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XiaoHan , praised the glass ,which would be very upset a glass was encouraged ,determined later practice martial arts at the same time ,learn to cook, to achieve the highest realm !relationresultYuan dream ? Eat dinner ,Xiao Han suddenly found a man today seems to have appeared from his eyes .
relationresultOh ,like Rong Xin miss gone . Purple mirror calmly replied .relationresultShe followed Rong Xin stem what? Xiao Han indissolubles .relationresultShe said she wanted to walk in the human world ,learn about mundane situations ,so just go ,but she is the chrysanthemum can with Zhu Yinggu .
Purple mirror line .relationresultOh ,well ,is that in the human world around, she the little village with human world . Xiao Han nodded ,sooner or later they will go home ,I go air channel ,where the time let the Yuan dream about the human world ,along with the Rong Xin walk about, well ,at least they can learn many things .
relationresultYuandreams go ,Su Ning Xin tea and they all go to what went on a date ,Xiao Chen ,Xiao Lu two sisters in ensembles of practicing a variety of basic skills ,the return of Long Shisan ,not out of, estimated in the sleeping dragon ,five with a bunch of dragon missing, the main hospital in the remaining Xiao Han purple mirror ,glass ,and the cat dog three !relationresultThis largeafternoon can do ?relationresultTake a nap first,and then practice calligraphy ,reckon so big they should come back, then to practice some of boxing, this boxing day of practice will be rusty, so must the daily practice ,even walking a formality is also ok .
relationresultAccording to thisplan ,Xiao Han everything in good order and well arranged the stepped down, the flight of time ,in the blink of an eye, arrived at four o women seem over the tea party ,a red back face .
relationresult,your highness to our list of the Windy City ,do you know ? Ning Xin came in ,would be rash and too much in haste to counter Xiao Han asked .relationresultIs there such a thing, but I am not very clear ,as the top does not wish to Joan to Fengcheng .
Xiao Han already think good countermeasure ,with changeless should 10 thousand change ,this time the Saint Lanyi water with their intimate ,ambiguous woman called ,beats by dre pro,is clearly the harbour evil designs .
relationresultI hear someone through a variety of means against the Windy City trip this time ? Ning Xin asked .relationresultIt ,that the internal things, who can interfere ? Xiao Han some guilty ,in fact ,he was adopted by a number of means ,seize a lot of the senior staff to handle ,prevented damage and this time the windy city tour ,always feel that this time the aim is not only to the Windy City ,since the front refuses no, then roundabout ,anyway Lanyi water not to the Windy City ,everything would have been all right !relationresultXiaoHan instructions ,Chen rain certainly hundred-percent of Wilco, Joan immediately rushed to the internal force of the pressure of their own ,especially from Oscar cardinal archbishop ,firmly opposed to the Lanyi water this time to the windy city act ,Joan has access only to some of the sacred made great contributions to the Lord ,not Xiao Han this kills the sky Knights vulture team leader Wu night and forcibly occupied all the vulture to bright blasphemous !relationresultArchbishop Oscaroccupy the teachings and interests, stop the saint to windy city that is well grounded ,so his proposal is taught in the support of many people ,calls for caution to the Windy City voice is very high .
relationresultJustLanyi water are not thought of Xiao Han actually mean to light the interior notification message ,originally she wants to go to the windy city did not want to ask the top ,not thought to be what allow such news ,but now has been exposed ,Lanyi water is to blame Chris Webb, also of no use ,so must think of ways ,although doctrine with these claims, but are all previous practice ,but there is no rule that the travel needs of the high-level agreed ,Joan is directly on the bright god responsible person ,she and light the pope also has supreme status ,but some people neglect this point, as long as they believe apply adequate pressure ,Joan will give up some unrealistic idea ,so they want to track back to .
relationresultLanyiwater silently endure for twenty years ,now has to decide she lived the rest of his destiny to die when ,she no longer endure ,she chose the fight way ,of course she is not to betray the bright god ,but to oppose the light she who attempts to control her powers and the people .
relationresultToday sheput so big girl please in the past, the purpose is to hope the so big girl to Xiao cold blow pillow talk ,if Xiao Han in turn invited her to the windy city words ,the cardinal Archbishop Oscar ,who had no objection ,the initiative to invite and receives ,it is two different concepts .
relationresultI want her to her invitation ? Xiao Han smiled ,is it possible? He is not willing to be the saint to the Windy City ,how will the invitation ?relationresultThis session of the term is coming ,God ,you know the light the saint do? So big some sympathy Lanyi water ,presumably because she is a woman ,to Lanyi water without much hostility ,but some respect ,a woman can do so many tigers ,protect virgin twenty years ,this has not been easy .
relationresultJoan ,white point is Ji ,female ,good luck ,can marry a good man ,bad luck ,become the top toy only . Xiao Han disdain smile ,said .relationresultLanyi water to adhere chastity twenty years ,this time you won help her, she will fall into the blue hands ,once off Saint halo ,she is an ordinary woman ,she will arrange for her to marry blue .
So big .relationresultLike Lanyi water this Saint not to have the freedom to choose ? Xiao Han surprised road .relationresultThe so-called freedom of choice is no choice ,in fact the saint eventually chose to remain in the house for only a few ,and it is the compromise one ,who would marry a woman like that ? So big say a terrible fact road !relationresultDamned ! Xiao Han angry ,the table into a powder ,the cup fell to the ground ,broken into four pieces !relationresultSheis not allowed to Joan married or leave ,and the cultivation method is accessorial light Knight grand practice ,once the lost virginity ,then will become holy knight grand toys and planning tools ,and Joan will slowly lose all levels ,while her life quality will be in twenty years of injection and she combines light Grand Knight in vivo ! , relationresultIt is frightful to the ear ! Xiao Han mask frost ,called the estimate is the light in order to train master and engage in the tripod stove ,using ordinary people seek evil ,the innocent girl to help them continue to create master ,so religious could exist for thousands of years ,but also a are light is a pair of appearance ,this is simply too be hardly worthy of belief .
relationresult,I think this Lanyi water words is not entirely true ,if it is really so ,with scores two guild impossible not to know this secret ,she can tell the sweetness sister ,it is not difficult to be known to others ,so I think that Lan Yishui is lying .
Purple mirror as wisdom ,but also is the observer ,suddenly remind of anger in the Xiao han .relationresultLanyi water think tell sweetness these can persuade me ,too naive ,actually thought I Xiao Han is the Savior of the world ? Xiao Han and laughed .
relationresultSo bigand careful thought ,but also some that Lanyi water on what she said was intended ,but her time to think of those who elected the girl fate, the mind some fever . Related articles:

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