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Come out several people to all nod approval.
"I early know this of emperor the dynasty is black meeting motive impurity."The gold sea saint says.
"That do we go to now?"The bird person says.
The Hao dragon saw one eye face up take wrath of term the day go and towarded them to order to nod, "go now!You all prepare for a while.I contact a gold monkey they."
After the Hao Long Gei Jin's monkey's beating quite a few to talk on the phone is all to proceed from shutting down status, is small after white, square too their cellular phones all no one connect to listen to.BE have no signal?The uneasy emotion in Hao Long Xin is more and more serious, "you are all quicker preparation, we want to leave an emperor right away dynasty!"
East emperor under the hotel of a ground floor, below put the computer of one row row, top is cut over of dissimilarity of change noodles.Be regarded as surveillance public room, have some one people dim in vision confused equipments of seeing and then letting.
A young man for wearing glasses after seeing a number that the top display inputed that cellular phone on the keyboard, after give° that person's identity to check.A name of displaying is the name-Hao that above told to once give repeated advice to him to must notice dragon!
"You all stare at now, I go to and east the elder brother make collective report for a while."The young man for wearing glasses starts making contact with Zhang Hao Dong after.
The eyebrows is wrinkly to get up, take off headphones to come forward after Zhang Hao Dong in the board room of the 88 F finishes listenning to two shook a clear ear to say severals to.
"These affair I believe that you will fix."The earthquake says clearly.
Zhang Hao Dong should for a while after came out board room, shakes to after death still stay Guo Man Cheng clearly with force.
Hao dragon, the term day goes, gold sea saint, bird person still the tigers seven one people of Tu Jia San across a motor and then run fast toward the east emperor's hotel but go.The speed show people not pure their figures quickly.
The term day goes the wound on the body still very serious, but he doesn't want to a Hao dragon to also have no way.Roughly on him tie up for a while after went together east emperor's hotel.
At leave several 100 meters places of the east emperor's hotels and have already seen in the neon light reflect Chen under of eastern emperor's hotel is very an imposing style much very.
"We stop here, their affirmation will have to take precautions against."The Hao dragon says.
"Yes, although we aren't very clear either,I know east the emperor has fierce surveillance system in the hotel inner part."Butcher a big tiger to say.
Butcher a big tiger to say right, Hao dragon do they leave the east emperor's hotel to still have 23100 meters now, at eastern the ground floor of emperor's hotel in of a few monitor top appeared their figures.Zhang Hao Dong has already arrived at a ground floor this time, Zhang Hao Dong's corner of mouth exposes to smile an idea and stares at the person on the screen to soliloquize a way:"You on the whole is come."
Hao dragon they don't dare as well the gist, after putting motorcycles all very pedestrian alignment east emperor's hotel.The bird person carries on the back white to carry a white of bag, there the noodles is the bird gun of attacking by surprise of person.
"The person of the bird, your right here sought a place to conceal, your gun when the time comes but save our guarantees."The Hao dragon says.
"H'm, stop worrying Long Ge, although I ain't a dead shot, also bad don't arrive where go to."Finish saying bird the person rushed a concealment place, Sou Sou several bottoms climbed to an upstairs, the action was a benefit Suo very much.Take out a bag after, several"Mao, card Pa" one pole one meter two grew to or soly attack by surprise a gun to put together to pack.The bird person presses on the gun ascend the night see to take aim at a machine and in all aspects scan everywhere.
"Hey Hey unexpectedly has an electronics eye?That makes me come to make blind you."The bird person took aim a hidden good electronics eye, one gun"burst", the electronics eye plays for the quilt to beat deep-fried, emitting of"Yi Yi" is a string of electric spark.
"The cellular phones all want to keep to switch on and occupy and then sign contact horse now, now we cent head activity!"The Hao dragon says.
In the ground floor of the east emperor's hotel, "Yi" of a , a monitor became black to hold.
"The elder brother of the east, the electronics eye was ruined."The young man wearing glasses says.
"Is not hasty, however is just a just, we still have a lot."Zhang Hao Dong says.
There are up to 100 monitors in the ground floor really, only monitor the monitor of the east emperor hotel exterior is not next 50.Losing a root doesn't not is a pain Yang.
But the time in next minute, and then had a few monitors to become black to hold.This indicates and have a few electronics eyes be beaten to explode.
"Hum, I pour and see him to have how much bullet!Seek several individual go to outside meeting meeting that boy!"Zhang Hao Dong says.
Young man of wearing glasses a telephone after, several persons who is dressed in black dress outside went out from the hotel.All take weapon in the hand, but isn't a cold weapon, but the weapons is a type of thing.
Hao dragon and gold sea saint, the term day goes 3 people get into the east emperor's hotel from the left side, the tigers of Tu Jia San get into from the right side.Come to the both sides attack from both flanks, had better on the contact gold monkey they, come to an inside again should outside match.
"Ah!Return call person come heel I list pick!"The person of the bird is going forward and destroying an electronics eye and be apart from a hotel now only 100 meters also however, appeared three black dress persons who take weapons in his visual field.

Chapter 362 is sorry, I ain't a duck
"Ascend us to have fun tonight, see what you offended badly still us to guard badly!"Zhang Hao Dong takes a snow-white handkerchief to lightly wipe lips.
The person of the bird ascends bullet to Tang, today's bullet is very ample.Is just little a good colleague who fights together, is own small hair donkey.
"Burst" one gun, the bird person opened a gun first to beat at an among those the black dress person's feet side.That black dress person looking at the playing of feet sides bore corner of mouth tiny tinily had muscular spasms for a while, then the low voice said a , "spread!"Three black dress persons are like the leopard sons run fast, Sou Sou 2 fled to go out.Seek to cover a body to give° oneself to cover up recently.
"The Hey Hey seeks to cover a body, you are nothing doing."The bird person laughs at and took aim at to behind hide the garbage can of a black dress person after."嗙 " Of a , projected from attack by surprise the gun of the bullet is easy of shot to wear garbage can, the trend didn't reduce of the bullet again shot to wear to hide in the black dress person's head of behind.A thumb greatly plays the bore is from the back of the head until forehead exact center, blood be like spewed out to come from the spring eyes of similar, soft softly pour at ground up.
"Have a little meaning."Zhang Hao Dong saw the process that that black dress person dies from a monitor, imagining bird the person was also fierce[one] person.After again noticed the vision to in the Hao dragon that monitor of theirs, Hao dragon their 3 people has already mixed eastern emperor's hotel.
Hao dragon do they how sneak into to go to?This still needed to say only the achievement of the eye gold vulture gold sea saint, the gold sea saint wears oneself's hand up of physical labor private gold watch to took off down then throw at ground up, hence aroused the bellboy's attention.
Once the money-mad bellboy see is a gold watch, it is a thick a certain wealth atmosphere person to also think to drop of,beats by dre studio hd, hence pick up.Just lowering the head a to pick up a powerful hatchet man to beat for him is dizzy.The gold sea saint dragged along him to a corner and give°ed his clothes to pick down after.The shape of the Hao dragon is the most suitable to match to wear the clothes that the bellboy wears here, so let Hao dragon to wear in coming to body.Hao Long Yao Shen became on changing a bellboy and sneaked into hall in the hotel after, in the hall the men and women of myriad shapes all at take wine cup to talk Gao some think to is an elegant affair, being root can't notice a such a Hao dragon to be dressed in bellboy's clothes to walk incoming person of.
The Hao dragon is to have a trip to toilet first, hence hide an opportunity to wait for in the toilet.Hao dragon totally in the toilet wait near half hour, just fixed three waiters who come in to urinate here.After picking their clothes they again put on the waiter's clothes, and take Related articles: