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 But chain falsely and the face of Dan Chen Be tiny to change countenance, but have some to apprehensive later on, the vehemence explosion of this son of Fu Gang, unexpectedly didn't influence to oneself?Just at this time, unreal in spread a gloomy voice.
"I pour to and see, whether Gang true door really is a wave to get hollow reputation!"
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Chapter 248 thunderbolt one Nu
The voice of coming all of a sudden lets true door of Gang of elder and believe in lord Fu Gang son, connect chain falsely with Dan Chen all foolish Leng a short moment.
Fu Gang subdivision light flicker uncertain of stare at the unreal of front, didn't oneself feel anyone's breathing?Who are the host of this voice ?, Soon after, Fu Gang the son Be loudly cold to drink a way:"Where don't know a way, does the friend move to drive a my Gang true door?"
Chain falsely and Dan Chen one Leng after, mutually see one eye, the violent wave moves at the same time in the 2 people's eyes.
The voice acquainted with so much!!2 people once turned round to see a front and back at the same time after.Vision motion peeped out the color of expectation in the eye.
Unreal in, one wears an outstanding figure of black dress to present in the sky, this youth vision relentless, two double eyes seem to a thunder and lightning sort to stare at the son of Fu Gang.
"Thunder Gang!!!"After this youth appears, the chain is surprised to shout with Dan Chen at the same time.
But numerous elders of the son of Fu Gang and Gang true door at the same time once the facial expression change, the double eye,such as electricity, sees toward the youth in the unreal, this person …would be thunder Gang?This person woulds be more than 200 year agos that mysterious youth and neglects the peace or chaos of oneself, with one person's dint serious wound Gang true door for does at present this person revenge?This youth exactly has outstanding place?Unexpectedly led long to pull thus strong, let the person whom the chain machine believes in, makes pill the relation of of believing in the little religion regardless of religious sect to come to denounce and punish more?Suddenly, the son of Fu Gang and the elders body greatly shakes, the vision can not believe in more having of color, oneself unexpectedly …see not and deeply this thunder Gang?
How may?The matter doesn't arrive every 300 years, this thunder Gang at the beginning drive communicate general assembly first of just just the territory of Gang teacher, but the matter unexpectedly even saw oneselfs every more than 300 years not and deeply?The speed of this self-discipline also too Hai the person was surprised to smell!
The thunder Gang floats in the sky, the intention to murder of heart is tiny to refrain from rash action, the vision moves to open from the Fu Gang son body and looking at two youths under, take out on the face*move for several cents, immediately presented to knowingly smile an idea:"Chain falsely, Dan Chen, long time no see, at this time not is go over the old days of, this matter later on, we 3 be good friends with to enjoy a get-together so much and had for a long time and had no together!Thanking your 2 can be successful in career for me"thunder Gang side say, the body side slowly declines bottom, arrived at a chain falsely and Dan Chen of nearby, to chain falsely with after Dan Chen smiled smile, the smiling face of thunder Gang suddenly refrains from rash action disappears to disappear, what to replace is a dark, the double eye,such as eagle, stares at the son of Fu Gang, cold way:"Gang the true door is good big of power and prestige!The matter that made track for to kill me in those early years, I canned be no postmortems, today, I pour to want to see your son of Fu Gang to want how am two brotherses to me, and …the business of more than 200 year agos, let's then calculate together today"
The extremely conceited tone of the thunder Gang lets the chain falsely greatly shake with the body of Dan Chen, lookinging at of gape nearby of thunder Gang, even if when they face the son of Fu Gang, also can call it as uncle Shi, but the thunder Gang unexpectedly keep calling at this time the Gang of axis field seven one of the front door partieseses main name in the believing in of true door?The whole axis field, can keep shouting under the face to face condition the sub- name of Fu Gang but is have no several people!, 2 people let out absolute being to know to check the absolute being of exploring the thunder Gang to know at the same time, suddenly the 2 people's facial expression greatly changes, incredible mutually see one eye, see not and deeply?Did oneself unexpectedly see not and deeply thunder Gang?2 people mouth tiny piece, looking at thunder Gang temporarily could not say words.
The sub- face of Fu Gang is a burst of green a burst of to blackly stare at thunder of Gang, but after death of elder but is great anger, a full face fury stares thunder Gang and even has an elder having already presented to work properly a machine and lead the way of the cold track of purple dress old man:"Stupid small generation, believes in an of lord is what you can keep calling?Is sword Gang door's resisting a sky how to teach yours?"
The thunder Gang ignores completely, double eyes' staring at the son of Fu Gang don't see the elders one eye.
"You!!"The elder that presents to work properly a machine explodes with rage, the body bounces and keep rushing toward thunder Gang.
Chain falsely and the Dan Chen frightened, is about to obstruct, but discover the body of thunder Gang disappeared, didn't wait 2 people to once return absolute being, and then discover thunder Gang again return to at first.
"!!"A sharp roar bellows a voice to ring out, the air spreads one stuffy ring, the elder for rushing toward, unexpectedly and directly pour to fly to open, bump Zong Men who is up to 100 Zhangs in the true door at the Gang on, so big Zong Men bombs however one earthquake, but this elder body from number the high Zhang slowly sink into, an elder hand disease eye is quick, connect descend this elder.
The son of Fu Gang and Gang the elder of the true door at the same time heart big Zhan, looking at quilt thunder Gang serious wound of elder, public discover, this elder whole body has no of condition of the injury, but at its chest on tiny have when a boxing prints, but their absolute being knows to explore into its body, heart palpitates suddenly and more quick several cents, this elder discarded, whole body all of the skeleton changed in to smash and afraid of this from cradle to the graved in addition to changing a body, this elder is as before very difficult to resume.
Good great power, how cruel of heart.The elders mutually see one eye, dignified in the eye thousand times, the elders presented to work properly a machine at the same time, the body rock launches an attack, but is obstructed by the son of Fu Gang, the sub- neck of Fu Gang stiffly turned two times, double eyes in almost spray fire, the son of Fu Gang suppresses endocentric great anger, stare at thunder Gang, harsh voice drink a way:"Thunder Gang, do you really take true door of my Gang for soft persimmon?"The vehemence of the son of Fu Gang bombs however breaks out and keeps a thunder Gang.
The thunder Gang facial expression the slightest didn't change and looking at the Fu ganged son way:"Now begins some lead early, some matters still say first clearly, if you think all of them's crouching down is talking, so, I also have no an opinion!"The thunder Gang stretches out the elders of the right hand direction Fu Gang sub- back.
Chain falsely and the Dan Chen have already been getting more stagnant, brains in the one blank looking at the good friend that several years didn't see ……this how many a hundred years, thunder Gang …exactly strong arrive what situation?They know that if there is no real strenght, the thunder Gang is the words that can't speak this time extremely conceited to the pole
The sub- chest of Fu Gang hurriedly rises and falls, the heart is great anger, but the son of Fu Gang is understand, oneself can not vent his/her own wrath at this time, after death of although the elder surges of great fury in the eyes,see lie the elder over there, the heart fears after being a bit tiny, suppresses a wrath station at first and stares thunder Gang.The son of Fu Gang deeply absorbed tone, the thunder Gang of the vision flicker way:"You exactly how want?"
The thunder Gang corner of mouth brings about a sneer, just thinking say what, nearby of Dan Chen hurriedly way:"Thunder Gang, as for sub- uncle Shi of Fu Gang and our businesses have no big Ai, you need not set foot in"
"BE, the thunder Gang is this matter, you need not tube!"The chain falsely also makes a noise a way.
Thunder Gang once the face move and saw eye 2 people and immediately and again saw toward the Fu Gang son way:"Like, since the chain falsely don't want to pursue with Dan Chen,cheap beats by dre, today this matter then stop here, but, more than 200 year agos, that mysterious superior now the body is where!"The voice of thunder Gang says an end and clips to take a silk relentless, more is strain.
The son of Fu Gang vomited muddy spirit, immediately way:"That person at the beginning seeks to come and say the true door of my Gang killed you, but we combine to have no knowledge, but he doesn't give up, but strong real strenght, finally I two Gang true door two greatly and too last the elder have to start out!"
"I ask you, he now the body is where!!"The thunder Gang voice suddenly and suddenly and violently drinks a way.The face is unexpectedly tiny to become ferocious.
The sub- canthus of Fu Gang fiercely takes out*move for several cents, shook to shake head a way:"We really don't know, that war, old man and two ascend elder too much the body also suffer from severely wounded, however, that person …, that after fighting, that person then doesn't know where went.Subsequent matter, the old man isn't ……."The son of Fu Gang has never continued to keep on saying, the full face dignifiedly looking at the thunder Gang of fronts.
The face of thunder Gang is thoroughly ferocious, original that cool-headed face at this time unexpectedly distort to arrive together, double eyes in imitate if the great anger tiger, heavy bloody idea and jet black ferocious mien are from the body of thunder Gang inside sent forth to open.
The canthus of thunder Gang rowed at the same time a drop of radiant tears, the nose takes out*move several bottoms, the right boxing suddenly lifts and bombs however the dynasty ground bomb.
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