beats by dre o place of doom

But on all sides can the position concealing only had a line of rescue boats.
But whatter a mess BE, fly the emergence of the eldest brother of the monkeys.
Who is the eldest brother of monkey ?
Zhang Hua can accurately tell everyone now.
Gorilla, an alone superb lead four meters, seem a very small gold just general, more uncanny BE, his empress carries on the back on also grew a pair of feather wing of white ses ès.
And most is what a mess of BE, this flies for a sky, the intelligence quotient of gorilla seems is far far is otherly flying a monkey on.
Almost have already fallen in, in the middle of being a burst of and wildly roaring, neighborhood's allly flying monkeys are all a burst of to shiver, then all stop next oneself's action.
After, fly in the black s è for a sky, gorilla keeps roaring a voice in, start rushing at the canvases of deck edge cover of rescue boat.
"Prepare!"Suddenly vomited this phrase language in Zhang Hua's mouth.
"What prepare?"Space thunder one face of vacant!
"Run!"Zhang Hua shouts at top of voice, turning over a body one is vacillating, was rescue boat under, then toward not the Cang door of distance spare no effort to run.
"I depend."Space thunder although Leng for a while, just responded to come over, , this belonging to of guy x ì ng value not the Kui be much good friends with than oneself, of almost a few breath, the space thunder kept up with Zhang Hua's step.
However, even if 2 people's step again quick, for fly in of fly monkey to say, also not calculate what, allly fly a monkey to in a twinkling change direction, start hurtling two sneak attacks of basenesses to fly to rush toward but go to.
"Hold, if have pistol good!"Zhang Hua is rushing and giving the mauser pistol in his/her own hand on the Tang, then head don't return as well of is an anti- hand is one gun.
Ga, don't know isn't a m é ng, a make track for at most front of fly a monkey be unexpectedly exploded a head by a gun, the red white splashed 1 ground, but otherly fly a monkey not to know whether too cleverness, is all unexpectedly of a slow.
Have a most monkey in the flying of front sink into at deck on, then the j ī after being strong roll over didn't get up any further.
This flies the speed that the monkeys make track for shot more and more for a while of Be getting more slow-moving, and seem who would not like to hurtle, either at most front.
"Roar!"Was a to great angerly roar a beginning to vibrate all decks, the step voice bombing started running about wildly.
Fly for a sky, gorilla saw the sun of the under charges receive y ī the n disobey, after a great anger roars, rushed at Zhang Hua and space thunder 2 people in person.
Don't see this guy have a bulky huge body, but, speed spray to run, also have threatening force to really have some to frighten a person.
The partition of the step of each one step three meters are or so at least, and then strength more naturally.
When, metal hands over the voice of shot, Zhang Hua is again a gun of the anti- hand, but is a body in huge chimpanzee this time on leave a very small wound is just.
But the small lead as a bullet play but nerveless flicked a gorilla open of**.
Although have never resulted in very big injury, , the ache is still very sore.
"Roar!"One is huge to roar to express to fly gorilla in a sky to cut up rough.
Bomb Long, the big gorilla directly holds the wooden pail of a circle circle of starting the side, then throws to Zhang Hua and space thunder are 2 people.
Touch, ignore this guy throw quasi-ly to prohibit, the cold sweat of Zhang Hua Liang's people's a head of, direct of five meters of front, strong and tough deck directly drive hit the small pit of a breakage, also have that huge ring, one of need not doubt, as long as be hit in, the absolute beginning prepares to return to old house, be don't know can return to night absolute being gentleness of embrace.
Black powder of s è in the bucket looking at in front of oneself, Zhang Hua suddenly had a to account in heart.
"Space eldest brother follows me."
"H'm?"Looking at Zhang Hua to suddenly change a direction, and is toward Cang door of mutually opposite side, the deck edge runs.
Space thunder very tiny Leng for a while, but still kept up with after Zhang Hua's step.
Dong, big gorilla one leaps mercilessly before jumping the Human bodies of Zhang Hua Liang, and with nearby fly a monkey also and stop up completely four other directions all all in oneself's leader.
For an instant, Zhang Hua and space thunder then sank into place of doom.
"Start!Space eldest brother!"The Zhang Hua Yi yells.
Space thunder without extra trouble oneself nearby of the wooden pail throw to fly gorilla in a sky.
Bang, the one punch, looking at to fly of wooden pail, fly for a sky, gorilla is just simple one punch, then, the powder of black s è spreads full the whole body of black gorilla of s è.
"Continue!"Zhang Hua's towardsing to fly to rush toward to since then fly a monkey is two guns, 2 flies a monkey to echo to sink into.
But after, Zhang Hua threw away to have no the mauser pistol of bullet in the hand, then with pull out space thunder belt on of two short knives.
Probably Zhang Hua of at this world on body physical endowment not calculate too good, the strength also calculates very high, but, cut open to fly a monkey of**, also not need how much of strength.
Original face surprise flies the monkeys and thinks that own food will soon arrive,beats by dre, but, surprised detection, these"food"s are very terrible.
Very short time inside, pour at Zhang Hua short knife under of fly a monkey unexpectedly more than 10.
But at this time, the space thunder flung out ownly the eighth wooden pail.
"Leave enough of please!"The Zhang Hua Yi yells, then, laid up own short knife, appeared since then a fire to fold in the hand later on, then didn't hestitate of fold this fire to throw to the big gorilla of black s è.
Chi Chi ……a burst of and violent flashlight, fire hu ā , there is also explosion, black s è gorilla body on of black explosive of s è momentary was emblazed.
"Roar, roar, ……" although the big gorilla is still just continuously to roar, however seemed to be some to lack the ability to do, the burn broke off, there is also quilt to blind double of eyes, serious condition of the injury, not is have tough and resilient** can resist.
Touch, touch, touch.
Zhang Hua starts calmly and up playing and opened fire.
Because, just violent flashlight, directly flew on all sides eyes of monkey was getting blinder for sting, and don't blindly fly a monkey, be not and lightly also frightenned then fly to escape.
Eyes, mouth, the heart, there is also wrist, ankle, this kind of weak place is almost written by the test-launch of Zhang Hua Yi.
"Roar, roar ……" is raving fury in of fly for a sky, gorilla bellows, but, lost a double eye, basically can not find the circumstance of target under, the action bursting also just wastes his/her own energy.
Bomb, after the ankle of big gorilla was in a row shot two guns, the big gorilla is still nerveless to fall flop, the huge body is tiny to tinily struggle later on, however, this kind of trembling don't keep on how long then motionless play any further.
Touch, touch, at Zhang Hua toward after the head of gorilla made up deficiencies two guns.
Mao Lu, Mao Lu!
Is a have a little is like a pineapple and apple of the h ú n match the fruits of body sort suddenly from the corpse of big gorilla on rolled to fall out!
"What things?"Zhang Hua is some feel suspicious of picked up this of, the apple size is general, but all over have the fruits of hard skin of the pit pit Wa Wa.
When Zhang Hua asked this sentence of time, the lazy computer synthesized a sound to answer Zhang Hua.
"Player Zhang Hua, got angel's fruit!"
"H'm, angel's fruit, have what function?"Toward an abrupt answer, Zhang Hua certainly takes this lazy time of efficient guy and ask clear.
"Each fruit can get a kind of ability and note, each person edibles a fruit and gets a kind of strength."
"For many times edible meeting how?"Zhang Hua suddenly asks a way.
"This, also have no special of function, anyway eat a deathless person!Like, explain this as this, the new hand in next time guides to have some nights, so, see again!"Is a certain very irresponsible persons, H'm, the computer disappeared.
"Feed ……" at after Zhang Hua depressedly received penny many clocks, that still has no to anily return Related articles: