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A girl Xi who spreads on the left side laughed merrily 2 and said:"Fat girl, like, like, your method is too savage, again made several bottoms by you, Tang Jie comes to still ask the words of fart."
Be called the girl who do the fat girl Huang Nuo Ling in hand, have never flopped again to go this time, but Cui one mouthful the spittle get to her face up, loosen a hand after opening Be bad to mercilessly say:"Kneel for your grandmother Gu, dare to climb to interrupt your dog leg!."
Huang Nuo indeed as expected kneels on the floor, the Quan wears body, don't dare to lift up head.The female kid being left to up spread from up spreads climbing of three times two times down, walk to Huang Nuo's in front.
This female kid didn't wear shoes, a toe livingsed white thin tenderly, was very good-looking, although the shape is slightly some weak, but the facial features grows very delicate, especially an eyes drop slip away of keep turning, was very like a boudoir gold Ling 12 Chais in explore younger sister Chun's flavor.
"Isn't your pain painful?"This coy voice of female kid at Huang Nuo Er absolutely like fairy happy the sort is moving, met a person who has a sympathy preaching reason on the whole, Huang Nuo was to nod again, and it is repeated to shake head again.Pack a pay very respectfullly agreeable shape.
"My Xing Shi, I make the history is a dry younger sister with cloud, you can remember."The history still keeps being so coy with the voice of cloud.
"So, I ask you how many questions, you answer come up, I make you return to, if doesn't the answer come out to want to suffer beating?Do you feel good?"The history lightly talks an asking of thin language way with cloud.
Huang Nuo isn't an idiot, listen to just Tang Xue Wan's tone know, Tang Xue Wan occupies and asks himself/herself.So made these girls come first to the foot to dismount Wei, in fact and why on earth.Want ~only Tang Xue Wan to open mouth, oneself again how dare not to tell the truth.This importance, Huang Nuo still knows farely wells.
"You ask and ask what I say, never beat me again."Huang Nuo makes a decision and ignore this girl to ask he or she what, even if is ask oneself for the first time whom go to bed, the pants is what color.All all don't dare to conceal.Hold tight this opportunity, perhaps her finishing asking tonight be all right and started to compare an end, Huang Nuo rather gets several so terrible person of Tang Xue Wan of being next to beat, doing not dare to face as wells.
"H'm, okay.That I asked, that ……take which train from Peking to western city?The along the road first station is which stand?"
"!"Huang Nuo dreams to also have never thought, she will ask this question.Brains completely the reaction don't come over, the Leng is on the spot.
"Pa!Pa!"Two record loud and clear box on the ear to take out on Huang Nuo's or so face, on recording a positive hand on recording an anti- hand, the history livings statures with this my daughter of cloud not tall, but the hand strength isn't small.
"You so the ground level dare to also read university, Be getting more utterly ridiculous.This young lady asks you one more in brief order of, from your house to western city ground first station is what stand?"
"!BE ……Pa!"Huang Nuo just had the mind to intend to recall, the history had already been one box on the ear again with cloud to come over and seal her mouth in time very much,beats by dre australia.
Common saying well said, bad person from have bad person to whet, have never thought history with cloud this wench have a liking for go to soft weak weak, the way fixing somebody pours is again Diao again hot.
Huang Nuo is connected by this three to record box on the ear to take out cheeks to become numb, radiant with health, dares to embrace a head to squat down on the floor, the dead lived not to dare to lift up head again.However also can blame her to do Nie can not live, with that help the childe the elder brother to mix together also also need to help a villain do evil just, pull irrelevant girl's watering, finally had retribution.
See the yellow Nuo learn the ways of world, the dead lives not to dare to lift up head, the history bent to bend from the waist with cloud and lightly dauted Huang Nuo's top of head and saw gentleness, but its skill is absolutely like touching a dog.
The only tube did such of the indignity act, Huang Nuo's being still don't lift up head, and the whole individual shrinks together.Want to be also to, if she is have the guts has backbone of female kid, also can't self-abandonment arrive to mix to arrive to go together with those people's residues.
History with cloud saw Huang Nuo Tie heart a title not, wrinkly knit the brows, recruited to beckon with the hand to signal hint a fat girl to come over.
The fatty girl greatly trod to walk to come over, Huang Nuo had been lowering the head and stare at a fatty girl in the eye that largely black gum slippers of feet, all over and then can not control feelings of start beating Jie, fat girl's this body plank, thick hand big feet, live be like at home once grew ground of, deal with general girl's 35 not in context of present discussionses, that boxing feet beat on the body really is can not stand.
The Chou sees the body of yellow Nuo shiver in the Se Se, the history turned one idea of turn, immediately having with cloud eye pupil and smiled happily of say:"Is alas, your this person is really dull, grow ugly even if, the brain is still stupid, calculated, you sing a song to let us listen to, sang well to listen to, don't beat you be.Otherwise, fat girl!"
The fat girl very heavily steps an ex- one step again and frighten yellow Nuo at heart
Is one Zhan again, anxious under have no from the choice, hurriedly raised head, opened mouth to want to sing point what,http://www.monsterbeats-ol.com, can brain inside but one blank.
See ghost, singing had to also have a mood, if heel good friend together, the wine leads three to cruise, happy, allow who can also speak out loud Hao up a , but yellow Nuo is when the possibility is beaten at any time, the other party still wants her to sing, this kind of situation under, can sing come out, and sing well to listen to ground, all perhaps isn't ordinary people.
The history stretches out a palm with cloud, Huang Nuo thinks and is getting a palm, frighten head the neck is fierce to shrink backward, the back part of skull is layer after layer of the Ke is in the bed board edge and send out an of bang.
Who anticipate the history has no her with cloud, but the face Jie that light and softly once fondled Huang Nuo with the finger tip, matchless regret deeply lightly to talk thin language of way:"You don't fear, I know, you can hardly sing under this circumstance of, right?So I don't blame you.Don't fear, lovely!"
The action gentleness of this girl's son pole, finger tip brush past, imitated the Buddha lover's petting, and then seemed Liu Zhi in spring to once fondle cheeks."So, you literally sing two 《national anthem 》s let the sisters listen to, Chinese all will of, if you even this can't sing, that I can ignore you?"
The history says with the cloud joke Ying Ying and imitate a Buddha just that several box on the ears have nothing to do with her, is that the hand that the other people move is similar.
The fat girl pressed near an one step again at this time, all what rubbish didn't say, can seem a brutish wild beast for Huang Nuo's felling to approach oneself body side.
"Do not, I sing!"Huang Nuo is thousand times anxious, without thinking of openings Gao Chang Dao:"Get up ……"
"Bang!"The history opens with cloud five fingers, a push on Huang Nuo's face, Huang Nuo's back part of skull again layer after layer Ke at bed board up, send out layer after layer one to ring, painful get she almost faint.Reaching to a to push strength isn't light, obviously Xu dint already a long time.
"Depend!This mean person still thinks-get up-, beat her for me!"History with the end of cloud this shout, is tantamount to blow the horn of ringing the combat and starts general mobilization.All girls streets in the house arrive Huang Nuo's in front, one kicks Chuai,Beats By Dre Justbeats, connect choke to take Ning, full chamber fury heartless Xuan Xie at Huang Nuo's body up.All of these female kids drive Huang Nuo the indirect disaster lead of girl representative in the dormitory, revenge to give vent to anger for the good friend, certainly can't hand joys.
After being tored by many female ones dozen, the yellow Nuo is already complete have no the least bit image, knows to try very hard to dynasty bed the underneath climb, pajama of body also to pull break ragged lousy, dirty and unbearable.The girl fights an unlike boy and strikes and kicks and keeps around, absolutely completely can use wily asperity, pattern 100 come out a description.
These girls who hate idea madness can not pant noisily until Tang Xue Wan again pushes door to come in of stopped down.
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