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Of felling.
Leaf Hao the sky let they ownly try book to take a time, browse book by oneself, there is wrong spot right away speaking.Everyone spreads a to see, sees try a top clearly mark out wrong spot, slightly a check not indeed as expected false.
Leaf Hao sky's waiting a long time has never seen someone put forward objection, hence declare a way:"The current kid tries be over!In order to having never opened to test for several years, the currents take several more persons, all of the top ten choose into a show just!The name is a ┄┄ respectively, "he a connected to read nine, the last stopped, everyone quietly looking at him and stopped a short moment a name come out"Zhang Tian De".
Being public is all very surprised, the inside one in house is noisy miscellaneous, has of person even break into laughter voice.Zhang Tian De is too agitated to have his face raddens all over, a words could not say as well.
Leaf Hao the sky scold low a "solemnly silent"!The voice infuses into capability, lead of place, immediately utter silence.He immediately after way:"Do not successively smell a way a cent, toward smelling Xi dead can also.Everyone should to his study be!"At this time, on his body shining strong Hao however sense of right, just the heart saves the person of slight immediately shocked, a bit ashamed person lower the head.
"Everyone backs bottom, regardless won to have no to all want double to make great effort, don't win next year test again, won to prepare country to try!Zhang Tian De stays for a while."Leaf the Hao order way in the sky.
Is public to spread to go in succession, standing of Zhang Tian De's at a loss what to do.Leaf Hao the sky invite him to sit down and say:"What you tested is quite good, analysis, say the reasons all very have level, just before Mo through of the part is wrong two, probably is memory don't go."
Zhang Tian De repeatedly nods a way:"Yes, the my person loafed while being young and had already ascended while waiting until to with concentration offend a book age, the memory descends, can't."
Leaf Hao the sky take out one to repair absolute being Dan to pass to him, way:"Return to hereafter take this Dan, the memory will have to build up, then offend a book hard, the country tries to fight for with all strength."Then cautiously comforted him is severals.
Zhang Tian De appreciates Ti zero, only and only nod but go to.
Return to wild goose to concuss, leaf Hao the sky in a couple of days take a grain of Yin absolute being Dan each time, then sit in silence to do exercises in gymnastics.The orchid son also does exercises in gymnastics with no stop, her capability's seeing is about to get into a true person to expect.2 people do exercises in gymnastics for five days and take a rest for a day.Rest of time leaf the Hao business that want to handle a county an inside first in the sky, then sight-see everywhere, is a wild goose first to concuss, then is the beautiful scene of whole countieses with orchid son.Time soon, the wild goose concusses mountain, besides which, leaf Hao the sky still tallied up eight places with charming landscape of"Xiao set bright moon", "the east tower cloud and mist", "the great white crane morning clock", "purple Zhi night Qing", "double the Pu fly spring", "west Cen loose snow", "cloud blessing ground in the door", and"cover bamboo hole sky"...etc.s the record is in the county ambition and be called enjoy pure eight viewses, it serves the scholar son widely for spread praise with increase happy pure, draw on other parts of country the person come a tour.
Time leads very quickly, turning the eye already early summer.Leaf Hao the sky discover county city the inside is many some flee from famine area beggar of person, out at elbow, sallow and emaciated, the appearance is very pitiful.Come forward a to ask, say is come from Henan, the yellow river overflows this year, the all of home farm land were drowned.
After understanding a circumstance, he declares to build up the specialized place accepts to permit a refugee, as long as is arrive happy pure, everybody delivers food 100 catties.Would like to leave cent to a cake of depend the land of the seaside;Would like to return to, everybody delivers silver 32.Moreover he thoughted of what he owned several 10,000,002 silvers, it's time to also seek an exit.
Henan cruises to fondle to attend to if together have already quickly and urgently gone crazy, see an Ai Hong time in whole province wild, the common people stay far away from home and grasp ear Nao Sai to have no way.The famine early reports up, the imperial government criticizes a text"the national treasury is empty, have no silver can Zhen, hope oneself's solution in each province!"This day, he calls 8 to know a mansion conference and calls for everyone to mobilize the country gentry landlord everywhere to open Cang to put a food, the officials also want to actively make a contribution.
The bosom celebrates to know that the mansion stands up a way first:"Adult, I am to can find no way out, we the mansion disaster is the heavy, die in the population of hunger, plague one of the next three centses is not!The food of big door early divides only, would not like to divide of robbed light more, where still have a food?Even eat up barks!"
Kaifeng knows a mansion way:"Adult, our mansion a little bit point son, but have already mobilized officer Shen to make a contribution for 78 times, really have no a way!All database silvers used, helpless and entirely inadequate."
The south sun knows a mansion proposal way:"Adult, the lake is wide this year a take food harvest still on the whole can, can I ask imperial government to borrow to adjust 1:00 come?"
Cruise to fondle to attend to if together shook a Yao head way:"I have already applied for, the helpless imperial government ignores completely.Repeatedly find out, just hear that the emperor is long to don't face a dynasty, the door department can not make decision.Points a way for us, is oneself to raise a silver two get to lake to widely buy."
The road is virtuous to know that the mansion exclaims a way:"That wants how many silvers?The database silver of our mansion early used up!"
The Ru rather knows a mansion uprising way:"The list is our mansion to have 1,000,000 people, everybody 100 catties of foods Be cheapest to also need 123 cents, silver, altogether want 1,300,002 silvers!"
Is ornamental virtuous to know that the mansion emulates a way more:"You mansion the person return calculate little, manifest virtuous mansion population 1,900,000, at least want 2,000,002!"
Attend to if was together rough to calculate for a while, way:"The whole earthquake relief needs a silver 14,000,002, how does this do?Does everyone have a way?Looking at common people to starve?"
Everyone sees the Is, I seeing you and wearing a woebegone expression and really canning not figuring out a way.Time has already led a hour, the meeting can not also dismiss and anyway can not figure out a way to return to is also sorrow, also not as together as everyone become sad.
BE worrying get into a hot dispute of time, the sudden doorway comes in an old, the clothes is stylish, proud pressing.Is still public just oddness, but see that person take out 1 from the Xiu and put is attending to if together in front, use pole the orotund way of the awfulness:"These are 18,000,002 silvers, can be been used to relieve, if have corruption to transfer, hum!Like this cup!"Saying will attend to if together of the cup knead in hand, two lightly the Nian move, the strong and tough green porcelain turns to make powder, and then gets a son saw 8 know mansion one eye,Beats By Dre Holiday Gift Free shipping day green Monday, the look in the eyes is like knife similar and sharp.
Is public the cup seeing silver is first surprised to shout, seeing porcelain smash and shut mouth last.
Attend to if together hold up a silver ticket the hands shiver, this but ascend 1,000,000 human lives!Own black yarn hat was also steady to live!Thought of here, he walks to come forward to salute.8 of behind knows the mansion is simply to keep on kneeling.
On recruiting, that hand's owners all can song second half knee.He says:"The everybody starts to please, I don't dare to be subjected to this big gift, as long as the common people can tide over difficult period good."Finish saying to turn round and then walk,monster beats by dre christmas gift discount online.
Attend to if together and quickly heel several trails:"Please leave name, this mansion is also good toward the imperial government and reports clearly, and the common people also know that who good man is."
That person once turns round to don't talk and just took out an iron Chinese foot from the Xiu, in front of him positive and negative demonstration for a while, then sail out of the room.
Attend to if together and clearly see that have iron Chinese foot up a group leader, also have "Zhu Xuan Kuang" three big words, suddenly frighten of kneel on the ground,Beats By Dre green Monday, truly the Huang truly and perhaps kowtows, with saw an emperor similar.
Several ways that know mansion oddness:"Adult, he walks far, that is who?"
Attend to if together and slowly stand up, a long time said a words"the Jian Chinese foot in the sky is a , the four seas all takes!"
Is public still could not touch brains, but three words in"the Jian Chinese foot in the sky"s have already deeply printed at brain in.
Attend to if together being divided into a silver ticket is cautiously eight, one by one in order pass to know a mansion for everybody, order way:"The detailed calculation expends a circumstance, each amount of money have to clear record in the official records, otherwise the person of the everybody the head is a little bit more careful!"
Is public one Lin in heart all, dark way:"This money looks not of the common run, only afraid don't can graft again to transfer."
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