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:"That so-called jade clean true person, I know, regrettable, fix the generation famous courtesan of true boundary, is trapped by feeling, die a tragic death at three rob thunder under, really let regrettable, can harm!"
"You not know, this jade clean true person, come from a Kun Lun parties, 5,000 year agos, but become popular at that time, be called that doing is to fix three one of the flowerses really, ratio of now of week light cloud, also not the Huang let more, and, whole body thunder the method was more consummate and incomparable and came to a ten thousand thunder all-powerful state, talked about real strenght, at that time is also had number, regrettable, afterwards, ah, a word of the feeling harmed a person ……!"

The text chapter 153 Xuan true bed
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"……Ah, the people of the past's business, I still don't wildly make to judge, the whole let it disappears to grow river in time in!"
"Old elder brother, mutually hand over so long, your depth, I am to have been seeing not and deeply, however, estimate according to me, you should be as just about as my teacher!"
"Your teacher, who is your teacher ?"
"The thou of the D, you when did obeisance teacher, how don't we know?"
"BE make wine of teacher, my teacher calls month white ……!"
"Ha ha, is that old alcoholic, no wonder that, to, front segment time, I went there, he want to seek his, however, good elephant he for a long time all have no at home!"
"Boon, teacher and a few uncle Shis is a matter, is placed in turning point at the favour, so, they are together all foolish!"
"The favour is a matter, foolish 1, see, this a few old guys again is run into what good material, however, the material is general, they also see not up, tell the truth, small friend, isn't the line that you lead long!"
"Be regarded as, is a kind of to call the trifle of Ying peach tears, I don't know as well to concretely have what use, however, the teacher says that poison, and is a deadly poison, but again finally says, that is the good trifle for making wine, result, their six people gathers together together, everybody's one part of materials, intend the Niang is what things!"The thou of the D looking at the bamboo dews mountain person's complexion and goes to under a 's saying, the bamboo exposes mountain person's facial expression is also a change.
"Ha ha, there is this trifle, they the degree rob to also have confidence many, see, I again and greatly bled and sought them to make change some, to, the pass that they when shut?"
"Seven year agos estimate to could not have three years of time again, can close by!"
"Ha ha, good, good, at the right moment sometimes prepare some things!Like, the old elder brother occupies and walks and sees three years later!"Say, the bamboo exposes mountain person urgently and in a hurry run don't copy.
"The thou of the D, this person is who ……?"
Looking at 3 people the doubt on the face, the D thou smiled to smile, way:"Here, the past was his place, afterwards, he sent this place to me, so, should call that he is an old landlord!Boon, like, don't say him, these two bottles of wine, your 2 people takes, have no a matter to drink one cup, live a body to increase the blood, boon, beneficial place!"
Took a look heart some dynamic azure stones, the D thou smiled to say with smile:"Azure stone, you are still small, the wine can not drink more, at the time that I drank your Ceng one cup good!"
"Hum, you are this guy, have no a good words, wine I received, cup, I also took away, anyway you still have a lot!"Say, lilac play that purple smoke livings fog cup, the this cup purple jade is a bottom, up have the dish flower the vulture wood, can see unclearly, cup inside the good elephant contains purple fog spirit.
The lilac cat sees of pour is pretty quasi-, that tea vessel, there are total of 12 cups, a teapot, calculate is up huge.
"Like, good, the lilac miss wants, I how the daring don't give!You see, still somebody else floating cloud miss good!"
"Who say me like, this cup, I also laid by!"
Listen to floating cloud this words, the D thou was obviously subjected to very small stroke, "sum, azure stone, accompany the elder sisters to play, I returned to first!"Finish saying, the D thou then pushed door to go out!The back spreads a burst of cachinnation voice.
"Ha ha ha ha!"
Sit on the Xuan a true bed up, around have already gathered a dollar, there is ice heart on the body assisting absolute being to wear, the self-discipline speed in D thou was really too quick, a minute, originally fixed at 5000:00 for, 400% hereafter is a 2 Ws, 50% hereafter is a 3 Ws, again 200% after, is 60,000.
In addition to fix for of increment, the increment speed of the power is obviously also super quick, the D thou can clearly feel, Yin spirit, wear to upload from the bed and the jade, push oneself power movement in the body, speed speed.
The D fixs thou now for, is according to 40%, 60% allotment of, 40% is to fix really need of fix for, 60% is a book needs of fix for.
Before D thou the self-discipline once led a sword definitely, however, finished fixing very early, learn of several methods that recruit sword was also all absorbed by the D thou modification.
If with fix for have of percentage to say, D thou now of fix for, is a diverted middle, 27,000,000,000 of fix for, be apart from a Qiao to expect, also need several yearses.
"I decide that I hereafter also move to live, at the right moment the room is many here 1!"
The words that hear lilac, azure stone and floating clouds are all very happy, the azure stone pulls the arm of lilac, calling of surprise way:"Is true of, lilac elder sister, but, you need not take care of the matter of gang?"
"Following you closely is thus carefree, my decision, also escape from gang, relief help a main job, however, this wants to wait until evening party be over, after all, this, can not let be taken away!"
"Ha ha, good, finally, lilac you also see through, the gang really isn't a matter that suitable our woman does, particularly is two of us!"
"That's right, this world,http://www.4udrdrebeatscheap.com, really free, a lot too big, completely isn't a former game can easily control!Just, this leaves secret society, will have some boring of, floating cloud, think have never thought what can beat to spend time, but again not boring affair!"
"This, accompany me to sing!"
"The elder brother's song is very unpleasant to hear, I today on the whole is experience!"2 people are saying, the azure stone put to come in.
"Your elder brother?"
"That's right, is that guy, too unpleasant to hear, absolutely is besmirch an art, cruel, cruel persecute my ear!"The voice of jailbird's cow below rang out from the table.
"Say quickly, say quickly, exactly have much unpleasant to hear!"Lilac cat a make the jailbird cow mentioning the table from the underneath up, connect a voice to cross-examine a way.
"This, ……, too not describe, so, you accompany him to sing together next time, know!"
"Azure stone, you came to say, exactly have much unpleasant to hear!The vocabulary of this small guy isn't simply abundant!"
The azure stone is wrinkly eyebrows, thought a short while, way:"This, the phrase language is in the aspects of describing this orotund and have already lost meaning, have to go and realize on the scene in person, otherwise, you absolutely could not imagine!"
"Ha ha,Beats Solo HD, I come to a decision, evening party be over after, make him sing, to, your elder brother can't the meeting not go?"
"Stop worrying, my elder brother thinks my own song larynx is very moving, very captivating, as long as you call he, he is an absolute meeting to go!"
"Ha ha, can fight that guy once this time, can let this guy bring shame, but I this life dream!"
"Elder sister,Artist Series, lilac elder sister ……!"
Sink to immerse at satisfied in of the lilac be called by the azure stone awake, a face interrogatively asks a way:"Boon?How, azure stone, what's wrong!"
The azure stone in a serious manner says:"There is 1:00, I have to hint you, the elder brother is to absolutely can't think that he or she is bringing shame, perhaps , when the time comes, can not stand, be defeated and flee of, on the contrary you!When the time comes, don't blame me don't remind you!"

The text chapter 154 GOGO
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