beats by dre pro gh from the servant

The small fart Hai suddenly mows own wrist to break with his/her own nail, then the dirty blood in black start flowing to drip but, the dirty blood immediately after appearing formed a seem to be toy bow and arrow of bow and arrow.
At Ao thunder surprised vision in, a voice bellows a voice to suddenly ring out, Ao thunder nearby of the gold escorts suddenly start to be continuously falling flop.
Exactly ten people, their bloods started collecting toy bow and arrow on, the eye pupil of Ao thunder starts violent constringency, while close Weis on the side see oneself's associate unexpectedly and in a twinkling and change into a to seem to dry by air mummy for thousand years, glaring at of a , start pulling out knife mutually to.
But, an a cough, from the servant mouth of part, after hearing this a cough, all close Weis nurse regret of put back the knife sheath to the weapon in the oneself's hand in.
The special envoy seems to don't see these reactions that kiss Wei and toward Aos thunders with metal gray look to say, "to, use your a few escort, getting the lord adult can't oppose."
The Ao thunder is had a little stiff smiling face with one and ordered to nod, "Be free."
Lao Tze**, have no matter fart, certainly this is the viewpoint of Ao thunder reality.
The ordering of special envoy satisfaction nods, one face wood however of the small fart Hai saw the action that the special envoy nods.
Like this and at will draw back have already borrowed to open widely the bow of the blood of 100% enough to spares from ten bloods of escort, and from rest escort the blood constitute of arrows Shi.
Then, at will released, towarded afar.
A huge pressure directly lets all escort beginnings retreat one-step along with this proliferation beginning that puts to have no omen, escort a body the tops all rose light gold Dou of 1 F spirit, resist the pressure of this kind of violence.
Later on, on the whole resist live this violent pressure, but pressure just just on reducing, dead spirit rushes toward noodles since then, momentary, all escort flowed the cold sweat of whole body, seem just from the night river come back generally, die spirit in the air conditioner containing directly freezes his/her own soul.
Fear, appear at own body in, this kind of fearing is as irrelevant as real strenght, is direct, the reaction of body instinct, this is oneself**time immemorial remember of wake up.
Want to kill how much person, would there is this kind of dead spirit, 10,000, 100,000, be still 1,000,000, and still one knife is one in person killing of the knife,beats by dre pro, all escort's in mind emergence the scene of one act corpse mountain sea of blood sort come.
No one notices, retreating of all escort subconsciouseses one step.
The Ao thunder noticed, although oneself didn't back an one step,own a body still a beginning slightly shivered.
And, stop not to come down, fear, this is the reaction of cell, is as irrelevant as real strenght.
Blood arrows, Chien is simple list of fly, degree not quick, have no of sound, have no of optoelectronics effect, see is a from the distance Chien is simple the blood of list constitute of arrows Shi, have no unusual place.
But, if your misery blocks at its path on, so-you can't have, either what special feeling, the reason is easy, because you no longer have what feel.
The all things blocks previous life at the arrows Shi, sorry, as long as you have a blood, so please contribute.
The spirit soldier of one row row changed into the dry corpse of an in the moment and fell flop, while the blood arrows started opening widely by astonishing degree.
Then continue in front of the facing to fly.
The second is more.Beg a ticket, beg to collect.
Chapter 217 absolute being light space
Is very quick, the blood arrows crossed spirit troops of arrived rat person's troops above and since then of above.,
This time, special envoy the head under the cape ordered to order and opened a track, "like, need not inhibitted."
Along with the words of special envoy, the small fart Hai ordered to nod, later on, the arrows Shi of air as if suddenly the lightning generally add, the degree exactly increases quick decuple enough to spare, and absorbed the scope of blood to also exactly extend 500% breadths.
If just the spirit was one row one row fell flop, but now, rat people are a falling flop of one slice, all rat person's troops start the scope that the instinct keeps off blood arrows, try very hard to of facing both sides crowded go.
When the blood arrows arrives rat person's troops' positive center, the length has already increased more than 20 rices, if say to is a bow and arrow, it is a building pillar to also rather say come of more fitting and general.
Have no an interest, uncannily shot an intensive rat crowd in, momentary, about thousand rat persons disappear at huge blood arrows in, later on, the ground starts opening crack, ground crack, finally change into powder, a diameter leads more than 200 rices, the big pit of depth more than ten rices appears at there.
But attack not distance of the rat person of one row row on all sides start to be foolish could not sign, starting one later on of falling flop of one, piercing through of a way wound, body on is all such as everywhere cup thick big hole.
This simple shot splash, and then had the thousands of rat the person to fall flop.
The canthus of Ao thunder involuntarily jumped about for a while, a face expectantly towarded special envoy to inquire about, "polish off?"
The special envoy is foolish to can not sign, a burst of sorcery motion beginning the ocean overflow and stretch toward the afar, then shook to shake head, the voice of doesn't matter rings out, "have no, get hurt to run.Indeed as expected this west of rat king very craftiness!"
The answer that hears special envoy, the Ao thunder gnashes the teeth with hatred, **, polish off Lao Tze so many people, unexpectedly said to don't polish off with Lao Tze.
**, Use that kind of the slow-moving attack beat of medium just had ghost, I how raise is intentionally amusing me!
The Ao thunder twists a head to stare at nearby small fart Hai of special envoy again, but now don't know when, the small fart Hai body disappears without a trace.
Wanted to think, suddenly toward special envoy to say, "special envoy, is not shooting one arrows."Ao Lei says Lao Tze anyway also not the Kui is once seeing, perhaps will have some crack of method.
The special envoy shook to shake head and looking at top way in the battlefield, "do not need."
Once the Ao thunder see, is an air the metal ball being flung out by the huge eagle fly the suicide attack of rat in the flame ground split under the beginning.
The huge figure beginning of a presented from metal ball.
An is more than 20 rices, grow two bulky arms, crest the war thou tree that wear a head of red tree hat appeared.
A voice explosion keep on, the flame flew rat to see a lately- appeared huge enemy, didn't the slightest be afraid and started hurtling up, but at this time, from the red of the tree hat, numerous arrows Shis arouse to shoot since then and fly the rats the Cu cannot compare with to defend and won arrows to sink into in succession.
Originally, each ancient tree on all have the silver bow and arrow of the best one row row hand, but shooting arrow of spirit clan the degree is absolutely a world.
Is very quick, the war thou tree fell a ground, rocked oneself huge arm and had already started destroying the black military watch tower of the rat person's defense core to come.
Although the behavior of rat the continuously arrestment war thou tree of personage's soldier, in the huge body margin, a per meters is much high, an is more than 20 rices, much less big tree on still have closely of spirit shooter at continuously put sarcastic remarks, and at this time have been being placed in the blood of defending the status to turn spirit also at this the crazy Tu since then start.
Later on, the spirit battalion of Ao thunder also started always offending, the rat person's battalion immediately collapsed.
The left road soldier lately builds of city in.
In Zhang Hua's tent.
The Zhang Hua Shuang's eye has no absolute being of, facial expression wood however of foolish sit at wood chair on.
Nearby is the blood being serious, hard being on guard nine per face the leaf etc. blood to turn spirit.
Absolute being light in, Zhang Hua main consciousness all threw in among them, and 40 metal dry skeletons was also taken by Zhang Hua to in mental concentration light in, after all absolute being light in now have already become a pot of gruel indiscriminately.
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