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Although led a small segment time, but want words really too many, the peacetime becomes nervous of want to die, met now,beats by dre cheap, a while but don't know should where speak of.
Right hand a ring, reach above to appear together 5 meter wide waterfalls to fly shot to hurtle without basis bottom, a second inside reach to sprinkle dripping wet, stopped smoothly reach of balderdash.
"11 very cold, this what things, how can so cold?" Reached to jump to get up a while, from the beginning crest the waterfalls that sprinkles down unimaginable and chilly of cold let the surrounding space have cold fog all of a sudden.
"The specialized treatment talks nonsense of' fairy water', not bad, ha ha ……" sees reach of distress kind, unbearable cachinnation.
Is baldheaded the one who reach to helplessly looking at from the of attending to the cachinnation, not is say that"absolute being" is to jump to take off seven feelings six desires?How to also fix somebody?
Carry a strength to make an effort a to tremble, the drop of water on the body evaporates, reach to become without basis a towel wiped oneself clean.
" Come, sit properly, have a chat!" Once the finger play, full empty cold fog disappears have no Zong.
", You say us there a super big devil?" Reach to one daring not believing of face, how together on an island,Beats by Dre BMW, oneself incredibly will can not feel the slightest of evil spirit?
"The demon of that devil and devil within record was totally different before ……" thought for a while, the right hand index finger soared to the skies 1:00, the finger projects a golden light to order medium front above unreal, water line concuss an a burst of and a burst of ripples.
The ripples extension is the most outside side, about 15 meters lightly appear a large screen before two Human bodies.
The screen of original one nihilist along with the golden light shoot to go into and appear a strange living creature in the middle of the finger.
Screen penny is two, the right side screen inside, should be a mulberry Ji Ba Dao exact center district, collapse to fall one there, the district of very big one is whole to fall bottom, good in the island of exact center the district bottom broke one big hole, all things downwards noodles tilt to one side, the angle of screen is higher secluded, therefore can not also see clearly to the just in-between strange target thing.
The left side screen is to enlarge a version, exact center a huge matchless devil positive Ru Ru however move, look like a pole a huge matchless meat piece, is like also a giant Ju that enlarges must and doubly.
Although just see go from the screen, that unimaginable proportion is still to let reach to see of gape, nerve-racking.
"This …… this guy is also big of too wide of the mark ……" reach finger the big Ju on the screen, turn a head to looking at one face serious of.
That's right, this guy probably is have a history the biggest devil, it woulds be in those early years from the heap in the grand canyon corpse tower variation but become of meat eagle, by dint of the instinct flew off the meat eagle of grand canyon not to know why arrived here, flew to the mulberry Ji Ba Dao behind woulded be long-term soundly asleep in the beginning, if not because the nuclear test of some country, it should always the soundly asleep Be next to go.
Lately, a certain and dictatorial political power secret experimented a nuclear bomb test, the meat eagle of soundly asleep quickly waked up after the strong energy supplied, immediately after be to the utmost it was the absorption energy of ability.
Was to take animal and mankind's energy in the beginning, immediately after woulded be remarkable talent the person and body contained doing of spiritual influence to annoy a private, but as for result that in great quantities took, the meat eagle became big Ju.
"I have never seen the devil of this kind of type as well before, it …… should be is gained a living by energy …… good geezer devil ……" stood, that big screen also followed variety along with 2 people's angle of view, before arriving at a big screen, the 2 people's screen follows to narrow.
"BE gained a living by energy?, Don't majority of devils also be all gained a living by evil spirit and have what different?"
"This is different, you see."
Along with of signal, the angle of view of screen goes toward ex- draw near, arrive at the front of big Ju, reach to see more clearly.
The color of big Ju is a kind of meat to corrupt ash, the big Ju back spreads all over consumedly small hard count of meat, meat have intention to know peristalsis, topmost carry of open mouth a to open a whole, seem at go toward absorb what in air.
"It is absorbing the spiritual influence in the air." Direct answer.
(Is dry!No wonder that my body will become so.)
Reach the words of hearing the to thought of a point right away, is also why all Human bodies realize to appear that a circumstance that several days.
Not only such, reach still discover a screen of continuously appear flashlight under.
The lens draws near, big Ju under of the belly incredibly has many big bores, closely the big bore separates several 10 to vomit 12 strange living creatures each time.
"…… Dig Lei, this …… it this is the devil manufacturing machine ……" be much more than reach, even have never seen as well to use the circumstance that this kind of speed makes devil.
The image of screen is very clear, see above of the meat touch a big mouth suddenly suddenly absorb spiritual influence, under big bore Hua Hua of let out devil, good heavens 112 human face face reading Qu.
"That ……now how do?" Reach to shake to sit down, what world is this ?
"How to do?The problem that appears here is certainly handled by you!"Roars with laughter.
Reach to close lightly a mouth to shake, say:"I?You think all need not think and have devil of the Hou want me and start out and beat strange, have no devil of the Hou will take back method body on my body vitality, you are to be the idiocy to me is be not?"
Reach to one face not great, continue dry who:"Still have, you said last time what above wanted to send person to take back my strength, returned a next in importance came to 3 to enforce the law, horse of, make them go by themselves."
"I am to know that they want to here to deal with you, but I can indetermination they three meetings what the Hou come, what I can affirm is ……" made reference to point a screen here.
Reached to turn a head to see for a while, get a shock, is exactly bamboo China in screen the big hotel room of their place, room inside in addition to urgently be like hot the champion of ant of pot, rest of the persons all pour into one.
Highest person from capability's strongest spirit, war absolute being etc,Beats by Dre Electroplating. believe in lord the following arrive a few soldiers believe in the pupil that believes in with Xuan and include originally and be subjected to influence not big bamboo China five females all have already poured on the ground.
"!How can and so?Hou for me to come out of they be not still thoroughly?" Reach to frightened, hurriedly ask a .
Reach not to know, at he drive Qian Tuo attack, just on the brink of death of Hou, Tu come of heavy earthquake's saving him, but resulting in the cause of this heavy earthquake is exactly the big Ju in the appearance.
Drive Qian Tuo the big Ju drawn on by strong strength violently moved and was like similar big body of mountain to merge super huge strength, then cause strong earthquake within several seconds.
Although the big Ju just spared no effort to move several seconds,the huge strength has already concealed it of the whole mountain area of ground press into one big slice of Tashan valley, this kind of huge matchless strength can say to is to have never been seen, hard imagination.
"This devil absorbs the strength of spiritual influence not to know why the meeting suddenly and greatly increase, so those talented person will so."Even if is one is divine of he can not also in a twinkling understand this both of sequence of events.
"Do not go, I want to return to save them at once." Reached to jump to get up, this not was to play trick, a little bit slower person died, does the head still have his/her own future wife there!
"Etc., etc..You why the hurry, you are to urgently go crazy is be not, you forgot here am a beard Mi world, on time is absolutely in time, give an account some matters first to clearly go again, who know your this time to go to a next time we can also meet, I am to can not run to you to seek yours there."Looking at to urgently is like a monkey of reach to say.
"."Hear so on saying, reach the big rock of in the mind to let go of a half and want to still really make sense and ask affair first to clearly say again.
"My body you tell me first, how?"Wanted to think, reach to decide to ask own pure body condition first.
"……H'm 11 this … Related articles:

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