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Learn realm, what the latter wants to conquer is a social science realm==.
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How to say, even if many farmland letters hereafter fade out, he still one of the persons of this most important novel.His influence to thousand leaves, no man can replace, for him, for thousand leaves, all of that are a years that can not forget.For his choice, I think he not considers himself/herself, he just made from think that the good choice is to everyone.And, with his standpoint, the cherry well is really a suitable candidate, otherwise, he isn't him.
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I really lift thousand leaves unworthy.I the environment of the place, I can also see that kind of genius, not only brains good, another place also reflect a very intelligent person.But I feel even if is a genius, if there is no a moment humble heart, is also can hardly let what people appreciate.Besides be like many farmland letters so, thus by one's own and learn can't respect a person, even if the person being oneself to once care.Can say that a wish beats a wish to get.
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I pour not to feel that many farmland letters are the persons whom a can't respect other people, just, his way is very different, therefore, is very careful, work hard very much, so as to see his love to the other people, smile.
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In the animated cartoon of superman mode, always have to there is a perfect super hero, one asks for troublesome beauty, moreover and necessarily can not lack of is a the mankind are with the destruction or overlord among states the low class science madman that the Earth for oneself allows to act as villain.The person who sees younger brother's younger sister brandishes a Chong spirit toy and"burst" in mouth ground the voice that spray to annoy mimicry flight, worship a muscle too flourishing, control breath too thick strong screen idol, my pity can not help changing direction those be molded too idiotic villains, because their greedy, stupid, arrogant, wild for be like pole myself.
Is mediocre natural intelligence persons all will often because the oneself's a little bit a little more outstanding performance is secretly self-satisfied, then feeling oneself should acquire more, besides those plan is a various fantastic again improbity get the wide of the mark abnormal condition plan of strange just?They had the reason the night for handing over to add at a certain thunder and lightning too much and sent out to sad and shrillly laugh wildly in uncanny underground laboratory at oneself's atmosphere.However the madmans all failed, the viewpoint that ignored them what genius, however much time not is hurt to super hero, but hurt to oneself inflate disobeyed the ego of science regulation.
Although the mankind's heart was full of dark and bloody thing, we this unbearable race still need to go on of, therefore we always hope to have a kind of inside balance from the whole cosmos to each humble individuals, so the advantage of many people is similar to the weakness fresh clearly.Exercise connate best brains for person muff some, the head is the workingly in fortune lap to differ some, lucky of best nothing important greed, but if your outlooking good, brains good, exercise well, the other people consequently think greatly of you, worship you and forgive your some self - wills, so had better you should have humble from hold, careful astringent, know forbear of eastern qualities, hence many farmlands believed, this was emerged with the tide of the times by the perfect genius of accurate enactment.
In fact should pay respects toward many farmland gentlemans, he has hot hand Cui flower of handsome and the design flirt mankind to pull a prank of precise brain, however he didn't do so, don't say that those calculate to not and up lure with me, if can in normal times not the person of Fen done in complete secrecily polish off, you aren't unconcerned, at least I can't.The heart that believes in many farmlands has the Zhang to is such a to be called quiting of forbearance forever and urges on the greed that he watches out for impractical aspirant and bumbledom and reminds his limit of oneself reasonableness and loses rational bad result and make him become to drive on the pleasure boat of《dark river 》 most not free but again approve this kind of most a not free strange traveller.But many farmlands believe their own explanations then:Many people for getting away from the not free status an outstanding several depths besiegeds, hardship to unsurpassedly fight, but the whole body covered with wounds finally discover that the mankind aren't free of, still returned to and he many farmlands believe similar status and compare with with these people, he paid under the same result the minimal cost, this is the place of his genius.
Is quite good, that is his logic.Look like this, the genius of many farmlands lies in he manages genius of just can, his genius didn't make for his happy life what contribution, anti- pour obstacle.In fact, from the first at numerous who adore with many attendants crowding round next the genius aureole is solemn and impressive to show up of many farmland letters, at fairy strange palace(forest recreation class) under the skillful guide cheat readers all, each reading many farmlands with tree if leave if namely the persons of emotion quarrel will feel that many each choices of farmlands and judgment are the thinking achievements that is aller exclusive than genius, but in fact tend benefit to avoid to harm is each life individual will of arithmetic, just guide our value different.
The forbearance is big card Na the 14th card, its original meaning is a decontamination, introspect after being a destruction of result.After this card, the whole movement of life is getting more easy, because we understood desired fetter and removed otiose extravagant beg, give up a tasteless flounder, symbolize mild from such as of life.The forbearance is the liberation to the burden in tower Luo, however many farmlands believe of the forbearance seem to have the danger to convert into heart Zhui, after all genius how much still keep having some the"crazy".However the whose deplores greatly who know, because Shi forbear proundhearted and betrayal the heart want to encounter punishment of, real of genius can't the superstition is any strength, also include the rules of oneself's internality to quit dint.Certainly I am having never entitled to to descend for many farmland letters what judgment, don't know how the strange palace of fairy will handle his life, most likely he will not admit his heartache and regret of, because according to this male of personality,monster beats, consider already can not the affair changing is unmeaningful.The unique is rejoicing BE, this attitude of his will help a tree more and quickly strong.
Make reference to my devotion of this book thousand leaf tree-although is to write many farmland letters,still can not leave tree talks him, I think probably tree can many farmlands believe of in order to see make is his this making firm decision of individual, rather than is a genius this special mankind group to her collectively abandon, probably she can quickly does 10 "is ground and become confidence" and thus and quickly head into a happy step?After all in living and the battlefield of emotion, hard to say pure victory or defeat success or failure, again or this basically isn't the region that carries on according to the battlefield rule.
My delivering doesn't hope that many lives that the farmlands believe will sink into from the bottom of one's heart ground dull and resist deceiving yourself as well as others of dull feeling, though I pretty much disdain to to the his choice cherry well, because in 《dark river 》 , thousand leaf tree and many farmlands letter all is last last person, their lose contact how much or will let we these such as"wild an even" it flow of see the guest giving a deep sigh to shake head.
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I discover that the comprehension that we believe to many farmlands is in fact pretty similar, also his very rational(this is the prior condition that can forbear) ^^ .A part is rated as a second to none person, is to want to pick and get rid of to is the mankind's many tedious details, so as to have great achievement, because the life a hundred years, time and energies are all very limited, be not?Be like which great man say:Which there is genius, I am just time that drinks coffee to the other people and use to study and smile.
Some readers say to could not see the side of many heart softnesses of farmlands, he be like precision of robot, say like this, perhaps have a little one-sided, smile.He should be also certain and have again be, he and cherry well the fine son is together true of unhappiness?That also uncertain ^^ .
I rather think like this:He knows that he wants what, he knows that he wants to attain Related articles:

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