http://www.4udrdrebeatscheap.com arily pulling to pul

Originally was very shabby, pour also looked isn't very attractive, it happened that west China Qin's clothes were originally dressed in of very gorgeous nattiness, look very dominant, at the moment clothes up quilt laceration several way, it is a little bit a bit funny to look to pour.
Just west China's lance Qin surrounds orchid Si in a row and took the offensive nearly 100 times of many, orchid Si unexpectedly the small step doesn't let of the all fend off, and seize an opportunity to look for Xi backstroke and intensively took the offensive to make this time two people to all consume huge physique, send back original place and prepare the third-time belligerence.
The orchid Si equanimity has no wave ground to hope to stand just across the street western China Qin and have no in the heart pleased don't fear to.
The orchid Si stares at west China Qin, suddenly feel to imitate a Buddha at west China Qin's vision in flash across one silk uneasiness, in the orchid Si heart flash across a mind:"He unexpectedly at duel an in the middle flash across one silk Be miscellaneous to read, seem to be in his heart to have what harassment?But at just of among the aggression completely can not tell what harassment he has?So actually is what at perplex him?"
West China Qin still stand just across the street, the lance points a sky and prepares to take the offensive next time, however he still kept involuntarily pulling to pull his own some clothes of breakages before aggression, whole the whole lower hem of oneself's clothes, try to cover up be peeped out by the clothes of laceration of skin.
This lets orchid Si flash across a mind:"This western China Qin, listenning to their tones must be a youth to enjoy success, very young of time have already livinged Wei to far sow.And is worshiped and supported and adored by a lot of young girls.This person definitely seldom among the combat get hurt or of be stabbed tattered clothing.Again or, he is a guy that values his own image very much, is also say to value this kind of to be worshiped of hero image, so would to oneself dress Shan not whole appearance feel some uneasinesses now."
This certainly just orchid Si according to west China Qin split second before taking the offensive made of a small the action by instinct develop of a reasoning.
As for whether this reasoning is correct, that can be treated to orchid Si to confirm further.
The orchid Si also too late thinks, west China Qin as if tidewater general of the aggression have already drowned he.
Connecting orchid Si has to admire, either, the west China Qin's vehemence is really strong and matchless, the normal person takes the offensive of time a drum makes spirit, again but Shuai, three but Jie, but west China Qin's offensive's passing by two to stir is beaten off of career, unexpectedly and the slightest didn't be subjected to influence, still arrogant as usual.
The lance collides a voice to again spread, west China Qin madly wields of the lance in the hand quickly chop down to split to the orchid Si.
Orchid Si the aggression that can by instinct ward off an enemy, connect to occasionally counter-attack, also can be to at random flick, even the thinkings all too late consider.
Suddenly, the whole life of the Ding, the lance again folds for the two pieces in the orchid Si hand.
To know the orchid Si has never owned a real good lance, so,cheap beats, this kind of with the process that enemy exchange blows in public lance suddenly two circumstances for folding, the orchid Si has already got in touch with a lot of times.Although is a bit surprised,the slightest didn't hesitate.
Orchid Si at the moment flash across a mind:"Arrogant this person's war skill, really unprecedented.I broke lance again now, again keep on beating perhaps and necessarily and hurt undoubtedly.Only use surprise tactics now!"
Thought of here, the orchid Si wields hand in of broke sword to suddenly point to west China Qin of before the chest, the attack position of this sword is very weird, because the lance is short one section, looking can laceration west China Qin's clothes BE.
But west China Qin obviously would not like to accept a quilt orchid the Si open clothes before chest a final outcome of big son, therefore, originally doing not need is dodgy of this sword west China Qin still kept retreating an one step, the offensive in the hand also naturally slow come down.
Exultation in the orchid Si heart, he knows that he guesses right, seize an opportunity to launch aggression, although now in the his hand has already become a handle to break sword,he adopts the military tactics of owing the body combat, on the contrary the condition seems to be more breathtaking, frequently will have both parties the recruit type that will be subjected to slight wound and on the contrary let west China Qin Be a burst of to fluster.
Suddenly, in the orchid Si hand of break sword to sell but, keep taking the west China Qin's waist rib, west China's Qin Ze Shen avoids, drive orchid Si one feet Chuai at lower abdomen up, west China Qin immediately Gao Da Dun's body flew to go out and heavily fell at ground up, at ground up roll several roll, don't climb.
Orchid Si this feet really use last with all strength, only because the opportune moment flits, elephant this kind of comparing of superior puts together, one silk ten cents of diverted and stay all of hands are too late.
So, the orchid Si really doesn't know that China Qin of west actually will get hurt to weigh more.
The whole place inside is suddenly silent to come down, on the other hand startled, everyone marvels at race result of out of the blue, however more reason perhaps is these idolatrous young girls momentary Be hard to accept this reality.
The Hong cures bright pearl to get several individuals and quickly runs up a set, check west China Qin's wound die.
Orchid Si Gu zero zero grounds stand over there, although is make in beg to living insurance with nearly win again, heart in but have no the slightest of excitement.After death of the bright pearl of Xin Yuan lead several individuals be loudly drinking colourful, but the slightest cover up not to live the solitude of the heart of orchid Si.
Seem orchid Si, this victory of the person want than lose war of the person still need lonesome three centses.
The orchid Si raise a head at this time and slowly hoped the sky of this deep blue color, at the moment this very blue sky is blue is thus of cool strong.Thus of definitely cut off.
"I think to acquire any merriment while winning a person, but will acquire emptiness."
The orchid Si hopes the sky to slowly think a way"make the all these quickly some past.The all these really makes people dull.In fact I don't want to hurt anyone.Only, I don't hope that the other people hurt me as well."
Slowly the orchid Si person took off the turban on the head, in great quantities perspire, make the whole turban all wet, peeped out him that a head of in the sun flickering and flaring aureate hair, wave hand to outwardly fling out with the hand the turban in the hand, seem and throws here of stuffy air that sends forth to come from F heart.
In this a moment, the orchid Si heard a clear and crisp Yi voice, imitated a Buddha and be seeing what let people surprised thing.
The orchid Si turns a head to see go, what to see is to is a pair of bright eyes, far and far hope him, show unintentionally interrogative facial expression in the look in the eyes.
That look in the eyes!
That bright eyes incredibly have the felling that a kind of geezer acquaints with.
Imitating the Buddha is the time and space that crossed must a year, experience remembering fondly of ten thousand thous after just finally must see of the memory of the previous incarnation previous incarnation, in this a moment suddenly Shan now, vibrated the mind of orchid Si.
But, that eyes disappear very soon in the crowd.
More than ten young girls, the acclaim ground congratulates to the orchid Si under the stage.Because, a new idol was born.
"She is a summer month!"
There is no cause, orchid Si on a sudden flash across this mind.When his flash across this mind of time, feel the blood of whole body suddenly flow out to seethe between each this split second, he by instinct pulls out feet to make track for to go and looks for just that eyes son,http://www.4udrdrebeatscheap.com.
At this time, came over to drink colourful bright pearl of Xin Yuan to hold tight him:"Where do you arrive?Hurriedly seek father Wang Tao to appreciate."
Say, pulled the orchid Si to the bright pearl king's in front.
Is chaos in the orchid Si heart, touch to stick paste ground listen to someone just report west toward the king of bright pearl China Qin of condition of the injury:"West China's Qin Jue Ye harms very heavily, can completely recover still currently not necessarily, but is the danger that should have no life."
Flash across in the bright pearl king's eyes one silk is worried, immediately concealed go, good-natured say to the orchid Si:"Leaf surprised thunder, you indeed as expected didn't tell a lie.Really is a the remarkable talent of a life time is not.I declare and seal you to drive for companion now, since today, you own all take a stroll in the temple at any time of of right,Beats Solo HD.Unless there is special task arrangement, you have to arrive palace to report once at least every day."
Hear the vision that the sealing of bright pearl king appreciate, peeped out to admire in people's eyes of surroundings, this lets the orchid Si very don't understand.In fact, the orchid Si heard the sealing of bright pearl king appreciate feel after of is a burst of disappointment.
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