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The luck of having the atmosphere adds a body. "Here since is in the purgatory diagram, from become a square world, that I am lately- got to greatly fall through to fight the pike at the right moment uses violence of ground!"After Hua Yin says, once Gao Yi Dan's hand recruit, immediately one pole the white bone pike appear in the its hand. But the demons and ghosts of neighborhood have already generally flowed out to come over like the ants at this time. In their an eyes the greedy color is overflowed to speech form, seemed to be for a long time don't taste the flesh and blood of monk similar, was continuously stained with the tongue of full saliva to once row outside the lips. These closely of demons and ghosts, mostly fix in order to is all what gold Dan dollar baby expect, occasionally have some turn absolute being to expect of but state also however is turn absolute being initial stage, Gao Yi's corner of mouth can not help being suffused with to have an in fine threads sneer. Holdses to greatly fall through to fight pike, an arrogant arises spontaneously in Gao Yi Xin and toward the demons and ghosts that hurtles to come over on all sides to would be once the horizontal pike sweep and immediately and around fell flop 100 corpses. Later on the sky of Gao Yi Chong but rise, in the unreal toward that several turn the demon that the absolute being expects, repeatedly stab to go, those turn an early demon root of absolute being the reactions have never responded to come over, before the chest be penetrated to open, the whole body directly blasts open later on, even none of residues remains. "Greatly fall through to fight pike!Collapse ground world, fall through ten thousand boundaries!"Gao Yi shouts at top of voice, immediately greatly fall through to fight in the hand once the pike flick, immediately numerous bone pikes falsely the shadow present but, will take Gao Yi as center, square circle 100,000 demons and ghostses in the Zhangs all cut to put out a to get empty. "Well big of power!"See a condition like this, Gao Yi can not help pouring to take a suck at an air conditioner as well, the weapon that isn't a magic weapon is absolutely too severe. In fact this greatly falls through to fight a pike heel those weapon like the magic weapons to have hypostatic differentiation!Include work properly treasure at inside of the magic weapon is basic to all pass some achievement methods of monks and voodoo to display magical power. But this greatly falls through to fight the most evil sword of turning of pike and high righteousness but differs from these magic weapons and greatly fall through to fight pike and turn the most evil sword in imitate a Buddha to have highest big magical power, as long as the approbation that passed them cans order about among them own power and Jing blood infusion, although attackstone means one, usually power is huge. This a moment, Gao Yi soars to the skies to falsely sign, like the war absolute being come down to earth generally, hold to fight pike, dress Shan calm but move, hunt to make to ring. "Fight!Fight!Fight!"Gao Yi greatly drinks three, and his hand in of greatly fall through fight pike like felt his high war idea, unexpectedly also the Weng Weng tremble, don't know from where also spread a voice to greatly drink. "Greatly fall through!Greatly collapse to put out!" Brandish to begin medium bone pike, Gao Yi absolutely be meet absolute being deicide, meet a Buddha to kill a Buddha, the endless demons and ghosts unexpectedly used livelong day, be massacred almost exhausted by Gao Yi. However also luckily these fixing of demons and ghosts in order to isn't very high, almost didn't result in for Gao Yi what troublesome. After finishing killing endless demons and ghosts, Gao Yi gives a long whistle 1 and raises greatly and falls through to fight pike directly toward one sting in the sky, immediately the whole of skies all violently shiver, the space keeps starting distorting and seem the power of this sting want to tear off a space crack to be general, however at the moment that at palace crest on of the star sky diagram break out a dazzling starlight, that stars that cover with also the violent earthquake move and just Be steady to settle down this sky in the purgatory diagram. Gao Yi's eyebrows a wrinkly, again pike head toward the ground of foot malicious malicious a stab, immediately the earth cracks, river water flows back, an image with calamitous judgment day. "Gao Yi, that You spring entrance to cave estimate is of this diagram eye, you try!"Too the emperor sky makes a noise to say. "Is quite good, I am also having this idea."Gao Yi turns round to toward after death the far dark entrance to cave of ten thousand Zhangs and don't hestitate of is a pike sting to go, immediately numerous bone pikes falsely the shadow explode to shoot but, together with wear the essence of bone pike together sting to that You spring entrance to cave. "Bomb" of a greatly and loudly send out, the whole world in the purgatory diagram started rocking and seemed to want fragmented and disorganized general. "Is indeed as expected effective, Gao Yi attackstones together, don't show leniency!"Too after emperor sky finishes saying, naked greatly put in the eye, from Gao Yi Ti inside rush out, three the cents return a dollar boxing and leave the sky of Yan Fen to cut tremendous magical power of etc. power to together and together make moves. And Gao Yi is also a breeze thunder, turn the greatly incising of the most evil sword Shu etc. magical power to exert, this attack almost collected the dint of two the strongest attack for people, estimate even if is falsely a chain the monk in middle to have to temporary take shelter from the wind a head, either. This time after, attack's sees that You spring hole**project a huge ray of light, but the whole slice of world in the purgatory diagram then started disintegrating. A voice of machine version spread out later on:"Once rushed the boundary of You spring this pass, acquire a Sen Luo's scar to print!" Words sound an over, Gao Yi with too emperor sky unexpectedly be gone in by that You spring entrance to cave inhalation, disappear be missing …… slow lead absolute being, steady live a body of form after, Gao Yi with too the emperor sky came right away a long long of passage in. This passage is very big, generous 100 Zhangs, an eye hopes unexpectedly and sees not and in the end, passage surroundings of stone wall and copings all inset big night bright pearl of Dou to use to illuminate and make the whole passages all one bright appearance. "Unexpectedly acquired a Sen again Luo's scar to print.This descends us to differ a can complete a task in advance."Gao Yi is some accident of say. Here have to say for a while, although look Gao Yi, they can not calculate to make a person, everybody wants to acquire five Sen Luo's scars print. High righteousness with work properly a month is the relation that the life and death companion livings, flesh and blood connect with each other, equal to integral whole of, so working properly the month can not calculate to be the person of test who gets into small jaws of death. As for too emperor the machine that work properly a treasure of the then a Che ground in sky works properly, should calculate to make is a high righteousness of a kind of invoke means just, and the apotheosis acupuncture points of high righteousness can shield outside contact, this high righteousness discovered very early, no matter the other party is how high of fix for, don't think that and discover Gao Yi acupuncture points from become the affair of one square space, unless Gao Yi Rang knows. So too emperor sky with work properly none of months to need to be acquired what Sen Luo's scar print, but Yan sky with that Be getting more different, their 2 people everybody must acquire five Sen Luo's scars to print to just go. The rear has no road, and the front only has a road, Gao Yi also only crustily the skin of head stand down forward. Didn't know to walk how long as well, Gao Yi finally saw an end in the passage and waited the end that he walks to the passage of, but discover that the front only has two doors. The left side a door up writes a new vocabulary, the right side a door up then writes a dead word. But a piece of stone tablet of flank up then engrave so a few words, on going into to die pupil not to know, entered to living a door but have dead.Chapter 62 ten thousand swords"on going into to die pupil not to know, entered to living a door but have dead."Continuously repeat this words, Gao Yi is some to be getting more unfathomable. Put in front of him of there are two choices, however can know from this sentence, it is that door to ignore, all can't be easily can pass, thought carefully how many times, Gao Yi decides to walk to die a door. "Why to want to walk to die a door?That top not is sayThe temple Se Ken Huang Mao lousy Pa soil  blue disease Huan Shan Mo げ Guo  Qiao  the fat interest Cong flick the interest gallery Xia past the Qiao  fee Jian!Does the green jade  wait on Mao Xie Yun to jump  Nai solid Kui?"Is quite good, but for this circumstance should again many think from a reverse side angle, living although the door visits is a way out, but usually have the danger to can not avoid, so up said in to living a door but have dead!And that I estimate an everywhere danger, but affirmation will also have a ray of hope, as for this stayed a ray of hope exactly is what,cheap beats by dre, probably we may don't know!But once discovering that source of vitality, we can immediately turn peril into safety and safely passed."Gao Yi analyzes to say. "Is quite good, you say it's really actually reasonable!What does that still wait?We this goes into the door of dying!"Too the emperor sky shakes to shake feather fan in hand and nods to say, is also the tactful that extremely admires high righteousness in the heart. "However I also don't intend immediately and get into among them and estimated to once rush this pass, I can acquire the fifth Sen Luo's scar printed, so we also have no necessity so worried!My pouring is to think in the Pu regiment that this place likes three Wus three Wus and get from the Zhe fairy the temple, joss-stick Ding, destroy joss-stick and portrait." After Gao Yi Shuo finishes list once the hand turn over, in the hand many on folding an ensign, then toward on all sides on throwing, those ensigns submerge an underground, moment set out good several small scaled forbid to make. But Gao Yi then sit with the legs crossed, the Xiu tunic is forward on flicking, the broken-down Pu regiment in immediately a soil yellow and put several remnants joss-stick of the small Ding appear in Gao Yi's in front. This Pu regiment isn't big, the breadth of only four Zhangs, is use a kind of high righteousness don't know of work properly grass again or the rattan Man draw up but become of. That small Ding also looks like extremely common, top carve a several to work properly flower and some Ming texts, Related articles: