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"Yuan senior, this?"Cloud Lan works properly to know to spread a sound.
Yuan ambition look in the eyes a tight;"Teaching the precept is all right!", Is same of is also work properly to know to spread a sound.
Two of him work properly to know to spread a sound, Xiao's bathing rain nature is to don't know, the nerve of one face draws tight at the moment, the other party after all get into cabinet have already had a date, press if the words of orchid say, oneself forces a beginning to peep to build a radicle initial stage, but can become cabinet pupil and all has a radicle of build to expect at least, but get into cabinet obviously can also study higher achievement method, can oneself have confidence?…
He!Not dare the gist, also not ability the gist.
The shell of one side virtuous Si sees a form, in the heart suddenly on coming to, the one more sees cloud Lan and the appearance of Yuan ambition, dark way-not good!!Work properly to know to spread a sound.….
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Is a spool of;Person if chapter 13 dragon;Advise?
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Nervous emotion's spreading is each corner at shell the heart of the virtuous Si, he and the Xiao bathe the relation of rain, his nature is to don't hope that the Xiao bathes rain to have an accident, the other party is a cabinet pupil, deal with Xiao to bathe rain an outside pupil in the door, this …obviously and very isn't fair.
"How to do?..How to do?"
Shell virtuous Si felling by himself/herself at the moment be like be placed in hot the ant on the pot, want to be successful in career, he have no that skill, the other party if not that seeing in the words of the influence of oneself's backs, estimate even oneself will also pull into, unconscious, shell the forehead of the virtuous Si unexpectedly permeated carefully sweat bead.
The Xiao bathes rain whole body heart on the alert and came to grips that time with Mo Yan before oneself still left behind of skill, don't use with all strength.
....Is the outside door pupil a fish,cheap beats, let people to cut into pieces?
Even if other people meeting, the Xiao bathes rain also can't.
Cloud Lan corner of mouth a curved, cold speech way;"Surprisingly Luo's senior is unexpectedly willing to give up to give his a double-edged swords of Xuan iron all you, see on the face of Luo's senior, I will stay your[one] small life!".
"Have though the skill comes to take!"The Xiao bathes rain to rebuke with sarcastic remarks.
Cloud Lan is what person, he is a pupil of cabinet, in normal times inside, where once saw outside pupil in the door thus don't put oneself in the eye, momentary, the blue vein suddenly and violently rises, wrath abnormality, connect talk to seem to be all to become stammer.
Shell virtuous Si for own real strenght that still has much of self-knowledge, the circumstance in nowadays is very critical moment, imminent, basically being not oneself that immature person level can obstruct of drop of, the only way is to use brain.
"Have!"Shell virtuous Si look in the eyes sudden flash across one silk is crafty, loudly way;"Cloud Lan senior, he is only outside pupil in the door, where meeting is a senior your opponent, even if is to really need to advise his skill in martial arts, that also waits Luo tiger senior come back to say again, good?".
The shell virtuous Si speaks the time of this words and contained inside strength, voice is of proliferation, ask for to come to other outside visions of pupils.
"Ai!You see, there occurrence what?"A pupil inquiry makes a noise.
"Do not know!"The pupil of one tiger pound waist circle flutters him to have the head of amount of.
"Walk, we see!"…….……."Shell virtuous Si,http://www.4udrdrebeatscheap.com!"Cloud Lan feel angerly stared at virtuous Si of shell one eye.
Momentary, originally just pupil 350% heaps in door all walk toward the this place outside the self-discipline.
The purpose attains!
Is dark pleased in the shell virtuous Si heart, there were so many outside door pupils to round a view, how of!This cloud Lan doesn't dare as well next malicious hand, otherwise the seriousness of affair, extend, he also needs the amount of Dian amount of Dian.
"Is this what is the row?""Do not know""……" rounds outside pupils in the door of view all in small voice's discussing.
Shell virtuous Si clear voice way;"Many senior younger brothers, cloud Lan senior, need to point out Xiao to bathe rain and also invite many senior younger brothers to step aside a position, in case spread to!".
The words of shell virtuous Si let the Xiao bathe the property of rain and cloud Lan a pair person to take place variety, one side the original hands encircle of the Yuan ambition have an ordering of meaning, the corner of mouth hangs an unidentified smiling face.
Just that smiles!How to have a liking for to there are several gloomy felling of dividings.
The Xiao bathes rain Xuan iron sword with a downward exposure on putting, the sword point touches ground and towards a cloud Lan icy cold way;"That had Lao!"For the good bitterness of shell virtuous Si work hard he also appreciate from the heart bottom, don't want to kiss his good intentions as well.
Hear the Xiao bathe rain to say so, the shell virtuous Si hanged in mind rock to let go of a lot, he was afraid to is a Xiao to bathe rain sense of honor to use a matter, suffered a los when the time comes, but turned to read a to think, also released however, Xiao's bathing rain isn't so recklessly of person.
Cloud Lan not from of Pie the Yuan ambition of the eye one side, sees Yuan ambition don't the slightest mean.
Don't mean!
If that equaled to free to oneself to begin, for Yuan ambition, cloud Lan still pretty much listens to of, the Yuan ambition isn't only is his senior, but also still his cousin, naturally can't harm him, round view pupil now a lot of, the malicious hand is to can not descend, as for give order teach!…….
Thought of this, once cloud Lan hand flick and appear a to chase three without basis Chinese foot green Feng, be suffused with cold light unclearly, despise way;"I let first you three recruit, you begin first!".
Leisurely of!
Anything that vanishes, the emasculation is like Hong, the word was lingering sound don't fall, sees the Xiao bathe rain body in a flash, point ground hair dint.
Is quick!……The speed is the quickest, 18 relentless matchless sword spirit moment Maos shot into cloud Lan, is like an extensive big net, and his figure just puts on a blue at the same time.
Cloud Lan Ge however of, the eye pupil tightens, such as pinhole-like in shape.
He has never thought Xiao bathes rain to say to begin and then begin, he has never thought as well the Xiao bathes rain will like this artistic skill.
The green Feng sword rush splits, a burst of sword spirit as if ripple lake water, in multiple layers spread out, make frontal attack to annoy to those 18 swords.
Bomb!Bomb!Bomb!…..Gasify on recruiting those 18 swords for eliminate Xian.
Is a burst of to flap to concuss, the aftermath lets outside pupil in the door of rounding the view not from of body rock, unique can not keep of is Yuan ambition, he encircles at the moment of hands not from of put down, look in the eyes is of a bright.
"Is very fierce!"Is surprisingly in the rush, sword 18 all unexpectedly drive on recruiting to dissolve, however …..That just opens outside small vegetables and recruits to just arrive at the moment behind.
Is late quick while saying at that time!…
Unpretentious one sword, a matchless sword of violent in action!The sword of Xuan iron is originally thick actually matchless, weigh up to more than 300 catties, more naturally at the moment the sword of Xuan iron drive the Xiao bathe rain is infused to of the extensive true spirit flood.
"Weng …Weng Weng!"The sword point seemed to stab to break air, the Zheng Zheng made to ring.
Cloud Lan frighteneds to disgrace and quickly makes frontal attack green Feng in hand up, want to lend this resist Xiao to bathe rain of recruit behind.
"Want to resist so!"The Xiao bathes once rain sword eyebrow lift and explode to drink 1;"Break!".
"Bomb!"A surprised thunder, that is solid to beat actually hard touch, cloud Lan felling oneself's body a light, is like a floating about feather, was shaken to float to go out.
"Burst!"The one mouthful is deep red, the stars spreads and starts to jump from the ground, and cloud Lan whole body is in total disorder and unbearable.
On recruiting collision, the Xiao bathes rain also not from of repeatedly behind Zhan, the figure is unsteady, row the trace of one a three meterses on the ground.
The Xiao bathes rain also not lead, at the moment felling oneself annoy blood to seethe inside the body, the viscera is to will be left and uploadses come repeatedly hot, once the eyelid hang, the dangerous spot that sees hold the sword of Xuan iron unexpectedly the flesh threw away one big piece and peeped out an abundant of white bone.
"Hua!!"The outside pupil a burst of noise of shouting in door that rounds a view hands over head to connect an ear to get up in succession, be like drive Tong of hornet nest.
"Good!"Shell the virtuous Si is unbearable call break a sound, voice a , again felling have a little unpopular, the Yuan ambition of the one side already look in the eyes Pie come, his Han smiles a Nao head.
Does this still advise?
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