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Say words, an interjection with bright Hong, the female makes to embrace four Yue thunders of months arrive at Yue to fly nearby already.The Yue flies to forget so, raise little guy Gao Gao, say to oddness, the small Yue thunder isn't only not frightened, anti- poured "quack" to smile.The Yue flies to gather together up the face again, think kiss for a while son, but lead the Yue thunder isn't happy, astoundingly cry.
Zhao 嬛嬛 Chen strangely Pie one eye husband, connect over there a kid, patiently coax.
At this time, two half big kid, arrive at Yue to fly in front, kneel to pour to kowtow, this calls father's adult, that call teacher, is these two very naughty ghosts of Yue cloud, Zheng Qi Lang.
After Yue flies off city, Yue cloud and Zheng Qi Lang became the ragamuffin of nobody tube and whole day went out to cause trouble, Zheng Qi Lang is 9 years old, Yue cloud is 8 years old, for so two small fart Hais, incredibly 12 years old all of the kid as follows beat inside the capital city, the reputation even flies than the their Lao Tze's Li Gang and Yue still greatly.Soft blessing emperor the Ji is helpless, ask for help from elder brother of emperor, Zhao Huan makes trouble 2 the ghost lane come into the temple and accompany an emperor eldest son Zhao Chen study.Also honesty 34 day, than Zheng Qi Lang big 1-year-old Zhao Chen, originally the most steady be of a kid, also become overbearing domineering.The kid is still small, Zhao Huan doesn't want to restrain them too much, also have to is gone by them.
The Yue flies to touch two heads of guys and ask a way:"Cause trouble to have no, lovely not lovely?"
Yue cloud faces upward way:"The words that return to father's adult, the empresses all have never said child for two days!"
The mother-in-law holds for Yue cloud ground heart, don't blame and scold grandson for ability two days, is really rare rare event!Is also say, didn't make trouble for Tao boy two days?
The Yue flies to pull a face, the lo wears that.
Zheng Qi Lang's strabismus has a dekko at teacher, small track:"The father adult whole day isn't at home, the elder brothers all studied, and the nobody took care of me.I carelessly dashed to pieces the ink stone of father's adult yesterday, Yue cloud gave me a leave of, hasn't father's adult discovered!"
The Yue flies to see a station at Zhao Huan after death of Li Gang, Li Gang only wry smile, he also really don't discover, oneself likes of the ink stone is no longer original that a cake of.
The Yue flies a way:"Can tell the truth good, have fun to go to!"
2 people with boundless joily went to, public smile again.
On that day, the Zhao Huan and Yue flies to together rise a gold root car, the cow Gao lord drives, Zhang Bo courageously three multiply by, in the people's war whoop of capital city, slowly drive into an imperial palace.
Si whole, Zhao Huan rises text virtuous main temple and greatly seals a hero.
Seal Yue to fly for found a nation Hou, positive four article doctor Xuan Wei, praise Japan's Imperial Army's regiments to all direct to make;The cow Gao all directs to make for lately- established big Sung water soldier tiger wing soldiers, from five articles doctor Wei;Zhang Bo is courageously from five article close doctor Wei, martial army corps in the sky all the worry wait, temporary all direct to make authority;Zhang Xian waits for from five article close doctor Wei, praising Japan's Imperial Army's regiments all worry.Yang Qin is following, each one appreciates to differ.
Don't, gather an English palace to grant Yan, big Yan official hierarchy!On the feast Yan, cow Gao the capacity for liquor is blunt sky of, thousand cups don't pour, is sealed by Zhao Huan for the big Sung dithyramb, from that time on does the cow Gao dithyramb's the imposing military merit that compares with him more call a way for people!
End when the carouse had been keeping on till Xu,cheap beats, just tell be over, Zhao Huan drinks greatly to inebriate, the personnel doesn't come to.
Kun rather inside the palace, the candlelight flutters, empress, Zhu Yun Luo, sits at the man nearby, the Wan wears his hand and hope to sleep soundly quietly in of man.At this time of he is no longer that to keep one's promise, the gentleman Wei is like the emperor king of mountain, more elephant a kid!
He sleeps to sink very much, probably the dream arrived what happy matter, knowingly smile.
It has been more than a years since cloud Luo becomes an empress and come to take place more in this years a lot of affairs, in her eyes, the always mutually respectful and attentive husband sometimes becomes so unfamiliar and imitate a Buddha to change a person.The affair complexities of the situation of nation, the man seldom can sleep one good feel, she also helps not and up what favour, always is he worried!
The gold soldier backed, the summer soldier also backed, if Li Lan enters a temple, the smiling face on face in officer's house is many, she looking at also happy.In the evening, officer's house comes to Kun rather palace of time less and less, she is also a woman, she also hopes the husband can come back every day, but, she is still an empress, the empress of mothercraft world, she not ability so of.Man, regardless many big ages, be still elephant kid.But her Kun rather the palace is the man's lasting house.
If the orchid went to, a so perfect women, suddenly went to, people could not believe and made people feeling not true.The feeling of officer's house is imaginable, the smiling face is missing and on every occasion becomes angry, if orchid the emperor Ji leaving hasn't married name, officer's house sees all don't want to see, officer's house is to really think an orchid if!
She connects kid to come over, the elephant looked after Chen son in those early years similar, with concentrated effort looked after, the kid was very good, she was also happy.
Officer's house comes to Kun rather palace of this number more and more, here more elephant a house, she is happier.
"Water takes water!"Officer's house calls.
The bed in cloud Luo once carries tea, eyes in officer's house all have no Zheng and once drank tea, and then slept.
The breeze is a bit big, cloud Luo closed a half window and blewed off a candle, the light hand light feet ground went to bed,http://www.4udrdrebeatscheap.com, very sleepy but is not very easy either.
Turning the eye is June 26, two Lang absolute being of the birthday arrived.On this day but the most noisy day.
Officer's house mounts the throne nowadays and had intention to downplay many political sex festivals, the birthday of forbears in addition to too Zu, believe in to want a celebration with the birthday of way gentleman emperor's father emperor too much, the Gan of he or she in officer's house's birthday-April 13 Long Jie all hastily.But, the folks wants oneself's celebration, but officer's house has never once said what rubbish.
The festival is getting less, people of passionate accumulate, time arrived and break out, that returned.
The floats lines up long long of troops, once showed off city in the streets and alleys.Two Lang absolute beings of immensely resourceful, take his colleague-plum's mountain seven saints, the feet side follows domineering roar dog in the sky and condescends to come human life.See two Lang absolute being gentleman, the head binds to copy the gold flower Mao head of Long Hua Feng and wear gold silk to walk the side Zhe dress embroider tunic, the waist fastens blue farmland jade to take, the foot Deng flies Feng black Xue, Long Mei Feng's eye, Hao Chi fresh lips, keep to play bow, the plentiful absolute being is handsome friendship, keep keep in mind spring of the young girl tender heart Liao stir and see the Yong permit lady's longing of love dark Du.
A girl who appreciates floats just and abasheds and pleasedly looking at, two Lang absolute being suddenly flies a body from the floats but descend, stand in front of young girl, clear voice way:"Can the small Niang son wish to go with me together?"
The miss is abashed abashed way:"Gao Tang where, not ability distant journey!"
"Eliminates a hour, God, went into ground, does the small Niang son want to return and then return to have very difficult place?"
Twos are arrogant, also ignore somebody else's miss to wish would not like to, start to embrace miss, ascend the floats , in people's wared whoop, slowly went.See that small Niang son again, the handsome face Tuo is red, cast glances of love, in high spirits in the eyes, where have one not wishing of the silk?
Clock on this day mutually the eight greatest saints make of an of high tiger, take two close soldiers,cheap beats by dre, go into the city to handle affairs.Do finished feeling, want to return to army camp, but eyes weren't enough to use.On the street, the fresh flowers is like sea, the beauty is like shuttle, poor mountain bad water grows up of high tiger which once saw this etc. appearance, where beautiful small Niang son many go toward where gather together.The crowd hustles and several times hits nearby small Niang son and also disappears to blame, courage more and more big.Take advantage o in disorder, stretched hand to touch 1 on the fragrant hip of a small Niang son.
The small Niang son is a scream, her nearby a few Joes dresses up as the childe of two Lang absolute being gentlemans great anger, stretch hand and then beat.
Isn't Gao Hu a kind Chi either, humiliated a person to used to humiliate in normal times, arrived at Bian beam city in Tokyo want other people to humiliate not to become?
Gao Hu nearby of a little soldier, follow an officer person is to lead some nice days very much, on seeing someone have to fight, "Cang Lang"1 pulls out to wear knife and protects before officer's Human body and"brush"s ground to come to"absolute being Long Bai Wei", matchless overbearingly say:"Is slow, the rascal polishes your dog eye, know who my house's big officer person is?"
Those two Lang absolute beings don't connect words as well and wait he to finish saying words.
"My house's officer person is all husband of princesses Wei, found a nation Hou and praise Japan's Imperial Army to all direct to make the Yue fly Yue commander in chief troops eight greatest golds just of a, reside left one soldier now ……"
At present shadow of human figure in a flash words haven't finished saying, , the knife arrived inside in the somebody else's hand, the bridge bone fell to sink Related articles:

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