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Of felling.
Leaf Hao the sky let they ownly try book to take a time, browse book by oneself, there is wrong spot right away speaking.Everyone spreads a to see, sees try a top clearly mark out wrong spot, slightly a check not indeed as expected false.
Leaf Hao sky's waiting a long time has never seen someone put forward objection, hence declare a way:"The current kid tries be over!In order to having never opened to test for several years, the currents take several more persons, all of the top ten choose into a show just!The name is a ┄┄ respectively, "he a connected to read nine, the last stopped, everyone quietly looking at him and stopped a short moment a name come out"Zhang Tian De".
Being public is all very surprised, the inside one in house is noisy miscellaneous, has of person even break into laughter voice.Zhang Tian De is too agitated to have his face raddens all over, a words could not say as well.
Leaf Hao the sky scold low a "solemnly silent"!The voice infuses into capability, lead of place, immediately utter silence.He immediately after way:"Do not successively smell a way a cent, toward smelling Xi dead can also.Everyone should to his study be!"At this time, on his body shining strong Hao however sense of right, just the heart saves the person of slight immediately shocked, a bit ashamed person lower the head.
"Everyone backs bottom, regardless won to have no to all want double to make great effort, don't win next year test again, won to prepare country to try!Zhang Tian De stays for a while."Leaf the Hao order way in the sky.
Is public to spread to go in succession, standing of Zhang Tian De's at a loss what to do.Leaf Hao the sky invite him to sit down and say:"What you tested is quite good, analysis, say the reasons all very have level, just before Mo through of the part is wrong two, probably is memory don't go."
Zhang Tian De repeatedly nods a way:"Yes, the my person loafed while being young and had already ascended while waiting until to with concentration offend a book age, the memory descends, can't."
Leaf Hao the sky take out one to repair absolute being Dan to pass to him, way:"Return to hereafter take this Dan, the memory will have to build up, then offend a book hard, the country tries to fight for with all strength."Then cautiously comforted him is severals.
Zhang Tian De appreciates Ti zero, only and only nod but go to.
Return to wild goose to concuss, leaf Hao the sky in a couple of days take a grain of Yin absolute being Dan each time, then sit in silence to do exercises in gymnastics.The orchid son also does exercises in gymnastics with no stop, her capability's seeing is about to get into a true person to expect.2 people do exercises in gymnastics for five days and take a rest for a day.Rest of time leaf the Hao business that want to handle a county an inside first in the sky, then sight-see everywhere, is a wild goose first to concuss, then is the beautiful scene of whole countieses with orchid son.Time soon, the wild goose concusses mountain, besides which, leaf Hao the sky still tallied up eight places with charming landscape of"Xiao set bright moon", "the east tower cloud and mist", "the great white crane morning clock", "purple Zhi night Qing", "double the Pu fly spring", "west Cen loose snow", "cloud blessing ground in the door", and"cover bamboo hole sky"...etc.s the record is in the county ambition and be called enjoy pure eight viewses, it serves the scholar son widely for spread praise with increase happy pure, draw on other parts of country the person come a tour.
Time leads very quickly, turning the eye already early summer.Leaf Hao the sky discover county city the inside is many some flee from famine area beggar of person, out at elbow, sallow and emaciated, the appearance is very pitiful.Come forward a to ask, say is come from Henan, the yellow river overflows this year, the all of home farm land were drowned.
After understanding a circumstance, he declares to build up the specialized place accepts to permit a refugee, as long as is arrive happy pure, everybody delivers food 100 catties.Would like to leave cent to a cake of depend the land of the seaside;Would like to return to, everybody delivers silver 32.Moreover he thoughted of what he owned several 10,000,002 silvers, it's time to also seek an exit.
Henan cruises to fondle to attend to if together have already quickly and urgently gone crazy, see an Ai Hong time in whole province wild, the common people stay far away from home and grasp ear Nao Sai to have no way.The famine early reports up, the imperial government criticizes a text"the national treasury is empty, have no silver can Zhen, hope oneself's solution in each province!"This day, he calls 8 to know a mansion conference and calls for everyone to mobilize the country gentry landlord everywhere to open Cang to put a food, the officials also want to actively make a contribution.
The bosom celebrates to know that the mansion stands up a way first:"Adult, I am to can find no way out, we the mansion disaster is the heavy, die in the population of hunger, plague one of the next three centses is not!The food of big door early divides only, would not like to divide of robbed light more, where still have a food?Even eat up barks!"
Kaifeng knows a mansion way:"Adult, our mansion a little bit point son, but have already mobilized officer Shen to make a contribution for 78 times, really have no a way!All database silvers used, helpless and entirely inadequate."
The south sun knows a mansion proposal way:"Adult, the lake is wide this year a take food harvest still on the whole can, can I ask imperial government to borrow to adjust 1:00 come?"
Cruise to fondle to attend to if together shook a Yao head way:"I have already applied for, the helpless imperial government ignores completely.Repeatedly find out, just hear that the emperor is long to don't face a dynasty, the door department can not make decision.Points a way for us, is oneself to raise a silver two get to lake to widely buy."
The road is virtuous to know that the mansion exclaims a way:"That wants how many silvers?The database silver of our mansion early used up!"
The Ru rather knows a mansion uprising way:"The list is our mansion to have 1,000,000 people, everybody 100 catties of foods Be cheapest to also need 123 cents, silver, altogether want 1,300,002 silvers!"
Is ornamental virtuous to know that the mansion emulates a way more:"You mansion the person return calculate little, manifest virtuous mansion population 1,900,000, at least want 2,000,002!"
Attend to if was together rough to calculate for a while, way:"The whole earthquake relief needs a silver 14,000,002, how does this do?Does everyone have a way?Looking at common people to starve?"
Everyone sees the Is, I seeing you and wearing a woebegone expression and really canning not figuring out a way.Time has already led a hour, the meeting can not also dismiss and anyway can not figure out a way to return to is also sorrow, also not as together as everyone become sad.
BE worrying get into a hot dispute of time, the sudden doorway comes in an old, the clothes is stylish, proud pressing.Is still public just oddness, but see that person take out 1 from the Xiu and put is attending to if together in front, use pole the orotund way of the awfulness:"These are 18,000,002 silvers, can be been used to relieve, if have corruption to transfer, hum!Like this cup!"Saying will attend to if together of the cup knead in hand, two lightly the Nian move, the strong and tough green porcelain turns to make powder, and then gets a son saw 8 know mansion one eye,Beats By Dre Holiday Gift Free shipping day green Monday, the look in the eyes is like knife similar and sharp.
Is public the cup seeing silver is first surprised to shout, seeing porcelain smash and shut mouth last.
Attend to if together hold up a silver ticket the hands shiver, this but ascend 1,000,000 human lives!Own black yarn hat was also steady to live!Thought of here, he walks to come forward to salute.8 of behind knows the mansion is simply to keep on kneeling.
On recruiting, that hand's owners all can song second half knee.He says:"The everybody starts to please, I don't dare to be subjected to this big gift, as long as the common people can tide over difficult period good."Finish saying to turn round and then walk,monster beats by dre christmas gift discount online.
Attend to if together and quickly heel several trails:"Please leave name, this mansion is also good toward the imperial government and reports clearly, and the common people also know that who good man is."
That person once turns round to don't talk and just took out an iron Chinese foot from the Xiu, in front of him positive and negative demonstration for a while, then sail out of the room.
Attend to if together and clearly see that have iron Chinese foot up a group leader, also have "Zhu Xuan Kuang" three big words, suddenly frighten of kneel on the ground,Beats By Dre green Monday, truly the Huang truly and perhaps kowtows, with saw an emperor similar.
Several ways that know mansion oddness:"Adult, he walks far, that is who?"
Attend to if together and slowly stand up, a long time said a words"the Jian Chinese foot in the sky is a , the four seas all takes!"
Is public still could not touch brains, but three words in"the Jian Chinese foot in the sky"s have already deeply printed at brain in.
Attend to if together being divided into a silver ticket is cautiously eight, one by one in order pass to know a mansion for everybody, order way:"The detailed calculation expends a circumstance, each amount of money have to clear record in the official records, otherwise the person of the everybody the head is a little bit more careful!"
Is public one Lin in heart all, dark way:"This money looks not of the common run, only afraid don't can graft again to transfer."
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.The Mu permits once the thunder Teng grind teeth, satisfied pupil time take hearing the other party for the mire pill temple lord, flood in his brain of only three words! The soil goes!
Probably the person doesn't know beside, his Mu permits thunder Teng expensive believe in a lord for sword, believe in in the sword ancient works in still have jotting down of a speech phrase to the mire pill temple of, the that mire pill temple lord great reputation far sows a moment, even in, connect the sword believe in Zu teacher sword 13 in the middle of fixing true boundary still just unknown existence!
Mire pill temple, too terrible, terrible existence!
"Do not go, believe in a lord, the other party is really too strong, even if is us knot and up, that that also only walk into death!"A red man, he is a heavy sun Ge to annex by force incoming staff to cry to lose a face way.
"Shut up, believe in how the lord handle this matter,believe in a lord not to know?"Mo Chong Bai knows also clearly, when the maintenance's Mu permits the authority of thunder Teng!
That red the staff shriveled mouth a pair next, don't dare speech!
They originally be after being annexed by force by the sword religion, just become a member member whom the sword believes in, say unpleasant to hear is the captive's existence, the position is opposite compare originally is a sword to believe in the staff pupil to originally gather low one rank.Is much less, now authority rather Gao
"A group of idiocies, don't know into back".The plain Zhang makes to make to look on coldly, the corner of mouth sneers at, he originally see the Mu permit thunder Teng not great, happy must see the sword religion bringing shame at the moment.
The sword believes in of person, see not pure situation?
In the strong of fight,can depend an amount and then can win victory?The quantity is again many, in the absolute force in front, although eventually of the result is also only destroyed of,Beats By Dre Free shipping day!
Is much less, the other party back but have may the existence of the fencing Ge! Mire pill temple!
Is it it the sword that only believe in to may compare to how can it possibly be?
"Believe in a lord, the opponent is too strong, in my eyes, at that moment have to to please to fix Luo an elder generation horse, otherwise, my sword believes in Wei Yi!"Mo Chong white although cold Chi that red the staff, can secretly, is originally idea same hearsay Mu to permit thunder Teng!
"Chong white elder, now, he the silver hair fix Luo how probably also make moves!"The Mu permits thunder Teng cold sigh 1, imitate a Buddha to be just moment, original Cang strength emollient face already full is a vicissitudes of life!
The white of Mo Chong helplessly closed lightly purse one's lips!
The He blares to suddenly face Xiao to bathe rain list knee kept on kneeling in the unreal, towering and orthoptic medium, that full face of resolutely air Yuan if the huge rock is generally strong and tough!
"The He blares, you what is this a stem?"The red Xing angries Chi to drink, he the naturally clear He blare this meaning that kneels to contain;"His Mu permits old son of thunder Teng unkind, have never sought that old boy to calculate Zhang, the saint son is already to do all that is humanly possible to help, you this isn't the difficult saint son""
"Is exactly, the saint son has been no object, the He blares you and then don't ask for a favor for Mu permitting that old son".Cai Ya is to interrupt a , permitting thunder Teng to the Mu in the tone also very angrying is recent!
In 3 people, the only desolate autumn vision very has pity for!
The Xiao bathes rain and He to blare, the look in the eyes of a pair in the sky collision at a cake of!
Imitate the years transmigration of soul that the Buddha crossed time and space.In the eyes facial expression that blares from the He, the Xiao bathes only four words that rain can see! If Xin huge rock!
"Let it be".The Xiao bathes rain Tu to sigh 1;"The Mu permits thunder Teng now that is playing with fire, I pour and left for a to see, he whether this fire can cause conflagration!". "Saint.The red Xing just started to talk and had already been interrupted a way by the desolate autumn of one side;"H'm, saint son, we also want and see, that Mu permits thunder Teng to carry on flame to cause conflagration!".
"Thank a teacher!"
The He blares again how can not understand the Xiao bathe rain words to like to think.The body of the concussion tiny Zhan;"Teacher of so meeting so the Yao do, all of everythings are the feelings that has regard for me!Teacher great boon, be unable to repay a kindness!".
"Silver Anne fixs Luo!"
The soil goes lonesome voice of to suddenly ring out!
With the Xiao bathe rain for head, red Xing 3 people's including He to blare all is one Leng in heart, while Mu's permitting thunder Teng is already that the blood stain is motley, smells speech is also a complicated facial expression pole at the moment!
"Not is seek me?Not is to seek sword to believe in, but seek silver hair to fix Luo?"The Mu permits thunder Teng the facial expression is complicated, difficult describe with the pen and ink;"Damn of, is to fix Luo as enemy with that silver hair, and why on earth bad my Mu permits a thunder Teng good matter!"He, the exasperation in the heart, imitating the Buddha is the flame of flaming combustion.
Terrible air pressure, sends out terror of sharp blow up a voice, the mountain stone collapses in, a blue ray almost works properly to know the speed that can not catch to bomb however goes to, even take Mu to permit persons like thunder Teng,etcs to all avoid in succession!
"Very terrible energy!"From a distance, the soil goes and then felts the threat of that taper quickly passing time;"The silver hair fixs Luo, I already wait you for a long time!".
The soil goes the cold Lie jangle contain a spirit idea to read, although just commonness on drinking, fall of in the public ear, is like a roll of thunder lightning flashes general, fix is also a big Hai in the heart for of strong, also being a Hun E a burst of, for being low, the direct head of planting, even if being a Mu to permit thunder Teng etc. to fix!
With a pair way the center that shoot line collision for order, the billowing cloud wave breathing turns over to flow out but, imitating the Buddha is the water wave of ripple, how can it possibly be quantity while rising to apogee, Yuan if the process space compress and bomb however the inflation of explosion type wildly flow out!
That mountain stone collapses of huge sound, completely covered up sword to believe in bellowing of the staff to connect to ring!
" A silver deliver the staff eyes Nu piece in.Imitated a Buddha to see unimaginable one act, but when he still deeply drive this act shocking moment, the whole individual has already turned to make cloud Yan!
"Keng!"The plain bamboo Zhang makes to make although the anti- lived to drain of energy, the whole individual was also thrown to fly to go out, at the same time, in the heart is also complain of hard lot Die not.
"The silver hair fixs Luo, is indeed as expected severe".
The one gold color ray of light is covering with an overlay, the soil goes the sad and shrill voice almost fly at him faintly discernable that moment, together with wear his breathing also and disappeared generally!
"Well quick speed".The Xiao bathes rain sword eyebrow a lift!
Quickly, absolutely quick!
Just, flicker of jump up a point!
Soil's going don't disappear, also be naturally not likely to disappear, just the soil went the speed of too quickly, even in connect the Mu permit thunder Teng that sort of strong, could not catch the remnants shadow that the soil goes as well!Is public in, probably also only the Xiao bathe rain one person, can force and catch soil and go the activity track of!
"Will have so quick speed!"The Xiao bathes rain cold drink a , the body is in a twinkling suffused with white,http://www.headphonest.com, his worked properly to know to more and completely keep on overalying!
"Unexpectedly, the territory of fairy is following, also someone's speed the ability is unlike I slow!". , If the desire knows that how funeral affairs is please land a muscle, the chapter is more, and the point holds to make

Volume 2;Trap Long Sheng Tian's chapter 385;Terror
Renew time:2010-10-1920:59:14 chapter word numbers:4049

It Be getting more shallow.Ten lines ofs' imitating a Buddha don't move.Can Si outside the Xia in the valley be given up a rice to spread all over, refract all to hold a gold color short gun in each Zhu Mang, the point of a spear is sharp, full of to press forward with indomitable will of sharp!
"The silver hair fixs Luo, in the outside, your great reputation's my soil goes to pour to want a to see, you can the anti- live me red gold to sing gun one shot!"The hoarse voice remits to gather from the all directions and imitate a Buddha aery to the side of horizon!
The red gold sings a gun!
The body is golden, the soil goes to hold a gun all alone at the moment, the whole individual's imitating a Buddha is covered with into by the gun long grass, even in even blend breathing at a cake of, only just the gold gun send forth of foul atmosphere, let public scared Dan Zhan!
In the canyon, murderous look of Tao sky as if substantial!
"Escape quickly,Beats By Dre Holiday Gift Free shipping day green Monday!,
"That vehemence too terror!"
Several reveal empty benefit to ring, imitate Buddha shower general, that sword believes in to by luck survive down of the staff on all sides fly to flee, this Xuan Mu permitted thunder Teng to seem to be also to forget Chi to drink and just made an effort of pushing open and protecting shield, in the eyes then suppress don't live of fright!
The plain Zhang makes to make the chest suddenly rise and fall, imitating the Buddha is the bellows that is violent to pull, he that a head of is purple long hair is also such as to put a blasting open of fine point sort, stared at soil to go, eye pupil continuously constringency!
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Soldiers were shooting ,three class of the soldiers quickly bent down ,down naked in the reed between scour ,side surrounding lush reed up clouds of debris and leaf ,but no injuries to get rid of him ,although no longer able to see the Yellow monitor size ,but the Japanese soldiers know risk ,still can leave them .
relationresultEventhe tender reed ,dense reeds also not allow the bullet to penetrate ,meets the round and hard reed pole is weakened ceaselessly the potential energy of the bullet in the reeds to fly without a trace .
To some extent, protect class three along the body .relationresultEight ga !Acceleration !The power up to the maximum !You this group of pig !Full speed !Full ,I need a maximum power ! , relationresultEven withoutAkino Nao ,the troopship was captain face cruelly continuously through the transmission tube to drink a round cabin seaman ,in order to survive ,to manipulate the troopship possible acceleration .
relationresultInthe reeds between spelled old life running after a time ,a bend in the river, the Yellow monitor seize Japanese troop transport when turning the deceleration of the opportunity ,in the corners quickly mounted aiming barrel .
And a cannon on the muzzle ,with hate eyes staring is turn the troopship ,hard to gnash the teeth in anger ,waiting for troop transport into the preset shelled targets .relationresultThe shipsaw several soldiers faint just after his ship had been in the river bend near the shore on the mortar waiting for them, have cried out in horror : where ,where ! , relationresultFire ,fast firing !Destroy him ! Akino Nao tried to shouting ,vessels in the channel of the maneuver ability is limited, to the shore fire it is the best gun target ,his only hope lies in their own soldiers in the other before the other shot gun ejection .
relationresultTroop transportship shots masterpiece .Bullets with a sharp whistle at the position of class three .But the Yellow monitor pick position abnormalities tricky ,fully play the mortar reflection ability ,the bullets have lost .
Reluctantly falls in the reeds and mud .relationresultDetonation!Three class fourth shells will direct the troopship blew a fireball ,the shaking ,the cabin of the Japanese soldiers Guaijiao reel right and left ,as if the ship will soon be overturned ,facing an important juncture of life and death ,even the psychological quality and firm who also couldn losing the usual calm ,few Japanese soldiers more is a woman screaming .
relationresultShipto shore fire bursts of position of Japanese soldiers in the most unfortunate ,screamed by explosion shock wave ripped out ,into the river ,and constantly struggled .relationresultYellowmonitor on the edge of the soldiers did not pass up this opportunity ,immediately to maltreat an injured person ,Beats By Dre Holiday Gift,the gun shot the enemy fell into the river .
relationresultTroop transportcockpit glass by the explosion shattered ,operating wheel rudder troopship captain was broken glass and shrapnel cut with blood all over his face ,clutching his face screaming in the cockpit tumbling, ships have been uncontrolled ,slowly in the river with spin .
relationresultEight ga !Fast ,quick fire ! Akino Nef get desperation screamed ,these eight road on the weapons performance control is simply terrible .He was skeptical of the so-called Eight Route Army is the China hands after the elite mask .
relationresultIn order to avoidthe deadly fire of class three ,Japanese soldiers had to bail on aid from the other side of the ship was blown open a hole in the fire ,the other side quickly replaced the injured captain ,control vessel .
relationresultOver thelast three rounds to monitor ,not to say: it is not strong enough ,another ,monster beats by dre christmas gift discount online! The median hull shells only in the ship burst a half a meter in diameter hole ,and not on the fatal injury ,the combustion in an instant by the ship Japanese soldiers put out the flames .
relationresultMortar shellswere originally used against infantry ,for troop transport ,still not enough to pose a threat, the reflection ability to easily torn sail shipboard armored ,diameter less than three eight bullet is fundamental in hull jumping beans, if the type nine two infantry gun here estimated two shells will be enough to make the whole ship under the devil the river feeds the bastard .
relationresultShellson the muzzle, the Yellow monitor again aimed at the ready to shoot ,the soldiers immediately alert to cover your ears ,a voice is too loud ,troop transport on the Japanese have ignored the class three rifle fire ,on hand for any use of things, desperate to hull increases drive ,and across the river on the go to ,hope that through the distance to reduce mortar hit rate .
relationresultEyesstared at Japanese troop transport ,settle down to the target ,but after a while, the Yellow monitor finally sighed and shook his head ,put a shot back ,murmured : mother, this business is not worthwhile ,four shells to pour a few devils ,lost ! , relationresultYellowmonitor heart hit play for peanuts ,feel a little loss ,if placed in the usual fighting, four mortar shells stem over the devil at least two digits ,and now the results as well as rifle shooting record ,and three class has no ship ,a class of troops to destroy a ship full of devils basically ,unlikely .
relationresultEven theshooting a gun, but is also the largest blow a hole in the hull ,is still not enough to the ship ,the last shells for combat results have little effect .Yellow monitor finally abandoned to the enemy finally a plan ,shells can be not used to such waste ,each are on edge .
relationresultMonitor.How not to fire ?! Soldiers for the monitor had put the enemy horse wonder ,previously monitor on enemy can did not talk so good ,Beats By Dre green Monday,but the old tradition of four always spare none .
relationresultSave the shells !Not worth us to waste in the rubbish body shells ,bullets to welcome them . Yellow monitor with great care will be in the hands of the mortar shell fuze twisted ,shut the fuze ,shells can be more precious than hand grenades ,can save a little .
relationresultThereeds, constantly coming out of bullets ,swept to the Japanese troop transport .relationresultThe Japanese armytroopship where Gu won the class three bullets ,add sufficient horsepower breaking waves ,from class three range, far away .
relationresultSouthRiver water ,a few Japanese bodies in the water on the floating ,recounting the Japanese retreat .relationresultOn August,heralding the harvest season soon starts ,all according to the ground once again usher in a year the most important period !relationresultDetermines thesurvival and maintenance according to the military and civilian force basic safeguard ,also is associated with aggression for survival over the most critical period .
The twelve division zone captain Wang Bao in four were ambushed after incident, spent when careful will battle plan by aggressive adjustment for active defense, just work laid the foundation for the autumn harvest .
relationresultIn August junior middle schoolyears ,the base force coordination dynamic summer offensive near the end, beat a strong Japanese did not see * the New Fourth Army and the Eight Route Army have any stop signs ,on the contrary ,the New Fourth Army and the Eight Route Army no bad intention ,the main force as well as each other the back is connected with a linkage ,a massive fall offensive ,in order to ensure the harvest operations ,as far as possible the diversionary Japanese troops troops .
relationresultForin situ feeding ,rely on local economy to maintain the local Japanese troops ,this is not a good news .relationresultThe Japanese imperialistsmilitaristic ,all economic tend to war ,causing serious imbalance in economic development .
Japan to small island nations Yushe swallow an elephant ,most young men were enlisted in the army, based on agriculture almost serious stagnation in Japan ,there is a large area of the famine ,the Japanese followed from the occupied zone reckless destruction plundered resources to compensate for the loss of the island ,no reply in such a vicious spiral ,even if the Japanese government has forced the country people migrate to the mainland China, in an attempt to consolidate completely occupied area, but in the anti-Japanese armed constantly harassing and destruction ,the Japanese army in the war at the beginning of the advantages are gradually losing . Related articles:

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The sort completely stretches tight tight!
Second bodhi eye pupil constringency, the breathing of the whole body in vain become astringent matchless, body tiny bow, Yuan if a head of hibernate already a long time,Beats By Dre Holiday Gift Free shipping day green Monday, desire Xu power but hair of the fierce beasts of Hong Huang!Icy cold of the look in the eyes refract from the eyes but, dead dead of stare at stone Fan empress!"
Close on the heels of that that fire red like the attack of dragon, rant but, and then of but is a second bodhi the voice of food and drink that is full of an idea of vexation!
"Stone Fan empress, you this, incredibly dare be dark to descend a black hand, kill my elder in door, I necessarily put~to death you!"
"Put~to death me?"Stone Fan empress cold Ji!
"Joke, second bodhi, the words don't want to say too elegant and stately, department Ma Zhao's heart stranger all knows, if say that you don't slaver that ivory juice liquid, this words speak, perhaps, even you by yourself is also a letter not!"
"The female is evil, you pour is still have been already managed!"The second bodhi is cutting up rough, his facial expression is completely black deeply at the moment, as if overalied the 1 F Mo cloud, basically lo not his guilty!
Say of is also the truth!
Jiang Jing's dead!That again how?
Next six elder in the door, in this fairies cave historic relic, surplus just his one person just, although an elder of empty middle is also very valuable, however!In this fairies abode, all lost so many person's horses, he the second bodhi can't went to again to deplore greatly to lose one more person, either!
Fairy treasure!The ivory works properly a liquid!
This is heavy medium of heavy!Don't say much, as long as is to take its one Piao, fix to the oneself for break bottleneck is also greatly have a Bai benefit, is also accomplish a numerous disciple with violent real strenghts!
If, those several hundred even Yi rices work properly a liquid, can all jump a claim, so?
Stone Fan empress and second bodhi a pair person lips gun heated dispute, each other Nu scolds, be like want to cover up oneself, the the idea that has already entirely exposed with this!
"Bathe rain, we!"If orchid body place the Xiao bathe rain one side, can feel his body temperature, can feel the sense of security produced by that the Xiao bathes rain as the sacred mountain but signs, but!She, but is mentally taxingly swallow to vomit!
Want to say to be unmoved, this words speak, the Xiao bathes rain by himself/herself also not letter!
Several hundred square meters work properly a liquid!!
The Xiao bathes rain nature is also know that work properly a liquid of not vulgar!If is own only according to, that meeting how scene necessarily, own so one big help, help virtuous Si hand blade blood of shell enemy, plus Mu Wang Fu controls of a pair big trump card army corps, and the wealth of the hat world of patrimony, willing be no man can block!
"Occupy?"The Xiao bathes rain to turn a head and sees if the look in the eyes lo of orchid not the tender feeling of the one silk.
If one Zhi in the orchid felling heart,monster beats by dre christmas gift discount online!Was died to deadly stop neck Bo, hard breath, heart, as if be mercilessly trampled on the ground, crumple to go against.
The heart is getting grounder, very ground!
"Ha ha, trust, I still have a number, can't like some person general, drive benefits blunt fainted brains!"The Xiao bathes rain corner of mouth tiny up, crumple negative, say this words moment, but his eyes is at pursue reddenning of Song!
Is also a flash across a put on harsh countenance!
"I!I!Can"if orchid basically have no speech with to, just dead dead of the Ye tightly wear own dress Cape and attain a head to hang low, in the eye socket but being fond of fog is full!
She, listen to naturally, the Xiao bathes rain words in point!
That drive the despair for cheating!
That is such as the hair of the fish line sort pallor!
That red and red eyes, the corner of mouth starts to be suffused with of smile, but be full of bitter and astringent!
If the orchid is clear.She also knows that the all these is all that she personally results in by herself, can the all these also turn head?
Still return of go to?
"The time didn't go if is just thinking in the orchid heart!Jiao Qu not from of shiver, is like a loading don't live her sorrow!That is a kind of breathed miserable!
"Is alas
The Xiao bathes rain to see a form, E Chang not already, the Zhi pain in the heart finally turns to make to together and deeply sink of sigh.
Is willing to give up!Chien is simple list 19 painting, again is have how much person can take things calmly, can go unconcerned!
"The other people smile me too the Chi is crazy, I smile others to see not to wear!"
The one who leave I goes, the days of yesterday can not stay!
In disorder I heart, days of today much vexed sorrow!
The life isn't satisfactory in a life time, the Ming Dynasty sends forth to make skiff!
I from lift a pen to be like a sky crazy, the going or staying liver and gall a pair Kun Lun!
The Xiao bathes the continuous response in the brain of rain the sword wall thou on that gold color the words of the Zhuan!He that wants to go to deeply hide of distress, seem to be just to fade away gradually!
Become cool!
"Crazy scholar fairy emperor crazy scholar fairy emperor!You actually is what person, this be you say of a
Often!"The Xiao bathes rain mood a , that originally flicks the evil Zhang feeling that it doesn't go and would is to shout that the tidal wave sort continuously eliminates bait such as the mountain!
"Bomb as if the ground move mountain to shake, the whole cave seems to be all to accept to cannot bear how can it possibly be draining of quantity, but becomes to flutter!
"Walk the Xiao bathe rain without extra trouble on pulling, time dollar space formation, will he together with if the orchids all wrapped uped into, just severals turn an interest and would be have already been placed in an in open an outside!
This fairies abode in, have to strongly adsorb dint, is like a Xiao to bathe rain like this to turn an interest at severals, attain an in open an outside of, is already very rare!The perhaps second bodhi is also hard to attain!
After all!The Xiao bathes rain to attain that sort rapid, that cause that took a stroll to use true spirit!
This fairies abode in, for work properly to know the speed that the idea reads is very big, only Wu Dao's true spirit can't have restriction!
The city gate accidental fire brings disaster to fish in the moat, the Xiao bathes rain nature not silly must get involved stone Fan at this moment empress fighting of together second bodhi in!
The Xiao bathes rain to hope to go toward the stone Fan empress' direction,Beats By Dre Holiday Gift, what to hear is together bomb a sort such as the roll of thunder of fight a voice!The voice voice lingers in the ears and face those several hundred working properly of square meters liquid, stone Fan the empress and second bodhi completely tore open to win "the nobody will hide Zhuo, many Xuans, all of a pair persons are the wanting of gnash teeth in hatredses Cha states"!
Because this fairies abode in, for work properly to know an idea to read to have restriction, therefore, the Xiao bathes rain if is use to work properly to know an idea to read to look into of words, the also not enough pair is 100 meters, pour is that he uses naked eye lo to know!
Obviously is very crary!
Even if is a body place an in open outside Xiao to bathe rain, or can feel the felling that that ground vibrates, and bomb Long such as the muffled thunder of huge ring!
"Bathe!Wait until them to be worth to hurt to accompany wound, so!"If the orchid swallows to vomit, the Chi hopes Xiao to bathe rain.
She wants to call to bathe rain, the words arrive a mouth side, but that word is to speak not and very again!
"Does a pair hurt to accompany wound?"The Xiao bathes rain sword eyebrow a lift!
"Because should be not so simple, is to make us get some advantages in the words of just crazy scholar fairy emperor, just some just, as a crazy scholar fairy emperor, those several hundred working properly of square meters liquid to him, settle however of no consequence is what heavy treasure!"The Xiao bathes rain to say.
"You are to say, those several hundred working properly of square meters liquid, Be just petty profits?"If the orchid shockedly blurts out!
The Xiao bathes rain pretty much affirmative of nod, the look in the eyes is completely astringent!
"This is certainly however, those several hundred square meters work properly although the liquid is valuable, , the most can be accomplish what one large numbers of emperors who fix for the not vulgar disciple just, how can make to go into crazy scholar fairy again says to maneuver fairy evil boundary!".
If the orchid smells speech is also tiny to get a head, obviously is the words that approved Xiao to bathe rain!
Work properly although the liquid is valuable, , at most and only be limited by is develop a large numbers of fix for the not vulgar sons just!Want to maneuver the evil boundary the most important a nature still an individual in fairy to fix for the real strenght!
If think, look sideways mankind creation!
The individual fixs for not reach the peak, and then how can become?
Hears noise to blare repeatedly, pound the energy of the Bo is draining everywhere, but, that cave is still safe and sound, intact have no the slightest as before of breakage!
"Not the Kui is a fairy official residence, a see have no surprising place of cave, can resist the attack of second bodhi, stone Fan empress et al, but the slightest have no Sun!"The Xiao bathes rain shocked!
Second bodhi to know at the beginning, a recruit crack empty cut, or have space of the Zu of wall Related articles:

Beats By Dre Holiday Gift Free shipping day green Monday ensive aggression t

, Leaves 500 well-known scholar the soldier garrison, he thinks that the mighty and valiant soldier since gave up a San pond on his own initiative, can't come back.The result is the Huai that this thought harmed miserably to garrison a San pond west soldier, they ten thousand ten thousand don't thought of that the mighty and valiant soldier incredibly killed a time Ma Qiang, and devotion of be still Liu Ding's close soldier.When the Xiao Qian Di takes ferocious ghost rain all the warrior kills into a San pond of time, they still just dreamland in, many people are in the sleeping be killed, even connect oneself is how none of hopeless situations know.The statistics finally fights a result.The Huai of 498 people west soldier, a didn't slip through the net,Beats By Dre Holiday Gift Free shipping day green Monday, ghost rain all only ten several people get hurt.
One shot is successful.
The San pond re- put on the flag of mighty and valiant soldier.
Liu Peng's relationship with Long Ge is also quite good, on turning, eye pupil son's saying of low voice:"I still think is that do you take down to ground?"
Long Ge also soft-voicedly says:"Brothers, you this recruits to arouse to don't use the method, in fact you are complete need not be worried about the opportunity that didn't fight, you should worry of, being your troopses can insist Huai west the soldier give up a San pond.Ghost rain all took down a San pond last night.Already Tong hornet nest.Everyone in front to attackstone the Huai of San pond west soldier, at the soonest tonight will arrive.Huai west the soldier absolutely can't make us put this a big sand in their eyes.This combat wants continuously and arrives when, who don't know as well.So, brothers take good care of!
Liu Peng speaks slowly a way:"Thanking is that I am too light-minded."
Long Ge smiled to smile, a group of people allied Mei got into the berth of Tyrannosaurus building ship, Liu Ding has already waited for their ground over there arrival.Li Yi He and moxa fly rain also all at, obviously is the tallest mastermind of mighty and valiant soldier, all collect here.Diao strange etc. persons all quietly get into berth and right on the spot sit down on the deck,http://www.headphonest.com.In a short while of effort after, is other to take part in the troops commanding officer of battle in the San pond to also successively arrive, the Gang word camp is sent to increase to aid of, being bending to fly Tao and river Qin Ling two trips is handsome, they bring of two trips is all what Gang word fights in the camp the strongest, be showed from this, San this copper garden pea in pond, it is too to rob a hand really.Everyone distinguished a period of time,Beats By Dre Free shipping day, didn't meet and seldom gathered to seem to be particularly together and all this time excitement.
The low voice of Li Yi He says at Liu Ding Er:"Adult, the persons all arrived together."
Liu Ding's point nods, the facial expression cold Jun ground looking at everybody and speaks slowly a way:"Believe everyone knew, we wanted to prepare to do what.I clearly tell everyone now, we want to attackstone a San pond and again and again battle out a San pond, until force Huai west the soldier completely give up a San pond."
Tiny, Liu Ding deeply sinks of say:"The San pond is a small place, accept not next many people, but fight large-scale, keeping on time will be very long, the sacrifice of each troops may be also very big, and everyone wants to work well mental preparation!From you arrive underneath of each soldier, have to have full of mental state preparation!"
The words aren't heavy, but the weight is very heavy.
Under this nervous environment, mighty and valiant soldier and Huai west the soldier again and again battle out a San pond, by all means are the result that two soldiers pull to saw, compare to put together of is not only is a troops, but also have intention to ambition, decision and intelligence, end which square fall flop, only then time can decide.
Fly a camp to stay this time at Qi Huang Er Zhou, the grimaces all became attack San pond of main force, rest of the troopses all match with grimaces all battle, make grimace all of the commanding officer is again glad, again is strain, the Diao is strange concussion of say:"Our grimaceses will never retreat half to tread!"
The moxa flies rain to lightly shake and speaks slowly a way:"While being not enough accurate, should backing, this sentence still needs to back."
The Diao is strange to interrogatively looking at Liu ding.
Liu Ding speaks slowly a way:"At the time that enemy took the offensive, we slightly made to resist, withdraw right away;Enemy after offending into a San pond, we start backstroke again."
Li Yi He adds to say:"This fights, mainly is to match with black powder troops to carry on, be full of to develop the power that their explosive wraps, our number consumedly not equal to Huai west soldier, have to use the whole meanses to consume Huai west the troops of the soldier.The combat of San pond makes reference to bottom, is a process that puts together depletion, who be put together light first, who is a failed."
The moxa flies rain to carefully say:"Our troopses are limited, can not consume of too many, contrary of, the troops of the Huai west soldier is a lot of, we want possibly kill to harm their have already livinged strength, this comes to a decision our military tacticses, have to be very vivid, at the time that the took the offensive aggression, time should withdraw withdraw, absolutely can not make a mess of!Everyones here are the all the most brave warriors, face the enemy's aggression, absolutely can't shrink back, but this fighting, is more brave than putting together not only a list is, also has intention to ambition and there is also intelligence."
Saying of Diao strange dispassion:"We determinedly execute an order!"
Liu Ding nods to say:"The place in the San pond is very small, the most can station 500 people, you are divided into troops two stir, by turn garrison, the troops of rest, all tie Zhai on Anne's camp of island in the goose heart, by turn carry on an attack to the San pond.If I guess right, we want in this top in the island and a life time to isolate for a few months."
Diao strange talk way:"Is understand!"
Li Yi He follows in detail combat of introducing Liu Ding to arrange.First, all troopses that take part in to attackstone a San pond, all station in the island in the goose heart, rest and recuperate to living an interest, launch basic combat training to the new soldier at the same time.Liu Ding takes out to adjust out this time of troops, the big part is all crack, however grimace all the new soldier in the troops is many, have to fight for time in two months inside make them become the soldier who can ascend battlefield.The battlefield is heartless, each new soldiers has to accept a rigorous test.
Secondly, each troopses all want and hard study how to match with black powder troops a battle.The black powder troops brought a great deal of explosive to wrap this time, they would be gone out by the building ship blast-off of water soldier and helped a mighty and valiant soldier to strike against a San pond.While defending a San pond, these explosives' wrapping equally can develop power.The explosive wraps an idea, besides which, , the black powder troops still brought a great deal of land mine, after the mighty and valiant soldier takes back a San pond, lay inside in the ground of San the north of pond right away, keep Huai from west soldier to close to.If Huai west the soldier Be strong line of to close to, these land mines will make them result in to biggest kill wound.
Li Yi He hasn't completely finished saying, the Luo feather outside comes in from the door, the low voice is to Liu Ding's report:"Coast the hair comes to news, Huai west the soldier launched backstroke."

The text chapter 256 how do you want?(1)
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When Liu Ding calls subordinate to discuss to battle a project, Huai west the soldier have been already started out.^^Read the latest novel^
Zhang Ji's receiving a San pond is taken back by the mighty and valiant soldier afresh of the news is stationing in a place that is called Shu mountain of southeast square of river of Lu, here originally was a Huai west soldier with protect the district of believing the soldier contact, at the beginning Huai west the soldier built an army camp here, so that he/she will protect to believe soldier and mighty and valiant soldier insulation to open.Protected to believe soldier stanza at that time the degree made still Lin Du, have and the mighty and valiant soldier united of possibility, Huai west the soldier had to defend this.Afterwards Lin Du is thoroughly imprisonned by the under charge, protect to believe a soldier and the mighty and valiant soldier escaped from a relation, this army camp gradual of neglected, leaves more than 2,000 Huais west the soldier station, afterwards the mighty and valiant soldier influence is big prosperous, the patrol almost blocked up the doorway of Shu mountain army camp, inside of more than 2,000 Huai west soldier even none of fart dares to put.However, after this year ago, Huai west soldier again beginning a great deal of of the garrison Shu mountain army camp, its commander-in-chief is Zhang Ji.
The Shu mountain isn't a mountain, but a name of small place.Lu Tang Dai at Lu river, become a big the mountain there king, Zhang Ji doesn't think depending on another person for support of long time and instruct to make collective report to Lu Tang every day, hence the active rate soldier left a Lu river and arrived desolate Shu mountain army camp to station.Lu Tang doesn't miss Zhang Ji hinder himself/herself at the river of Lu as well, hence the request that generously promised Zhang Ji also exclusively take out to adjust a great deal of people's man to come to repair this army camp.Afterwards Huai west the soldier go down south Huang Zhou, the Lu river's Huai west the soldier decide strategy guide Tong city, this army camp became Lu the river outside Huai is western the place of the soldier strongest troops.
At that time is a cent in dawn, piece Related articles:

cheap dr dre beats one loudly calls a w

The tower cries out for justice a way at the same time:"Is different,cheap beats by dre!What we absorbed is an evil, not an evil achievement.Say in 《absolute being machine ten Lyus 》 , each chain turns penny evil, the Buddha heart of the absolute being machine number then increases penny.This Huang the smoke is what enchanter carry achievement catalyst come out, again call'Huang Sui Mo's fog', the evil containing among them is the highest, be second only to true absolute being of'bite evil fog of heart', compare a common evil head of'black blood evil fog'badly get much.No matter is an animal or mankind, as long as stop over 100 in evil fog the interest will fall into an evil way for time, the incarnation is evil."
Leaf Hao the sky smell the speech get a fright, can not help turning the head sees go to the set bottom, discover that the set descends to have no how much yellow smoke, Huang Yan mainly concentrates at oneself nearby, this political ability is tiny comfortable tone, hurriedly and secretly urge the universe brocade bag, speed absorb Huang Wu's speed.
The Cheng maritime country teacher is reading to have a phrase at this time,monster beats by dre christmas gift discount online, loquacious endlessly:"The disposition is gifted man's natural character of person, don't need guidance, need not study, need not force, don't think doubtless.We Japanese Buddhism is well different, can satisfy the person's desire and feelings.Only we, just know a real life, 'in spring at at present, plum flower of fragrant lightly float, with bamboo grove deep place the subtle fragrance for spreading mix together, I feel to seem the body having already faced the country of living Buddha'……"
He speaks endlessly, until consume go to the greater half is evil achievement, tired the big sweat absolute being getting a full head is tired and annoy short of time, just discover that evil fog that oneself with much ado sends out imitates a Buddha is generally disappeared, the leaf of the on the stage Hao the sky not only and the slightest have no Sun, on the contrary the noodles dew smiles the expression is self-composed, by this time, he just as being thrown the Nian fish of on the coast soon dry dead, the fee makes an effort and annoys and walks and returns to original place, a bottom sits on the Pu regiment, can not speak a word any further.
Under the set of foot benefit the righteousness is stunnedly full to looking at Cheng maritime country of teacher, don't know how he does things by halves to suddenly stop.When he changes direction vision leaf Hao weather, discover a leaf Hao sky already the beaming with smiles station is started.

The Buddha sea Ci sail 6, the regulations is the foundation of Buddhism-the blemish of Japanese Chan
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6, the regulations is originally
Leaf the Hao expression in the sky self-composedly walks to before the set, the vision brushes past from the public face, the clear voice says:"Before I start expounding the teachings, want to ask everyone a question first:Who can tell me the Buddha of your country to be many to actually have how much?"
Under the set of the audience don't know that he asks this words is what mean, all look at him don't talk.
Sir in Kuei-shan saw foot benefit righteousness full one eye first and saw his noodles' having no facial expression not to know is just thinking what, hence stand to start to answer a way:"The absolute being light elder has been already said in times before, the Chan extremely spreads widely here, the Buddha is many not under the half of total population."
Leaf Hao the sky shook to shake head:"I see have no so many.Win 30% of the Buddhism pupil not enough population of soil ……"
The words sound didn't fall, but smelt enough benefit righteousness full to refute sharply a way:"The our country makes great progress, naturally green proceed from blue and better than and blue!"
Leaf Hao the sky still shake head letter not:"I see a real Buddha of your country many not enough 10%!Even 1% all has no!"
This talks 1 and lead the set descend public one Hua however.
Someone loudly calls a way:"How many days do you just come?Dare wildly from thin thin, talk wildly!The not afraid breeze greatly strains a tongue!"
Someone scolds:"Do you think that you is several it's old?Living Buddha?Monk of high renown?Or bodhisattva, with what say these words?Roll to return to medium soil to go quickly!Don't lost face here!"
Leaf Hao the sky quarreled to raise an orotund way in the voice in the public one:"What is meant by a Buddha?What is the essence of the Buddha ?Fix a Buddha to have what advantage?Does everyone fix the purpose that the Buddha practises meditation where?"Make reference to here, he at on the stage return Duo two, loudly ask a way:"Who can answer clear these questionses?I appreciate best green steel sword of his 1,002 silver in additionses 1!"
Listenned to this words, the set descended to become a pot of gruel indiscriminately more.
Someone shouts:"Lao Tze arrives the seaside blunt kill 1 to have around ten thousand two silverses, who rare are you those filthy lucres?"
Someone's way:"Gabbing is thin!What do you say to is a Buddha?Human speech person extremely, this problem basically has no answer!"
Leaf the Hao situation that see the spot in the sky almost loses control and explored a hand to take out the Buddha Qing of Ksitigarbha's three one of the treasureses, lightly one Kou, immediately send out clear and crisp pleasing voice.Although the voice isn't big,can keep deeply public heart bottoms, under the set of people a while calmness come down.
Connect down, leaf the Hao voice in the sky loud and clearly asks myself to answer:"What is a Buddha?Buddha be'already awakening person'.Is understand the whole to vex is all opportunity and match, Che certificate Ji however motionless, bright time shine on of feel sex, can keep off annoyance, Lang however greatly feel, be called a Buddha."Finish saying this a few words, he again the Kou shot two times Buddha Qing.
The Qing voice hears, set bottom almost the half person sank in to contemplate, however still have half person at loudly appeal to the public small call:"This truth who don't understand?But who really become Buddha again?I see however is a Chi the person say dream just, basically can not the chain become."
Leaf Hao the sky ignore to publically start revolt, immediately after way:"The essence of the Buddha is all a Buddha heart, fix purpose and results of Buddha for the sake of the Buddha heart of that endurable supremacy.The contents of Buddhist doctrine's most, lies in teaching people an interest the bottom living to put out wild heart and comprehended originally don't livinged immortalization and have no solid have no falsely and carefree and sincerely-often live sincerely.In other words, are this heart that the important persons find back to lose already a long time, is also find thy true self!"
He is saying and walking around in the on the stage, ever and anon pound Buddha Qing for a while, in a little while under the set of the audience pipes down gradually, is quarreling loudly of the person is less and less.Those people probably the evil is deeper, hardest calm down a while.
Leaf Hao the sky recall hard at nine China the clean soil gain of memory concerning Buddhism, enjoy in retrospect at the same time oneself once read of all Buddhisms are classic, nowise stop over ground to immediately after say:"Is the Buddha heart actually what things?The Buddha heart is the fruit that the Buddhism practices moral teachings, it includes to quit, settle, the Hui 3 F state.This is the total that cultivates Buddhist doctrine, none of the whole Buddhist doctrines leaves to quit, settle, Hui.Didn't is clean not to dye be quit;Ji however motionless be certainly;View's shining on to is no hindrance is a Hui.
If make a Buddha ratio a tree, quit to would be root, it is a tree trunk to settle, the Hui is the flower that the treetop opens.
If will fix a Buddha ratio to make to dispel in addition to the heart is evil, quit if defend a thief, settle a thief such as the Fu, Hui then if kill a thief.
So say to want to fix a Buddha,cheap dr dre beats, the square one has to beat well'quit'of groundwork.I want to speak today of mainly be quit!"
At this time set next someone be loudly pointing to order Ji Feng:"See!Pay that person not to know to improvise, say on the Buddhist sutra what be what?Connect comprehending of some oneself to also have no!"
Leaf Hao sky's imitating a Buddha don't hear generally and smile Jian celestial spirits the Chinese foot took out, the luck rose capability to tremble two times aweather.
Those set the bottom stand to quarrel loudly a continuously person immediately short 1, imitate Buddha child to tell a lie be suddenly exposed generally by the parents, in the mind immediately some flurried.
The on the stage is another the part sits of old monk but feel heart in a burst of palpitate, the whole individuals all become agitated discomfort to get up.
Leaf Hao the sky clap the Jian Chinese foot in the sky to sink a voice to ask a way:"Does everyone know that my hand's inside is what things?This is a quit a Chinese foot, is come to this on the way through the mountain of Pu Tuo a monk of high renown give the Chinese foot of my regulations.It reminds I time guard heart of wildly read.
What is quit?Quit BE'just and fluently set free of originally', is also'the highest bodhi is originally'.
Quiting is like the earth, like the radicle of building, the house sets up the prison is rickety, see the foundation digging enough not enoughly deeply.
Quit to settle Hui three to learn with quit for head, from quit to living settle, from certainly living Hui.
In years past a life time dies front the pupil ask:'Are you old to walk us to depend on who behind? Related articles:

Artist Series udes the guard an

Blow gun four ,food supplies large quantities of ammunition .relationresultWith thiseffort, there are nearly two hundred and twelve Eight Route Army cha-ji a division three regiment soldiers never down on this piece of land, light and heavy casualties of more than 500 people, three regiment battalions have class organizational system disappeared ,abnormal major losses ,still intact in barely four hundred people ,even includes the guard and civilian personnel .
relationresultWhile winning thebattle ,according to the original plan to win the East Fort mission ,but the inside is full of depressing atmosphere, but none of the joy after the victory ,this is the three regiment from the long march of the Red Army after the intense fight, if there were not traitors betrayed operational intelligence ,I am afraid three league loss not so big .
relationresultReport ! Chen Jiayao clear voice in the regimental headquarters office outside the ring ,breaking the regiment inner boring .relationresultCome in ! Three head of Gu Yue raised his head ,looked at Chen Jiayao, barely showing a smiley face .
relationresultReport of Colonel, a commander urgent ! Chen Jiayao pulled out a piece of paper to Gu yue .relationresultKnow ,Jia yao !You go first and rest for a while !Pay attention to the body ! And the king stood up and clapped Chen Jiayao on the shoulder .
relationresultThe kingsent Chen Jiayao political commissar ,but found that Gu Yue didn too on ,surprised and asked: how ? , relationresultFierce battle. Gu Yue down letterheads ,raised his head ,from the mouth out two words .
relationresultface became livid .relationresultEastof Fort mission to capture near Laiyuan ,outside the village two groups were taken, and he defeated the Laiyuan city help ,http://www.4udrdrebeatscheap.com,at the same time ,Laiyuan city Japs also run into fierce battle ,this time without the village and East Mission Fort in Laiyuan city into a situation of tripartite confrontation ,be isolated and helpless ,a regiment once occupied the north of the city of Laiyuan area ,surrounding the twenty-fifth regiment ,Twentieth regiment sweeping outside Laiyuan Japs stronghold ,as well as take Laiyuan city for a commander ,as planned ,to gradually eliminate the outside Laiyuan stronghold ,the final concentrate a superior force to take Laiyuan, plan is being carried out smoothly .
relationresultEast MissionFort and the village was taken by Laiyuan City ,Lingqiu ,be placed in jeopardy ,the Eight Route Army in surprise reveal hitherto unknown fighting strength and determination ,his son Duan Guishan the traitor spy with the battalion returned information ,to estimate the Eight Route Army next operation plan ,the Japanese Mongolia Garrison Army command to respond quickly ,originally stationed in Baotou ,Guyang in the vicinity of the Japanese army in second independent mixed brigade of the two infantry brigade and two artillery troops back Laiyuan ,23 independent mixed brigade arrived in Laiyuan in second to spearhead the palace mouth ,South by car ,and on day 25 via as Cao channel fort ,and take the local Japanese 300 people ,in Motianling and by alfalfa starting more than Japanese intentions towards confluence ,Laiyuan ,on the same day and in the Ferris south of the Five Ridges was route eight Mission twentieth desperate resistance .
relationresultAt the same timeindependent hybrid second brigade another department in the Eight Route Army cha-ji a partition spy camp repelled ,after many battles, breakthrough spy battalion ,continued south to just leave it the source of more than one hundred kilometers of Weixian County ,and is located in the Weixian County headquarters ,on the evening of 24 independent second brigade regiment brigade command hybrid head had arrived Weixian County Japanese jockeying for position, which is located 40 kilometers northeast Laiyuan East Mission Fort Group Three is from the nearest the enemy Eight Route Army troops .
relationresultAcommander to convey the emergency command is a command of three group to check the stock down enemy .relationresultThe 129th Festival , relationresultwipe sweat, but the East Fort mission have ,or be Japs reinforcements so a pincer attack ,even before Laiyuan got down ,East Fort mission this battle is unknown .
relationresultslightly one consider to Colonel Gu Yuedao ,three : or such ,from the three regiment battalions deployed remained fighting force went to check, other forces to seize the time to rest and treatment of the wounded .
relationresultThat As you said it, I went to arrange ,Artist Series. Gu Yue ,stood up ,and go directly to the staff college office ,although at other times he and Wang commissar in some aspects have different views ,but in the general direction and goals .
relationresultSeeGu jumped out of the room, alas tone, automatic speaking : hope that God can bless the three regiment sacrificed again little bit . Think of some old familiar faces will not appear in the eyes ,heart throbbed with pain .
relationresultAfter the battle,cheering afterwards, soon, the battlefield into a tide of grunts ,the victory was quickly exhausted .relationresultAfter the demiseof Li Wei Di ,battlefield victory cheers turn a deaf ear to ,days of battle ,greatly drained his strength ,just fill a few slobber slightly added a body of water, a crooked body will fall into sleep ,the sleep when a solid feel is the greatest happiness ,cheap dr dre beats.
relationresultPut out theresidual fire ,three regiment soldiers looking for a safe place ,closely packed together, sleep ,the original battlefield ,almost covered the East Mission Fort near the old people ,every people ,even children are consciously ,without any noise ,light hand for light foot the Eight Route Army soldiers clean up the battlefield ,careful examination of each broken piece of earth ,in the party under the leadership of ,find out every little scattered ammunition supplies .
relationresultLocaltemporary establishment of militia ,began with a red-tasselled spear and just captured guns .Spontaneously active in East Fort mission patrol around and alert, guarding their closest army .
relationresultThebattalion command post in finishing the sum of the battalion ,after receiving the order, immediately called the same platoon leader and elected not to rest ,ammunition and physical ample company ,to Weixian County direction blocking independent hybrid second brigade South division .
relationresultBlockingtroops on the battlefield was quietly ,quietly set off immediately after sleep ,are other soldiers did not find another battle begins .relationresultThe skyhas a faint dawn .
As the earth is a layer of Phnom penh .relationresultTop !What are you looking at ?!In the soil to route eight ?! , relationresultDuan Chengstartled ,suddenly back ,see him talking to people is his old man segment gui-shan .
relationresultNo.No ,no ! Section Prudential some guilty bent .relationresultYou are my son ,what do you think I do not know, hey ,forget them !After the meeting, was not my words ,is my enemy .
Duan Guishan askew top army uniform hat ,riding coat out of the house .relationresultNo, not at all.Yes, I am. I just want to know the three regiment to people like you ? Duan Cheng hearts some confusion .
Although he sold three mission ,but surely unexpectedly on three missions for so long ,always have a love .relationresultHum !Forget it !In order to money and beauty, only who can give us these ,our father and son work for who .
Duan Guishan a look of disdain ,t you think ,I for you to eat for you to wear ,to give you the money to lead a gay one with women ,for the future you will have a good future ,I even specially for somebody to teach you to read and write, to you I like you so much time ,his own name can .
The earth eight way can give you these ,you wake up . , relationresultSeesection of sincere does not respond, Duan Guishan proud of preaching continued : known as China captain Sakata O said ,the Chinese people have no requirement, is to have a meal to eat ,as to who when the emperor also is not the same day, what to eat, we who do ,now he be a trend which cannot be halted .
The future world is the Imperial Army ,the soil Eight Route Army ,he spat it out ,what the future !It stands clear position ,so that future suffering not to say, not a small life .
, relationresultIf the Japanese occupied the whole of China, Chinese or Chinese ? Section Prudential still think of heart thing ,asked casually .relationresultWho knows.May day is the Related articles:

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Lead us, and then use money, and then use beauty, you don't recruit to admire."See come to this!~The elder brother is to deeply gain a lot of insight, the half plays trick of say.

Section 84
Segment truly a surprised, thought and be discovered by them what, facial expression immediately white get up, the calf delivers soft keep trembling, strong pack hard spirit ground to say:"Which ability, hold his Japanese devil, money beauty thinks round also the round doesn't arrive our this little soldier."
"Ha ha ha, national rise and fall, the ordinary person contains responsibility, money beauty how to make us sweet to be a Wu country of Nu."That person strongly taps a segment truly of shoulder.
Other several people see a segment truly facial expression some not normal, should only is again thought of devil to use there penal and cruel, who have never been subjected to these Xings, on several individuals face all already had muscular spasms with feeling ground for a while, impish son absolutely is not the Chinese be the person see.
The segment truly changed clothes together with them and covered up the uniform of camouflage and looked for to formally visit a shot brigade and also thought a way to conveniently send back a segment to truly and too go mountain.
BE looking for the on the way of visiting the shot brigade, they also not is very smooth, from break out of in the too original city come after, very not easy found out the place in the region to visit a shot brigade, didn't°yet be safe how long, the devil of big brigade starts cleaning up, the combat sometimes coming all of a sudden also lets and visits a shot brigade and copes with Xia not, the circumstance is always very bad, transfer and lead more combat, the segment truly tries very hard to in the heart bottom of curse old man son segment the expensive mountain is absolutely to want and persecute to death son on the battlefield, and fighting of Japanese devil he didn't also stay a hand, anyway isn't your dead is that I live.
The traitor of China brigade of Japanese devil and segment expensive mountain for canning let the segment truly return to eight road soldiers smoothly internal, but descend net cost, the spy that inserted eight road soldiers before's wanting Yao isn't communized, the Yao is to can not stand survey to expose, and segment truly this eight road soldier identity of the guard, Lien Chan, private can say is flawless, although it is said that day originally devil and false soldier Zu become of person horse at pursue a segment truly the visiting of place shot brigade, but have no with all strength attack, always continuously make a deceptive show of strength ground visit shot brigade to go mountain to drive out too much, even the segment all truly doesn't know ownly and nearby and take part in a person who rob the jail win be also inserted spy.
The comfortable day that ever since that time once enjoyed the wine good dinner and the beauty, the segment is truly even not understand, why oneself how can afraid of death so now, as long as fight hit by bullet a ring.He cannot helps but having a kind of throw down the gun takes to the heels and then runs of impulse, one fights down, didn't ring several guns to is like whole body debility for him, the cold sweat wasn't only, if not is see at oneself return the body have to hard in the middle of visiting a shot brigade support skin of head to pretty descend.
In the segment truly eye in, originally at eight road army corps department of the life compare with to visit a shot brigade ground life to say, be heaven absolutely like.Sometimes the open country walks walk next have heavy rain, sometimes just working well rice has to immediately transfer, river water in the forest even will imply wood corrupt empress of toxin, include segment truly at inside have many comrade's feet to all take place to fester, and at the midnight sleeping in also probably be suddenly called to come to transfer.
Under this kind of status with no regulation, the segment truly and finally still kept canning not holding up to fall sick, badly sick , suffer from vomiting and diarrhea, the energies of whole body are all taken out light, the Yang Yang of disease of he is sent to a surface is Shan-li to hunt a door.Secretly but is the somebody else whom the underground intelligence report stands.Was had to hand over to need false soldiers of grounds to pass by this family to still pack to play a few dramas while searching to visit a shot brigade, make a pretense of could not recognize a segment truly.
Lie a segment on the sickbed to truly feel be like understand why the old headman will only choose that he incubates to return to eight road soldiers and is acting from inside of Japanese.
Because other traitor of Chinas and spy not is don't enough cover of the identity is to can not edible this kind of bitterness, however fantasize the devils in future say of"total glory turn in big East Asia" of that kind of follow one's inclinations a day and want to be like the beauty spent, greatly chase of money, the segment truly returns to at last simply support down.
The murky segment is truly made a ground of person's voice by the outdoor subterranean heat to fight to come to on the first, the mire wall couch grass crest soundproof effect in the house that only has 45 houses isn't so good, kept at this family for several days, at hospitality of the host use dozen ground Shan-li game and herb medicine of nourishing under, the segment is truly still on the whole to resume some vitalities, he supports own body to walk to the hall house.Shan-li of the common Huang unmanned smoke says the true, really is a cold Ji of tight, there is so noisy day outdoors is not much, although it is said very careful at ordinary times fear be seen by the other people what flaw, but the day is getting longer, his heart next also calm, as long as he doesn't say to leak a mouth,cheap beats, which personal face up will write traitor of China two words.
Come to person up the No.100 outdoors, dispersion at outdoor of this up take a rest.Segment truly the station hoped one eye in the house doorway and seemed a group of students, the number is still many, although the noodles takes tired color but spirit very prosperous, 35 a heap of grounds scatter to sit on the ground, the house owner person isn't receiving these students, is busy in pouring water for them to quench thirst, really does understand ditch ditch in Tashan that these students run this nobody smoke to dry what.
The house owner person is leading at this time several individuals to this big house of walk, be like see a segment truly stand on the doorway, house owner the person's big voice immediately rang to get up:"Come, we introduce for a while, this is-"
"The segment is truly!~"
"Li Wei?!"
"You how here?"The segment truly almost opens mouth to say at the same time with Li Wei, 2 people all stare big eyes, having never thought can meet the other party in this kind of place.
"You?!"2 people open mouth at the same time again, Zhi for a while, swallowed words to return to at the same time again.
Once the person of the house owner see, these two comrades all know each other, but see their facial expressions are like that the mutuals what rubbish wanted to say, hurriedly way:"You understanding, come, sit in house, slowly chat, I received other classmates first to go to, you chatted, ha ha ha."See the house owner person Be also very happy to see have so many guests, his old woman Niang is busy at the pot the cooking stove is ex- to tidy up accumulate Zan down at ordinary times of pickle of salty meat and smoking the meat fall a pot.
Guide at the person of house owner under, Li Wei and segment truly 2 people sat down, Li Wei nearby of and blessing waited a person to tactfully help the house owner the person to do to live cloud.
The segment truly feels some embarrassed ways:"Wei son, do you first say that you were to go out a performance task?"Because Li Wei's task keeps secret, segment not truly clear Li Wei go where,cheap dr dre beats, carry out what task.
"The task completed and had already prepared to return to now!~What about you, how ran to come here, and three regiments, all the way how did I didn't see other comrades?Are you to come out to carry out a task?"Li Wei also in the oddness, segment truly not is should at three of guard connect, how ran to come here, three regiments also came over, but didn't also see the troops of three regiments all the way, and now compare from at the time that base came out, the blockader of devil was more getting tighter,monster beats by dre christmas gift discount online, segment truly the Zha rush out from a person of base, also is carrying out a task similar to him?!Li Wei guesses.
Li Wei speaks this sentence, segment some Huangs in sincerity however, Li Wei can also be regarded as this latent talent of one of the task targets, he doesn't know to say what good, and then fear Li Wei to see one some what, hesitate a good half-day, just slowly way:"In fact I am grasped by the devil go to after, again break out of come of."

Section 85
The segment truly chases in addition to he revolt of part excepted, a little bit synopsis' saying is 1 time, anyway and actually also bad not how much, as long as old man son segment expensive mountain and those Japanese women don't speak true facts, the others at most think that oneself was dragged along by the devil to another place start to use torture was whole for several days, already and afterwards from break out of in the prison come of affair, many persons who visit a shot brigade all know of, is just that Li Wei present to own form, old man son segment the names that the expensive mountain makes use of a preservation accept and return to again.
At from the old headman there return to a prison before the building, segment truly return a quilt call to a small room in, accept a Japanese devil that likes to take small whip son to take out a person to train what spy's technique, that impish sub- Chinese speaks stiller than oneself to slip away, as long as oneself walks the absolute being didn't cautiously listen to or play to show not goodly, signed a horse and then will get one whip son, this starting of dog day is malicious, absolutely be like at sell a monkey skill of is training a monkey, if not is to see in the old headman talk to persuade so much, he early put together with this impish son, at the moment segment truly with lend the devil novella spy's technique, chase oneself all bad Related articles:

monster beats by dre christmas gift discount online PS;Someone asks

"Yuan senior, this?"Cloud Lan works properly to know to spread a sound.
Yuan ambition look in the eyes a tight;"Teaching the precept is all right!", Is same of is also work properly to know to spread a sound.
Two of him work properly to know to spread a sound, Xiao's bathing rain nature is to don't know, the nerve of one face draws tight at the moment, the other party after all get into cabinet have already had a date, press if the words of orchid say, oneself forces a beginning to peep to build a radicle initial stage, but can become cabinet pupil and all has a radicle of build to expect at least, but get into cabinet obviously can also study higher achievement method, can oneself have confidence?…
He!Not dare the gist, also not ability the gist.
The shell of one side virtuous Si sees a form, in the heart suddenly on coming to, the one more sees cloud Lan and the appearance of Yuan ambition, dark way-not good!!Work properly to know to spread a sound.….
PS;Someone asks dream today into write a book so and try very hard to why, the answer is easy-for having a meal,monster beats by dre christmas gift discount online!Strange the strange code of word speed is really too slow!From a day to midnight, push to break brain, code word just a pair chapter!Ah......

Is a spool of;Person if chapter 13 dragon;Advise?
Renew time:2010-7-110:31:39 chapter word numbers:3241

Nervous emotion's spreading is each corner at shell the heart of the virtuous Si, he and the Xiao bathe the relation of rain, his nature is to don't hope that the Xiao bathes rain to have an accident, the other party is a cabinet pupil, deal with Xiao to bathe rain an outside pupil in the door, this …obviously and very isn't fair.
"How to do?..How to do?"
Shell virtuous Si felling by himself/herself at the moment be like be placed in hot the ant on the pot, want to be successful in career, he have no that skill, the other party if not that seeing in the words of the influence of oneself's backs, estimate even oneself will also pull into, unconscious, shell the forehead of the virtuous Si unexpectedly permeated carefully sweat bead.
The Xiao bathes rain whole body heart on the alert and came to grips that time with Mo Yan before oneself still left behind of skill, don't use with all strength.
....Is the outside door pupil a fish,cheap beats, let people to cut into pieces?
Even if other people meeting, the Xiao bathes rain also can't.
Cloud Lan corner of mouth a curved, cold speech way;"Surprisingly Luo's senior is unexpectedly willing to give up to give his a double-edged swords of Xuan iron all you, see on the face of Luo's senior, I will stay your[one] small life!".
"Have though the skill comes to take!"The Xiao bathes rain to rebuke with sarcastic remarks.
Cloud Lan is what person, he is a pupil of cabinet, in normal times inside, where once saw outside pupil in the door thus don't put oneself in the eye, momentary, the blue vein suddenly and violently rises, wrath abnormality, connect talk to seem to be all to become stammer.
Shell virtuous Si for own real strenght that still has much of self-knowledge, the circumstance in nowadays is very critical moment, imminent, basically being not oneself that immature person level can obstruct of drop of, the only way is to use brain.
"Have!"Shell virtuous Si look in the eyes sudden flash across one silk is crafty, loudly way;"Cloud Lan senior, he is only outside pupil in the door, where meeting is a senior your opponent, even if is to really need to advise his skill in martial arts, that also waits Luo tiger senior come back to say again, good?".
The shell virtuous Si speaks the time of this words and contained inside strength, voice is of proliferation, ask for to come to other outside visions of pupils.
"Ai!You see, there occurrence what?"A pupil inquiry makes a noise.
"Do not know!"The pupil of one tiger pound waist circle flutters him to have the head of amount of.
"Walk, we see!"…….……."Shell virtuous Si,http://www.4udrdrebeatscheap.com!"Cloud Lan feel angerly stared at virtuous Si of shell one eye.
Momentary, originally just pupil 350% heaps in door all walk toward the this place outside the self-discipline.
The purpose attains!
Is dark pleased in the shell virtuous Si heart, there were so many outside door pupils to round a view, how of!This cloud Lan doesn't dare as well next malicious hand, otherwise the seriousness of affair, extend, he also needs the amount of Dian amount of Dian.
"Is this what is the row?""Do not know""……" rounds outside pupils in the door of view all in small voice's discussing.
Shell virtuous Si clear voice way;"Many senior younger brothers, cloud Lan senior, need to point out Xiao to bathe rain and also invite many senior younger brothers to step aside a position, in case spread to!".
The words of shell virtuous Si let the Xiao bathe the property of rain and cloud Lan a pair person to take place variety, one side the original hands encircle of the Yuan ambition have an ordering of meaning, the corner of mouth hangs an unidentified smiling face.
Just that smiles!How to have a liking for to there are several gloomy felling of dividings.
The Xiao bathes rain Xuan iron sword with a downward exposure on putting, the sword point touches ground and towards a cloud Lan icy cold way;"That had Lao!"For the good bitterness of shell virtuous Si work hard he also appreciate from the heart bottom, don't want to kiss his good intentions as well.
Hear the Xiao bathe rain to say so, the shell virtuous Si hanged in mind rock to let go of a lot, he was afraid to is a Xiao to bathe rain sense of honor to use a matter, suffered a los when the time comes, but turned to read a to think, also released however, Xiao's bathing rain isn't so recklessly of person.
Cloud Lan not from of Pie the Yuan ambition of the eye one side, sees Yuan ambition don't the slightest mean.
Don't mean!
If that equaled to free to oneself to begin, for Yuan ambition, cloud Lan still pretty much listens to of, the Yuan ambition isn't only is his senior, but also still his cousin, naturally can't harm him, round view pupil now a lot of, the malicious hand is to can not descend, as for give order teach!…….
Thought of this, once cloud Lan hand flick and appear a to chase three without basis Chinese foot green Feng, be suffused with cold light unclearly, despise way;"I let first you three recruit, you begin first!".
Leisurely of!
Anything that vanishes, the emasculation is like Hong, the word was lingering sound don't fall, sees the Xiao bathe rain body in a flash, point ground hair dint.
Is quick!……The speed is the quickest, 18 relentless matchless sword spirit moment Maos shot into cloud Lan, is like an extensive big net, and his figure just puts on a blue at the same time.
Cloud Lan Ge however of, the eye pupil tightens, such as pinhole-like in shape.
He has never thought Xiao bathes rain to say to begin and then begin, he has never thought as well the Xiao bathes rain will like this artistic skill.
The green Feng sword rush splits, a burst of sword spirit as if ripple lake water, in multiple layers spread out, make frontal attack to annoy to those 18 swords.
Bomb!Bomb!Bomb!…..Gasify on recruiting those 18 swords for eliminate Xian.
Is a burst of to flap to concuss, the aftermath lets outside pupil in the door of rounding the view not from of body rock, unique can not keep of is Yuan ambition, he encircles at the moment of hands not from of put down, look in the eyes is of a bright.
"Is very fierce!"Is surprisingly in the rush, sword 18 all unexpectedly drive on recruiting to dissolve, however …..That just opens outside small vegetables and recruits to just arrive at the moment behind.
Is late quick while saying at that time!…
Unpretentious one sword, a matchless sword of violent in action!The sword of Xuan iron is originally thick actually matchless, weigh up to more than 300 catties, more naturally at the moment the sword of Xuan iron drive the Xiao bathe rain is infused to of the extensive true spirit flood.
"Weng …Weng Weng!"The sword point seemed to stab to break air, the Zheng Zheng made to ring.
Cloud Lan frighteneds to disgrace and quickly makes frontal attack green Feng in hand up, want to lend this resist Xiao to bathe rain of recruit behind.
"Want to resist so!"The Xiao bathes once rain sword eyebrow lift and explode to drink 1;"Break!".
"Bomb!"A surprised thunder, that is solid to beat actually hard touch, cloud Lan felling oneself's body a light, is like a floating about feather, was shaken to float to go out.
"Burst!"The one mouthful is deep red, the stars spreads and starts to jump from the ground, and cloud Lan whole body is in total disorder and unbearable.
On recruiting collision, the Xiao bathes rain also not from of repeatedly behind Zhan, the figure is unsteady, row the trace of one a three meterses on the ground.
The Xiao bathes rain also not lead, at the moment felling oneself annoy blood to seethe inside the body, the viscera is to will be left and uploadses come repeatedly hot, once the eyelid hang, the dangerous spot that sees hold the sword of Xuan iron unexpectedly the flesh threw away one big piece and peeped out an abundant of white bone.
"Hua!!"The outside pupil a burst of noise of shouting in door that rounds a view hands over head to connect an ear to get up in succession, be like drive Tong of hornet nest.
"Good!"Shell the virtuous Si is unbearable call break a sound, voice a , again felling have a little unpopular, the Yuan ambition of the one side already look in the eyes Pie come, his Han smiles a Nao head.
Does this still advise?
However majority of outside door Related articles:

cheap dr dre beats rely takes the blame

The main old wealth wants to make one two Yis too still the kid keep a daughter-in-law!?"Lin Xin Yu pays white delicate chin, vision not bosom with good intent Pie the Pie be not choking in distance hand the line feet sew to mend clothing for the warriors of virgin Yang Ni of Yang Jia.
The warriors touch grasp to roll a dozen to spoil, the clothes breakage on the body is always fierce, the big man is mostly not kind what needlework son, oneself's sewing and mending is all dealing with of big thick needle feet, even if is the uniform material of the area brigade the quality lead very much hard, but or can not help to repair D to press to repair D, Yang Ni helps the warriors the darning on one's own initiative, or is popular among the warriors very much, the women folk does this kind of matter son much wither talent than the man.
"Coquette?!"Li Wei follows Lin Xin Yu's vision to see go, Yang Ni devotes one's minds the needlework son on the oneself's hand, completely is a daily life at home fair lady manner, two inches are long of embroidering and spending needle the excrescent white delicate finger jump up over there, willing break into abuse to turn an eye to sew must not stay trace.
"H'm, pretty be like coquette!H'm, braise in soy sauce meat, delicious!"The fork that Li Wei becomes overdo to stretch chopsticks to braise in soy sauce meat.
Starting to clip a cake of is big, directly and to mouth throw into, made an effort to chew several chew,monster beats by dre christmas gift discount online.Again pick an one mouthful rice, have never also taken care of Lin Xin Yu that the pair annoy the drum drum of lovely shape, with concentration go to to of start to deal with this bowl of braise in soy sauce meat.
In Li Wei Yan at present, the coquette's attraction to him didn't°yet braise in soy sauce meat come of big.
"You eat, know to eat, similar to pig, grieve me!?"Lin Xin Yu's girls temper sees Li Wei this a pair oil salt don't enter of shape, angrily stretch out the delicate of thin spring onion sort is on the Li Wei's head make an effort En for a while.
"You how again?!"Li Wei contains a meat piece, the seeing of injustice is toward Lin Xin Yu.He returns Yuan than the Dou E and connect to eat a piece to braise in soy sauce none of meat ability Anne living.
"Say,Artist Series, when bring in the troops inside to this coquette?!"Lin Xin Yu face top clear write frank from the breadth, resist from strict.
Li Wei blinked to expect several bottom eyes, frank from the breadth, the prison bottom sits to wear and resist from strict, go home to celebrate the New Year, if the truth actually say.This bond maid film doesn't take back this bowl of braise in soy sauce meat to make him drink northwest breeze just strange.
"Are you getting more jealous?"Li Wei belongs to a silly heavy thick type in the emotion of, but is not out and out either silly come home, seem in Lin Xin Yu's tone can smell that arrive one silk very jealous flavor.
Almost can pin up a vinegar bottle on Lin Xin Yu's small mouth:"BE how again?!"
"I like soy sauce!"Li Wei continues to be devoted to stuffy rice, the big piece clips to braise in soy sauce meat, *like to eat to braise in soy sauce meat, to*study!
"You!You!"Lin Xin Yu suddenly now, at present this guy basically has never been so serious affair to return to matter!
Is a pair of to be obviously suffused with to have cloud in the beautiful eyes, the chemisette heart is always so with no reason touchy-feely, the woman feels jealous of the disposition don't need reason.
"Must get and have no the that time matter that you imagine son?!"Li Wei's title tooks a look Lin Xin Yu fine become cloudy, feel braise in soy sauce meat how to more and more be like sugar of vinegar sparerib, well heavy vinegar flavor son.
"You humiliate me!"Lin Xin Yu plants Zang frame-up Li Wei very simply!
"E!"Li Wei is braised in soy sauced meat to choke keep turning over cold stare, this wench doesn't do Xing Xun to extract confession absolutely is discommode this natural endowments.He early knows the young girl that saved that surname, behind affirmation will make this dispute, and the woman was the most irrational living creature, so he just has been packing the appearance of world peace.
Are those warriors waiting to see to smile on the side!?Li Wei's appetite was stopped halfway.
"Like good!"Li Wei also eats not to enter to braise in soy sauce meat and simply lets go of a bowl, didn't like a spirit way:"Do you see me being like sex maniac?Do you see me being like to eat to hope a pot in bowl an inside?!Please, I admit that Yang Ni grows it's really outstanding, can I ain't hungry either don't choose the person of food, if I am so easily lured by the attractive woman, the another female kid still doesn't cry to rob to make me steep."Wrong, the sky greatly wrongs, must be which soldier Zai son add oil to add leaking out of vinegar information, he must the opportunity to seek drill this to help well world only and perhaps not disorderly bean-head son, don't beat for three days, last building Jie tile.
"Hum,cheap dr dre beats!"Lin Xin Yu Jiao humed 1 and once twisted a body to go, Li Wei's some kind of speaks still let her dissatisfaction quell some.
"Calculate calculate, the day is long to appear in public heart, I also not fee words!"Li Wei throws down a bowl of chopsticks to surrender, the station starts to want to walk, still cold processing a period of time of good, you more explain, the woman usually more comes strength son, Li Wei can't seek uneasiness for he or she by himself/herself.
Just turned round to go, listen to Lin Xin Yu shouting a way:"Is slow!"
Li Wei helplessly turns again back, this young girl still doesn't want to pass him and has never liked to annoy tunnel:"Is dry what?!"
"Ate up to walk again!"Lin Xin Yu lowers the head to avoid being seen Li Wei's vision, in the mind continuously reminds oneself, don't ask for this heart Gao Qi Ao's man too much not happy.Lin Xin Yu by himself/herself is also personally once realized, let this heartless man show interest, also really must be not so easy, the revolution children can't so has no confidence, either and also fears to contend for however another woman.
"How troublesome woman is!" Li Wei still has no alternative of sit to return to, re- held up to pick half of bowls, the path kept pouring braising in soy saucing of another inside meat and rice together, with the chopsticks mix blend for a while, is more similar than a pig food ground to pick in mouth, even if Lin Xin Yu again want to make the small temper of some son cans not obstruct him, either this bowl of braise in soy sauce all of the meats to eat up.
"All blame you!"Lin Xin Yu knead up Li Wei's arm, three turns of three turns of left right, Ning coal gas cooking stove leak oneself with no reason of disaffection.
"……" Li Wei Zhang wears hard meat of oneself's skin thick, endure a word to be a head!~The eye inside only braises in soy sauces meat!
Ning 34 times, but Li Wei have no the least bit respond, Lin Xin Yu end that son all of the small tempers eliminated strength son, looking at at present this man to pick a bowl chopsticks, gradually take in the vision happy and gentleness, think of good elder sister Yao dark teach of a words, want to fasten a men's heart, must fasten the man's stomach first, face oneself to personally be to Li Wei of braise in soy sauce a fleshy performance, Lin Xin Yu is satisfied with very much.
Lin Xin Yu looking at Li Wei to utter to eat to utter to eat to eat voraciously of shape, often way:"Is slowly to eat!Why the hurry, again the nobody robs with you!"Learn to cure be learn to cure of, know thus of take a meal way is not so good to digest.
"Wu!~Wu!"Li Wei the turning over turning over cold stare don't sway a ground of fierce go toward fill in mouth, not afraid you this wench film to rob Yao, the belly in breakfast, in case after a while again renege to rob a chopsticks Duo bowl.
"Saying with you is a , that coquette took over, turned headed and then paid 1 and let her followed me!"As the sanitation squad grow of Lin Xin Yu's little bit didn't also waste the power in his/her own hand.
"Go a line!"Li Wei is really to don't want to ask for this unexpected calamity, and fill into four of Yang Ni Yings even, is all those Fus to save a meeting staff the lane come out of matter son, Li Wei purely takes the blame for others now.
"Be getting more satisfied!"Arrive at this ages, toughen Li Wei of astonishing appetite let go of to finish sweeping one empty bowl, even order the son oil star sons don't leave, he pours is have no heart have no putting on of lung mouth:"Go to dry live go to!"
A shape of naturally threw down bowl the chopsticks clap a bottom to walk person, Lin Xin Yu is also a same naturally ground to start to tidy up a bowl for Li Wei chopsticks, all of this are to let Xin rain comrade to spoil out.
The place arrived by the sanitation squad of 12 area brigades is to go place, what Yan king wants is a life, what doctor cure is a disease, the person eats a grain miscellaneous food, isn't likely to have no one three disasters five diseases of.Completely touch climb and roll a dozen from the true war, use the medical skill that the human life whets out and always make the crowds very rest assured, the old Red Army regiment sanitation squad comes out of Lin Xin Yu is continuously strengthening a study exaltation for so some years, take the work efficiency of brigade in person the highest, quick will those are from the Japan's Imperial Army's hand in give relief to of the crowd carry on a setting and press and harm a disease and carry on classification insulation, four connect of the warriors is busy in beating for them and start, cook water disinfection, move medical tool, the 12 days basic control lived all wounds condition that are saved crowd condition and made several being on the brink of to die on-line advanced case crowd to save back from the on-line life and death.

Section 485
Drive the Fu save a meeting the staff send go into four connect of Related articles: