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Of the consideration didn't refuse the volunteer army's unrest, but also had no the deployment that their assigning truely will cross swords face to face with enemy's soldier.
Conveniently on lifting, it is said that in the Kingdom that registered to take part in and volunteer troops at that time young citizen, minimumly unexpectedly only had 12 years old-this card the western black Si major general just drank of one mouthful coffee all frightenned sprayed out(certainly he if knew that the empire soldier is still a certain the just 5-year-old army supplies officer assisted of words, probably not so shocked?God knows.), While Nu is scolding "commit tomfoolery", big pen a flick to criticize next lowest three soldier time limits-16 years old.
Matched the moxa gram of this time limit just at that time Si(GHOST) and Wei tower(ROACH), hence becoming one member that the Kingdom youth volunteered troops, being gone together with to belong to an according to reason couldn't cross swords with enemy of orchid match Er in place-space Wang Cheng defended troops.
But their commanding officer, be just on the 100th war beginning the year before, the Ao thou lifts Tan three graduate student-summers of soldier's college the Pu is virtuous.The promise(sheperd.general) wartime in the gold major.(is originally a first lieutenant)
It is immediately shallow to frankly speaking resume in the soldier, didn't appear after graduating again what the summer Pu of outstanding performance virtuous, even if is a wartime,have no on the soldier title of major of possible hat of-will appear this circumstance, completely because the troops number of volunteer army is far super to anticipate, only summer Pu the virtuous under charge have the scale to approach an about a camp of more than 400 persons-if command to not agree with to match rules as a Wei officer just.
The summer Pu is virtuous to is the light that was stained with wishes the soldiers in fact-say so in fact also right, the Kingdom soldier basically has no ability to take out to adjust what truely have experience, can fight military officer to command these kids, can compromise to select some just college, at least some"college parties" of armchair strategist ability filled up this empty lack.
The summer Pu is virtuous to is a person who has greed, this can be said to be beyond all doubt-from he according to own surname, oneself gives the nickname(certainly he declares that these is the other people to give his nickname by himself)"general" that he or she rises, and that faces a superior or slip away beard to clap a horse, or severe and solemn demeanor-in fine appear in public to say person's words, see the ghost say an outright lies attitude up, it is thus clear that one spot-however, he isn't one to toward dry warrior face to face with the knife sword of the empire soldier arms and supplies.
"Compare with to join the army, I am suited for more to join the government"-beat deep place of heart think so of he, there is no the background to can in brief get into political arena, thus"the curve saves a country" that can choose the Israel army's brigade as gangplank road.
Hence, the identity of volunteer army's commanding officer that sees to equal a sinecure at the other people, in his person who cherishes a life(in fact this pours also not is what wrong)'s eyes, but is just suitable-can come in contact with key figures, again have no dangerous
-If isn't a sky had sudden change of fortune to meet a match gram virtuous these two old foxes of Si and card Na of words.
"Major!!The guys of empire soldier have already offended a beachhead!!The brotherses have already all can't waited for!!Hurry bottom to orderany!!"
【Descend what order?the order of next ghost!!you these little devils want to die, Lao Tze hasn't disliked a life long,Beats by Dre Electroplating!!】
"Waiting is so long, is for the sake of this with each passing day the mother of country, I am about to kill an enemy, proud for me"
【She will feel that you are that one is silly to lack, the white borns you this stupid goods just.】
The nest with pallors all over the face listens to a window outside lead dint cannon and lead to fight hard a car emanative on own office seat of bellow a voice, the summer Pu is virtuous to ambiguously remember oneself's in front this is overbearing, like to wear that stupid of the dry skeleton mask play handsome, one is astringent, always embrace a rifle to say what"the card mulberry of Kingdom of Heaven" of impish"adjutant", seem is moxa gram Si and Wei tower.
Clearly not the is such, oneself clearly should Israel army the brigade is a gangplank, gradually rise to, or because the opportunity jumps to a position that can come in contact with political arena, then depends on oneself of mediate, slowly go deep into to join the army to turn a government among them and finally, own fine future just to-why oneself don't want to lead a flock of little devil that just learned how to open fire, go to and empire of does the crack troops open fight?
Even if Kingdom perish, with own ability, should also the ability is in the new empire benefit shell Er autonomy state mix a place just to-empire have no the reason don't need the destiny of the administrative personnel-Kingdom of original domicile what of the pass they's P matter?
"Major,beats by dre cheap!!Please issue order!!"
"Major!!!Descend an order!!Our guns pay and saber, all have already got ready!!"
Why, oneself doesn't want here and listen to these two Jis of little devils slanting?
Were it not for these two words of little devils
【Etc. were it not for these two words of little devils 】
The mind of crime once rising, no longer have a low-key possibility.
"I who is good understood, you went first to gather everyone, and I is later on,Beats by Dre BMW."
The station starts, the summer Pu is virtuous like usually and generally smile, innocent youths don't suspect other motives, hence jubilantly once turned round to go.
The space of the closeness inside, two guns ring, is so irritating to the ear.
113 words survivals
Leave a temple strategy guide fourth words
Ji Qing hints:This chapter radicle feeling lieutenant colonel will because the hatred of will(is also us) in the world reads but will soon drive harmonious, is still that sentence, if is have to engrave a bone to original Zhao that general of love dearly, love Jiao, the children's shoes of the leading long of taboo cow details etc., please jump this chapter-v by oneself-
Under the space orchid match Er Wang Cheng, tile thunder benefit second lake beachhead, have already all pressed into kings because of the debarkation troops of empire soldier city area all, here although can still hear a south that vigorous of arms and supplies voice, uncanny very quiet.
Though don't guard way out it may be said the military greatly hate, but the empire soldier basically has no superfluous troops to defend the debarkation beachhead-ice scar.The orchid rests defying order of Si and directly caused empire soldier of ascend six troopses even if use to offend city is also hard up for cash.
Actually, if be not lead dint Jing to have dirigible airship of get involved, the match gram Si is the decision that doesn't guard a beachhead, the excellent model that is on the contrary resolute to cut off all means of retreat-this be empress words.
Return to at that time-that everywhere corpse, almost dyed red the blood of water in the near the bank lake, and emitted billowing thick smoke, led dint cannon and the wreckage of chariot, let heavy returned quiet tile thunder benefit the second by the lake wasn't that Ping-ho is heaven leisurely pretty any more, but the war ruins of iron and blood.
In addition to the irregular flutter of smoke flame, the Gu Gu of blood and lake water flows outside, here the existence of unique ambulation is that exhausting of trail two linen pockets, carry a spade, still lift in the hand a don't know is what of container, an one-step Lie Ju, in flurry again panic of shadow of human figure.
Let us chase the pullout half of time before hour, the space orchid match Er benefit shell Er Kingdom near the tile thunder benefit second beachhead youth volunteer army's directing a department-commanding officer at the time Pu is virtuous for summer.The office of promise inside the gold.
"Ha ha I, I incredibly and really did me to incredibly and really do aha! admireHa ha ha ha ha"
Looking at in the ground two to have young"corpse", the summer Pu returning to absolute being to come from the sweet impulse of crime is virtuous, wanted to understand do-it-yourself on the whole some what.
Never to which fear an enemy once opened fire of he or she, unexpectedly toward gun muzzle his/her own allied troops, subordinate, companion-button up next trigger.
Hence, the wrist starts shivering, any further hold don't live of lead dint pistol, dash to the ground, fall depressed voice on the carpet, make the Pu in summer virtuous to frighten almost stand unsteady, a bottom sits on the ground.
But this frightens and on the contrary let he confusion thinking, a little bit managed a pure a little threads-even if that is really just a little-
【All being your is all wrong!! if isn't that you make me walk into death 】
【Can not leave corpse here not to, can not leave corpse must think here Related articles:

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