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The meaning that didn't pursue the offense of Liu Zheng's bad break, only change direction son astute ask a way:"Son astute master, the number here you have knowledge most , you said to use what way can let big sweat ground is the meat body immortal?Can send back to mostly bury?"
"Return to empress empress, use mercury then."The son astute voice also has some to sob-can't, heel suddenly necessarily strong several decades, how much have already had some feelings.The son is astute to say again:"The emperor since thou king buries and all infuses into a corpse body by mercury, can make**not the Fu is pretty good, keep insect from defending an ant, as a big sweat, use this way the most suitable match an identity, also the most effective."
"Like, use mercury, son astute master, this matter handed over to you to arrange."The Cha necessarily sheds tears to say.The son is astute to go to a tears, make it lively for to answer a way:"The empress empress isn't a small monk to give reason, just the battalion keeps off rear, it is easy to want a silver the gold, but the mercury is to so easily look for."
"We can right away withdraw troops to return to south sun, at south sun, Deng Zhou Yi take to look for mercury.
"Liu Zheng puts forward a suggestion again, the heart says even if send back first south the sun all go and leave the main troops of son here pretty are too near, an only afraid carelessly even the small lives must throw.The son is astute but horizontal Liu Zheng Yi's eye, light say:"The mercury used to want to keep a big sweat body what 100 catty?The sun of the south doesn't produce again, how may gather together together and thus of many mercuries?And heavy sweat corpse the body don't handle and then carry to return to south sun, the journey jolts, rain sprinkles insolation, be not more easily rot?"
"That?What to do then?"The Cha necessarily weeps aloud again and scolds a way:"Kui you a brag versed in literary and military arts at ordinary times, Tao slightly full stomach, the big sweat passes away and makes you makes some mercury comes and then coulds not do now, really don't know that what big sweat keeps you to have to use?"Being Mongolia various will all have a Kui color and hard put to do to answer, the son is astute but the eye pupil turn indiscriminately and start cutting and polishing unscrupulous idea.By this time, the debt outside dashes away to come in a Qie Xue, to Cha necessarily and tower Cha Er list the knee kneel down to say:"The Qi reports an empress, Wang Ye, man water on suddenly had a hand to beat flag of surrender to once take boat a river, is an our army to greatly take charge of an agriculture, medium book left Cheng Yao Shu Yao adult, he puts forward to plea for interview empress and Wang Ye and ask an empress, Wang Ye to show bottom."
"Is the Yao Shu really him?Didn't he die?"The tower Cha Er is surprise very much.Qie Xue Da Dao:"Reporting back Wang Ye is really the Yao Shu Yao adult, his bringing more than ten our armies has already surrendered Sung the person's soldier, there are also 30 catties of mercuries and more than 800 cinnabars, say to dedicate to the empress and Wang Ye."
"More than 800 cinnabars?What does cinnabar have to use?"The Cha necessarily listens to a head of fog water.Son astute忙Explanation way:"The empress hasn't to know, this mercury is a cinnabar Ya to burn but get, more than 800 cinnabars, can ast least burn 45100 catties of mercuries, enough use to keep big sweat ground a body."
"Like, invite Yao adult money income quickly."Necessarily the Cha exultation says.The tower Cha Er Nu way:"Empress empress, this Yao Shu since beats flag of surrender to lead a river and also bring the our army needs of cinnabar mercury, see to him necessarily is have already surrendered a Sung person, thus revolt stay his He Yong?Rather and early kill!"
"Wang Ye, Yao adult to big sweat vegetable come utterly loyal, how the meeting is easily
Still keep seeing him one side, listen to he explain that the beginning and end handles again it's not late."Son~the Cha necessarily also nod to say:"The Yao adult brought us to at present and most need of thing, ignore whether he surrenders, should see him a see."Tower Cha the Er is helpless, have to let Qie Xue to spread Yao Shu.
Different engrave, the whole body filial piety takes of the Yao Shu be brought in a gold debt, just one money income, Yao Shu then in quick time ran to the Cha necessarily the in front double knee knelt pour, lowered the head stick face at carpet on the number Tao wept aloud, "empress empress, old minister inability, can not block cannon by body for big sweat, cause big sweat unfortunately die a tragic death, old minister guilty, old minister guilty."Cry to shout, the Yao Shu continuously robs ground by head, the feeling of the Ai pain overflows form with the speech and ask for originally have already fallen calm of Cha necessarily again is to lose a voice to cry bitterly, tower Cha Er and son the astute etc. person inwardly shed tears.
"Yao love Qing, front day you go toward a tiger head with big sweat totally mountain conductor warfare, the big sweat unfortunately dies in battle, why can you escape by sheer luck?"The Cha necessarily flows to fix attention on tears to ask a way.The Yao Shu weeps aloud suddenly necessarily strong the business of the Lei drum allowing a class of Hahn people to go to a drum set said a time of, the end weeps aloud a way:"When the Sung person opens gunfire toward the big sweat, old minister just at for big sweat troops the Lei drum encourage and cannot compare with to rescue big sweat, the big sweat body has already been sent back north shore by the our army when the and then old minister rushes through to visit big sweat.Disorderly soldier in, old minister hand have no very small strength, nearby again have no soldier protection, therefore after Sung person round mountain, old minister drive Sung person's captive, escorted into Xiang sun."
"Yao Shu, you since have been already been captured, why not commit suicide to die for country?Multiply by a Sung again person the boats and ships lead river,have you already changed of loyalty to surrender a Sung person?"Tower Cha the Er Be harsh voice to drink to ask a way.The Yao Shu weeps aloud not only, answer a way:"Wang Ye, the old minister isn't to have never wanted to commit suicide to die for country, can Sung the person watch tight, the old minister has been hasing no opportunity to begin.Today dawn, Gu way the old thief summon old minister and in every possible way lure to advise to decline to the old minister, old minister originally don't want to promise, can Gu way the old thief puts forward to make the old minister serve as Sung person's emissary and send mercury cinnabar over the river, seize an opportunity to admonish empress and Wang Ye to lead a soldier to surrender, the old minister knows and wants to keep a big sweat body, affirmation demand a great deal of mercury, the old minister pretends to promise for the Gu way the old thief advises to decline, this just can send into mercury cinnabar north shore."
", Is so."Cha necessarily personality simple docile-Mongolia is absolutely a rare animal, to beyond doubt words letter of Yao Shu.The son is astute but drinks a way:"Bold Yao Shu,dr dre cheap, you deceive lead other people to deceive however I!You are a to suddenly decline of minister, how can immediately obtain Gu way old thief's trust?Appoint this heavy responsibility to you?Might it not be you the slave girl knee Nu Yan to Gu way the old thief betray an our army military airplane, this just obtains Gu way trust,beats by dre australia?"
"To, you is how obtain Gu way old thief's trust?"The quilt is astute on reminding, the tower Cha Er also cross-examines.
The Yao sheds tears to answer a way:"Wang Ye, two sons and a nephew of old minister also drive Sung person's captive, Gu way the old thief button up them to behave quality, old minister if can't Chinese water with south, Gu way the old thief will chase them to decapitate ……."Make reference to this,beats by dre, the Yao Shu weeps aloud to shed tears a way again:"The old minister son niece dead shortage cherishes, they are similar to the old minister, living is the person of big sweat, dead is big sweat ground ghost!The old minister crosses river, for send mercury to keep a big sweat corpse in the soldier, also have be look forward Yang one eye the big sweat loose to permit, then the old minister understand for oneself and follow big sweat but go to!"
Say, the Yao Shu necessarily and repeatedly kowtows to the Cha and cries bitterly to lose a voice.Son astute noodles dew Kui color, say to the tower Cha Er low voice:"Wang Ye sees to us really blame wrongly Yao adult, Gu the way send him to lead river to just advise to decline, become and don't become, whole at Wang Ye and the empress, the Yao adult can not also interfere with.At present the our army lately meets big difficult, is exactly to use person's moment, Wang Ye can add to comfort to the kind Yao adult, with the heart of Jia loyal minister."Ta Cha Er feels the son is astute to say have a reason, then come forward a soft voice consolation Yao Shu, the Cha is necessarily also a have no idea of, even still leave to come to Chan Yao Shu in person, in every possible way advise Wei to him, this just unwillingly advises the ground of Yao Shu to weep over.
"Wang Ye, we can not stay a long while here."After pain and sufferings slightly suppresses, the Yao Shu immediately holds tight the hand of the Er of tower Cha and sobs to say:"The at present big sweat passes away, troops' fiasco, the our army morale falls low but Sung the personage annoy high, we should hold firmly time, return to China quickly and stage a comeback by diagram.Otherwise Gu way old thief once crossing river backstroke, the our army is afraid is again want to lose to be miserably heavy."
"To, to, the end will be this meaning."Liu Zheng hurriedly attaches with Zhang Hong Fan and, to at 1:00 deluding of the Yao Shu also a sweep but get empty.Tower Cha the Er Be difficult to answer a way:"This king also wants to hurriedly withdraw troops to return to China, can empress but want to carefully protect very big sweat ground, the body makes decision again, this king also has no a way persuasion empress."
"The body of big sweat has already been getting aller right, as long as burning cinnabar Ya into mercury, not how many times ability chain enough mercury keep a big sweat body."The son is astute to knit the brows to say:"Just this Ya burns an enough mercury to need to be an at least and immerse mercury the corpse go into Lian for time, if Sung the person suddenly come to offend or seize an opportunity a sneak attack, we afraid is ……."
"Son astute master, we can carry big sweat ground body first to return to south sun, then Related articles: