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, She who is current has already escaped from this to organize.
"Yes, I am also experience the last game just become the core member in the organization!I am an orphan, brought up by the teacher to grow up of, although teacher to me also calculate not ascend very good, really was my only close relatives, in the last game I personally the Nue killed my own teacher, in fact I also not think of, I am afraid, I don't want to die as well to particularly is to face to compare to die the worst punishment, because if I not and so do, I the meeting be judged failure, today adult you see of this the career of evil spirit, then will fall in my body, even I even can not do it suicides, because someone once tried before, all before doing not die, be in the place sent out of the golden light inhibits of can not move, so I afraid, adult, sorry, I unqualified become your servant, I am a convict."Finish saying the color of these words, have already completely cried a tears person.

Chapter 323 lord absolute being appears
"I have already once said, you whether the judging of guilty isn't you but is me!You decide to start the whole ideases wait on to receive me of that from day, you have already been redeemed, you of the soul is clean now, it is to belong to mine, you remember from now on you of the in the mind don't think this affair any further, don't even say what oneself is a convict, because so is for besmirching me, are you understand!"The words hair that breaks a soldier is generally together enlightened and in a twinkling lets the body of color arrive souls to experienced a rinse all, the whole individual even all send forth a kind of shining glory of heavenliness, respectfullly polite respect of to after breaking deep Shi Yi Li of soldier, the color politely stands to break a soldier of back.
Break a soldier corner of mouth to start to take a silk to smile an idea, he suddenly feels this kind of religion's hypnotizing to return is really effective,google, a words can make people have the felling of great awakening.
However break a soldier suddenly feel after experiencing these affairs, oneself seems and has a little despise "our strength" too much this organized, time started, break the soldier gains of the whole intelligence report is all what color instills to him and break a soldier and see now, the real strenght of this organization far and far isn't a color says so in brief, the color may understand very much of just this skin in the organization just, the real real strenght of this organization is seen and hide very deeply, can one sacrifice seven rank warriors and use to have fun organization and how can be like a color and say so simplely at any time,cnn!Break a soldier to suddenly feel the whole affair already more and more play, however for oneself viewpoint within heart, break a soldier didn't tell color and Sun Fu.
Arena more than 3,000 kilometers are deep of underground set up one to cover the base of white square kilometer, say with it to is a base not hair say to is a glorious and matchless palace, here even if have never come as well by the position of color, can come here of in addition to the organization " our strength" in in addition to those real core members, only those life long sink here, until the dead canned not leave the attendant here, either.
The center of base has a construct a far far view very oddly to is like a heart that is bound tightly by fetter and throw at very hot fire in burn bright similar, at the left ventricles of that heart in, a white jade piles up of stone Dun up, sit upright one person, he has the face of a young men, but eyes in but contain the Cang had no by young man.
Along with break a soldier to in a twinkling move to move of the method ground Be in use, the 3 people moment disappears from the arena, at the same time also disappear in that person's Xuan only in the mirror, the in fact so-called Xuan light mirror is as just about as knowledge machine within science and technology product.All in a location or what person of body up place a cake of after the Xuan light of the refining stone, then read a method definitely can see throw in Xuan light ground shadow thing in stone place, descend boundary in basically have no science and technology product existence, otherwise an in brief shoot to be like a head plus one develop an instrument and then completely can attain effect like this.
"Unfortunately now the loyal degree of color already wrong otherwise also install the words of a piece of Xuan light stone on her and then can keep watch on that boy nearby, a day of effort can let to the organization utterly loyally color anti- water.This boy seems really has a little skill!"One of the person whom the white jade Dun top end sits after giving a deep sigh, with closed a Xuan light mirror.
Return to good luck guest the building broke a soldier to suddenly smile behind, mouth inside mumblingly from the language way:"See come to true person also not don't know, at least he didn't thought of that the chain heart sends this to build wine famous gang and unexpectedly also has much of a research to the doctrine strategies, however his common sense obviously differed to order.He unexpectedly forgot to want ~only a dollar the absolute being is strong to certain extent, can directly track Xuan only the mirror send out a signal and then attain with anti- peep of eyes ground!"The as early as arena Xuan light stone starts of split second, breaking the soldier already the heart living to respond, one of his absolute being reads already and follows Xuan only emanative of the electric wave go upstream to check to explore everything of that underground base and also see the mastermind of "our strength" backstage at the same time.
Zha an observe the other party of time break a soldier tiny ate a surprised, original in his subconscious.Have been thinking that the mastermind of this organization isn't very strong, but breaks a soldier and just discovers through the scanning that the absolute being knows, this person unexpectedly has already arrived a true person jade Chien win say of peep falsely of territory, compare with a too early true person also however differ two state just, this kind of fixs for even if the space in too early true person's place,can call last superior's well-known scholar, pure of fix inside the ratio doctrine for of words, this so-called mastermind than break a soldier to still have to be violent, if plus to break a soldier that strong abnormal dollar absolute being again plus the words of meat body energy, break a soldier to have self-confidence steady win him.Again besides break a soldier have already comprehended the rule of fire and harm of sad very of strength.
If that mastermind in the organization if know, only used a Xuan only the mirror was touched by the opponent pure his inside situation, don't know that he will can't annoy to chase this Xuan light from cradle to the grave a mirror as well to failed.
If game that contests this kind of bloody abnormal condition is suitable for those rich but agains to live get more depressive person, for the first time for break soldier to say to see is curious, show him again for the second time, underneath how of the flesh and blood Be horizontal to fly to can't arouse him, either to feel at 1:00, broke a soldier have never taken oneself for The Savior Messiah, so he handles affairs with the favour and see easy on the eyesly and then take care of and sees with a revolting feelingly, even if the other party is divided corpse in front of him, can't produce one silk touch towards breaking a soldier, either.Welcome interview ebullition literature 101 dus
Arena of those Cape Dou private at break a soldier and see come as if a group of walking corpses is pressed by person for long time the Yang force of fight, let they already numbness, break a soldier to think these people basically isn't helped by him of qualifications, a woman living a life for the sake of himself or herself can like in person with elder brother of the person fights to kill, and this man's but again can for living a life, sink into a hell like that regardless of younger sister who let oneself, girl friend, thought of to break a soldier to see color one eye here, very strange in his in the mind, why break a soldier but didn't see that slavish on the body of color, on the contrary see self-renewal and self-respect, this is also break military music in help her of reason place, helps those can help of presume to see toward the destiny challenge and oneself easy on the eyes person, these are the creeds that break a soldier.
The bitterness child is exactly the easy on the eyes girl who is such a to let to break a soldier to see, but regrettable of is that she died, and was to be very pathetically killed off by the Nue, broke a soldier to feel oneself should for bitterness the child ordered what!
That night, inside the altar of the weighing scales country country great occasion of nation stanza,Facebook, the big fiesta takes charge of empty the hemp is kneeling before altar, devout of do Ru to tell!The empty hemp is person in song Europe, have been 382 years old this year, person in song Europe's average life be at about 260 years old, so is empty the hemp have already been regarded as a super life among person in song Europe, however will soon also walk to life of end.
Is different from male robust health condition in general song Europe, empty numb the big fiesta take charge of of the body absolutely calculate not ascend violent, even thin small dried up of as if a section burnt ground black Tan, but in the whole next boundary but have no a lo with small feeling to get empty hemp.Even come to say at lose oracle for 300 years of long weighing scales country, just lost one-time of spacious territory, can also preserve the land of oneself nation, the empty hemp performs feats, all nations are positive because all be afraid empty hemp, so just don't dare to force a weighing scales country too much, they are afraid rather numb reason BE, empty hemp is a crazy follower, and is a best within crazy follower to die fanaticism.
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