xi flicked a hand a

"23 decades?, At that time of I was still young, still a pirate!Real pirate!Is dirty, stupid and irascible!"Cloth Luo Mu shuts worthy of a look, seem to be recalling part events, " however, afterwards I went into business!For canning be accepted by people, I invite the best rite teacher in whole Europe come to teach myself and spend for livelong five years, I just developed today's habit!……But, I still return just on lying a civilian, which afraid I took military service for three years again at navy of Royal and became a major, I still keep having no opportunity into any courtyard of nobility!" "Originally you still have deep nobility details!"Ma De says with smile "The imperial concubine of the Hui?"Kangxi's Hui imperial concubine is younger sister's son of bright pearl, big elder brother the natural mother of the Yin 褆 , ever since that time empress He gave up inside difficult produced and died, empress temple inside in addition to filial piety Chuang can say, her identity is the most valuable, Kangxi makes Wu Dan come protection to pour in person also no serious mistakes committed, but, Mo Jing always feels that my noodles hasn't right little bit!……Did not the bright pearl just just come off stage?And hear that the Hui imperial concubine is older than Kangxi, and has already been free from to spoil, Kangxi will for the sake of she but send a martial Dan this nearby and first bodyguard?And at this time also coincidentally, it happened that similar to time ordered by her with Gao Shi Qi …… She thinks impassability! But intuition tells her, the affair hasn't arrived the worst situation! ******* The Jiao son has been being walking, Mo Jing this just discovers to sit Jiao to isn't an affair of comfortable heart!Sway to concuss unsteadily to be not to say, all on all sides blocked up, basically could not see an outside, the title is a Lian son, and the space is narrow and small ……this lets she originally even worse for the enough spicy mood, can she but can not do a choice to this "Two adults, " Gao Shi Qi responded to 2 people's a wry smile, "the friends of new appointee Chuan Xia governor of province Ge gift but Suo sum diagram

"Luo Xin says againIf now even the princes dare to kill, these matter again go toward outside on turning over, Hey Hey, that fun can big!……Besides, and then have what evidence can prove did some time thick soup Yao intention murder respectful prince?" "I am a witness!You forgot, I early and early was sent back to come in city, wanted ~only me on the hoof, year the thick soup Yao can not run "What?Does the Ge Er Dan want to surrender?"Float in the sky a thou to come over to want to negotiate how to deal with Ge Er with blessing identically equal person Dan, after all Ge Er although the Dan is surrounded, but, the real strenght didn't much and greatly exhaust, but, when he sees 3 people, haven't opened mouth, Suo sum diagram already first voice Duo person

"Need not!Gao Shi Qi, that madam of yours remembers to seem is already one article Gao life?"Kangxi flicked a hand, and then asked a wayAlso luckily, Mo Jing Shi's interest is always all "passive" interference, not active "Can not there is a rumor starting to be suffused with before returning to city?After returning to city can lift?"Touch at the medium Za, upset in the heart

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also hope adult to

I think that when the time comes, take officials private Shen of accolade to stand a lot of, we as long as take person at city gate dynasty this fondles a NTU once the person kneel, Hey Hey, he is to want not do Shi Shi Lun also not become!"Often the Hong Zu drinks tea and says with smile "Because, we once was also a members of these pirates!"Keep a tree to in plain terms sayIn fact we all know the emperor's meaning, your that cousin although one pity idea of people, not the that time wait!……"Chen Ting respect say of would be Jiangsu to cruise and fondle at Jackie Chan's cousin is smaller than Jackie Chan, this is old this time noodles saint in the city is on Jackie Chan, is smaller than Jackie Chan to dismiss claim annually many memorials of emperor's foods of giving his cousin to conveniently take a capital city, and is older than Jackie Chan is also the honest love people's officials, is duty-bound naturally, and fear this memorial be pressed down, then invited Chen Ting to respectfully arrive early toward of time when the court moves and just still keeps failing

"Luo Xin hurriedly stays back 2 and lets the of letter and fee old man keep certain safety distance, this just immediately after says:"This letter is up still said to the elder brother is harmed, return Mukden, make the fee old you help at the Sa cloth vegetable the in front say two good words and make him next to adjust to make "Ha ha, does Li Xiong why the need for worry?We already jointly 74 officials "Bang!" In in pulled out own short fire Chong to knock down a guy for running away, what to beat was a leg, however, this guy is very quick with several soldiers who succeed in escaping together drive behind of the quasi- Ge Er ride a soldier to shoot hedgehog! 20 several rices, is also 30 how many with Mongolia ride the Shu of the soldier's bow and arrow, absolutely is a hundred shots, if not that in medium they lie prone on the heap of soil a behind, where still have opportunity to put gun? However, arrows rain under, in medium they be inhibitted, don't even dare heads to lift, the despairing emotion starts lying in inside in the center to quickly spread

All of"two adults, the emperor is a slave what mean don't know, however ……" Li Des sees on all sides, again the small voice says to 2 people:"Two an adult is still cautions are some, the emperor's mood isn't very good, just still big did the elder brother scold to the Xun "Adult, emperor's placard didn't deliver, does Anne know a who senior high school?Does who fail in examination?The student doesn't beg him, begs can with all strength on trying, also hope adult to help!……"Strong man's examinee begs a way …… " The thou reach a wood, the sending personses all escort for me to arrive rather a thou the tower go ……tell Ma De, need not too good to them!"How many big heads all is going to take a look those ensign middlemans in the city, fee old man this place officer also wants to follow naturally, however, is managing of this time Tun, incredibly someone caused trouble to make his home to come, this tone again how could not?Don't kill furthermore how chicken is Jing monkey?The identity of virtuous Er Tai isreally again suitable however of chick Zi son, still sending to come in person is more rare son ……so, he don't intend to pass this several guys for causing trouble at all!Be arrived to the identity of virtuous Er Tai ……red tape how again?The family who wait virtuous Er Tai led prince Chien, that pass first to say again!……However, beat°up prince such a criminal acts, estimate to is Kangxi also not appear publicly to speak feeling

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cnn aphragm in black is

The lotus in red then and in the sky forms.
"Chuai" of a , the murderous look surrounds of red lotus then facing Ma section especially assassinate in the past, that Ma section saw red lotus sword a long grass especially, in the heart"Luo Mao, for a while, this lotus sword long grass, he certainly once saw.Space Er especially covers man at the beginning don't die of time once used this kind of sword Jue.
Ma section especially eyes suddenly one Zheng, body 1 tremble, also quickly takes out that and works properly the machine lance to the medium article in black in the hand and infuses and notes and works properly dint all over among them.The dead life flicks four swords ofs spirit facing the red lotus bump shot pass by.
Connect a string energy collision to hand over shot to tore to tear empty voice and spread to open in the Pa diagram Yang gram volcano sky.
Is close behind, the Ma section turns black lance in hand especially several turn quickly, a catty, black of wreath form diaphragm, then the facing Mo Lan Xiu's set past.This kind of diaphragm, Mo Lan Xiu certainly once saw as well.At the beginning this Ma section especially be use this kind of sword Jue the card is beautiful to add to the set live, this Ma section especially of sword Jue, very unusual.
Mo Lan Xiu sees the black diaphragm fly toward oneself near come over.Being cold to hum is a , at will flick a hair spirit.
That diaphragm in black is then and directly tored avulsion by Mo Lan Xiu's sword spirit.
The Ma section has never thought his/her own sword Jue especially, is incredibly broken open so by the other party, at that moment one Zhan in heart.
"Is too severe, I ran!"Ma section especially a quickly turn round, then the west of the facing flees elsewhere but goes to.A see situation not to, escape right away, also no wonder that this catty of, the Ma section can had been living till now especially.
And, Ma section especially of speed, than the beautiful card add also about, general middle saint rank strong, basically make track for not and up him.
Mo Lan Xiu's corner of mouth is tiny to hang up a smiling face, theory speed, even if is behind expect a saint rank strong, also ability not definitely quick lead he.
The figure twinkles in a row and far and far sees past.Seem to see a person in the sky and in a twinkling move.Only depend sense of vision, basically make track for an orchid don't and up and not fix the body speed of rapid flight.
"Hum, want to catch up me, isn't so easy.Hey Hey, meet so for many times dangerous, I can all depend my own speed."Ma section especially tiny turn head, didn't see Mo Lan Xiu,google, thought that Mo Lan Xiu has already been fallen in to go and a little bit and easily says.
Immediately after, his mood relaxedly becomes overdo.
"!"Ma section especially the body Be a to is violent to vibrate, scream in a , he unimaginablely sees, that database virtuous Lei, incredibly got to own front, just and leisurely and carefreely wait own appearance.The Ma section hurriedly will drop to turn round a body especially and again change a direction to flee elsewhere.
"Is damned, how may?"Ma section especially even some doubts by himself/herself is don't come out now illusion.Middle saint rank strong, can own speed like this?This database virtuous Lei, why ability so of quick?Is impossible!Will never ear ability!
"Ma section especially, your running doesn't drop!"Mo Lan Xiu shouts at top of voice, the sword long grass rises again, a than just still wanted huge red lotus, murderous look sent out relentless, in the sky formation.
"Kill!"Mo Lan Xiu's hand in red burning sword sword the body is violent on trembling, red lotus then facing Ma section especially of the body fly to soon approach to pass by.This lotus.Is already a lotus sword Jue the second type is also Mo Lan to fix currently can use of the strongest sword Jue.
"Yi?I use this now second the type lotus sword Jue of time, incredibly another special kind clear Wu felling in heart!"The heart of Mo Lan Xiu in a move.Lotus sword Jue the pattern of third type, not from get Shan in Mo Lan Xiu's brain is now.
Especially Ma section feels E a burst of and sharp murderous look, from after death the facing cover with down by himself/herself, the huge sword annoys all over the place a general hit down, basically can not avoid being seen and low file.
"Not!"The Ma section ruthlessly and continuously brandishes sword spirit and especially, but even if he will work properly dint to revolve extreme limit, when the lotus sword long grass gobbles up in his body, also can flick 45 sword spirits to come out.But the black whirlpool of huge red lotus the center, almost the word stanza inhales his sword spirit.Then wring sword spirits to all spread, become energy four overflow.
Especially Ma section one bellows, red lotus sword long grass.The moment gobbles up his body, then wrings to kill,cnn.One scarlet Hai person blood fog, slowly and in the sky dissipation, the blood drop is from the air and imitate Buddha blood rain Be general to fall in.
Ma section especially of body, drive lotus sword the long grass directly incise into more than ten fragments and fall off to fall from the air.Eyes of skull still keep staring very greatly, full is a frightened air.
"Qiang" of a , that works properly the machine lance to the medium article in black"unexpectedly and directly drive lotus sword the Jue pare into 45 lines
"My lotus sword Jue, although still only two types, only of strength, seem to compare of before, the power promoted many."Mo Lan Xiu also feels the power of the Jue of lotus sword and seem to enlarge a lot.

The text chapter 255 Long Feng Tai
Renew time:2010-7-223:06:06 chapter word numbers:8831

, 《Evil tie sword Jue 》 "Mo Ya Xiu in the middle of the year take an uncle from the Ma section especially the body Bu Sheng Chuan water fierce ancient works.The ancient works that sees black cover up writes so a few everyones.
The name of this sword Jue, as a result and the appearance of sword Jue match very much.Think of a code section the measure exhibit to come of that kind of sword Jue the appearance also be full of curiosity to this sword Jue in the heart of Mo Lan Xiu.Don't know this sword Jue self-discipline just till the last of stage, power will have much big.This Ma section measure exhibits to come of one evil tie sword Jue, although is very unusual uncanny.But expect the saint rank of state strong in front after the truely strong in front is for example, there is basically no too big function.
Probably, this Ma section can not also develop one especially the power of this kind of sword Jue, after all the Ma section is especially the saint rank of the middle strong, real strenght is generally regarded as.
At that time, even if such, at the beginning the card was beautiful to add to surround at this hair of the time in the Jue, basically could not flounce in the in a short time.Mo Lan Xiu, certainly to this sword Jue the memory is deep.
Took a look the sky, Ma section especially of the soul crystallize also receive inside his/her own space ring, the Mo Lan moral culture body flies to flee but, the rapid facing south flies but goes to.
Way shadow of human figure, soon then disappear in the horizon!
, ,
The card Lai Er Kingdom, Suo thin city!
Mu also the business of trading company in half year inside, exactly promoted 40% of sales amounts.And.This number along with horary of change, still at quickly on the increase.In the sales amount of this significant increment, most's would being a sorcery medicine is this a cake of.Under support of evil workshop in the sky, Mu also trading company only at sorcery medicine the sale of top.Already with purple Luo the trading company is match equally, and early exceed the mainland rank secondary jade joss-stick trading company.
Mo Lan Xiu returns to Suo thin city,Facebook, at will seek some alcohols, wash the ointment that easily permits on the face to go, and then resume original appearance, this just return to Mu the trading company is also.
"Young master, this month our Mu also the sales of the trading company sorcery medicine, ratio on month, and then rose 5%
"Good!Very light, if this continues, can not use several yearses, we then can completely be overridden to purple Luo trading company on
Inside room, think of Mu gram and Mu trading company to also take care of the personnel's voice.
Mo Lan Xiu falls in from the air, is falling outside the room door.
"Zhi Ga"
He pushes away door and sees a Mu gram, and a few mus also the taking care of of trading company is seeing the vision coming over.
When the Mu gram sees is Mo Lan to fix, one silk isn't quick, in a short instant and then disappear to have no Zong in the original look in the eyes.Original argument matter by this time anyones can not come to bother him, so when someone has never passed by to knock on door to then and directly push door but go into, he is certainly not pleased.
But, his vision sees is Mo Lan to fix back, in the heart where can also be not the slightest quick.
For a while, the Teng's Mu gram then stood from the chair and completely filled the air to open on the facial expression of excitement of face.
And this a few mus also the trading company take care of and have all of 2 people recently and just join Mu also among them trading company.So, have never seen Mo Lan Xiu.
"Brave, you what person, be unexpectedly good at to rush Mu a trading company also?"Is a Related articles:

fake oakleys aten this kind of Be

The Class of article in class.Although four classes spoil a monster very familiar, the article in four classes of wild spoil very thin rare, other people's wanting to own to be a can not get,I own 2 a while.
The little turtle rose after one article a physical volume to change of Be getting larger, and and it early has already arrived the Class that can seal to print, so I it and the small green snake together to seal to print "the fish skin snake line knife" medium, the snow soul in the knife has very big advantage to all them, probably and soon they also consequently again rise one article.
The Feng is this gluttonous guy, oneself goes out to seek thing to eat every day and finishes eating and flies back and worry every day I want the eggshell of Phoenix and just ate so many have been disappearing it to have what variety, I wasn't then willing to give up to eat for it.
Be held up by it of Be getting more vexed, take out a few "nine You grasses"s to cope with it, have never thought this to to its appetite, because this"nine You grasses"s after all is growth in the water of thing, its skill again big, but can't oneself arrive to seek to eat in water.
So, after eating "nine You grasses"s, also give°ed the Phoenix eggshell to forget a brain, necessarily ate two"nine You grasses"s for a day, good at although it eat much, river in and the rise BE, enough it eats.
Love to see me for some days before the child, its that little white turtle still just the childhood expect, about still have to then time in half year can get into become adult to expect.See my small black turtle but have been long so greatly, and can match a body with host, pretty much admire.
Cross-examine me to have what method can let to spoil a monster fast- growing up, I originally want to tell her concerning "the business of nine You grasses, but the previous adopted father said with me, " nine You grasses"is a rare thing, if tell others, the everyones all come to adopt, "nine You grasses"s certanly will have the danger of depopulation, so this kind of treasure thing still decree by destiny a person of, in a word say to leave for the posterity some precious thing always good of,fake oakleys.
Love an asking of child sincerity I, I but falter with to, really have a little ashamed, I tell her, my two uncles masters in the method of refining of Dan medicine, was some Dan medicines of two uncle chains to promote to spoil a monster growth.
Love a child to see me so on saying, naturally ashamed beg for me from me a so-called Dan medicine, besides she also knows that my two uncles has already walked.The facial expression that just loves child's disappointment makes me feel that I's cheating her really has already lost bright.
Besides this river is to belong to everyone, I should not not tell hers.I finally decide that I refines a heat of Dan medicine, it makes her in a couple of days come to take.
See she very happy appearance, although I had no too greatly and held also to only do utmost.For the sake of the medicine of match"nine You grasses"s, I climbed mountain to adopt a lot of medicine materials and originally thought a heat of several 10 of chain sent that the child is to the love.
Want afterwards, in a couple of days wait village to finish holding facing of this year spring party, certainly this party is two nice days that the village communicates each other.This party an over I prepare to leave to go to behind the Yi star see four uncles going.
Certainly I must take more some"nine You grasses"s to set out of, but I the detection"nine You grasses"s after leaving water can not keep too for a long time.So I also intended to take advantage o many chains of this opportunities to be some to take to set out, the all over hills and countryside ran for two days and unexpectedly made me collect various medicine material of having about thousand catties, still don't lack some categories of precious scarcities among them.
Canning make me collect in short two days is so many, greatly parts of achievements are "Feng" of, although this guy is gluttonous,also have gluttonous skill, the small guy regards as his/her own rear garden sort to a few mountains and acquaints with an abnormality, where have what good thing, it touches clearly and let me save many matters.
Waited until finally and collected together, but I am suddenly silly, although oneself knows how refine,have no container to make me refine, I still have to use a chain machine first the Shu refine a Dan stove, good heavens, I cried quickly, I get the material that there look for a chain machine.
There are a lot of iron woods on the body, regrettable, although this kind of thing is a good chain device to anticipate,can not serve as the ability of refining the Ding stove.
Three uncle capability unique Gao, root with go to turn a territory, need not any assistance tools and implements of chain machine, oneself can construct an environment of suitable chain machine with the pure capability, although I know a method,have no ability to accomplish.
The medicine material hoped to sun under the sun, my bitterness sighs a , this can how is good.The "Feng" good elephant is own mood of inattentive host, fly on the yard vacant land, often open mouth joyful of call a , then the Fu body Zhuo eat the medicine material of ground and have fun not as well happy.
I flick to want to give° the shadow that is in the moment flying to make to kick out, but know that this gluttonous small guy root can't jilt mine.Get a brainwave suddenly, hope an air joyful figure, there is a mind in the heart.
Originally still in the sky played very happy"Feng", suddenly felt what, a cold idea unexpectedly it beat one cold war.
I pile up smiling all over, blew one whistle of recording, see it come to a stop to hope me, I quickly take out have already readied to of two stub fresh"nine You grasses"s, receive it to come over.
Originally think to take hold of its weakness, this still not hand to capture, but eating of accident one shriveled son, "Feng" small black eye pupil's turning 2 turns unexpectedly doesn't fly to come over.
Looking at it hesitates of appearance, I inwardly consider,did it aware of my to attempt.Soon after vetoed this viewpoint, although"Feng" is to touch with spiritual of thing, still is not likely to see through the mind in my heart.
On accounting not to become, and then living a to account.I lay up "nine You grasses"s, and then took out "Phoenix eggshell", Hey Hey, this kind of good thing, I think that it all anyway can not overcome.Indeed as expected, I just took out two slices of small piece eggshells, it then such as arrows the similar Shu ground flewed brushed past.
See it act so quickly, I hurriedly give the Zuan the eggshell in hand.After I replaced Phoenix eggshell with"nine You grasses"s, it for a long time have never eaten this kind of Be getting more delicious, by this time see Be about to arrive a mouth, unexpectedly still coulded not eat, which still endured of live, quickly rounded my head one flying of circle, can not stop on my shoulder until give°ing me to fly is dizzy, opened wing to dawdle my cheeks to try to please me.
I stretch out a hand the in a flash is in front of it and quickly lay by again, not not tightly slow way:"Small guy, the thing can not eat without paying, help I handle affairs, so as to eat for you."
See the impatient kind that it nods, laugh behind one's back in the heart, I way:"The host want to seek some materials of chain machines now, you would not° until inside the scope that don't help me in the square circle a long distance look for it go.What about the material of chain machine is some things of metal materials all right."
It a hear to is square a circle a long distance, fly to me right away calling of at present Ji Ji Zha Zha, also beat me with the wing, obviously dislike scope too big.
I inwardly consider unexpectedly daring to also haggle for host, I just don't believe your the gluttonous ghost will endure of live.The appearance that I set up for to very pitiful is slowly long of gesticulate the eggshell in the hand to take back a ring in, the desire that it indeed as expected can not bear with to eat is busy in noding to promise.
I Hey Hey a say with smile:"This is just lovely, this is the half to eat for you first, after waiting you to complete a task, the host give you another again half."
"Feng" dissatisfaction eats descend an among those, 1 of "Jie", turned to make a lightning flash sort to fly to go out.
Hope the figure that it far goes, I ha ha the break into laughter voice come and have never thought, so easy let it accepted defeat and usually made me seek some good medicine materials to decline with all sorts of excuses of, so generous this time help me the material for going to and refining a Ding stove, really is the temptation dint of the Phoenix eggshell.
These two days, the love child came once again, I told her again wait for two days, I am still collecting a medicine material, she saw what to insolate is all various medicine material of each kind, also believe in a yard.Overwhelming majority in the medicine material she is incognizant, can not help canning know so many herb medicines to don't already admire more to me.
Led for a day again, the Feng finally flew back, at I at present"Ji Zha, Ji Zha" of call, the good elephant wants to tell me what, just it called along while, I just mostly make understand it have already found out the thing of my demand, the position is exactly the direction that the sun rises.
Be vexedly and really done not go by it, threw to promise its that eggshell, it wore with the mouth Diao right away and fly to a side to slowly enjoy Related articles:


Facebook indeed as expected

.Mo Lan Xiu and card are beautiful to add, accompany Mo De Zuo to together have supper.
"Father, my tomorrow then wants to get into evil monster mountain range to carry on experience and training, the green river town is regarded as now steady settle down."The Ning voice of Mo Lan Xiu says to father, Mo De, .
Mo De Wei tiny one E, immediately also release however the ground smiled to say with smile:"Ha ha, Mo Lan Xiu, I know that your affirmation can't stay in this small place in the pure river town forever.Going out experience and training is also good, however must be careful.Is numerous dangerous do any affairs to all want deep consideration in the evil monster mountain range, before doing not have confidence."
Mo Lan Xiu looking at Mo Lan Xiu, he knows the viewpoint that Mo Lan Xiu has he, and Mo De feels what oneself is still not is going to try a change.Besides, the son's taste, probably more even far than oneself.
"H'm, father, your words I stuck down."Mo Lan Xiu slowly says:"While walking I also no longer and the person in the village take leave, tomorrow morning, I then and the card is beautiful to add into an evil monster of mountain range.Wait my self-discipline to have results to show, come back again to see a father."
"Ha ha, my son has productive.Go to!The father has been supporting you."Mo De roars with laughter and fiercely faces upward, a cup wine directly kept on drinking, and just eyes Be some to flush.
This gathers together just however several days then want to again separate.
The layer after layer location of Mo Lan Xiu nods and also is like Mo De and fiercely infuses the next cup wine.This wine can be much more gentle than the blue rose adventure regiment contract Mo chief's strong drink.So, Mo Lan Xiu poured to is very smooth and then drank wine under go.
There are 2 people whom the beautiful the card of one side adds to looking at father and son that talk boring must very, wrinkly knit the brows, then see vision that gorgeous night sky.Holy Ghost stanza, the whole mainlands will put the smoke flower of various each kind.The sky of pure river town, multicolored rich in hues Yan fire, positive brilliant of bloom, imitating the Buddha has to drive out the whole dark night to walk.
"Father ……" Mo Lan Xiu although have already known own life experience, know that Mo De isn't his/her own own father, but he still Mo De Kan in the house is an own father general, this has never changed.
The father and son is 2 people, on the night of Holy Ghost stanza, drink one is happy.

The text chapter 139 enters evil monster mountain ranges again
Renew time:2009-11-2112:58:13 chapter word numbers:2479

The second day morning, Mo Lan Xiu is dressed in brand-new of green cloth full-length gown, this kind of clothes, with at the beginning and not the orchid fix just go to the wood college of orchid, Mo De Mai to his clothes are similar.In the green river town, also be regarded as the cheapest clothing.However, Mo Lan Xiu wears on the body and feels very comfortable.
The card is beautiful to add, also be dressed in the clothes of same cloth.
Two people leave a pure river town, rapid march forward to the evil monster mountain range inner part.
In the outer circle, meet of some low class evil monster, all of Mo Lan Xiu in brief uses a sorcery to directly kill.Low class evil monster, fix to limiting Mo Lan to say to have already had no threat,google.
Kill these evil monsters, Mo Lan Xiu still uses Bi will evil crystal take out, pack to go into a packet to bind in.
The card is beautiful to add the behavior to Mo Lan Xiu seem not understand, then openings ask:"Mo Lan Xiu, do you still want the thing of these low classes to do what?"
Mo Lan Xiu but smiled to say with smile:"These are evil crystal although low class, can also not ability the white white run to waste."
Even if is lowest of evil crystal, is also need then ten gold coins can purchase to get!
"Is really incurable!"The card was beautiful to add Pie the Pie mouth say, however she is also lazy to realize Mo Lan Xiu, this all the way, majority of time she combines to walk with Mo Lan Xiu together, however, she can't leaves Mo Lan Xiu, either very far.
After, a week's Mo Lan Xiu and card are beautiful to add to again get into an evil monster of mountain range fourth district.Here, is already medium class evil monster and deluxe evil monster more active district.The mankind are risky, have already not much seen.At third district, Mo Lan Xiu can also often see some adventures.Among them, some people see Mo Lan Xiu a person alone run about in the evil monster mountain range and even want to assault Mo Lan Xiu.
However, they didn't succeed, among them the most successful person, use a to row short sword Mo Lan Xiu's clothes all together big son.These persons who assault Mo Lan Xiu have already all been buried in this evil monster mountain range now.
Experience and training these day, Mo Lan Xiu is also understand.Kindness!Not the ability is all taking out an use at any time.Compare to in this evil monster mountain range, if you are generous and warmhearted to other people's kindness, so very may become the other people's knife bottom ghost.So, Mo Lan Xiu is also no longer polite.For want a person who kill oneself, is all direct sword to kill.
On this day, Mo Lan Xiu stands on a piece of steep cliff on.
In his underneath, vision and of the place is impressively the sword Chi of a head of black tiger.Sword Chi tiger, ratio flame tiger higher one class, is seven class evil monster, excel speed, tooth and claw son all unusually sharp, can hardly deal with.
That sword Chi tiger, at the moment didn't°yet now Mo Lan Xiu, just and naturally look for a find in the grove.The black striped pattern on the body gleams bright sheen.Often roaring low is a , seem to be surroundings more silent.
"Sword Chi tiger, now, I should be able to also easily cope with!"Mo Lan Xiu's corner of mouth is tiny to start to raise, the vision becomes to relentless get up.
Immediately after, his body quickly moved and added to once hold'active soil'after, Mo Lan Xiu's speed, can with general of medium class sword the private compare.
"Sou Sou ……"
Mo Lan Xiu quickly closes to a sword Chi tiger!
At leave sword Chi the tiger still have several places of ten meters, Mo Lan Xiu is all abrupt however stops down, and the voodoo in rings out.In a short instant after, the together sharp huge ice taper becomes in the air.Sunlight under, the ice awl gleams cold of ray of light.
At the moment, sword Chi tiger has now this guest who comes uninvited of Mo Lan Xiu, immediately one roars and shouts!The red light is one Shan in the double eyes, the sword Chi tiger Xu certainly completes of body, fast fiercely hurtled toward Mo Lan Xiu to pass by.
"Put!"The light tone of Mo Lan Xiu a drink!
That ice awl,cnn, as if meteor generally to sword Chi the tiger Be rapid to stab in the past, towarded the head of the tiger of sword Chi.Sword Chi tiger, suddenly put slow speed, head for own claw son ice awl.
"Bang!"Of a.
Ice awl, seem is run into sheet iron on, the very quick dissipation drops.
"This sword Chi the claw son of the tiger is indeed as expected severe,Facebook!"The heart of Mo Lan Xiu in a surprised, the slightest didn't hesitate, the figure again moved.
Although the claw son of sword Chi tiger is severe, however attackstones in the ice awl under, still get hurt.Mo Lan Xiu sees, sword Chi the claw son of the tiger place, start run off some red bloods.
"Roar ……"
The sword Chi tiger becomes more brutal, the hair on the body, also a root stands on end!The figure twinkles and again sprints to pass by to Mo Lan Xiu.This person, incredibly let it got hurt, it how don't the ability cut up rough?
The ground stabs Shu!
"Bomb Long!"
From the ground, burst out the ground of several keennesses sting, the sword Chi tiger is shot.
"I release the speed of seven class sorceries now and compare before sooner some.Be eight class sorcery teacher, release seven class sorceries, indeed as expected easily many."Mo Lan Xiu is satisfied with the sorcery that oneself releases very much.
Come out in a ground of ground of sting, immediately keep on falling, the sword Chi of that pride tiger, the body has already been pierced.Exasperation of the sword Chi tiger rush speed too quick, even if want to come to a stop the flash across ground attack that stabs Shu, all not ability!His body can have no claw son so strong and tough, drive ground sting, directly stab a hole.
Mo Lan Xiu clapped to clap hands and walked to the nearby taking out of the sword Chi tiger Bi sword Chi tiger of evil crystal dug out.This is a cake of seven classes are evil crystal, be worth of 100,000 gold coins.
"See, in fact the gold coin also pretty and easily earns."Mo Lan Xiu's purse one's lips smiled to smile, for these several days, he acquires many evil Be getting more crystal.
"Is quite good ah, and then killed a head of seven class evil monster."By this time, the card is beautiful to add not to know again where emitted out, saw ground in the sting drive penetrable sword Chi tiger, the canthus takes to smile an idea to say.
"Ha ha, now rightness Related articles:

cnn Zhang Heng doesn'

Miracle drug and defense of arriving worked properly machines to all accept into this to keep thing bag inside,google.
By hand this keeps thing bag at 1:00, later on again choked a method Jue, the absolute being knows a to sweep, discover the space of inside indeed as expected compare previous of that is inferior the bag keeping a thing wants big 5600% of many.
"Leave a hole mansion to open to still have a year, I just have already bestowed are many to repair miracle drug for you, hope you can get into chain spirit to expect behind when the time comes and only have so, our plan just probably succeed."The sun old Zu in Europe gives repeated advice to a way again.
Zhang Heng not from doubt, this Europe sun old Zu why emphasize again and again oneself expects after wanting the self-discipline to chain spirit, remember at previous of time he is still a confident appearance, wild diagram with lend Zhang Heng the advantage for knowing aspect in the absolute being, and popular the concealment effect of this achievement method, thus and a person alone get into that blood deicide emperor, strive for in of treasure thing.
"With I now fix for plus again and popular to know these two greatest advantages with absolute being,can not succeed?"
Zhang Heng doesn't understand of ask a way.
Sun air dignified way in Europe:"Past probably can, but now can hardly succeed."
" Livinged again what mishap?"Zhang Heng is from the expression of sun in Europe old Zu in read some informations, is what matter can all want to change countenance for it the monks that the such a knot Dan expects?
The sun old Zu in Europe contemplates a short moment, short cut:"BE should make you know some true facts."
Make reference to here, repeatedly tee off several method Jues on the sun old Zu hand in Europe, establish in the surroundings under the several not and well-knownly forbid to make and also coagulate solemn and peaceful breathing in air.

The text chapter 058 reveals
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Is continuous in the house after establishing quite a few layer defense to forbid to make, the sun old Zu in Europe just a little ground to a stop for a while, the square sighed a way:"Leave blood to kill a hole mansion disheveled hair it has been more than 500 years since time now approached.500 years there is the factor to too manily can not control.Although at the beginning, three send of the Zu teachers together sent down soul blood Shi, go to under the spreading of secret generation generation of this hole mansion, get not reveal to the outsider.But the current affairs is difficult to anticipate, after the last time blood killed a hole mansion to open, this secret was known separately by the influence of non- square cloud mountain.Square cloud mountain three the partieses have already canned not enjoy a such a hole mansion alone."
Make reference to the time here, sun in Europe the face of the old Zu up still take several silks worried.
Once the blood kills the secret of hole mansion be known by more people, this very small square cloud mountain will become the storm center of turbulent whole SAMSUNG area and till then wait, the whole square cloud mountain will suffer to drown of disaster.
See the sun old Zu in Europe speak such a news, Zhang Heng didn't also feel much oddness.
This is in the world which have a no air goes through wall?Blood's killing a hole mansion, this secret to protect has already been getting more quite good for several a hundred years, perhaps earlier, this secret has already been known by the outsider.
There are 100 pupils into this hole mansion every time after all, although the person, who come out, is very few,BE not likely to attain done in complete secrecy.
However, even if other influences knew this matter and also not definitely publicized and was like the good matter like this is certainly a more little person to know more good.
If the real strenght of the other party is strong, probably will directly destroy square cloud mountain and dominate a such a hole mansion.If real strenght and square cloud words that mountain is close by, will choose and seek square cloud mountain share this hole mansion.
"As blood is killing a hole mansion to open every time, can allow 100 to build a radicle to expect following monk to pass, once more than 100 people, the hole mansion will automatically close for a month.At former, we square cloud mountain will have 100 quotas, but arrive this time, we but only 50 quotas."
"That another 50 quotas drive which influence did the cent walk?"Zhang Heng curiously asks a way, although square cloud mountain is small, here square the circle is several 100 in inside, can match another of influence so 12."
The sun old Zu in Europe doesn't conceal as well, tone slightly dignified way:"In moreover 50 quotas, have among them 40 drive only the sky fortress cent walked, as for ten quotas of end ……the monk being expected by a knot Dan seized."
A hear this only fortress in the sky unexpectedly also participating in blood to kill a hole mansion, this inside in the matter.Zhang Heng Wei is a bit stunned.Hole mansion ground the secret still let square cloud mountainous country this old neighbor knew.
Is this time only fortress in the sky of go.Let Zhang Heng have some understand to this real strenght.The other party ground real strenght than of square cloud three send it and still have to be a little bit strong.Only fortress in the sky can occupy 40 quotas.This is no serious mistakes committedly.
But Zhang Heng to moreover a knot Dan period ground monk produced interest strongly.
"That knot Dan period ground elder generation only can a person acquire ten quotas?"Zhang Heng doesn't understand that the ground asks a way.
The sun old Zu in Europe sighs a way:"If is commonly a knot Dan to expect monk.That O.K. says.But problem BE.This knot expect monk ground back but have a group with arrogantly top-grade real strenght.Is also leave a square cloud mountain's recently large group-green jade snow Xiang cloud believe in."
A hear bluish green snow Xiang cloud believing in.Zhang Heng immediately from the brain in search it relatedly information.
In the whole SAMSUNG area, altogether also only three nations, these are three in the huge nation,cnn, square cloud mountain is naturally that the real strenght is the smallest and weak Zhao Guo of the place.
But each nation have to maneuver tens of thousands insides, even ten several scopes of ten thousand insides.In the so huge world, fixing a fairy group among them the nature is many like ox hair.
As Zhang Heng knows, these groups mainly also divide some grades.
Among them, the top-grade group returns be regarded as more large group, its bottom still has a second-grade group, third-grade group etc..Be like a square cloud mountain these three parties, estimate to all lie at the third-grade group arrive four flow an of group.
Certainly, this strongest group isn't a top-grade group, but for number not much a few super greatly send.These super groups are mostly all tradition few ten thousand years of jumbo, the real strenght is matchless arrogant, literally send several monk with not- tops, can easily destroy this whole square cloud mountain.
Green jade snow Xiang cloud's believing in is that Zhao Guo is a more well-known top-grade group, leave square cloud mountain also not calculate very far, about only several roads of a long distances.
Can say, with green jade snow Xiang cloud believe in for center, the scopes of square circle 45 a long distances all cover with in its influence inside, in the absolute real strenght in front, several ten small groups in its scope are all sworn allegiance to green jade snow Xiang cloud believe in under, don't dare to have to the slightest run counter to of heart.
Zhang Heng also inwardly deliberates, if only was the monk that lets that knot Dan expect to know this matter, that doesn't matter, fear that this matter makes the key figures whom green jade snow Xiang cloud believes in know, so and first, , square cloud mountain three parties not only can not possess this hole mansion, even still meet to face to exterminate whole family of disaster.
No wonder that at the mention of this matter, sun old Zu in Europe the appearance of one face misgiving.
"And, that knot Dan expects the teacher of monk still a dollar with all-powerful real strenght the baby expect to be old strange, if this matter made that old strange to know, the result will also be so terrible we dare not think about it.Although also be unlikely to disturb the whole bluish green snow Xiang cloud to believe in, with lend a dollar baby the magical power and prestige for expecting monk, it chooses of the quota settle however isn't what our pupil of these small groups can compare."The sun old Zu in Europe mentions that a dollar baby expects to be old strange of time, the eye inside returns a flash across one silk fears of color.
Zhang Heng also goes probably several variables of everlastings for it changing countenance, if this matter really disturbing the dollar monk that the baby expects, so this time hole mansion of.
In the whole SAMSUNG area, the dollar baby expects to be old strange of terrible of the place have already gone deep into public, those are old strange, which not is to shake Zhe one square's a man of the hour,Facebook, the every act and move then can decide to be like square the destiny of cloud mountain these small groups.
If those ten quotas are what dollar baby expect old strange sieving to come outs, in fact dint settle however is terrible go to a pole, far super general of together rank monk.
"I have feeling of preparing, this will be the square cloud mountain three send the opportunity that the last time gets into a hole mansion.So, you must be careful before getting into a hole mansion, can only Hun water touch fish, will never be able to with those real strenght the high strong monk is face to face an enemy.Estimate Related articles:


Facebook in the sky and end

This time can at last receive due acclaim and attention."
"12 victories are nothing, really just going to fight the best they, Be finished the paradise the big guild of angel's clan first, branding, and the prison prison has this position, just can truely fight them like this."Wang Yu lightly smiles.
Well-dressed ladies fragrant eye Mid-Autumn wave in the sky flows to turn and nods to agree with a way:"The feather cans say that again,Facebook, however our paradise current real strenght already exceed an angel unite meeting, as long as you this card war like to show off so much, perhaps the paradise can also follow to be subjected to a benefit and hurtle a God to make ex- five guildses of clan placingses!"
Listenned to the words of the well-dressed ladies joss-stick in the sky, public cannot help but and is a burst of concussion, the well-dressed ladies joss-stick in the sky isn't literally play trick of person, she since say paradise already outstrips an angel unite meeting, have the real strenght to battle out ex- angel's clan five guilds of have, so must be so.
"Everyone gives way!"Along with lovely my daughter's sorcery a burst of urgently hasty shout, she with bowknot, curved curved, there are also thousand leaf Cis to rush through back from Long Zu of gold, rushed through from angel's clan of flower bone etc., the hand carries a platter, various food with complete aroma therein sends forth an aroma.
"This is just from the card Si especially Luo the Si city China flavor Xuan ordered of meal, owner heard to is what our paradise wanted, even wasn't money willing to accept!"Is curved curved simultaneously say.Part pack a vegetable plot plate to put long in the table.
Thousand leaf Cis at she after death Wan Wan she is thin aureate long hair, Song shrug shoulders Bang blunt public wink to say with smile:"Today is so happy, everyone together happy for a while."
"Is there wine?Have no wine not to go!"The outstanding card shouts loudly.
"Idiot, the feather is still going to angel's city take part in second run combat tomorrow, drinks what wine!"The aurora borealis opposes.
"Drink a point, add to the fun, just add to the fun!"In the joyful voice in one a bevy of young girls, a few men excitement of shout a voice how Yan also the Yan don't live.
The secret room of gloom bands together to gather a group of persons.The whole secret room is terrible as well as depressive, full of to make a people choking felling for people's felling.
"Really?Stem, the angel unites a meeting is do what eat?There are also so many players.Incredibly can make Wu Lin's superior rise in rank smoothly!"Luo Cha in the sky Be bad to mercilessly say.Almost make the in front ground hitting into two halfs table to.
The end of the day thin smoke coldly swept his one eye, "still have the more depressed, paradise the threatening force is more and more prosperous now, having already replaced angel's consociation will become card Si Luo Si city especially
Cutthroat and he is like match good cold cold on smiling, but didn't say more what.
Stand between the cutthroat and end of the day thin smoke of is wildly handsome, last time in the evil monster forest after moderating surprised occurrence conflict of Wang Yu, he was pulled go into arrive Luo the sky killed a , secretly the company measured to plan to deal with the way of Wu Lin's superior and paradise.These people, because of various reason hostility Wu Lin's superior but walk to arrive together.Have already formed strength unclearly.
A group of persons get together to deliver a violent wind angry, but have no a person can take good way.No matter is a sneak attack or rounded to beat to all once try, fact proof, Wu Lin's superior brands the real strenght of NO1 not to blow out.If he wants to walk, the person is many to also round not to live him.If he thinks a war, so everyone only has a totally embarassed.
"Damn,does he have no weakness?"The scolding of wildly handsome jar voice jar spirit is 1.
The cutthroat has been remaining mum in times before, at this time sudden openings way:"Hear ……the Wu work properly a clan the first fiesta take charge of the free and unfettered and on guard also hurts at his hand up.However, probably we can also seek another person to try."
"Who?"Luo Cha in the sky and wildly handsome,cnn, end of the day thin smokes are all at present a bright, imitated a Buddha to see hope ground ray of light.
"The Wu of one city of one person enemy works properly a master.Brand an inside player in world now in can and what Wu Lin's superior contested perhaps also only have he, if can invite him ……"
"Idiot."If a kid of voice suddenly interrupted cutthroat, publically the vision changes direction an orotund direction, that see one face despise.Imitate Buddha child the sort squat down at dark of corner in.Gleam a strange and changeful ray of light in a pair of eyes.
"I doubt Wu Lin's superior and Wu's working properly a master's root is the same person!"He gnashes the teeth with hatred of way.
"Is impossible!""Can't!"
The owners all get a shock and then mean a doubt to the words of:"The pastor of Wu Lin's superior but angel's clan!He how may the Wu work properly the magic trick of clan!Say impassability.Complete impassability!"
"Hum, the matter completely can not think ground with the convention on him." Way with mumbling:"However is unimportant.I have already planned."
"What plan do you have?"
"Mi Die will have already with all strength meant to support our dealing with Wu Lin's superior, another ……the red monthly meeting there also felt that the paradise extends a ground of pressure, the offense of non- blood also has intention to make moves."
Hear this news, Luo Cha in the sky and end of the day thin smoke they in every aspect and mutually Qu, unexpectedly the net aiming at Wu Lin's superior more pulls more big.However this is also the good affair, explain that dealing with Wu Lin superior's ground confidence is larger.
"The offense of non- blood ……red monthly meeting are those people reliable?They are just worked properly seven color ensigns by the Wu to make burnedly."
"It doesn't matter, I this planned point still keep attacking by surprise Wu Lin's superior and let him lose the qualifications of contending for the card war."The is from the corner in come out, take the smiling face of Gui Mi on that baby face, it made people see to feel unspeakable and awkward.
The end of the day thin smoke cannot help but making a noise to fight his way:"You seemed to think affair too in brief.Even if being a Mi Die the meeting and red monthly meeting is those people, which had no on the Wu Lin's superior's hand to once suffer a los?Which so easily deal with,google."
"Hey Hey ……" makes fun of twisting and twisting head, fierce on turning head, peep out a hideous smile of improbity:"I need not front side contest with him, I as long as ……use to account to strive for at 1:00."He knocked to knock his own head with the small hand, then broke out one a burst of satisfiedly laugh wildly:Wu Lin's superior, the one who gave offense to my, will definitely make you pay for it!
Resent poisonous voice, like curse to resound in the secret room of gloom.

Text 415 xus strive for already a long time
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On the second day, genius receives bright, Wang Yu hired wagon to rush through into the biggest city angel's city of angel's clan and take part in personal second run tournament that the card fights PK.This time because need to leave card Si Luo especially Si city, the well-dressed ladies joss-stick in the sky and jade Dian autumn they have no heel go to, only outstanding prince, card of sea and aurora borealis 3 people's accompanying be nearby being used as his reinforcements regiment.
All the way outstanding Wang Yu and card they the large talk chat to pour not to feel lonesome, especially his have been keeping ringing in mailbox, uniform help of quiet water, red help of brothers, small hand ice-cold etc. after receiving the news that he takes part in personal card war to rise in rank smoothly all deliver come believe pleased carry on congratulations.
Probably spend more than a hour on the road, wait east completely and deeply when was aureate to dazzle lousy ray of light Wang Yu finally arrived at angel's clan the biggest city of declaring----Have angel's city of the city good reputation of saint light.
And card Si especially the Luo Si city compare, angel's city seems to be more male Hun atmosphere.From a distance before seeing spacious steel city gate, or so stand erect a huge angel's statue that engraves to°from the granite stone carving respectively.Left persist flame sword of angel statue back six wings unfold and have a liking for to go to is like a Chi angel rice Qie Lei;Raise method Zhang in the sculpture carvings angel's hand of the right side, send forth a ray of light of sanctity, have a liking for to is like an archangel long Qie benefit text.
Two statues all have ten several rice Gao, guard in the or so both sides of angel's city and let person feel in addition to is dignity, even have a kind of unspeakable sanctity flavor.Especially the rice Qie takes in Lei and the Qie benefit text hand of sculpture carvings weapon be like bless after special sorcery of, often the year outwardly dissipates of a purity of white light energy, greater half angel's city all bathe the saint in silver white light in.
Probably this is angel's city be called again do saint light of the cause of city.
Wang Yu waits 4 people to arrive at to be apart from by wagon Related articles:

