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Wear to the hair hence a look in the eyes.
Hair hence appreciate an absolute being meeting, know although Zhao Gua is saying him, in fact say let others listen to, in case again someone mention that Zhao Gua Chu will grow evenly from the head, once Zhao Wang doesn't want Zhao Gua to grow the soldier even can not, Zhao Gua can also take not to understand a circumstance to resist a burst of.
"Not Wei, ex- the atmosphere for expecting have already hatched about, tomorrow open in this Lu Ling gentleman mansion!The Zhang volume must work well, have to the very small amount isn't bad, understand!"Zhao Gua falls vision at not Wei body up.
Not the Wei nods a way:"I and Guo Zong will first other affairs in the handle knob come to a stop and with concentration carry out matter of borrowing funds, I think the place that might as well put the point outside national territorial with Guo Zong , as long as the threatening force creates of beneficial to us, this borrowing funds isn't a difficult matter either."
Zhao Gua feels that not the brain of Wei turn of arrive quickly, have already made a decision to start cheating money now, so also good, can suddenly leisurely several for suddenly leisurely severals, when the time comes money all devotion come in, once Zhao Jun really defeats, they can't stand by with folded arms, either, always can not see to lose capital be not.
Zhao Gua suddenly thoughted of again an extremely good of idea, let side the person only left after leaving not Wei, tell a kind of the way that money rolls money that he knows in detail not Wei, say white is 1 kind to collect wealth a way very quickly, change devolution sell."Head hair, please support original reading, support author's creations, your lightly click at a time, warmth I the whole code word life."
Not the head of Wei is smart matchless, listenned to probably pour to absorb cool spirit of one mouthful, way:"Gentleman up this recruits to absolutely let to grow even greatly borrowed funds to become one to absorb a golden bottomless pit!Just, this frame affirmation finally wants to tumble down of, at that time how shoulded did?"
Zhao Gua Hei's Hey a say with smile:"Is true if tumble down, estimated to grow an even war to also divide victory or defeat, if Zhao Guo wins, this money naturally return, if Zhao Guo hurts, that lets greed ghosts follow us to doom together!"
Not the Wei heart says that this is enough malicious of, even if is dead to also want to pull a few mat backs of, who if is insatiably greedy to grow even greatly borrow funds an inside of hurl money, that prays Zhao Jun to finally win!
After Zhao Dan was to jilt a palm cabinet, the mood is greatly relaxed, mood a relaxed, be seeking some funs naturally, be nearby having Guo to open to make minister with Zhao Mu's these 2 so much, pour also not afraid joy have no door.
"Is the front what is the row?Seem Zhao Gua 's official residence?How to round so many people!We pass by lo lo."Before Zhao Dan of the whole body casual wear takes Guo and opens and walks up the official residence of Zhao Gua with Zhao Mu, see the long dragons that two rows rise all can't see an end, arouse Zhao Dan of biggest curious.
"Feed!Brothers, you took how much?"A young man about 20 years old sees Zhao Dan San people depend come over, also thinking these 3 is come clip heart, the favour came forward an one step to live the position that Zhao Dan goes forward.
Guo opens a to see a guy that the businessman dresses up unexpectedly dare is as very intimate as Zhao Dan, just wanted to become angry, Zhao Dan of the one side stopped Guo Kai, way:"I also just came, exactly and what is the row?"
Young man a listen to Zhao Dan San people be not come to send money of, the heart lets go of greater half, way:"Dare the feeling brothers also not know, here noodles but become rich of front door road, as long as you lend 100 money, can not use how long can turn over times ……"
In fact also need not this young man relates, the Lu Ling gentleman mansion outside sticks a public notice of eldest brother, what questions can up find out over there, Zhao Mu's sharp-eyed saw first and waited him to at a stretch finish reading, the double eye has already become gold dollar treasure shape.
Zhao Mu calculated for a while, he was blackmailed 10,000 golds by Zhao Gua , even if Zhao Wang is willing to say feeling for him, 3,000 golds are or so can not run, if he lends according to the way of public notice to grow for money leaving even greatly borrow funds, can not use half year and then can take back all loss!Time is more long, the principal is more big, income more many, this grows even greatly borrow funds if borrow one are a 5 years for three years, he can not also enrich can enemy country!
Zhao Dan and Guo Kais also noticed this public notice, although Zhao Dan's arithmetic isn't good, can the debt of noodles also calculate here understand, more want to more feel an in the mind have no bottom, this grows even greatly borrow funds how see also Be different from is raising money for Zhao Guo, is like also hand a poverty for world, looking at the in procession person is getting more more, Zhao Dan's abnormal sweating keeps emitting to Zhao Mu and Guo Kai Dao:"Walk, go to and said well with Zhao Gua , lacked money little food money to can not borrow so, either!"
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The text chapter 363 【sleepless night 】
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Chapter 363 【sleepless night 】
Zhao Gua wrote a letter rather for Lian at the bedroom inside in the mansion and believed in expressed him to the Lian rather of absolutely support, the Lian need not be cares at home rather, the tube thinks how to win Qin Jun then, Zhao Gua will write the good letter prints well, to Zhao Yuan Dao of the one side:"Yuan Yuan, send the person sends to this letter to grow even,mac makeup wholesale, and spread a message for me, tell Lian rather general, want how beat how beat, have to not have any worry, these words must openly declare in the soldier, at least can also determine the confidence that the soldier lieutenant general gets all of a sudden!"
Zhao Yuan once connects letter,wholesale mac makeup, way:"Husband, the espionages of all countries are all very rampant recently, particularly Qin Guo's spy, the third has already grasped more than tens, it is thus clear that the trend of Qin Ren to the Han Dan stares at very tightly, and has evidence to suggest, Qin Ren is trying the power of getting in touch with Zhao Guo expensive stratum, perhaps wants sword to go wide Feng!"
Zhao Gua nods a way:"If the inside of public Qin has no bottom spirit towards growing an even war also and faces Lian to affirm to feel helpless rather, the purpose of Qin Ren's activity nothing but wants Zhao Ren him/herself Lian rather general replace, this purpose Qin Ren can't attain of, even if Zhao Dan birdbrain arrive want to replace Lian rather, I don't agree as well, I really want and see, white and Lian rather and really beat together, who can smile till the last."
Guo Zong ran to come in this time, way:"The big king came and seemed to grow even greatly borrow funds is disaffection very much, still go out to cope with right away on the gentleman!If the big king makes here, isn't own failed placard!"
Zhao Gua and Guo Zong s arrive at ex- hall, see Wei not to be explaining for Zhao Dan!Zhao Gua at on auditing 2, feel not the Wei is absolutely a born businessman, if make to spread to sell in the future generations, also absolutely is to brainwash good hand, because at the moment Zhao Dan wait a person already drive not Wei to intimidate, don't live of noding and approving not the standpoint of Wei!
Zhao Dan drive not the Wei take words to round carelessly and finally ask a way:"The arrangement said so at present to few person only did the advantage have no bad place?"
Not the Wei talks big a way:"The big king says of pole BE, this way looks like big king suffer a los some, but don't those money supplieses also get without basis!We are original what also have no!The words used common people say that we this calls with bare hands set white wolf, steady earn don't compensate."
"That good, that good, few person's still thinking is without any reason of gave advantage to go out!The so first, few person can give to rise not!"Zhao Dan get not replying of Wei affirmation, this just feel that the in the mind is dependably some.
Zhao Mu of the one side the pleased smiling face open right away, way:"Since it is so, I throw in 1,000 golds again, the power is for the sake of the big king exert a loyal."Zhao Mu makes money by himself/herself of remaining, also don't forget to beat loyalty the gentleman loves one's country of signal.
Guo Zong sees just vehemence roaring Zhao Wang still this will be happy impending, not from must hurtle the Wei isn't one Shu thumb, Zhao Wang doesn't understand the cat here to get fed up with, he knows very clearly, silly Zhao Mu of the top set make him even feeling funny, the heart says that Zhao Gua 's cheapness is so have!The tube protects your bone residue when the time comes the sons all remain not next.
Zhao Mu sees Zhao Gua come over here, really is the words worrying just to have be heard by Zhao Gua , is he nominally owing Zhao Gua 's 30,000 golds!
Zhao Gua gives after Zhao Dan once saw gift, way:"Big king, these affair the big king need not worry, everything has Zhao Gua to hold to do here, I handle affairs a big king still not rest assured!"
Zhao Dan says with smile:"The few person is to literally see Related articles: