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Soldiers were shooting ,three class of the soldiers quickly bent down ,down naked in the reed between scour ,side surrounding lush reed up clouds of debris and leaf ,but no injuries to get rid of him ,although no longer able to see the Yellow monitor size ,but the Japanese soldiers know risk ,still can leave them .
relationresultEventhe tender reed ,dense reeds also not allow the bullet to penetrate ,meets the round and hard reed pole is weakened ceaselessly the potential energy of the bullet in the reeds to fly without a trace .
To some extent, protect class three along the body .relationresultEight ga !Acceleration !The power up to the maximum !You this group of pig !Full speed !Full ,I need a maximum power ! , relationresultEven withoutAkino Nao ,the troopship was captain face cruelly continuously through the transmission tube to drink a round cabin seaman ,in order to survive ,to manipulate the troopship possible acceleration .
relationresultInthe reeds between spelled old life running after a time ,a bend in the river, the Yellow monitor seize Japanese troop transport when turning the deceleration of the opportunity ,in the corners quickly mounted aiming barrel .
And a cannon on the muzzle ,with hate eyes staring is turn the troopship ,hard to gnash the teeth in anger ,waiting for troop transport into the preset shelled targets .relationresultThe shipsaw several soldiers faint just after his ship had been in the river bend near the shore on the mortar waiting for them, have cried out in horror : where ,where ! , relationresultFire ,fast firing !Destroy him ! Akino Nao tried to shouting ,vessels in the channel of the maneuver ability is limited, to the shore fire it is the best gun target ,his only hope lies in their own soldiers in the other before the other shot gun ejection .
relationresultTroop transportship shots masterpiece .Bullets with a sharp whistle at the position of class three .But the Yellow monitor pick position abnormalities tricky ,fully play the mortar reflection ability ,the bullets have lost .
Reluctantly falls in the reeds and mud .relationresultDetonation!Three class fourth shells will direct the troopship blew a fireball ,the shaking ,the cabin of the Japanese soldiers Guaijiao reel right and left ,as if the ship will soon be overturned ,facing an important juncture of life and death ,even the psychological quality and firm who also couldn losing the usual calm ,few Japanese soldiers more is a woman screaming .
relationresultShipto shore fire bursts of position of Japanese soldiers in the most unfortunate ,screamed by explosion shock wave ripped out ,into the river ,and constantly struggled .relationresultYellowmonitor on the edge of the soldiers did not pass up this opportunity ,immediately to maltreat an injured person ,Beats By Dre Holiday Gift,the gun shot the enemy fell into the river .
relationresultTroop transportcockpit glass by the explosion shattered ,operating wheel rudder troopship captain was broken glass and shrapnel cut with blood all over his face ,clutching his face screaming in the cockpit tumbling, ships have been uncontrolled ,slowly in the river with spin .
relationresultEight ga !Fast ,quick fire ! Akino Nef get desperation screamed ,these eight road on the weapons performance control is simply terrible .He was skeptical of the so-called Eight Route Army is the China hands after the elite mask .
relationresultIn order to avoidthe deadly fire of class three ,Japanese soldiers had to bail on aid from the other side of the ship was blown open a hole in the fire ,the other side quickly replaced the injured captain ,control vessel .
relationresultOver thelast three rounds to monitor ,not to say: it is not strong enough ,another ,monster beats by dre christmas gift discount online! The median hull shells only in the ship burst a half a meter in diameter hole ,and not on the fatal injury ,the combustion in an instant by the ship Japanese soldiers put out the flames .
relationresultMortar shellswere originally used against infantry ,for troop transport ,still not enough to pose a threat, the reflection ability to easily torn sail shipboard armored ,diameter less than three eight bullet is fundamental in hull jumping beans, if the type nine two infantry gun here estimated two shells will be enough to make the whole ship under the devil the river feeds the bastard .
relationresultShellson the muzzle, the Yellow monitor again aimed at the ready to shoot ,the soldiers immediately alert to cover your ears ,a voice is too loud ,troop transport on the Japanese have ignored the class three rifle fire ,on hand for any use of things, desperate to hull increases drive ,and across the river on the go to ,hope that through the distance to reduce mortar hit rate .
relationresultEyesstared at Japanese troop transport ,settle down to the target ,but after a while, the Yellow monitor finally sighed and shook his head ,put a shot back ,murmured : mother, this business is not worthwhile ,four shells to pour a few devils ,lost ! , relationresultYellowmonitor heart hit play for peanuts ,feel a little loss ,if placed in the usual fighting, four mortar shells stem over the devil at least two digits ,and now the results as well as rifle shooting record ,and three class has no ship ,a class of troops to destroy a ship full of devils basically ,unlikely .
relationresultEven theshooting a gun, but is also the largest blow a hole in the hull ,is still not enough to the ship ,the last shells for combat results have little effect .Yellow monitor finally abandoned to the enemy finally a plan ,shells can be not used to such waste ,each are on edge .
relationresultMonitor.How not to fire ?! Soldiers for the monitor had put the enemy horse wonder ,previously monitor on enemy can did not talk so good ,Beats By Dre green Monday,but the old tradition of four always spare none .
relationresultSave the shells !Not worth us to waste in the rubbish body shells ,bullets to welcome them . Yellow monitor with great care will be in the hands of the mortar shell fuze twisted ,shut the fuze ,shells can be more precious than hand grenades ,can save a little .
relationresultThereeds, constantly coming out of bullets ,swept to the Japanese troop transport .relationresultThe Japanese armytroopship where Gu won the class three bullets ,add sufficient horsepower breaking waves ,from class three range, far away .
relationresultSouthRiver water ,a few Japanese bodies in the water on the floating ,recounting the Japanese retreat .relationresultOn August,heralding the harvest season soon starts ,all according to the ground once again usher in a year the most important period !relationresultDetermines thesurvival and maintenance according to the military and civilian force basic safeguard ,also is associated with aggression for survival over the most critical period .
The twelve division zone captain Wang Bao in four were ambushed after incident, spent when careful will battle plan by aggressive adjustment for active defense, just work laid the foundation for the autumn harvest .
relationresultIn August junior middle schoolyears ,the base force coordination dynamic summer offensive near the end, beat a strong Japanese did not see * the New Fourth Army and the Eight Route Army have any stop signs ,on the contrary ,the New Fourth Army and the Eight Route Army no bad intention ,the main force as well as each other the back is connected with a linkage ,a massive fall offensive ,in order to ensure the harvest operations ,as far as possible the diversionary Japanese troops troops .
relationresultForin situ feeding ,rely on local economy to maintain the local Japanese troops ,this is not a good news .relationresultThe Japanese imperialistsmilitaristic ,all economic tend to war ,causing serious imbalance in economic development .
Japan to small island nations Yushe swallow an elephant ,most young men were enlisted in the army, based on agriculture almost serious stagnation in Japan ,there is a large area of the famine ,the Japanese followed from the occupied zone reckless destruction plundered resources to compensate for the loss of the island ,no reply in such a vicious spiral ,even if the Japanese government has forced the country people migrate to the mainland China, in an attempt to consolidate completely occupied area, but in the anti-Japanese armed constantly harassing and destruction ,the Japanese army in the war at the beginning of the advantages are gradually losing . Related articles:

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