cnn et place side shoul

It is thus clear that, hugely watching with interest a field even can also see its outline and just a little take the sea breeze of ordering the damp gamey smell to right against the face blow, if don't discover Kui ground second strange latent threat, the all these is in the environment like this, should be able to let people feel drill into heart lung of pleasing.
Since have already taken off, Lee thinks thrice again not hesitant, once the door take and run along the background to, if he remembers it's quite good, they just- come time, Dragon Boat and tiger boat is abandon in the sandy beach top, if the Dragon Boat tiger boat on the sandy beach wasn't sponsored a square to take back, so he this under can deliver big, the sandy beach top leaves of tiger boat, should enough make him return to Kui ground second strange chairman's set.
Lee thought thrice to turn head to see an eye after death of villa, as if still the five-star hotel is general of grand view,cnn, glass of zenith, be up to the several-storied building of 5 F, momentary, he completely understood the meaning of the second allusion.
"The handing over of moon and the sun rings, trample muttering of the step , for a while for a while, coagulate into a box's backmost treasure-house of crystal ……"
Crystal box, crystal box!This villa, no matter which direction it is, saw, all to a crystal with transparent zenith box, come to explain like this, crystal box's backmost treasure-house, nature be direction and this villa count down of floor or is the type of room.
Don't know now still just Su in the villa purple Xuan Lin Qing Er waits a person and have already found out adumbrative answer?
Kui ground second strange game behind, Su purple Xuan should will implement and agreeing on of Wang Zi, her life is about to come out own track.
Some persons is finally like the brilliant meteor that the night sky zenith appears and illuminated lonesome life, but a Shan namely dies.
Lee thinks thrice an in the mind to spread the ache of clenching the heart, he took back vision and continued toward the deep place of woods but go.
Lee whom the second super grand occasion chapter 55 of sea mountain city disappears thinks thrice(a)
"What!You say 1 time again!"Kui ground second strange Xuan martial captain Xu Yang and the Vinaceous Rosefinch brigade captain Xie Yi Nuo's unanimous opinion say.
The villa hall inside almost rounds full person, owner has already all got up to wait Zu circle to come to declare a result, but ever since that time clock from punctually change 8.35 at 8:00, the Zu circles didn't appear, crowd this just sends a person to look for everywhere.
"I …I say, we that sought everywhere, didn't also discover Zu Mr. Yuan, he was like to disappear at villa in similar!"
Around round is full person, discuss to put blame on in succession.
"What is the row, clearly say good of is last 8:00, he is a managing person and Kui ground second strange assize, should can't not be punctual just right!"
"Meeting can't he sleeps overdo, want to be not we again etc.."
"He can't fool us of type of, and now even the meals didn't prepare and got up to starve me in the morning!"
"Feed!This villa inside still has other managing persons to shout and Help, we surround here!"
…But the crowd at the moment inside, two beautiful figures are back and forth searching everywhere in the crowd.
Su the purple Xuan and Lin Qing Er is in the crowd Dou 1 turn, and then remit to match the buffet in the hall a front.
"Do not discover the trace and shadow of that guy, and you?"Lin Qing Er embraces to begin, the sweeping of double eye iciness sees crowd.
"I didn't also see, don't know that he went where, will can't now still just the room go to bed, otherwise we go up to seek."The Su purple Xuan also peeped out oddness of facial expression, from just at the time that crowd came together, she and Lin Qing Er didn't discover trace and shadow that Lee thinks thrice.
"Need not guessed, that big lazy insect definitely and still just sleeping, the past was every time round a sleeping, shouted to all shout don't come to!"The appearance of a spirit drum drum of Lin Qing Er, obviously thoughted of Lee before thought thrice for the sake of the sleeping usually with the affair that she breaks promise, " arrive now this turning point, relate to we will can't be been second strange the problem for eliminating by the Kui ground, he is sleeping, don't know what just can become mature and responsible!"
"So, past, you are very familiar?"The Su purple Xuan walks to go upstairs steps.
"Still on the whole can, probably be like you similar to Wang Zi of that kind of."Lin Qing Er follows ascend revolve a stairs, refuse to be distracted.
"Can grow up together with him, your life is definitely not lonesome?"The Su purple Xuan treads the fifth step.
"That idiocy, which have, he can't all day come you to ask for you to get angry even if like of, get along with him long you would know, he is completely the generation of the race innate badness speech."Lin Qing Er crosses in the center one class, directly ascended the fifth step.
"H'm … so, " Su the facial expression side of the purple Xuan at shadow in, "really like …"
Lee thinks thrice continuously headway, the background of this woods island is a highway that has already been built by the artificial, also Kui get he remember to get street corner over against the center door of villa, otherwise if make him drill into thick forest,google, be not got lost even if is to be getting better, don't even lift still need to find out come of sandy beach, look for a Dragon Boat tiger the boat is once.
While coming they make sight-seeing trip a car open probably the appearance of more than ten clocks, shine on this speed to go, Lee thinks thrice to at least still need to walk several more ten minutes just can arrive sandy beach.
Can not lead how long again, he should find out sandy beach, then trample tiger boat to return to a coast, although his technique of tiger boat isn't too high, if walk this a water road go to the coast line of Kui ground second strange chairman set place side, should still keep having no much problem.
"Is each, Zu circle until didn't appear now, see, we were depending on oneself to untie the second allusion this time."Allowed Yang to take the role of public leader this time, the Zu circle once said, the third allusion that he would declare this morning for untying the second allusion of, but the second allusion and the first allusion are to relate to we can go out of the key is now had already dropped by the key untied by the first allusion at a certain not well-known corner, but don't represent us like this and then will give up!As long as there is front line hope, we should be of effort!"
"Well said!"
"Like, we only your life from!"
The crowd competitively acts in cooperation.
And at the moment 4 F upstairs, Lin Qing Er and Sus purple Xuan in every aspect and mutually Qu, just they have been knocking door, voice like that, connect a head of sleep soundly of the pig should also wake up, but now Lee's thinking thrice don't also open the door, the circumstance like this lets the purple Xuan intuition of Lin Qing Er and Su to a silk unclearly invite invite of not in the right.
The Su purple Xuan sounds out to hold handle knob, lightly on turning, Luo Mao, the door unexpectedly opened, two females pushed away house to walked into, sees empty room, the purple yarn curtain still takes breeze at first reel, the quilt is at will been placed to a part, but inside one whole room, the shadow of human figure Yao has no.
Lee thinks thrice almost is connect to run to take to climb of rushed the seaside, the forest slightly put Fu, the greenery flutters and reflects sunlight, in this not usual deep autumn, take to order the flavor in summer, white the yellow alternate sandy beach is near at very short distance, Lee's thinking thrice has been already run of pant noisily, drench with perspiration, if not is so order a will to prop up he keeps on running, perhaps with his lazy personality, early pour on the ground to lie prone.
But when he arrives at sandy beach to settle Jing a see of time, have been propping up that will of his immediately the soil collapse to break up, not staying of the dissipation trace, the sandy beach of front on, there also have him to prepare to think medium tiger boat, the sandy beach at the moment on,Facebook, only at the beginning he embarks of that breaks ragged lousy Dragon Boat, other Dragon boats and tiger boat don't know to when have already been all recalled to return to, Kui get he to before also want to step tiger boat to return to, now, perhaps unique can let his activity is that ragged Dragon Boat"satellite the third".
The satellite has already bumped unbearably dilapidatedly before running aground sandy beach on the third, now this kind, leak gastight water still and say not who, don't even lift and still need to let his a person row the Dragon Boat that certainly carries 8 people rush about on the sea surface, if the Dragon Boat is at the bad factor Be plusing and leaking at 1:00 what in, not is row midway Related articles:


Facebook a opposita park her

Rob to achieve gold fairy, I want to stay to be here practicing moral teachings."
Hear this request, the dollar son in town looking at pleasant breeze to smile but doesn't answer.The pleasant breeze title saw tree hat one eye.Wanted to want and say:"This tree hangs fruit half familiar.Return beard to guard 1,800, if you can make me be here having somewhere to stay.I is this line field boy in the medicine park, guard into grass to return Dan for you mature."
The dollar son in town strokes beard to nod:"Become."
Pleasant breeze:"I still have a condition,google."
Dollar son in town:"Say."
Pleasant breeze:"Then I take three grasses to return Dan."
The dollar son in town wanted to think:"I can promise, but you want to be here constructing a medicine park, various practice moral teachings to work properly a medicine in the implantation Kun Lun fairyland, use for I next various pupil in the door practicing moral teachings.I see the your hand fondle tree trunk to know its thing, doing it should be again suitable however."
The pleasant breeze also promised, stay like this at the world work properly a tree bottom to practice moral teachings and Be guarding it and working properly a root to remit to gather in the world of the fairy�Of construct a medicine farmland inside the spirit scope.
Dollar son in town get the pleasant breeze help, can get away a line to visit everywhere and become friends with everyone, Gao Ren, to widely recruit a bottom pupil, at not the distance ground smell inebriate mountain to speak a method and build up fairies abode and way method tradition.The future generations sons calls teacher door as "ten thousand lives believe in" and has already respected the Zu teacher dollar in the town meaning that the son is the Zu of a ground of fairy.
Led for more than 600 years again in the fairyland of Kun Lun like this, the equal to world worked properly a Yin to protect next two years, pleasant breeze also the Li turn a form to rob to achieve gold fairy for sky.
There is such a gold fairy that is boy in the medicine park, the dollar son in town certainly has no what don't trust.He declares the Zu of a ground of fairy, early have gold fairy to fix before meeting pleasant breeze for, it is limitless to practice moral teachings up to now immensely resourceful power, hence went to a limitless and exquisite square wide world, developed independent fairyland hole of one mansion, since not on the sky in Jade Emperor**also not at the working properly of Buddhism mountain saint territory, declare ten thousand life mountains.
The dint of dollar son in town one person again big of magical power, and then develop much big one fairyland?Which afraid work properly Taichung can build to turn one whole ten thousand life mountainses, this world is also only a ten thousand life mountains.Beat for instance, you owned a the whole Peking city enough greatly?But this world only only a Peking city, also very small?Wait until ten thousand to guard a pupil to continuously fly to rise to become immortal, cooperate to develop ten thousand life mountain fairyland, this just gradually customary rules mold.
The pleasant breeze guards the promise of those early years, have been staying at smell inebriate below the hills of medicine Tienchung.Achieve gold fairy at him of, but met an unusual happening.
That pleasant breeze opens a pair of eyes from sit in silence, everythings seen are working properly Taichung to beall ar each other out, such as dream,such as Huan, as well the true reality have and comprehended gold fairy to turn a form and work properly a set to build to turn of way.He suddenly hears at this time the Xi that the overhead spread a little girl smile of voice.

Volume 6:The son non- fish 150 times, everlasting sometimes exert, on guard 1,200
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The pleasant breeze title hopes to go, 100 Zhang eminences, the world works properly a branches and leaves a my daughter's child explored head, hurtle him to peep out sarcastic smiling face.The pleasant breeze ate a surprised, hurriedly receive her down, little girl one loose hand drop down, luckily pleasant breeze Shi Fa answer just don't make her fall off.
This little girl is to afterwards smell inebriate boy bright moon in the Dioscorea opposita park, her name is the dollar son in town rises, with pleasant breeze exactly 1 rightness,Facebook.Bright moon not from another place come of, be work properly a branches and leaves to drill out from the world.
She this kind of background is very unusual, may be the fairy that works properly a root to remit to gather in response to the world to work properly of the spirit build to turn and living, may also because the pleasant breeze Li turns a form to rob to achieve gold fairy for sky under the tree, she works properly a treetop to respond from the world but living.----This is called to turn to living in the fairyland.
The bright moon isn't a world to work properly a tree Jing, because that tree isn't her original body, she is her, like also the grass of treetop knot return Dan Wu become work properly, but pleasant breeze afterwards once check 36 grasses of treetop return Dan fruit, an all have no little.
The world works properly a growth in the fairyland of Kun Lun, this place is natural to practice moral teachings rite, speaks to is still the human life on the broad sense.This tree radicates the human life but don't dye the spirit of vulgar dust, like living in the fairyland, the branches and leaves Yin protects under also like the fairyland is general.Although the bright moon isn't this tree spirit,have similar to this tree temperament----Doing not dye any dust is tiresome, go to pure go to really.^^
The bright moon isn't an ordinary mortal, an appear is a fairy, but she is from the treetop just come down the vogue didn't practice moral teachings, also have no fairy domestic discipline dint, can not leave this tree to remit, either the fairy gathering works properly of spirit scope.She the first's seeing what to see is a pleasant breeze, also had been following pleasant breeze to mix, the pleasant breeze is boy in the medicine park, the bright moon also became to smell boy in the medicine park of inebriating the mountain.
Appearing grass to return Dan from the bright moon is mature, totally is 1,200, the bright moon just appeared three, 4-year-old appearance, to left to smell inebriate mountain about seven, 8-year-old appearance, but the facial appearance of pleasant breeze hasn't been changing.
The ancestors dollar son in town that ten thousand lives believe in knows the background of pleasant breeze and also knows the background of bright moon.After pleasant breeze fixs into gold fairy, the dollar son in town goes to visit everywhere and develop fairyland at the limitless and exquisite square wide world, generally don't return to smell inebriate mountain, the sons spreads a person to continuously fly to rise, from the future generations pupil continue tradition ten thousand lives believe in.
The dollar son in town isn't completely either to ignore the Kun Lun fairyland tunnel field.About every 60 years descend the boundary spread a person to open to speak a wonderful method for future generations once.The method of the Zu of ground fairy the meeting is a big great event of the fairyland of Kun Lun.The dollar son in town finishes opening a method meeting each time.Will see one side with pleasant breeze.But the others had no knowledge.
By so doing, thousand years ten thousand lives after believing in pupil mostly don't know the background of pleasant breeze, bright moon, way they are to smell inebriate mountain rite ground boy in the medicine park.\Boy in the medicine park like this is a lot of, garrison a hundred years in the fairyland of Kun Lun of also many.And pleasant breeze vegetable come not much the words don't show to make magical power as well, the bright moon naivete has no scheming, public have no more to specially notice them, the pleasant breeze is also happy comfortable.
The bright moon had no power while being just born, but the pleasant breeze realizes her ground, the absolute being knows to work properly integral whole with world, is more similar than this incarnation, she practices moral teachings of the fairy magic is "the world works properly a wonderful method"----This a name still a pleasant breeze starts to give.
Because the bright moon practices moral teachings a day long have fairy domestic discipline of dint.The pleasant breeze discovered she ground wonderful place, as long as being a spirit place, the bright moon knows to each growth temperament and medicine that work properly a medicine of clear, know what work properly the medicine implantation's where, how should cultivate, whether she had to once see before or not.No matter what work properly medicine process her hand sprinkle to infuse to cultivate, can after not only attaining the best growth status, but also picking can have the best medicine.
The pleasant breeze develops a medicine farmland.The bright moon implantation works properly a medicine.The Yin that even there is a world working properly a root protects, ten thousand method Zong Di smell inebriate the medicine farmland that the Dioscorea opposita farmland became the longest, biggest and best the fairyland of Kun Lun.Ten thousand methods believe in pupil to have various in this world to bestly practice moral teachings to work properly a medicine to help each other.^^^^Still have a town dollar the big fairy is so an ancestors, that the world is difficult the blessing good luck for begging, successively the one who fly to rise to become immortal goes fairyland ten thousand life mountains to contain about 100 people.
About 100 people don't calculate much, but don't forget is in more than 1,000 years, ten thousand lives believe in the pupil of this group tradition and have been very astonishing!
Other groups all pretty envy ten thousand lives to believe in in the fairyland of Kun Lun, there are many groups also rising method of boy in the medicine park of oneself as pleasant breeze, bright moon, arrive the fairyland of Kun Lun to call pleasant breeze, bright moon ground little to say to have 180 also afterwards.
Achieve gold fairy in the pleasant breeze, the bright moon appeared to lead for 600 years again after smelling inebriate a Dioscorea opposita farmland, midday on this day, come to a monk from the afar, hold a together eyebrow Ji knot stick, the whole body way tunic mostly has breakage, the hard journey facial expression is exhausted.He arrives at to smell inebriate below the hills, sees one stub three day, the big tree around has one to look endless a ground medicine farmland,cnn, the heap Long is a boundary have no barrier, the breathing of the of world seem to have wonderful pure absolute being, there is a boy being using crane good luck 100 grass hoe loose soil.He comes forward to kowtow to salute a way:"Excuse me, this fairy kid, ten thousand life does Zong Wen inebriate mountain fairies abode where?"
The boy lets go of 100 grass hoe afar:"You are here is invisibly, follow the direction of my finger to walk in the valley, from will have ten thousand lives to believe in pupil to appear to ask words.^^
The monk thanks to him, and then asks Related articles:

cnn im of circumstance i

The wife hurry yin and yang tempers for a while, province the wife ascend fire all day long, at you that small face that is beautiful up suppress a pimple to come to your man and love!"
Trail arms a horse",
"Oh,google!You, you do what!Wu and Wu Wu"your loafer!, Don't go!Don't go there, "E, ah!The yous, you lightly order
One room beauties of spring connects down harmony.
Do*love to do*love, did to just have love.
It isn't well-known to is being above a certain"Gao Ren.Leave of"teach."
The week easily feels"BE troubled at heart at my heart how not letter?See red at the moment the small face darling nestle at him nearby of the imperial concubine then knew.Cough.Is exaggerated
Heng, bad thing!You see you make"wrinkly Ba expects of, this calls how the somebody else wear" to my clothes.
Imperial concubine tightly the Wan wear a week easily of an arm, another small hand is continuously to pull have some wrinkly dress Cape.See an easy corner of mouth of week and pin up smiling face, she not the delicate meat of the twisted an easy waist of week by ashamed and resentful malicious.
"Is painful!"
The week easily and hurriedly makes change a facial expression that pitiful Ba expects and begs for mercy a way:"Wife, your adult has in great quantities and show leniency a small life of Rao!You see a company an inside so many people, descend so again to go "my this board director knows" ha ha
Imperial concubine's side fixed attention on Cape to throw 1.The sweet and charming look in the eyes is past.Hum a way:"That how again?Don't think that I don't know, your this president presses a root at ordinary times ignore matter, you threw face and dignity how again?Anyway is always all elder sister Zheng taking care of!"
Though to say like this.Can the imperial concubine's small hand but silently release.The week is easy mouth what he like an imperial concubine most is such a, enough good and wise!No matter how in the mind is angry, can in front of outsider, the imperial concubines will notice to stay a face for him.
Being silly smile is two, the week easily looking at to seem to has pistil two wear he wants a point small place of Mang imperial concubine the good life ask a way!"Imperial concubine imperial concubine, you note to curse a point where?"
The imperial concubine didn't turn head, the foot didn't stop to take a stroll of say at the same time:"Certainly is seek elder sister Zheng!You this bad thing a walk is so long, knew elder sister Zheng to expend for your company how many ideas?Is conscienceless"
Seek elder sister Zheng?The week easily frightens almost call to make a noise.Open what fun?With difficulty coax an imperial concubine well, this.The time sees elder sister Zheng together with her, who know meeting can't again what the son of Yao E,cnn?He immediately the forehead emit sweat, the corner of mouth is a bit tiny have muscular spasms of say:"E and imperial concubine imperial concubine!Did I returned to companies to once thank elder sister Zheng?Isn't "ha ha, you see now also till time of having the supper, " equal to us to seek a place to have a meal?"
The imperial concubine stops descend step, the week easily is breathing a sigh of relief, thinks to move her"but didn't expect the girl return overdo come to give him an abnormality brilliant but be suffused with the smiling face of a certain and difficult to express meaning unclearly:"Have a meal?That isn't hasty"your one person thank not to calculate!How to wear also get our 2 people go the just sufficient sincerity of thankful elder sister Zheng together!You say"is several?.
Is four prolong intentionally of monosyllabic, immediately came out cold sweat the easy empress back of week, he immediately and without thinking says:"BE!Listen to the designation of wife's adult!Wife's adult is correct forever". Play trick!Follow the imperial concubine sees Liu Zheng, that perhaps will back all over;But if the Wu went against her meaning this time"that says not to get will immediately"depart from this life to die"!
"Elder sister Zheng!"
Liu Zheng peeped out a small good-looking smiling face small" easy, imperial concubine imperial concubine, you came."
The imperial concubine released tightly the Geng wears of week easy arm,Facebook, like squab hurl wood the general dogtrot a head of rushed toward into Liu Zheng's bosom and generally and tightly embraced like the little girl her to get fed up with a voice to smile.
Week easy double of eyes more stare more big, what's going on here?Elder sister Zheng unexpectedly spoils touching of Ni the imperial concubine's head?E", are these two feelings so good?
Completely, , before anticipate with him of circumstance inconformity!
In the week think easily come, the imperial concubine pulls he sees Liu Zheng, that most likely be make a showdown, keeping the speech"week Mo" is a so-and-so husband, hereafter don't must be continuing to approach and so forth"can now?Two female the Jiao smile to embrace each other together, two facial expressions of small faces are so of earnestness"if say all of this is at performance of words, those 2 people affirmation is "movie queen" Class of!
Nao Nao head, the week easily decides to temporary don't open mouth and calm down first view it changes.The truth that the speech much and necessarily loses he still knows of, especially currently under this just a little some uncanny circumstances, if he speaks carelessly an attention that carelessly asks for to two females, that not is do which only causes trouble?
Hence the week is easy will"silent was the gold this sentence to develop extreme achievement, sit on the sofa previous not.If isn't that the posture is inconsistent, side person the still true meeting takes him as that famous of"thinking.!Certainly, the week easily can't be like it so the "thinking" go out and wear today what clothes"but is contemplating should how should to his few various problems that may appear among the girlses.
However having been having no answer be.
, Feed!"
The week is easily fond of the look in the eyes of Mang a pure, just a little some startledly looking at the imperial concubine whom the at present Wan wears Liu Zheng's arm, "how?"
The imperial concubine is wrinkly wrinkly cleverly made nose, "think again what you!Get up at once, I measure with elder sister Zheng's company.Want to together go out to have a meal now
"?Oh oh"week easy head of Nao Nao, " have a meal good!Ha ha, that we hurriedly set out".He says the station is started and then wants to leave.Have no a way.The week easily sees now the girl get together some hair Maos, or hurriedly leave them far some is wonderful.Province they come together a target on him.
"Mistake?Etc.".The imperial concubine's voice rings out from the back, the week easy heart palpitates immediately leaked a to clap.The body involuntarily stopped down.The girl says:"Why the hurry?And didn't someone notify?.
The week easily feels his/her own voice being some to tremble:"Return and still have who?"
The imperial concubine peeped out a , very sweet smiling face, as if nothing has occurredly vomited the name that the week easily and most doesn't want to hear at the moment:"Was a clouds of many colors at that time?Everyone is at the right moment so long to be missing, get together together today!"
The week is easy:.
Hence the 3 people team just became a 5 people team five minutes later.E, don't calculate wrong, really is five people.Three while seeking clouds of many colors the people discover that Xue Xiao's drinking is present, naturally again many a person adds widely"
Clouds of many colors and Xue Xiaos' drinking has never given the week easily good facial expression to see.
The nature of clouds of many colors because take place strong kissed affairs lately, but Xue Xiao drink but because the imperial concubine's cause, week easy disappearance was to disappear for two months, had the imperial concubine's emotion in the this period of time been all very not good, was an imperial concubine Xue Xiao of the good sister to drink to remember very clearly!
Listen to four, girl the Ji Ji Zha Zha's talking smiles, the week easily no longer wants to vomit slot"
Beg to order to recommend a ticket.
ECHO is placed in to close status.
Chapter 3152 company condition
Is six inside.Lived apart two months of long guest benefit have already manily had to accumulate I, hanging the bodywork is a silver grey color, the dust of top's arriving isn't very attractive either.Liu Zheng and imperial concubines ascended the rear row of guest benefit, week easy honesty of act as cheese machine.
Clouds of many colors then drives they's A, Xue Xiao drinks to follow her.
From beat to leave company easily and then don't see Zhang Hai and Lin Wu's figure for week, however he is inattentive.With those two occupation characters of"inner palace superior", want to come to can't thus and easily and then drop a brigade, estimate to is awake oneself is the this place in a certain small unattractive place!
The week easily notices, that set specially refits of the Audi still stop in the parking lot.At the time that motoring left, he passed to see a mirror to see one eye behind again, fruit not it however of discovered that set car to also launch at the same time.
Have no words all the way. The business of"grandmother's house" today is very good, usually have a meal here at Liu Zheng so much, mixed a face with owner familiar, early and early and then 1.The telephone lets there and specially leave a reserved box, week easy 5 people arrive rear just don't meet the embarrassing situation of "have no can sit".
However Zhang Hai and Lin Wu Related articles:

mac makeup wholesale from declined ten

Of saint's teaching have already replied into common shape, very sanctity, there is no one corpse of evil monster of having, have no a D to order not clean dirty blood, everything is still so intact and as before, this would be water palace this has of sweep ability, that is strong.
At by this time, from declined ten greatest ray of lights in the sky, take various color, took 1 kind to the high highest tone, take a kind of look in the eyes that looks down mankind, Gao Han Dao:
"Road west method* saint water, second Se* absolute being water~ the war absolute being have been already pleased~~~"
On hearing war absolute being, the in the mind of second Se emits to have a son to kill an idea and looking at the sky in be surrounded by the ray of light of person, the second Se in the mind probably has already known who they are!
Immediately,mac makeup wholesale, the elder of ten greatest mis palace teaches in the bright saint of the fiesta department appear of the split second, the facial expression becomes very difficult to see, at the same time also at momentary disappearance get clean, don't leave one silk trace, they issue order for incumbent method king at the same time, absolutely can not let ten big bright fiesta departments take second Se them.
The corner of mouth of second Se then hangs up to have a silk to let the Yin of the hair of people smile and stand wait for on the ground ten big bright fiestas take charge of of advent, the ground of You You says:
"Seem have larger advantage to seek us~~~ I these 500 lion Jiu knight, hope etc. I come back after, they drill, I hope see different of they~~~"
The water method king has much of the tacit understanding the ground to say:
"Will definitely of~~~"
The parlance that listens to second Se, he is to settle, the bright saint teaches to compare with with bright absolute being clan,wholesale mac makeup, very obviously the temptation of the latter is to be getting more huge more, even if is ten greatest palaces the lord also have no way shot to kill ten greatest fiestas to take charge of, it probably can give them a little embarrassed, but have a lot of affairs can not do out to the bright ten greatest fiestas department of~~~
This Mi palace elders but also knowing, they are also unlikely stupid arrive is by this time turning over a face with bright absolute being clan for the sake of the second Se and nine two people of princes, the second Se says that he wants to come back, the probably second Se is don't quite goodly accept Long object, 500 lion Jiu knight?Want to promote their real strenght, with the means that the saint teaches, this small matter is still very insignificant.
A short while, ray of light just gradual dissipation, the ten greatest fiestas department popularly walks very much to second Se and nine princes' in fronts seem one eye recognized they, are they when once meeting?
For second Se they have already thoroughly had to understand, the second Se is that to take a bath center in black water don't do them the honor very much of a women is also a phantom will of second granddaughter and the first granddaughter's husband, each bright fiesta departments receives this time left mutually and right mutually the hush money of wealth and color, this is natural to do some affair to come.
The second Se takes a department that let the uneasy look in the eyes of people looking at at present those ten greatest fiestas very much, gloomy breathing on purpose ripples to open, the Mi palace elders will not feel, descended at the same time an order:
"Calculate, catered to those ten little devils, second Se this boy wasn't so toss about of, make them toss about go to?Fight absolute being?My Pei~~~"
Fighting is looking like speak for them, all isn't to have good fame, however second Se but is also hurtling war absolute being these two words but go to of, he wants to see incumbent war absolute being and isn't that mean shameless arrive extremity, cunningly plotted secretly against the shameless woman of his father Huan tiger king, second Se the slightest not the taboo ground say:
"Can I kill war absolute being if having is necessary?"
The together huge spirit strength comes to a violent object toward the spirit of the Mi palace elders being roving around on all sides, each elder of Mi palace certainly hopes that the second Se can make affair more big more like, say at the same time:
"Nature can, the saint teaches to protect you by privilege deathless~~"
The each Mi palace elder poured to take out one mouthful cool spirit at the same time and probably fought absolute being in their eyes even what all be not, but for second Se this of kid come to speak, incredibly does the murderous look hundred percently say to kill to fight absolute being,says to conceal what this period?

The text chapter 357 makes reprisals means
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The bright ten greatest fiestases take charge of to very with grace take a stroll and walked to have fully for long an hour, for embodying their Yongs to permit, noble, that absolute being makes the body of sort, they can not be urgent too much, so everythings are all done it slowly, this just walks to the second Se their in front, it is supercilious to say very:
The "fighting the absolute being has been already pleased, 2 pleases leave with us~~" active openings is water fiesta, the corner of mouth hangs up the smiling face of having one silk improbity.Water fiesta is with left mutually, right mutually have the ten greatest fiestas of the most contact to take charge of of a, is water fiesta, so they very early know, the ten greatest fiestas department chief all mutually belongs to better 1 type, after all the absolute being makes, your outlooking always needs to make sense just can, have to say, this bright ten greatest fiestases the department all has stronger strength.
The hold an arethusa to point of, think necessarily everyone will have an impression, right that is water fiesta, seem to toward nine princes that cuts off beautiful facial appearance very is jealousy, then knead to have an arethusa to point, walk to nine princes of nearby, the finger tip slightly once rowed nine princes' faces, the point smiled several voices:
"Hey ha ha ha~~~ the young man of very handsome United States, road west method* saint water~~~"
The in the mind is dark to scold 1:
"Good heavens, the kid who when can living thus handsome United States of in saint water house come, too unfair, great of bright absolute being king at up, I feel this face more suitable to grow on my face~~~"
For bright ten greatest fiestas department vegetable to have advertent of nine princes very the Yong permitted a ground of line a gift, lightly say with smile:
"Once saw bright ten greatest fiestases a department~~~ each good reputation ring a time absolute being allied, road west method from small have already heard many your record of events, really feel ashamed and have a lot of worth road west method study of place~~"
Nine princes pulled to pull a corner of mouth, for these people, these dirty and unbearable person, but for attaining his purpose, some meanses be still have to, pointed a water fiesta:
"At second especially the mountain Rui suffer famine especially of decade, the water fiesta adult of empty greatness in the national treasury takes a food and go to second especially the mountain Rui Be especially carry on sending greetings, numerous subjects of a ruler are subjected to absolute being of water fiesta adult the boon is lustrous, matchless appreciate, road west method, second especially mountain Rui especially nine princes again to you to with the most sincere gratitude~~~"
Don't say that the second Se thinks that nine princes that vomited and then connect to say these words also wanted to vomit, but pretended an irrelevant facial expression, the in the mind of second Se humed several voices:
"Is small nine slip away beard to clap a horse but also is to have a skill, helpless helpless, have never thought little nine persons like thises, but is also can make thus of tactful~~~"
Water fiesta originally also permits to feel very jealous to nine princes noodles, but nine princes of a series of of cry up, making water fiesta happy must seem a just- laid egg little hen similar, Luo Luo ground the point smiled:
"You do me too much honor~~ you do me too much honor, that is the job place of this fiesta, have never thought a so long affair nine princes but also also remember, should be 13 year agos~~~"
In fact that is second mountain Rui especially especially of the famine has no so of severity, only water fiesta makes trickery specially of big, this also just makes nine princes understand.
Took a look an officiant, nine princes say very respectully:
"Listen to father Wang Shuo, absolute being in 37 years allied disaster big epidemic, the officiant led large numbers of sanctuary fiestas department to second especially mountain Rui especially numerous people of disasters carry on a salvage and rescued second especially mountain Rui especially of the future is second mountain Rui especially especially of crown prince, road west the method is deeply moved~~~"
Officiant but has no water fiesta express so excited, had much of sentimental appeal ground to touch touch his/her own that beard, lightly say:
"Nine princes had heart, so long affair, this fiesta early has been already forgotten, but nine princes also remember, is the database Si his majesty good recently?"
Nine princes deeply cover up next face, bow to say:
"Is the whole well~~~"
Is a burst of to exchange greeting, take charge of other eight greatest fiestases Related articles: