Lai Er too silly, temperament too moderate, too kindness, and then loved her love too deeply, arrive in the article of death front, also recorded hang outcast manor of she, even, also trail an end one breath, begged him nod promise put her a way out, he early let her among the living evaporates, which permit she clay-cold still thus overbearing.
Letter inside, the Anne dream Ling writes full she comes and goes a Zhu to she under of blunder, and pull the injury that the household results in to Ke Gu, feel keenly of regret and pain and sufferings.
Just her repent, must be too late also too slow, until the scheme is revealed, see with own eyes Lai Er for beg father Rao one life but kneel entreaty, she just understood she to lose what, and then did amiss what.
The mother loves the love poison of wager, father, from small at dye to have the in home of bad habit grows up of she, once wanted to keep off thus of, tried to invigorate, but reality of environment, teach her how to become prostitute, became wine country famous courtesan.
Just indulge in a life of dissipation like this of in the world, she once sees colleague because of be cheated feelings by the man and suicide, once see a colleague be paying sincerely, but changing to unique feeling to treat under man's sweet talk, also see to the utmost a man of passing in and out the hotel over feeling with.
She thinks that all of the man are falses with over feeling, think only money, be she uniquely depend on.
Run into Lai Er to get married with him, is she this lifetime most the happiness also struggle most of day, she once wanted to let go and wanted to now be calm with Lai Er to lead whole life.
But, deeply rooted idea, with whole in the past take place of matter, taught her how to descend a false choice.
A read of bad, she pain lose to love deeply her husband, she is too late to regret, pain Che heart.
One heart is greedy for, she hurts ever to tie up to want her to embrace again and again, very intimate shout her a fee Si of"mummy", she regrets having done somthing.
She understands 20 year agos, the Duo that poisons to death close man and murders after the son produces scheme and not only seizes to love deeply her husband's life, but also seriously influences the healthy body of husband the only only son fee Si.
On as long as five letter paper, she writes to devote to win all regrets ideas and also writes a , these 20 in the last yearses, she is deeply subjected to pain and sufferings that the conscience rebukes.
Can not return his a son as well as return his a healthy grandson, she knows oneself sin deeply heavy, and have no Yan their pardons of imprecation.But for long time, regret and pain and sufferings Be put off to heart, teach her can not keep on propping up any further, can choose to end life in advance.
But in order to atone for sin, in order to can ease crime in heart, she decides to send Anne's azure stone to their Ke Gu to pull the lifetime of household as servant, in order to can compensate the feeling and debt that she accumulated to owe Ke Gu to pull household while was living ……
See Anne the dream Ling consider as correct of arrangement, the air of Sa Ge greatly changes.
He can feel Anne the dream Ling is in the letter of sincerely repent, also know that she is too to aware of self sin deeply, let down the fee Si departs from this life with him of son, just want to redeem her own heart with this.
But, she should not sacrifice the future of others, even if Anne's azure stone is her foster daughter, she also not should!
Even if lose the fact of only son, teach him to cut up rough to painfully sad, but the gratitude and grudge of preceding generation, he doesn't want to lead long again to pull their young generations.
"I have already finished seeing, you can walk."
"This ……" looks like equanimity not to rise the view of one silk great waves and continuously go back and forth between the Sa Ge and the letter.
Can she really walk?Looking at the letter paper in the hand of Sa Ge, think again for own future, Anne's azure stone tightly closes lightly soft lips, the heart is struggling.
Is what the Sa Mr. Ge's personally makes her walk, that as long as she is obedient to leave here, her future life will be greatly different, because of from now on, she will have all ofs to have no fetters and freedom comfortable and fine life.
Immediately, in fine threads the Yang smiling an idea ascend her soft smooth lips.
The suicide that just reminds a mother, she smiles an idea to to the utmost lose.Pain and sufferings that can not ignore a mother to bear crime while was living, can not neglect a mother while was living the woe of eye bottom, can not also forget past these more than ten in the last yearses, the mother wept over in the regret in the sleeping, she ……can not walk.
The Jie Mou in "execuse me, I can not walk." Lian, she deep deep breathing one breath.
If, complete while was living a mother be unique to loose a wish, a decided her this present life predestination-
So, she recognized.
However, don't want to talk more again with her, the Sa Ge gives order for guests to leave:"The Ao takes charge of especially, see visitor out."
"Is!" Ao department comes forward especially, "Ms. Anne, you still please."
"Not, my mother once says, you have to give me a work, after, I live here under."
"That is the impossible matter!" he Nu track, "we are here basically not you are welcome!"
Although is anxious, although is confused, her facial expression still keeps being calm.
"Not, Sa Mr. Ge, please listen to me saying ……" her voice is slow-moving and light and soft.
"You go without saying everything, because I what don't want to listen to as well! is the Ao department especially?!"
Tu ground, a low soft Ci throat spreads and gets involved 3 people's quarrel from the entrance-
"What is the row? so noisy?"
Because the tour"the Moscow builds project in the town for six years" engineering, but get off work in advance homing fee Si.
Just come in, see suddenly to ask for the eastern doll that the person feels pity on, the fee Si vision ground congeals.
She the black Tong is clear, the skin is deeply pure white clean, and the shoulder black hair is soft like silk, soft smooth red lips, be stained with honey gleaming of sort moving, allow who can not also neglect her existence.
"The Ao takes charge of especially, this is?" raises a step arrive at three human face front, he asks servant, can, a rightness of bright You brown Mous, but have never left her body.
"Shes, she are …… is ……" could not answer words, the Ao department sends out to plea for help signal toward the old lord son especially Related articles: