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Early frighten of run toward the position of parking lot to, and those two police's eldest brothers also seem to receive the not clear news that the body up wireless spreads and saw each other an eye then don't deliver one language behind of turn round to leave.The military officer that takes a brigade just after taking aim their an eye put attention in the corpse on the ground. Is four hold a gun the soldier win of 1s head for reach, although have already approached evening now, a temperature is still a hot terror of the weather, however when he walks up reach to signal hint to want reach to leave right away, reach and discover he incredibly even a drop of sweat didn't flow, the look in the eyes determination is sharp-edged, the lips are thin but close tightly, hold the hands muscle of gun to band together, of height about 180-182 cms, in addition to wearing sunglasses, almost be like the clone of promise, this kind of physical stature wants to kill devil to be very difficult,want to kill a common run of people absolutely more than enough, no wonder that will be chosen into 111 to travel to exclusively be responsible for this kind of to hunt a bewitching affair. Reach eyes to take aim ten other hunt a demon the soldier have already quickly occupied at everywhere about 15 meters of position, face an outside, guard against anyone to approach. But those four rescue soldiers just discover while approaching the place that the devil corpse places load that he or she takes is too small, can not pack that huge devil corpse at all. Reach direction ambulation of going toward the parking lot already, but with the spiritual influence peep the spot of he compares with to use eyes to see want clear much and see the soldier of these experience shortage be involuntarily embarrassed and peep out some ill-wisher smile on the face, moreover, the ear reaching still clearly hear the voice that that military officer calls names. Reach intentionally and slowly and head for just parking lot of stopping the motorcycle, leisurely of the bag of handle knob put into the placing of motorcycle thing box and looking at an among those rescues soldier to just ran toward for use by the military truck in quick time, may want to use the above wireless notice troops to bring other things for the purpose of luck return to devil corpse. After putting back thing to place a thing box reach to suddenly feel that there is the reaction to appear severals not and usually in neighborhood, of so say to is a reaction is because reach can not judge this different felling exactly is belong to which kind of thing send out. Is like a spiritual influence very much, but impurity;Have a little is like the rare person private's remarkable talent reaction especially, this should more may,cheap beats by dre, but this kind of the energy hasing never seen respond why seem to take hostility, see that appearance, the target seems front of 111 trip soldier. Oddness, recently is what happened, how Taiwan seemed the sightseeing region of becoming the devil and remarkable talent personage, are two for three days and then can see these people appear, these people wanted to see a top one side to be all difficult to up add the difficult before, how recently so literally,Artist Series, all don't know what be called Jin to hold. Reach heart in dark scold, after all is the ensign of Kaohsiung here of the Jin is own home town, drive some difficult to express machine wonderful devil and soldier, remarkable talent the personage make a some affairs of dog dinners to isn't the matter that he or she likes, much less these thing and gossips of great state the sky is badly far, really isn't the good topic of report. Reach to still know this kind of thing to still can not literally make the people know in the heart, in addition to result in people's dismay, not help matters. Be like this kind of matter moreover if be known by host's producer of television station, connect down to only see every day the host of those conversation programs and guest teach people how rapid DIY he or she makes trap to grasp devil, reach to believe if on TV seeing oneself will definitely faint. If be divided into the degree of Taiwanese medium fearfulness for 100 centses, that conversation program absolutely can monopolize among them 99 the high ratio of the cents.Guest's host of those conversation programs is almost omnipotent, each be like absolute being similar severe. All without exception economy and people's livelihood, military and national defense, law and education, building and music, black heart food where buy, small needle beauty Bo uric acid where have, red almond wall how grasp, old woman the daughter-in-law relate to how to fix and impotence how a pack like, draw Taoist charm to invite ghost to read to start to curse Ji, and 500 year agos of the ancestry chat to allow pure, various unimaginable absolute being vestiges the conversation in Taiwan the program can see every day of arrive, this isn't the absolute being vestige that is what, see absolute being vestige, come to Taiwan. When reach still just entertain foolish ideas of time, the difference changes the Tu rise, reach and suddenly discover appear the remarkable talent reaction of a mightiness under the underground, the temple from the left-hand side behind front suddenly born send out, and soon once rounded reach the parking lot of the place into those 111 trip of soldier direction ambulation. Well quick speed, from just reached to discover that the remarkable talent responds that to that remarkable talent's arriving the devil corpse place could not spend 12. The temple of ensign Jin three roadses doesn't know to call what name, arrive from the front of that temple the place of devil corpse place according to reach a rough estimate for a while and at least have nearly 400 meters. 400 spends nearly 12, horse of, comparing with farmland path in the world 100 meter champions is still a few quickly best above, and is run under the sandy beach.Very uncanny ambulation method, at reach to still too late praise this in the mysterious person of underground ambulation, 111 trips of afar hunt demon the soldier have already discovered it's strange appearance.In the plain white cloth under of devil corpse incredibly and quickly under, with speed that is like iron piece Chen Jin's marsh go toward sandy beach underneath go in, a side most the soldier of outer circle guard have ten, all face an outside, unexpectedly and behind will have an accident. Six soldiers who is each to have dime also all face an outside, only just that at observe the military officers of devil corpse three rescue soldiers still discovered a devil corpse of strange appearance, four people with one voice shouted loudly. "Stem, corpse at downwards""horse of, it is downwards dropping""pull it!""Is dry!……" Devil corpse bottom of the speed is too quick, within several seconds sandy beach up leave a huge plain white cloth and 20 gapes of hunt demon soldier.
Chapter 3 remarkable talent robs corpse

Devil corpse very quick Chen Xia's sandy beach, that military officer shouts loudly an useful hand to bring about a plain white cloth and has no, the originally huge corpse disappears within ten seconds on the sandy beach of without a trace, sand just as usually, seem just of the corpse was everyone at dream similar,Beats Solo HD, if isn't the hand of military officer up still grasp a plain white cloth, probably will someone think just of the matters are all false, 20 personal gapes didn't know that now should dig a sand to seek a corpse or should put a voice to shout loudly. "Is dry!"That military officer towardsed the plain white cloth on the hand to mercilessly scold a , the plain white cloth of handle knob hands over to one the side is a still just stunned nursing soldier, hurriedly from the pocket in took out a cellular phone to dial telephone. Telephone in the voice spreading obviously let it is can hardly for this military officer to see, his facial expression is more and more bad, at finish saying after the telephone the mouth towarded a ground to loudly scold severals again and immediately after towarded other what soldier made an effort flicks to begin and include those three rescue soldiers who take a load of in 20 people even the brigade form didn't line up as well, 708 fall of quickly run over there toward the truck direction. From beginning to end see of know most of be always at observe of reach, reach over there strange energy after responding the emergence use spiritual influence have been tracking of it, that strange energy arrives at the positive underneath of devil corpse by the quickest speed and follow to send out a regiment is like the energy globosity of the circular thing, soon wrap up a devil corpse and downwards draw in. That corpse drive energy ball the package live draw down about 15 meters are then or so to go toward ensign of Jin the direction of two roads move, little more than underneath in sandy beach, however those soldiers obviously have no feel, grasp a plain white cloth to looking at sandy beach is performing shocked. Reach can know of feel the route that the corpse moves, although that corpse can weigh up to 150-200 kilograms, but the remarkable talent person who holds tight a corpse at the underneath resemble 彿 is hold tight a piece of paper similar, the speed has no the slightest of deceleration. Quickly across a motorcycle, put on a safety helmet, reach to from a distance follow that unidentified energy according to the probing into of spiritual influence, the speed per hour form on the motorcycle up points needle is in 50 kilometers of speed, depend, grasp an as heavy as 200 corpse of kilograms is in the underground below move incredibly still than speed per hour 50 kilometers of speed still quick, this year really is what persons all have. However reach with the spiritual influence target certainly will not fear that he ran behind, so don't need to be rushed through too, as long as from a distance following is all right. The boulevard of ensign Jin is very good to walk, that remarkable talent takes a corpse fast Related articles:

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