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Reserve some come to is a daily player depletion.
The player daily base contributes to consume but from encampment expenditure of, not is to concentrate in the your hand and then all returned you, although hemp Fan they already possibly mobilize the players of eastern town in the sky as far as possible first don't using of big sum contribution, wait east town development in the sky after getting up follow correct path again use, in case make contribute to overdraw,beats by dre australia, but even if so, basically didn't also remain till now how much.
"Change to contribute could not arrive urgently, worried of is that do we how carry so many corns to the base!"The numb Fan threw down the light club in the hand, looking at Xi hip-hop in the distance not admire roast the players of corn, satisfy of beat one satisfied Ge, they this midnight snack of player that helps lykewake was a corn, stayed by the side so big one corn field, don't eat corn to eat what.
Play trick, anticipate 750,000 tons of corns, light depend they be the small wooden board car of eastern town in the sky dragging along to arrive to when go?They are 30,000 players of eastern town in the sky, does average everybody want to drag along 25 tons, although corn after this trifle is mature, even if not pick, stay Gan at the corn Ji up also can't bad, at most be together with Ji Gan together withered, also not ability old stay so in the ground, must send a person to watch not to say, still have to take precautions against other players to steal.
The look in the eyes that tingles Fan can not help floating to sit by corn field, pull out the corn Ji Gan of a to fill into the mouth inside"the Mao Ca Mao Ca" as eating sugar cane eat just happily of foolish, if be like foolish big piece head like this more like, with foolish energy, carry on the shoulder an a few tons at a time all right, if do a wooden board car of large for it, the interest allows it to pull 10 tons to return to at a time.
See the foolish light eat those corn Ji Gan, numb the Fan once robbed one to roast good corn to walk over there from thunder cloud hand and clapped foolish arouse its attention, is chewing like the huge rock similar and strong and tough arm of happy of foolish on turning head, see is numb Fan, happy of open a mouth:"OhThe Mao Mao Mao Mao!"Was silly smile for a while, wear Ye in the big claw son of sea bowl the thick thin corn Ji Gan pass to tingle Fan in front to invite him to eat.
The numb Fan looking at Chu to oneself's in front of, drive foolish bite of a hideous mess of corn Ji Gan a burst of big sweat, this trifle to foolish elephant class guy of this kind of height three meters to say that the possibility is as just about as sugar cane, can to him say estimate not so good digest.
Push away the foolish good intentions pay of corn Ji Gan, the hemp be dressed in to roast good corn to pass to it with a tree branch in Fan handle knob, foolish blink Ba Zha Ba of three rightnesses of small eyes, once stretched the overlord's dragon that frightens a person big mouth, "Mao Ca!"For a while, then tingle Fan stunned of looking at a hand the inside still remain the tree branch of lower half, this Ya connect the tree branch a cake of of cob and inside to chew.
Say come also strange, tingled Fan to originally think foolish is a purely carnivorous animal, before be also worried that the east town in the sky kept not to live it, but afterwards detection foolish sometimes felt hungry meeting oneself run away and estimated to look for food,Beats By Dre Justbeats, the time came back occasionally return take some gift for him ……a huge food grass animal or is a head of dead to drop of four hoof living creatures, make of numb the Fan don't already is depressed, you say this trifle if live of much good!?
Can foolish sometimes lazy must go out to seek while eating, the thing will run into east town neighborhood in the sky of small forest inside, the casually Ye orders is similar to the similar plant is whole at the banana tree of be the sugar cane eat and see to is a kind of miscellaneous food animal.
However want to come to be also to, it so big piece of head, if only eat meat how much?Arrest what eat what just feed.
Chewed two times hemp Fan to its roast corn club, again giving of foolish"Pei Pei Pei" vomited out and fluttered brain bag to mean very unpalatable, see to it don't like to once roast of corn, on the contrary and again pass the corn Ji Gan in the hand to tingle a Fan mouth a side to invite him to eat.
Sweat for a while, tingled Fan to politely push to push that small tree corn Ji Gan, let foolish oneself eat, this trifle he can eliminate to can not stand, foolish don't force as well, be like the giant panda eat bamboo and happily fill corn Ji Gan into the mouth inside"Mao Ca" is an one mouthful, chew of that calls juice water four splash.
The numb Fan pushes that drive foolish once bite of Ji Gan, was stained with on the hand some don't know is the syrup liquid of foolish saliva still a corn Ji Gan, incredibly feel very sticky, a carelessly two fingers incredibly to glue a cake of to go!

Chapter 8144 take corn to be wages
The startled numb Fan handle knob gets hold of in front and lend a distance campfire don't spread of shining observation for a while, discover that ascendsing is incredibly whole to is milk white, like coconut milk similar syrup liquid!
Hesitate under, the hemp Fan handle knob put a mouth to lick to lick, double eye a bright:"Is very sweet!"
Draw out one very thin flint razor blade of chasing from the skin belt between the waists, tingle Fan to stretch hand from the corn Ji of the foolish claw son inside the Gan up mow down a , the ivory syrup that see a cross section the top starting leaking out a grain per grain liquid, stretch out once the tongue lick, heavy corn joss-stick hurtles into the bottom of one's heart, and sweetly makes people keep Ta tongue, almost catch up honey!
This kind of is sweet don't eat sugar that kind of is so heavy and a little bit get fed up with sweetly, but born sweet plant, similar to the sugar cane that exclusively uses to squeeze sugar, although containing amount of sugar is the highest, not difficult make people accept.
"Good thing!"The numb Fan is set aside corn Ji with the flint knife Gan outside that strong and tough green color epidermis, inside whole is snow-white, is like a similar sponge Xin Rang, all absorb satisfied sticky the dense ivory is sweet to strach, dug a cake of to put a mouth to chew to chew, the taste heel sugar cane is like very much, but the Xin Rang doesn't have the hard residue of sugar cane, after chewing will shrink very small one regiment, it is thus clear that in satisfied contain how much sweet strach!
See appearance this variation the corn after.It are treasures to still is really all of whole bodies, the this corn Ji Gan completely can go fetch to squeeze after juice cook sugar, no wonder that knot the corn club coming out is so sweet, is all sweet syrup in feelings Ji Gan, that corn ability very unpalatable?
See to harvest a plan be changing for a while, originally.Come to numb Fan to intend direct will these corn Ji the Gan cut down like lumbering, then take off corn club to go, the nature can't do so now, have to get connect the root start to dig and keep corn Ji Gan to also squeeze juice after taking off corn club.
Lo the lo surroundings is long of have the 23 F the floor.The corn field of Gao tinglesed Fan to quickly turn round to shout one throat:"Thunder cloud!Immediately send fat Zhang Fei whom the person notifies a base!Let him immediately go to base administration center to exchange a great deal of resources mold piece in the warehouse to deliver!"
Numb Fan suddenly of one throat, make the tall and big in stature elder brother in crazy Ke corn is bad.Order to choke dead, fierce hammer the chest is just a burst of block up the corn grain in the throat to keep on swallowing, be don't know that digesting is indigested, don't tomorrow pull up of time still a per of ……
Bothering an elder brother is usually a bit puzzling of of order, this everyone.Have already become accustomed to, thunder cloud didn't also ask and exchange so many resources warehouses to send to the east farm in the sky come dry what, Be just asking of a head of fog water:"Want how many,Beats By Dre Diamond?"
A resources mold piece in the warehouse but get 5000 contribute, and only have a 1000 ms ※sup 3;Of permit.Quantity, bother elder brother should can't be intend to store these corns right on the spot?Words like that, can not only be purchasing mold piece in the resources warehouse, still have to will construct into larger encampment here, otherwise and basically can not hold up against an another player, once someone comes to rob a food, strike against next east the administration hall of farm in the sky, that can all return other people.
Swept an eye with half an eye.Go up limitless corn field, tingle Fan firmly of way:"Can change how much change how much!"Play trick, only corn club is anticipated to be had all 750,000 tons, how much must that calculating corn Ji Gan have?The contribution on the their hand still remains 4, 500,000 and change ten also just 10000 ms ※sup 3;Of storage space, can be pack how much pack how much!
Again in consideration of only with eastern town in the sky of 3 and 20,000 or so NPC labors, the basically impossible in a short time harvests the corn field of such scale, even if harvest down, also have no a way conveyance, so tingle the Fan considered under, decide to pass "matrix system" to directly apply for NPC labor to the No.1 advanced base!
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