Facebook in the sky and end

This time can at last receive due acclaim and attention."
"12 victories are nothing, really just going to fight the best they, Be finished the paradise the big guild of angel's clan first, branding, and the prison prison has this position, just can truely fight them like this."Wang Yu lightly smiles.
Well-dressed ladies fragrant eye Mid-Autumn wave in the sky flows to turn and nods to agree with a way:"The feather cans say that again,Facebook, however our paradise current real strenght already exceed an angel unite meeting, as long as you this card war like to show off so much, perhaps the paradise can also follow to be subjected to a benefit and hurtle a God to make ex- five guildses of clan placingses!"
Listenned to the words of the well-dressed ladies joss-stick in the sky, public cannot help but and is a burst of concussion, the well-dressed ladies joss-stick in the sky isn't literally play trick of person, she since say paradise already outstrips an angel unite meeting, have the real strenght to battle out ex- angel's clan five guilds of have, so must be so.
"Everyone gives way!"Along with lovely my daughter's sorcery a burst of urgently hasty shout, she with bowknot, curved curved, there are also thousand leaf Cis to rush through back from Long Zu of gold, rushed through from angel's clan of flower bone etc., the hand carries a platter, various food with complete aroma therein sends forth an aroma.
"This is just from the card Si especially Luo the Si city China flavor Xuan ordered of meal, owner heard to is what our paradise wanted, even wasn't money willing to accept!"Is curved curved simultaneously say.Part pack a vegetable plot plate to put long in the table.
Thousand leaf Cis at she after death Wan Wan she is thin aureate long hair, Song shrug shoulders Bang blunt public wink to say with smile:"Today is so happy, everyone together happy for a while."
"Is there wine?Have no wine not to go!"The outstanding card shouts loudly.
"Idiot, the feather is still going to angel's city take part in second run combat tomorrow, drinks what wine!"The aurora borealis opposes.
"Drink a point, add to the fun, just add to the fun!"In the joyful voice in one a bevy of young girls, a few men excitement of shout a voice how Yan also the Yan don't live.
The secret room of gloom bands together to gather a group of persons.The whole secret room is terrible as well as depressive, full of to make a people choking felling for people's felling.
"Really?Stem, the angel unites a meeting is do what eat?There are also so many players.Incredibly can make Wu Lin's superior rise in rank smoothly!"Luo Cha in the sky Be bad to mercilessly say.Almost make the in front ground hitting into two halfs table to.
The end of the day thin smoke coldly swept his one eye, "still have the more depressed, paradise the threatening force is more and more prosperous now, having already replaced angel's consociation will become card Si Luo Si city especially
Cutthroat and he is like match good cold cold on smiling, but didn't say more what.
Stand between the cutthroat and end of the day thin smoke of is wildly handsome, last time in the evil monster forest after moderating surprised occurrence conflict of Wang Yu, he was pulled go into arrive Luo the sky killed a , secretly the company measured to plan to deal with the way of Wu Lin's superior and paradise.These people, because of various reason hostility Wu Lin's superior but walk to arrive together.Have already formed strength unclearly.
A group of persons get together to deliver a violent wind angry, but have no a person can take good way.No matter is a sneak attack or rounded to beat to all once try, fact proof, Wu Lin's superior brands the real strenght of NO1 not to blow out.If he wants to walk, the person is many to also round not to live him.If he thinks a war, so everyone only has a totally embarassed.
"Damn,does he have no weakness?"The scolding of wildly handsome jar voice jar spirit is 1.
The cutthroat has been remaining mum in times before, at this time sudden openings way:"Hear ……the Wu work properly a clan the first fiesta take charge of the free and unfettered and on guard also hurts at his hand up.However, probably we can also seek another person to try."
"Who?"Luo Cha in the sky and wildly handsome,cnn, end of the day thin smokes are all at present a bright, imitated a Buddha to see hope ground ray of light.
"The Wu of one city of one person enemy works properly a master.Brand an inside player in world now in can and what Wu Lin's superior contested perhaps also only have he, if can invite him ……"
"Idiot."If a kid of voice suddenly interrupted cutthroat, publically the vision changes direction an orotund direction, that see one face despise.Imitate Buddha child the sort squat down at dark of corner in.Gleam a strange and changeful ray of light in a pair of eyes.
"I doubt Wu Lin's superior and Wu's working properly a master's root is the same person!"He gnashes the teeth with hatred of way.
"Is impossible!""Can't!"
The owners all get a shock and then mean a doubt to the words of:"The pastor of Wu Lin's superior but angel's clan!He how may the Wu work properly the magic trick of clan!Say impassability.Complete impassability!"
"Hum, the matter completely can not think ground with the convention on him." Way with mumbling:"However is unimportant.I have already planned."
"What plan do you have?"
"Mi Die will have already with all strength meant to support our dealing with Wu Lin's superior, another ……the red monthly meeting there also felt that the paradise extends a ground of pressure, the offense of non- blood also has intention to make moves."
Hear this news, Luo Cha in the sky and end of the day thin smoke they in every aspect and mutually Qu, unexpectedly the net aiming at Wu Lin's superior more pulls more big.However this is also the good affair, explain that dealing with Wu Lin superior's ground confidence is larger.
"The offense of non- blood ……red monthly meeting are those people reliable?They are just worked properly seven color ensigns by the Wu to make burnedly."
"It doesn't matter, I this planned point still keep attacking by surprise Wu Lin's superior and let him lose the qualifications of contending for the card war."The is from the corner in come out, take the smiling face of Gui Mi on that baby face, it made people see to feel unspeakable and awkward.
The end of the day thin smoke cannot help but making a noise to fight his way:"You seemed to think affair too in brief.Even if being a Mi Die the meeting and red monthly meeting is those people, which had no on the Wu Lin's superior's hand to once suffer a los?Which so easily deal with,google."
"Hey Hey ……" makes fun of twisting and twisting head, fierce on turning head, peep out a hideous smile of improbity:"I need not front side contest with him, I as long as ……use to account to strive for at 1:00."He knocked to knock his own head with the small hand, then broke out one a burst of satisfiedly laugh wildly:Wu Lin's superior, the one who gave offense to my, will definitely make you pay for it!
Resent poisonous voice, like curse to resound in the secret room of gloom.

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On the second day, genius receives bright, Wang Yu hired wagon to rush through into the biggest city angel's city of angel's clan and take part in personal second run tournament that the card fights PK.This time because need to leave card Si Luo especially Si city, the well-dressed ladies joss-stick in the sky and jade Dian autumn they have no heel go to, only outstanding prince, card of sea and aurora borealis 3 people's accompanying be nearby being used as his reinforcements regiment.
All the way outstanding Wang Yu and card they the large talk chat to pour not to feel lonesome, especially his have been keeping ringing in mailbox, uniform help of quiet water, red help of brothers, small hand ice-cold etc. after receiving the news that he takes part in personal card war to rise in rank smoothly all deliver come believe pleased carry on congratulations.
Probably spend more than a hour on the road, wait east completely and deeply when was aureate to dazzle lousy ray of light Wang Yu finally arrived at angel's clan the biggest city of declaring----Have angel's city of the city good reputation of saint light.
And card Si especially the Luo Si city compare, angel's city seems to be more male Hun atmosphere.From a distance before seeing spacious steel city gate, or so stand erect a huge angel's statue that engraves to°from the granite stone carving respectively.Left persist flame sword of angel statue back six wings unfold and have a liking for to go to is like a Chi angel rice Qie Lei;Raise method Zhang in the sculpture carvings angel's hand of the right side, send forth a ray of light of sanctity, have a liking for to is like an archangel long Qie benefit text.
Two statues all have ten several rice Gao, guard in the or so both sides of angel's city and let person feel in addition to is dignity, even have a kind of unspeakable sanctity flavor.Especially the rice Qie takes in Lei and the Qie benefit text hand of sculpture carvings weapon be like bless after special sorcery of, often the year outwardly dissipates of a purity of white light energy, greater half angel's city all bathe the saint in silver white light in.
Probably this is angel's city be called again do saint light of the cause of city.
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