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Admire ……"a burst of smile to make, teach her pale cheeks to resume rosy.
Hope a body under of beauty, looking at carefree cachinnation of she, stop a hand of scarting the lane on her, his Ning enters her beautiful black Tong.
The Yang lies lawn up, to top his stare at, her eye has been already smiled, her lips tiny Yang.
She likes him like this quiet quiet looking at her, seem his eyes inside, his in the mind, she is unique ……
But, that is the infatuated crazy idea, she doesn't want to entertain wild hope, she want to cherish existing time, thinks in this very short few hours in, remember his all gentlenesseses and look like deep feeling of Mou light.
Can, he moved to open view and no longer saw her.
She water sort pure but wearing a smile Tong Mou, will influence his heart, influence his decision.
"Still want to go where?"He asks.
"I want to go ……" she wants him to accompany her to the forest to eat fine noodles and arrive the deep pit eats bean curd, arrive 9 eat a Yu circle, arrive the Kingsoft eat duck, also arrive rich the radicle fishing bay eat seafood.
Although see fish, she will fell sick and will be uncomfortable, but for the sake of him, she can endure, will also endure.
Finally, the setting sun falls in, the dark night came ……
Sit the side of coast blows chilly sea breeze and looking at one Shan in the distance a put out of sparse lights on fishing boats, her Wei thinks to embracing of his Noan-noan at break up of feel again that his warmth is once before a moment.
The side leads facial appearance, the Ning sees him a good-looking face, and she smiles.
"Today why once and again toward me to smile?"Do not see her eye, he the orthoptic front one is dark.
Today of she, teach him a bit hard face.
But, even if he doesn't see her, even if he doesn't want her to smile to her, even if his don't care whether she smiles or not, the shell Xuan still keeps again raising beautiful smiling face to him-
"Because you dislike to see that I cry!"She smiles Mi tears to only gleam of pure Mou.
If can, she wants to regret and wants to be a mean person that doesn't obey commitment, want to be a not label divorce letter of agreement of bad wife, want to be a……can continue to have his bad woman.
But, she will not be disliked by him.
On alternate days morning, she works well the last breakfast for him and returns to room to pack luggage.
"You can continue here."See she put simple clothes into luggage, he openings.
"Thank, but, need not."She not want to live is having him the place of recollection.
"I again for you seek a place good."
"Need not so bother, thank."She is tiny to close lightly red lips, shake head.
Lifted baggage to once walk he nearby, she the Yang Yan see him.
"See again."The innumerable words becomes one to say good-bye.
Looking at to cross his her, the center of the chest of Long Er Tian but one Zhi, disease right hand, he wants to pull to return her and wants to take back the request of divorce ……
But, thought of that the king can have Long Jia's kid in Xin belly, thinking will soon be merged into by group dragon of eastern China, he stretches out of hand, Jiang's in mid air.
"I send you."Take back a hand, he wants to send her one distance.
"Not, don't ."Shake a head, she smiles brush-off.
Take simple baggage,Cheap Beats By Dr Dre, she doesn't want him to send, she wanted to return to once have grandmother to keep company with alone of small house of.
Return to the cabin that totally lives with grandmother, before coming in, her step son bottom, turn a head to looking at on all sides.
Although the nobody can keep her company now, but the nobody has her here and the grandmother's recollection, so, she should not too lonesome ……
Turn a head, the accident sees Long Er Tian that drive heel's come, her Leng bottom.
She doesn't understand he why still want with, but, looking at him, smile slightly again the Yang ascend her eye.
Lightly nod, she enters a house and closes a door and separate the Mou that he deeply sinks light, but, sew and looking at him through the door, until he drive leave no track to leave.
Move view once, carry on the back to depend plank in the door, looking at the dust and spider's net of one house, she starts to invigorate spirit, the hands clench fist and inflate for oneself.
Encourage, shell Xuan!
The quick year nobody lives of house, the dust, spider's net is a lot of, outside of the miscellaneous grass also grow good Gao, want to live bottom, she has to spend several days of time, clean up to just go hard!
On knowing that Zhang Bei Xuan has already moved away Long Er Tian's downtown luxurious residence and lives to return to broken-down cabin, Wang Fu be dizzy with success, in the afternoon in a tea reception, public toward the new relation that the person shows himself/herself and Long Jia.
Gossip in the Hao door is like a spark causes a prairie fire, rampant.
In less than two minutes, news already from area in the east of Taipei spread into suburban area deeply villa living quarter in the sky.
BE drinking Long Fu of tea at friend's house, on hearing information, Chen big double of eyes, can not believe.
"This how may?That day, I just hear Er let go of for sky and accompany her up Yangmingshan ……"
Leave an old friend house in quick time, Long Fu goes direct to Er downtown abode to look for person for sky.
Want ~only to make sure shell Xuan still where, means that all of the whole affairs are the observant and conscientious persons' make out of nothings.
But, the mansion manages the keeping intact of room confirmation hearsay, the shell Xuan has already taken baggage to walk several days ago person, but they thought that she just goes out a tour.
Sit car, the driver of Long Fu Ming is hurtled with quickest speed to the shell Xuan old house.
Just get off, see be busy in sweeping environmental shell Xuan, Long Fu Dai lives.
"Shell Xuan, you-"
"Daddy?"See Long Fu, the dish cloth falls in in the her hand.
"You what is this doing?Why to move to return here?You aren't a heel Er the sky live together of?"
"Daddy, I ……sorry."
"I don't want to listen to what sorry, do I want to know that this exactly is what is the row?The person of outside why, all say that our Long Xi changed a person?"
"Daddy …… I ……" she has a people difficult speech.
"Do not you say?Like, that follows me!I see Er for sky how he give an account to me!"
Is strong the Xuan trailing a shell sit car, Long Fu Ming's driver drives into group dragon.
Arriving group dragon is all the way dragged along into the shell Xuan of appropriation elevator by Long Fu, urgently must hard put is good.
"Father pleases, you don't want so ……"
"You don't say that that is said with me by him, I want you two directly say for me to know!"
Take straight up Long Er Tian of elevator to transact floor, once the elevator door open, Long Fu Fen's voice roars loud-
"Call that not filial son, roll out for me right away!"
"Master son?"Lin Kai hears noise a hasty step to across an office.
Just hear rumor has it that, but together went upstairs Long Jia Lao who seek Long Er Tian two and old three, just tread an elevator see Long Fu's fury just prosperous, loudly roar.
"Daddy, how did you come?"Wear shallow gray lounge suit, outlooking old three dragon Erses of handsome United States are easy, come forward to hand him in quick time.
"Old daddy, you is be not at the outside hear what ……H'm ……what rumor?"Having Long Jia Lao's two dragon Ers of handsome facial appearance is second, very carefully sound out.
"Master son, your tonic doesn't eat and change to eat explosive?"Receive old two dragon Er second life, arrive group to seek the black bear that he takes a product test, also follow to go upstairs lo noisy.
However, the jollification doesn't have Er in their house easily good-looking.
"The Er is easy …… ha ……" Er in their house is easily very handsome!Follow close behind the black bear after two Human bodies, stretch forward to gather together forward, toward Long Jia Mei's man outspoken smile.
Suddenly, fury anger burning Long Fu, a caught him-
"Black bear, you chase that not filial son right away and search out for me!"
"Not filial son?Master son, which do you say?"Return to absolute being, touch a head, the black bear slowly becomes overdo, silly see the Er of one side second.
"Is that the Er is second Er still sky?Er second person's right here!"Long Jia San's brothers not filial seniority first, not the Er is second Mo belong to ……suddenly, Ka!A record to explode chestnut to knock to win his head.
"The dead Er is second, you stem knock my head?"Suddenly be knocked, the black bear turns round to roar a person.
"Mama of, you are to get fed up with living?Have no a matter to hold me back dry?"Temper fierce Long Er Ya, gesticulate and then want to receive him with the fist.
"I didn't speak amiss again!You three is original in brotherses is your temper the worst, biggest quick temper and ask for your old daddy to get angry most easily, is it you that still have who?"Black bear very gravamen, lists fact.
Isn't filial, the also terrifying house says!The Chen stares an eye, the black bear thinks one eye to stare to die him.
"Do you still say?"The Lun rises a fist, Long Er Ya's one punch wants that beating is flat he.
"Is what is the row here?"Just finished opening a meeting, Long Er Tian carried to walk from the long gallery bottom, saw front in confusion, the Cu eyebrow was upset.
But, see a father with glum look, see the shell Xuan that he tightly grasp in the hand again, Long Er Tian's knowing was the to do solution of the whole affairs.
Finish listenning to Er the process that relates the whole affairs for sky, with the decision of the end, Long Fu even if cuts up rough, even if deplore greatly, but also have nothing to say.
Because king can the kid in the Xin belly, as innocent as shell Xuan, he gives up whichever is all difficult.
And Er the sky is oneself, also made to decide for Long Jia, he wants ~only Long Jia's kid and business, but don't oneself Related articles:

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