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. Are you all right ? All right ,skin injury .Captain ,had just received headquarters command ,we should immediately back to Sen can transfer ,at five in the morning before, must arrive at the Senkaote peripheral .
The some despise Dugu war Deruan dragon speak polite lot . This command was really fucking time ! Dugu and said, let Nie Wenbo muster ,we withdraw . It ... ? The highway flame still burning ,cannon with sporadic automatic weapons clatter ,the disastrous Allied soldiers still held out, such a withdrawal Ruan long was not reconciled to .
Withdrawal right this opportunity will not less . * * * the deep darkness enveloped the earth, no stars in the dark without lights in Accra from time to time to speed up the pace to prevent team ,until Kepeng to walk in front of the person, will slow down breather several, but when the people behind once again hit by speeding up steps of catching up to .
Rest ,pay attention to the security ! The command from the procession came ,the stumbled in the dark team finally had a little rest . Hey -- !You said we could go ? Someone in the dark .
Should work ! How people can not control, uncertain answer right when a security officer .Accra look to be the cloudy sky ,heart envied Dugu warfare ,the guy I is warm quilt Ann Ann secure sleep !Five days before the airborne operation is a nightmare ,that this is one of your control zone fire cross fortress ,as early as in airborne ago by allied forces occupied ,but the news of airborne after the end of the second days by the Imperial Intelligence through the empire war department transferred to the Slovene star field of fleet commander ,but all night ,close to a million troops could land safely to the surface of the planet is less than three ,Beats by Dr Dre Pro,the three was also early in this region was anti-imperialist Union army is divided into numerous small .
To fire cross fortress at the center of the tens of thousands of square kilometers within ,into a scuffle over great battlefield .Segmented Imperial forces tried to gather together ;the coalition is trying to block the empire into smaller to pieces, like a loss of appetite was not good wolf ,too much meat will not only let it indigestion ,and might be choked to death !The Accra team ,when the largest number reached 1000 people ,however after across now only more than 200 people ,the way was captured ,left behind ,to be dispersed to count .
Because of the lack of ammunition ,and no effective logistics support ,stick to the ground will be come in great numbers coalition divided eat anything left ,this is not only the team only in the encirclement of the Middle East towards the West jump up ,looking for the breakthrough of the may .
Before it got dark just lost a number of enemies ,they are now in the dark over the unknown mountains, because I heard that there is beyond the hill Imperial troops in the activity ,listen to who said that? If no one cares !The thunder sounded thunderous ,look up you can see a lightning in clouds rolled ,the horizon a bargraph stabs ,that is from the fire cross fortress emit high energy ion beam ,it seems the cosmic squadron and in this area of contention control power .
Set out. The new command came ,a short break ended .Through the distant light was originally dark fuzzy mountain became clear, it is a good time to before dawn on ,should be over the top of the hill .
, relationresultThe fifteenth chapter time crisis , relationresultSumtest city ,Vince Lowe star largest settlements ,covers an area of about three hundred square kilometers ,is located in Vince Luo star vast continent block at the eastern end of the northern continent ,it is a city in East cork, at present in the northern continent Empire also controls on this fort ,here is capture ,were trapped in the fire and cross to seize the imperial has completely become a no forage and the rescue force .
To capture a overland must pass through the Senkaote ,and Senkaoteben is Winslow on the indispensable materials to produce one of base ,captured here will greatly ease the Allied logistical supply pressure .
In fact the attack on Winslow coalition status was not much better than the Imperial Army ,if not the surprise attack captured large empire army supplies ,the coalition could lack of ammunition and had to withdraw a few grain .
As the battle developed a town changed hands ,allied supply condition improved slightly ,the victory the balance has been in the anti-imperialist Alliance Army tilt ,but the fight that allied supply still is stretched ,battle of Mori Kath has become the future war around the key ,is the essence or in the war of attrition on the delay for a long time once the contest .
But at present state of the development of poetic couplet army slightly adverse .The Imperial Army Second airborne was at Nick but in a large number of unmanned craft under cover ,most of the airborne troops arrived safely airborne target Vince of Los Angeles made the city surged to two hundred thousand ,it is a pity that the air down ten department team more than 90% is no trained recruits ,Empire the general staff originally did not expect these recruits as what, just hope that by virtue of the recruits in a number of little advantage for the paper was on the Empire in the deployment Senkaote win some time .
Although the Empire did not put the ten recruits seriously ,but the coalition was not underestimate the force ,but was trapped in the fire and the imperial army tried to cross the Senkaote close to two ,the Imperial forces joined the war ,future will probably not allied forces can influence .
In order to ensure the victory in the battle of the coalition had sent an armored column long and circuitous, intent on fighting after a fortress against forest truncation can support ,also can be in Senkaote defence after making a mess ,just not to armored vehicles in the middle ,middle almost submerged, the Imperial Army in Senkaote flank defense force ,let a person be struck dumb .
The original information display ,the area was almost undefended ,only a defensive force no combat at all, even in that area of the coalition reconnaissance team can easily deal with ,unfortunately in armored vehicles starting after the reconnaissance team lost contact ,look where the Imperial Army defense reinforced ,but from the armor of survivors back case report, the region of an unknown quantity of enemy reinforcements and no heavy anti-armor weapons ,according to this view by nine Doyle type II convoy of armored vehicles ,even if no military advantage ,but by virtue of armor to break through the defence is more than sufficient ,loss the one or two armoured car was perhaps inevitable ,the whole army was wiped out !To know .
Were it not for the team the Empire to the withdrawal ,the armor is certainly the whole army was wiped out .The team now is certainly will Senkaote Imperial Army ,while wondering how they let roundabout armor devastating blow ,but the coalition commanders or adapted quickly to attack Senkaote plan from heavy artillery ,blocking the road block flanking the imperial army will Senkaote ,all attack force once in attack position of an immediate attack ,no more waiting ,cannot give the imperial army of foot more time to deployment .
Overnight travel alone ,and they finally before dawn arrived Senkaote suburb twenty kilometers .Go to town. All they want to fight ,however flash fire and deafen the ear with its roar explosion they had to stop .
The road ahead is intensive artillery barrage ,want only the town . The road ahead was the enemy gun sight ,not only in the US . Nie Wenbo pointed at the map and said . The ... .. Related articles: