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, This lets the forehead of箒 forbid to live not of appeared a few well words.
"The saint angel fights a brigade how do?Second wood a walk it, but I don't think that China country government can tolerate saint the angel fight the existence of brigade, you are the main heart bone in the war brigade, if once you left, the so next result probably will be so terrible we dare not think about it."By this time talked for thousand winters, and this words also make Li Ya Lin sink into to contemplate in.
"Thousand winter elder sister what you said is quite good, but I also have no better way, I can not let the owner all sign contract with me again, they are still young, all have own life, not worthwhile everyone Shuan at my nearby."Li Ya Lin ordered first to nod and and shook to shake head later on, the saint angel fought a brigade to also be regarded as Li Ya Lin all alone build up of, during the so long-term combat in, Li Ya Lin is also to produce very deep feelings with the teammates, this be not say to break and then can break of, but Li Ya Lin also wants to consider for everyone, not the ability just selfishly keeps considering his/her own feeling.
"You how know these guys not to want to sign Qie to invite with you, don't think to fight with you together?"Thousand winters but is staring at Li Ya Lin, one word one asks a way.
"This ……" the momentary language of Li Ya Lin fills, didn't know what is good.
"I will walk together with second wood of you are my bride no matter how it is say, we all will always together."Only and by this time pull Fu to pull but is to boldly denounce, although the facial expression is red,she still kept loudly shouting out.
"Can not your a person, I also want to follow a second wood to walk together, but I also want to take hero's Lucy, I early think already like, once said with hero's Lucy as well, our two peoples will sign with second wood contract of" by this time fills west the Li Ya is to rise red the face say.
Hero's Lucy is the exclusive housemaid that fills the west Li Ya, also the childhood friends that grows up together, Li Ya Lin before once saw several side as well, although be not specially acquainted with,arrived hero's Lucy to also join saint afterwards angel war brigade, became everyone's teammate, everyone's relation poured also quite good, only had never thought her unexpectedly and also agreed with Li Ya Lin contract.
"I will also with second contract wood of, regardless second Lin Shen Chu what place, I will with he is together."By this time the summer dew also talked and also wanted to lift a father whom summer exposes here, because of the invading of insect son, virtuous promise the company thoroughly close down, although it is said the summer exposed to once see a few oneselfs father, but didn't start to hang up the other party what on the contrary want to make use of a summer to expose a relationship with Li Ya Lin for the value of natural affection, re- let virtuous promise the company stage a comeback.
For this matter, although Li Ya Lin there is no viewpoint,beats by dre studio,the summer exposes is extreme disaffection, because she is unexpectedly subjected to father's beguilement, although the end summer exposes of the father didn't succeed, can this also enough lets the summer expose displeased of, this matter conclude without concrete result, the summer exposes of the father was thoroughly pulled to go into blacklist, go to this later summer dew a heart complete Shuan at Li Ya Lin's body up, can't realize other affairs any further.
"I will also contractual of, since the elder sisters all follow a second wood together, that I also have no reason not to go."箒 Ao Jiao, absolutely was an Ao Jiao, finish saying this sentence after, a jilt a head and then ignore Li Ya Lin.
The bell sound of "don't forget me I also want contract of" one side didn't do, although some unwilling parents, at this time parents again afresh together, also at last finished the wish of bell sound, therefore now the bell sound biggest wishes be and Li Ya Lin together, the time in the beginning she really have some hesitant, now she is have already descended to settle decision.
"I am to walk together with second wood of, also have small Zan, small origin sound and small all falsely BE."The 楯 of one side has no but is to blink next eyes to Li Ya Lin, did a **of air.
"Five anti- farmland dining rooms have an elder brother to inherit like, I want to walk together with second Lin Ge."Like this does the orchid also say.
"I always all the heel younger brother is together of."Thousand winters a words then expressed their own attitudes.
"If can of words, also calculate to ascend me."Is true of the facial expression is very red, but her air is very firm.
"Everyone ……" Li Ya Lin is very touched, although he really thinks with everyone together,he is always very hesitant, can everyone all unexpectedly declared on his/her own initiative at present now, Li Ya Lin nature very happy.
"However in addition to we, but still many people all think your contract with second wood, I miss a second wood, you still open an internal meeting that saint angel fights a brigade like, explain this matter and everyone for a while, anyway we will leave, let everyone know the doesn't matter was also."Only and by this time the 楯 has no but is again thus say.
"Is like this good?"The saint angel at this time's fighting a brigade number has already come to a 3,000 people, even join the IS troopses of China country to come in, this makes Li Ya Lin still is to feel suspicious very much, only and before the beauty captain for meeting in Hong Kong but is do understand for Li Ya Lin to release.
"Tell the truth, this is in fact a nation for the sake of steady live you just make one decision like this, after all we of the real strenght is too strong, the nation wants to resist to can not resist, the nation hopes that we after joining fight a brigade can obtain some words powers to some extent, if appear some for the activity of nation disadvantage, we can also notify in advance nation or obstruct this kind of activity."Time getting along with with Li Ya Lin grew, beauty captain unexpectedly regardless of nation of secretly arrange, told this secrets all Li Ya Lin.
The words that only finish listenning to her after Li Ya Lin but is a despise of on smiling, is the disadvantage at the nation?Is dry over this he is Semitic, this worlds are all destroyed so, the is searched by Li Ya Lin to pare off to walk of be all searched pare off, leave this decrepit world, Li Ya Lin just have no interest, he can also have what disadvantage in nation of activity?
Chapter 4653,000 empress temple beauties(compensate chapter)
Chapter 4653,000 empress temple beauties(compensate chapter)
"There is completely no problem, I estimate, the whole saint angel fights brigade in have to ast least also have half of people will choose to continue to follow behind you, particularly the students in the IS learning center, estimate they at least have 90% all will with you contract of, you can work well mental state preparation."The 楯 has no but is say with a smile.
If"since is words like this, that is all right, call saint the angel fight all members of brigade, I want to convene a collective meeting" listenned to 楯 have no, Li Ya Lin is to move agitatedly, if be really according to the words said for having no 楯 , half of numbers, that also wants more than 1,000 persons at least, there are 1,000 absolute being of belonging to mores, Qie about owned to do exercises in gymnastics upgrade function after, so at connect down to return to the Earth behind invade to the insect clan of time, will be a very strong fighting strength.
After an hour, the saint angel fights the brigade whole memberses to just gather to complete on the whole, Li Ya Lin is some to feel suspicious, gathering of today how so slow?However now also not is consider these of time, face the young girls of oneself's in front, Li Ya Lin lightly coughed first a , just a little deliberate a burst of after, just at last started congressional topic this time.
"Seven months, after these seven months after, we finally exterminated all insects sons that come to invade, I can declare now, the misses, everyone can loudly shout this world returned to embracing of mankind to win" makes reference to here, Li Ya Lin raises once the arm shout, all present young girls also all followed to shout.
"Everyone knows me, I also know present each person, we are like all close relatives, some words, I also want to get off the heart with everyone today, concerning ……" connects down, Li Ya Lin then will should the said words all said out.
"Therefore, is very quick I am about to go another world, there and someone needs me to rescue, I mean to say now of BE, having the person would like to sign contract with me, forever all heel at me fight shoulder to shoulder together with me nearby?"Finish saying these words, Li Ya Lin's vision then hopes to opposite young girls, only the young girls didn't talk as well and all kept to straightly stare at Lee Related articles:

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