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It is still certain.
Long Hen Tuan just still intended that the penknife that helped leaf's maple has been wreathed in smiles.
"Mama of, breeze wild this bastard, make me white to worried, he is unexpectedly so trivial!Ha ha, ha ha!"The penknife is smiling and lookinging at top regret in the square of that helps a player, these guys haven't relieved congelation, and the many people all put very funny posture.
"Do not know that he spreads to where went to, really wanted to see how he beat of BOSS." The watermelon relatively cares of but is the military tactics of leaf's maple, suddenly deliver to leaf's maple of scene watermelon but how don't put in the mind, anyway isn't the thing that breaks bamboo flute kind, affirmation is a good prop, with breeze wild stingy Pi of that guy, oneself asks him and affirms to give, also rather and basically don't miss it.
As for Qian Mo and hellish thunder light, two people but just tiny tiny a smile.The appearance shown to breath a sigh of relief.
As a maple ground friend of leaf, Long Hen Tuan's reaction nature is a naturally.
As for enemy, to leaf's maple not so polite.
The greenery city ground is inside the northwest scope.Is the summer childe of dark regiment eldest brother, the just full eyes greed mercilessly bites a tooth.
"Check for me, checking that pastor is who!He ground that prop is what!"Making people have no language more is that summer childe unexpectedly connect leaf's maple don't also recognize out ………
"Eldest brother.The good elephant of that person ………the good elephant is that the breeze is wild?"Summer childe after death of a robber blinked to blink eyes and sounded out of remind eldest brother.
"Is the breeze wild?"Hear this name, the summer childe immediately angries.
This bastard, killed oneself's team so many people, let the reputation of dark regiment greatly sweep, oneself didn't°yet does the opportunity to seek teach him, he dare also so adjust Gao of kill BOSS?
Fisted a fist, the summer childe almost cannot helped but wanting to lead person, Ma Sha, to pass by immediately polish off that breeze Be getting wilder.However, split second summer the childe's mind suddenly be repressed.
Although the dark regiment is weakened a lot,still keeps having already overlord among states bright real strenght.Oneself even wants to be careful to bear!
Thought of here, the summer childe finally quells down.The ground that the moderate breezes is wild to have enemy isn't only oneself, the blurred shadow regiment also has!
"Let the built-up member continue to take a rest, wait the monster of next stage, as long as brush how many absolute beings machine, only a breeze is wild again calculate what?"For an instant, the summer childe resumed poise, finally in the reality own an identity higherly, the just cruel Ji hates,Beats by Dre Electroplating.For an instant a sweep but Be getting more empty.
Bright three greatest regiments.To leaf maple ground the attitude unique is a bit underlying, only is gathering in the blurred shadow regiment of greenery city southwest scope at this time.
The order is well arranged.The person of the blurred shadow regiment the positive discipline is strict clearly embattled, is a clothes on the in command of position the young girl of the sexy Gui Mi, look however just to the year of flower letter, a sweet face like angel the sort ground was clean and pure, but went together with a sexily dark female master to attire,set off a ground of of her shapes fierce, lure, pure white and pure pare of was is plump to stand Song under the lock bone of round and smooth double of milks, on the high and straight legs, is the flat lower abdomen being hazily covered by the crape cage, lovely of the small navel was blocked by the dark Yan, but more seemed to be dim moonlight fine.She is exactly that the female master who is bright to win the only a blurred shadow is ground to leave.
"Is ground to leave elder sister, that person is who did you see out?"The body side that is ground to leave a female master Yang who is dressed in white dress Yang eyebrow say to her, but she is exactly princess Xue whom evening just was refused by leaf's maple a day ago.
"H'm."Is ground to leave but just a little bit tiny nod, on the fine cheeks have no the slightest of facial expression, let people think not and deeply her in the mind to think what.
"What is that bamboo flute of his ,cheap beats by dre?"Princess Xue blink blink eyes, have a little to craftily ask, know teacher say for the chain gold, important of not only is that you can make how much material, but can develop new formula just more make people excited, only know more many, bright prop and material once seeing are just more wide, more probably discover to lately synthesize a method!
"It isn't clear."Was ground to leave to shake to shake head, however she can make sure of, have 2:00.
, The first, that pastor is obviously wild breeze that big bastard.
, The second, the prop of this big bastard's bamboo flute kind, should is one to deliver at the same time in addition to the prop of oneself outside other targets!
Was ground to leave to close lightly to close lightly lips, a rightness of shows eyebrows suddenly and tightly the Cu rise, while the complexion of originally tiny pink is also pale.Sex appeal and outline are soft and charming to arrive the shape of extremity, originally should start to seduce the men desire, but for an instant be after her facial expression become solidify, one of her individual also seems to be some infirmities, makes people feel to feel pity on and imitated a Buddha to suddenly thought of what difficult affair.
"Is ground to leave elder sister, what's the matter with you?"Is ground to leave of the change a silk don't fall of got into princess Xue's vision, quickly of, inquiring of her concern.Nothing important."Was ground to leave to sigh tone:"Just see this smelly pastor so well protect life prop, if the chief makes us kill him, how do we kill again?"
Some kind of words say understatemently, connect black feather regiment elite exert, blurred shadow regiment a branch organization whole army exert up, all didn't can make dead leaf's maple, at ground leave of in, sound unexpectedly good elephant however is a blurred shadow regiment hasn't been really wanting to kill just, if let a leaf the maple hear by himself/herself, all perhaps will be small depressed for a while.
"Can always kill off his, that smelly breeze is wild again badly, also however is lean against material well, as long as exploding all of his materials and saw him at bright in how mix!"Compare with to princess Xue to seem more poison a point, unexpectedly want to pick leaf's maple thoroughly light, see to inviting leaf's maple don't the fruit is very big to her stroke.
"Surrounding him to pour isn't difficult, but he feels to beat however ran how to do with that prop?"It was ground to leave to crumple to crumple between the eyebrows.
"That doesn't want to make him feel to beat however, letting him thinking canned once beat, then sudden second kills him.H'm, also have, or, can want the place delivering to arrange a good person to block up a piece at him, wait his transmission in the past, immediately made moves second to kill him!Then still want whip corpse!Wash white white!H'm!Do two hand preparations, explode out all of his good things."Princess Xue Leng Leng, however immediately give answer, but her this answer, also really and by a happy chance can crack the function of the whistle of person's fish,Beats By Dre In Ear, as for she behind of whip corpse, wash white white, absolutely can not use poison this word to describe.
Is true***poison!
If let leaf the maple hear princess Xue's words by himself/herself, will definitely pour to take a suck at cool spirit, the somebody elses all calculated they till° this situation, oneself was unexpectedly still very silly don't know.
Not only don't know, leaf's maple even feels very depressed now.
"You delivered icy cold devil!You have already arrived the river of having no the bridge!"
A system hints to spread to come over, leaf's maple is just preparing to pass a sorcery for icy cold devil, but for an instant, another system hinted to spread to come over and let leaf's maple one Leng.
"The target grade delivered by you exceeds A class, so you have to every 30's paying at 100:00 MP is a price, this status keeps on 1800, will start carrying on after this hint complete!"
The close behind information for spreading indeed as expected made leaf's maple depressed few.
Every 30 pays 100:00 MP, is also say that each half minute reduces a 100 MPs and looks to seem to be not much, but only slices body will of leaf's maple just can realize the abnormal condition of this price.
Each half minute that has no preface contemplation resumes speed also however is several 100 just, again deduct oneself to release the MP that the technical ability needs, perhaps each half minute a button up of the price, can let the MP of leaf's maple keep to increase not of status!
"Indeed as expected do to want everything to pay!Having no money to pay will button up MP, too black!"Leaf's maple bit to grind teeth, damn of system, after oneself took one last time small strange tested be deducted some MP by the system, leaf's maple guesses if delivering the deluxe monster will pay a more prices, but have never thought paying MP unexpectedly and so Related articles: