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Blow gun four ,food supplies large quantities of ammunition .relationresultWith thiseffort, there are nearly two hundred and twelve Eight Route Army cha-ji a division three regiment soldiers never down on this piece of land, light and heavy casualties of more than 500 people, three regiment battalions have class organizational system disappeared ,abnormal major losses ,still intact in barely four hundred people ,even includes the guard and civilian personnel .
relationresultWhile winning thebattle ,according to the original plan to win the East Fort mission ,but the inside is full of depressing atmosphere, but none of the joy after the victory ,this is the three regiment from the long march of the Red Army after the intense fight, if there were not traitors betrayed operational intelligence ,I am afraid three league loss not so big .
relationresultReport ! Chen Jiayao clear voice in the regimental headquarters office outside the ring ,breaking the regiment inner boring .relationresultCome in ! Three head of Gu Yue raised his head ,looked at Chen Jiayao, barely showing a smiley face .
relationresultReport of Colonel, a commander urgent ! Chen Jiayao pulled out a piece of paper to Gu yue .relationresultKnow ,Jia yao !You go first and rest for a while !Pay attention to the body ! And the king stood up and clapped Chen Jiayao on the shoulder .
relationresultThe kingsent Chen Jiayao political commissar ,but found that Gu Yue didn too on ,surprised and asked: how ? , relationresultFierce battle. Gu Yue down letterheads ,raised his head ,from the mouth out two words .
relationresultface became livid .relationresultEastof Fort mission to capture near Laiyuan ,outside the village two groups were taken, and he defeated the Laiyuan city help ,http://www.4udrdrebeatscheap.com,at the same time ,Laiyuan city Japs also run into fierce battle ,this time without the village and East Mission Fort in Laiyuan city into a situation of tripartite confrontation ,be isolated and helpless ,a regiment once occupied the north of the city of Laiyuan area ,surrounding the twenty-fifth regiment ,Twentieth regiment sweeping outside Laiyuan Japs stronghold ,as well as take Laiyuan city for a commander ,as planned ,to gradually eliminate the outside Laiyuan stronghold ,the final concentrate a superior force to take Laiyuan, plan is being carried out smoothly .
relationresultEast MissionFort and the village was taken by Laiyuan City ,Lingqiu ,be placed in jeopardy ,the Eight Route Army in surprise reveal hitherto unknown fighting strength and determination ,his son Duan Guishan the traitor spy with the battalion returned information ,to estimate the Eight Route Army next operation plan ,the Japanese Mongolia Garrison Army command to respond quickly ,originally stationed in Baotou ,Guyang in the vicinity of the Japanese army in second independent mixed brigade of the two infantry brigade and two artillery troops back Laiyuan ,23 independent mixed brigade arrived in Laiyuan in second to spearhead the palace mouth ,South by car ,and on day 25 via as Cao channel fort ,and take the local Japanese 300 people ,in Motianling and by alfalfa starting more than Japanese intentions towards confluence ,Laiyuan ,on the same day and in the Ferris south of the Five Ridges was route eight Mission twentieth desperate resistance .
relationresultAt the same timeindependent hybrid second brigade another department in the Eight Route Army cha-ji a partition spy camp repelled ,after many battles, breakthrough spy battalion ,continued south to just leave it the source of more than one hundred kilometers of Weixian County ,and is located in the Weixian County headquarters ,on the evening of 24 independent second brigade regiment brigade command hybrid head had arrived Weixian County Japanese jockeying for position, which is located 40 kilometers northeast Laiyuan East Mission Fort Group Three is from the nearest the enemy Eight Route Army troops .
relationresultAcommander to convey the emergency command is a command of three group to check the stock down enemy .relationresultThe 129th Festival , relationresultwipe sweat, but the East Fort mission have ,or be Japs reinforcements so a pincer attack ,even before Laiyuan got down ,East Fort mission this battle is unknown .
relationresultslightly one consider to Colonel Gu Yuedao ,three : or such ,from the three regiment battalions deployed remained fighting force went to check, other forces to seize the time to rest and treatment of the wounded .
relationresultThat As you said it, I went to arrange ,Artist Series. Gu Yue ,stood up ,and go directly to the staff college office ,although at other times he and Wang commissar in some aspects have different views ,but in the general direction and goals .
relationresultSeeGu jumped out of the room, alas tone, automatic speaking : hope that God can bless the three regiment sacrificed again little bit . Think of some old familiar faces will not appear in the eyes ,heart throbbed with pain .
relationresultAfter the battle,cheering afterwards, soon, the battlefield into a tide of grunts ,the victory was quickly exhausted .relationresultAfter the demiseof Li Wei Di ,battlefield victory cheers turn a deaf ear to ,days of battle ,greatly drained his strength ,just fill a few slobber slightly added a body of water, a crooked body will fall into sleep ,the sleep when a solid feel is the greatest happiness ,cheap dr dre beats.
relationresultPut out theresidual fire ,three regiment soldiers looking for a safe place ,closely packed together, sleep ,the original battlefield ,almost covered the East Mission Fort near the old people ,every people ,even children are consciously ,without any noise ,light hand for light foot the Eight Route Army soldiers clean up the battlefield ,careful examination of each broken piece of earth ,in the party under the leadership of ,find out every little scattered ammunition supplies .
relationresultLocaltemporary establishment of militia ,began with a red-tasselled spear and just captured guns .Spontaneously active in East Fort mission patrol around and alert, guarding their closest army .
relationresultThebattalion command post in finishing the sum of the battalion ,after receiving the order, immediately called the same platoon leader and elected not to rest ,ammunition and physical ample company ,to Weixian County direction blocking independent hybrid second brigade South division .
relationresultBlockingtroops on the battlefield was quietly ,quietly set off immediately after sleep ,are other soldiers did not find another battle begins .relationresultThe skyhas a faint dawn .
As the earth is a layer of Phnom penh .relationresultTop !What are you looking at ?!In the soil to route eight ?! , relationresultDuan Chengstartled ,suddenly back ,see him talking to people is his old man segment gui-shan .
relationresultNo.No ,no ! Section Prudential some guilty bent .relationresultYou are my son ,what do you think I do not know, hey ,forget them !After the meeting, was not my words ,is my enemy .
Duan Guishan askew top army uniform hat ,riding coat out of the house .relationresultNo, not at all.Yes, I am. I just want to know the three regiment to people like you ? Duan Cheng hearts some confusion .
Although he sold three mission ,but surely unexpectedly on three missions for so long ,always have a love .relationresultHum !Forget it !In order to money and beauty, only who can give us these ,our father and son work for who .
Duan Guishan a look of disdain ,t you think ,I for you to eat for you to wear ,to give you the money to lead a gay one with women ,for the future you will have a good future ,I even specially for somebody to teach you to read and write, to you I like you so much time ,his own name can .
The earth eight way can give you these ,you wake up . , relationresultSeesection of sincere does not respond, Duan Guishan proud of preaching continued : known as China captain Sakata O said ,the Chinese people have no requirement, is to have a meal to eat ,as to who when the emperor also is not the same day, what to eat, we who do ,now he be a trend which cannot be halted .
The future world is the Imperial Army ,the soil Eight Route Army ,he spat it out ,what the future !It stands clear position ,so that future suffering not to say, not a small life .
, relationresultIf the Japanese occupied the whole of China, Chinese or Chinese ? Section Prudential still think of heart thing ,asked casually .relationresultWho knows.May day is the Related articles: