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The absolute being is exactly this unreal to hide a bodhisattva mile.Don't know this legend as well from what listen to interesting since then tight."The Qi Bole's way:"This would is to gab thin, bodhisattva which will have a free mind tube this carelessly matter?This kind of matter should is small absolute being and miscellaneous service go to dry of."
Breaking Chan Feng to hum is a , despise way:"Various Buddha wish the dint is endless endless and omnipresent, you what does this small Jiang corpse understand?"The Qi uncle originally wants to make fun of again two, suddenly think of this sword temper very big, the abnormal superior of You temple in the sky of ratio does persons like jade,etc more difficult tie up, inhibit impulse at that moment and hard, abruptly swallowed into a lot of words a belly inside.
The giant panda is listenning to interesting, saw suddenly to have no continuation, several steps arrived at Qi uncle after death, ha ha the Han say with smile:"The corpse of Qi Jiang, how don't you talk?Am I listenning to you telling a story."The Qi uncle is feeling depressed, drive he a few words trample medium pain feet, seem oneself that embarrassed worry be generally broken by the Tong, tiny tiny on the face a red, turn a headache to scold a way:"What do you are this beast,Beats By Dre Justbeats, don't understand to call to practice moral teachings?Belly in pack how many stories that can fix into a superior?If be really so, that tells the person of story not are all Buddha Zu bodhisattva?Write the person of story not is more the superior's superior Gao superior?!All day don't practice moral teachings well, the way listens to way say, 10 people tooth Hui, you arrive that to pull out a hellish inside of tongue lo lo, have how many not is write what story Be from?"The giant panda stretched to loll out tongue and backed a part, didn't dare to say again.
Yi, he this sentence is 1, didn't enjoy in two personal hearts while signing, which two people?If the first isn't happy that affirmation is that to break Chan Feng, Qi uncle how many make attack by insinuation, can he not understand?Smell speech under, words not much say, the sword body is one Yang, a golden light just to Qi Bo Liao Ya but go.Isn't happy in that Qi Bo Xin, although know perfectly well oneself and break Chan Feng to compare, fix be too big for margin, can have already started guarding against opponent to plot secretly against himself/herself when the words in the mouth are finally unbearable, export.See suddenly golden light to inherit into, avoid being seen while signing, but be still shaven beard by the edge of golden light ability field but lead, painful get he shout loudly.The second isn't happy is ……calculate, don't say his name, the big guy also knows is who ……after all this story always not ability eunuch?If the that fellow listenned to Qi an uncle, remaining of the gnash teeth in hatred, unbearable at at heart dark way:"This mixed a person to scold too to divide, everyone was just to get along top in the way, he incredibly doesn't do the honor ……if not and for respecting the original of this story, with he just that words ……accidentally really think 1 to write to die him!"
That Pu joss-stick sees a Xuan Qiong doubt and say with smile while signing:"That sentence while still remembering that we broke up at that time?Accumulate kind fix blessing, settle life and death while eventually having to the utmost, the square is a proper way."The Xuan Qiong smells speech suddenly, pour to take a suck at spirit and shouts low a way:"Pu joss-stick?!Have you already fixed to go till little light sky?!Your appearance also greatly changed."The Pu joss-stick says with smile:"You regrouped a fairyland flower to go to too many energies in those early years and defended Ai your to practice moral teachings.I have no your so some chores and fix quickerly naturally.And you choose to wait for Ksitigarbha to again face a life time and want to follow him to become a way, this process most likely also spends you are too many time ……Yi, did you wait until Ksitigarbha?"
Put light on the face of Xuan Qiong, one face happy expression the ground point at Liu Jia, the Pu joss-stick sees it frightened and turn a head to looking at Liu Jia, temporarily stunned speechless.Liu Jia hurriedly comes forward to say with smile:"Pu joss-stick …….That Emperor, this kind of matter isn't worthy to the true, ah ……Pu joss-stick elder generation, I hear that you hide bodhisattva with unreal rather an origin, is this what is the row?Two of you what relate to?"That Pu joss-stick smells speech one Zheng and take off a people surprised way:"What do you say?!The unreal hides bodhisattva!"It is temporarily foolish to sign very long.
Liu Jia sees it language not, just thinking again ask two, have never thought that Pu joss-stick suddenly grow to smile from silent and connect a track in:"World what once had Pu joss-stick?Again what have ever had unreal to hide?I am getting more careless, leave very become make true get, incredibly also enjoy it very much,Ha ha ha ha."
The face that is public to see puzzlingly, but see Pu joss-stick now rosy color, embody soft light exotic fragrance,http://www.monsterbeats-ol.com, knot Jia to fall Be sat to ground.Liu Jia Qi's way:"Pu joss-stick elder generation, you is this He Yi?Meditate here?You can change a place, this ……torch star still some uses to me ……"that Pu joss-stick say with smile:"This space of everything , also in the industry dint, is current to go, everything be comply with the surrounding but BE.The industry easily turns, the total industry is difficult to tie up, the Hun is natural in my noodles according to situation degree the next contribution that person accumulates, much bigger than this torch star."Speech his Lian rise smiling face, to the color way of Liu Jia Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De:"You just not is ask me to hide with unreal is what relate to?That I ask you, do you know not to know how many Ksitigarbha's bodhisattvas these 3,000 worlds have?They thus He Lai, with you again is what relate to?"Liu Jia smells speech stunned speechless, strange way:"Is this what rubbish?What call to have how many Ksitigarbha's bodhisattvas?"But see Pu joss-stick the point nod, tiny tiny on smiling, way:"The sending gives you a words:I am to put out one degree world myriad living things, but actually have no the myriad living things can put out one degree."
Don't treat Liu Jia to talk, that Pu joss-stick already tiny shut a pair of eyes, silently have no language.Liu Jia Ji's way:"You don't sit quietly and meditate so quickly, do I still occupy and ask you!"He explores to know in the past and suddenly discovered that the Pu joss-stick has already had no breath, the heart palpitates has already stopped, Liu Jia Jing's way:"Is this what is the row,dr dre cheap?!"The Xuan Qiong comes forward 2, sounds out very long and finally shakes head to sigh a way:"He went."
Liu Jia doesn't understand knitting the brows a way:"Did he go?Go to where?He didn't want this body and arrived where go?"Once the words sound fall and suddenly think of one matter and cannot help but pouring to shout a cool spirit:"If he abandons this body, I fix now for, the can see his dollar the absolute being leave a body be, why just do the whole ignoranceses feel?"
Xuan Qiong silent short moment, Yi way:"Brothers, is that sentence that you just say to the Pu joss-stick what mean?You how can anyone know Pu joss-stick and the unreal hide bodhisattva of very have an origin?"Liu Jia shakes head a way:"I don't know anything, breaking Chan Feng to tell mine."Once the words sound fall, but see break Chan Feng already from his center of palm of hand slippery, be like the nature in his palm to grow out one handle lance, silently have no an interest, but again dark Lin however.
Break the Chan Feng sword body to deeply keep, the Hey Hey says with smile:"Once there was legend, this Pu the joss-stick was an unreal to hide bodhisattva turns now, ha ha, see now, most likely is true."Liu Jia Qi's way:"That he arrives now where go to?Die?Still go home?"Break Chan Feng to say with smile:"The unreal hides the state of bodhisattva, which can use life and death two words to describe?I don't know that he arrives as well where go to, but since can not say to living as well as say dead, can not even say to go home.Ha ha, he is already an everything is emptiness, again which come of house?You this words ask much freshly."
Liu Jia's wry smile is two, again way:"He just still thoroughly, why said how many words slip away?This person is really strange."Break Chan Feng to say with smile:"This kind of matter is difficult to say very, probably and you just those words Be relevant to fasten, unintentionally told his original appearance, he suddenly and greatly comes to under, certainly walk Luo.I say first here, everyone doesn't ask I why he suddenly and greatly comes to hereafter will walk, I don't know as well."
Liu Jia with small vegetables 2 people listen to puzzlingly and all without exception shake head a way:"The person who does bodhisattva always likes to play a mysterious doctrine, what all don't hand over to treat clearly, make people difficult to understand."Face to smile minister to scold a way:"This unreal hides bodhisattva strange get tight, why show to appear the appearance that practices moral teachings in a little sky of light?It is me to change to make, become to also want to become an image that even has Wei power, the person in little sky of light isn't what fantastic role again."Break Chan Feng ha ha joy way:"The various Buddha, various bodhisattva shows now and all has its opportunity place, random should turn and don't keep one method and think to him to be here appearing from having his purpose and lead some days us will understand naturally."
The point of Xuan Qiong nods, to break the way of Chan Feng:"This words say reasonablely, in those early years I and Pu joss-stick difference after, once heard some concerning his legends as well, but be really leave, hasn't been making to understand."Break Chan Feng to say with smile to Liu Jia:"Old elder brother, that unreal hides bodhisattva now that is here appearing, perhaps be come to order to turn yours?If you might as well record him, all the way small and soft deliberate, sooner or later from can understand his deep righteousness."
Liu Jia lowers the head language not, break Chan Feng and say with smile:"You don't think again slanting, the way that turns myriad living things, always aim at your nature since then, or become beggar Related articles: