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The tower cries out for justice a way at the same time:"Is different,cheap beats by dre!What we absorbed is an evil, not an evil achievement.Say in 《absolute being machine ten Lyus 》 , each chain turns penny evil, the Buddha heart of the absolute being machine number then increases penny.This Huang the smoke is what enchanter carry achievement catalyst come out, again call'Huang Sui Mo's fog', the evil containing among them is the highest, be second only to true absolute being of'bite evil fog of heart', compare a common evil head of'black blood evil fog'badly get much.No matter is an animal or mankind, as long as stop over 100 in evil fog the interest will fall into an evil way for time, the incarnation is evil."
Leaf Hao the sky smell the speech get a fright, can not help turning the head sees go to the set bottom, discover that the set descends to have no how much yellow smoke, Huang Yan mainly concentrates at oneself nearby, this political ability is tiny comfortable tone, hurriedly and secretly urge the universe brocade bag, speed absorb Huang Wu's speed.
The Cheng maritime country teacher is reading to have a phrase at this time,monster beats by dre christmas gift discount online, loquacious endlessly:"The disposition is gifted man's natural character of person, don't need guidance, need not study, need not force, don't think doubtless.We Japanese Buddhism is well different, can satisfy the person's desire and feelings.Only we, just know a real life, 'in spring at at present, plum flower of fragrant lightly float, with bamboo grove deep place the subtle fragrance for spreading mix together, I feel to seem the body having already faced the country of living Buddha'……"
He speaks endlessly, until consume go to the greater half is evil achievement, tired the big sweat absolute being getting a full head is tired and annoy short of time, just discover that evil fog that oneself with much ado sends out imitates a Buddha is generally disappeared, the leaf of the on the stage Hao the sky not only and the slightest have no Sun, on the contrary the noodles dew smiles the expression is self-composed, by this time, he just as being thrown the Nian fish of on the coast soon dry dead, the fee makes an effort and annoys and walks and returns to original place, a bottom sits on the Pu regiment, can not speak a word any further.
Under the set of foot benefit the righteousness is stunnedly full to looking at Cheng maritime country of teacher, don't know how he does things by halves to suddenly stop.When he changes direction vision leaf Hao weather, discover a leaf Hao sky already the beaming with smiles station is started.

The Buddha sea Ci sail 6, the regulations is the foundation of Buddhism-the blemish of Japanese Chan
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6, the regulations is originally
Leaf the Hao expression in the sky self-composedly walks to before the set, the vision brushes past from the public face, the clear voice says:"Before I start expounding the teachings, want to ask everyone a question first:Who can tell me the Buddha of your country to be many to actually have how much?"
Under the set of the audience don't know that he asks this words is what mean, all look at him don't talk.
Sir in Kuei-shan saw foot benefit righteousness full one eye first and saw his noodles' having no facial expression not to know is just thinking what, hence stand to start to answer a way:"The absolute being light elder has been already said in times before, the Chan extremely spreads widely here, the Buddha is many not under the half of total population."
Leaf Hao the sky shook to shake head:"I see have no so many.Win 30% of the Buddhism pupil not enough population of soil ……"
The words sound didn't fall, but smelt enough benefit righteousness full to refute sharply a way:"The our country makes great progress, naturally green proceed from blue and better than and blue!"
Leaf Hao the sky still shake head letter not:"I see a real Buddha of your country many not enough 10%!Even 1% all has no!"
This talks 1 and lead the set descend public one Hua however.
Someone loudly calls a way:"How many days do you just come?Dare wildly from thin thin, talk wildly!The not afraid breeze greatly strains a tongue!"
Someone scolds:"Do you think that you is several it's old?Living Buddha?Monk of high renown?Or bodhisattva, with what say these words?Roll to return to medium soil to go quickly!Don't lost face here!"
Leaf Hao the sky quarreled to raise an orotund way in the voice in the public one:"What is meant by a Buddha?What is the essence of the Buddha ?Fix a Buddha to have what advantage?Does everyone fix the purpose that the Buddha practises meditation where?"Make reference to here, he at on the stage return Duo two, loudly ask a way:"Who can answer clear these questionses?I appreciate best green steel sword of his 1,002 silver in additionses 1!"
Listenned to this words, the set descended to become a pot of gruel indiscriminately more.
Someone shouts:"Lao Tze arrives the seaside blunt kill 1 to have around ten thousand two silverses, who rare are you those filthy lucres?"
Someone's way:"Gabbing is thin!What do you say to is a Buddha?Human speech person extremely, this problem basically has no answer!"
Leaf the Hao situation that see the spot in the sky almost loses control and explored a hand to take out the Buddha Qing of Ksitigarbha's three one of the treasureses, lightly one Kou, immediately send out clear and crisp pleasing voice.Although the voice isn't big,can keep deeply public heart bottoms, under the set of people a while calmness come down.
Connect down, leaf the Hao voice in the sky loud and clearly asks myself to answer:"What is a Buddha?Buddha be'already awakening person'.Is understand the whole to vex is all opportunity and match, Che certificate Ji however motionless, bright time shine on of feel sex, can keep off annoyance, Lang however greatly feel, be called a Buddha."Finish saying this a few words, he again the Kou shot two times Buddha Qing.
The Qing voice hears, set bottom almost the half person sank in to contemplate, however still have half person at loudly appeal to the public small call:"This truth who don't understand?But who really become Buddha again?I see however is a Chi the person say dream just, basically can not the chain become."
Leaf Hao the sky ignore to publically start revolt, immediately after way:"The essence of the Buddha is all a Buddha heart, fix purpose and results of Buddha for the sake of the Buddha heart of that endurable supremacy.The contents of Buddhist doctrine's most, lies in teaching people an interest the bottom living to put out wild heart and comprehended originally don't livinged immortalization and have no solid have no falsely and carefree and sincerely-often live sincerely.In other words, are this heart that the important persons find back to lose already a long time, is also find thy true self!"
He is saying and walking around in the on the stage, ever and anon pound Buddha Qing for a while, in a little while under the set of the audience pipes down gradually, is quarreling loudly of the person is less and less.Those people probably the evil is deeper, hardest calm down a while.
Leaf Hao the sky recall hard at nine China the clean soil gain of memory concerning Buddhism, enjoy in retrospect at the same time oneself once read of all Buddhisms are classic, nowise stop over ground to immediately after say:"Is the Buddha heart actually what things?The Buddha heart is the fruit that the Buddhism practices moral teachings, it includes to quit, settle, the Hui 3 F state.This is the total that cultivates Buddhist doctrine, none of the whole Buddhist doctrines leaves to quit, settle, Hui.Didn't is clean not to dye be quit;Ji however motionless be certainly;View's shining on to is no hindrance is a Hui.
If make a Buddha ratio a tree, quit to would be root, it is a tree trunk to settle, the Hui is the flower that the treetop opens.
If will fix a Buddha ratio to make to dispel in addition to the heart is evil, quit if defend a thief, settle a thief such as the Fu, Hui then if kill a thief.
So say to want to fix a Buddha,cheap dr dre beats, the square one has to beat well'quit'of groundwork.I want to speak today of mainly be quit!"
At this time set next someone be loudly pointing to order Ji Feng:"See!Pay that person not to know to improvise, say on the Buddhist sutra what be what?Connect comprehending of some oneself to also have no!"
Leaf Hao sky's imitating a Buddha don't hear generally and smile Jian celestial spirits the Chinese foot took out, the luck rose capability to tremble two times aweather.
Those set the bottom stand to quarrel loudly a continuously person immediately short 1, imitate Buddha child to tell a lie be suddenly exposed generally by the parents, in the mind immediately some flurried.
The on the stage is another the part sits of old monk but feel heart in a burst of palpitate, the whole individuals all become agitated discomfort to get up.
Leaf Hao the sky clap the Jian Chinese foot in the sky to sink a voice to ask a way:"Does everyone know that my hand's inside is what things?This is a quit a Chinese foot, is come to this on the way through the mountain of Pu Tuo a monk of high renown give the Chinese foot of my regulations.It reminds I time guard heart of wildly read.
What is quit?Quit BE'just and fluently set free of originally', is also'the highest bodhi is originally'.
Quiting is like the earth, like the radicle of building, the house sets up the prison is rickety, see the foundation digging enough not enoughly deeply.
Quit to settle Hui three to learn with quit for head, from quit to living settle, from certainly living Hui.
In years past a life time dies front the pupil ask:'Are you old to walk us to depend on who behind? Related articles: