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A bright and correct road gives yours."
Joe's Anna but don't make the response of serving as, waited a short while,mac makeup wholesale, the Lun cannot help but asking:"Kid?"
Joe's Anna's low voice says:"The absolute being officer's adult, my heart suddenly jumps very quickly, imitate a Buddha to have a to make the voice telling I in my brain at, in my dream world that person in the surroundings, the absolute being officer's adult, how should I do?"
The eye Chu of Lun stare consumedly in the utter darkness of, this chemisette intuition isn't really so unorthodox, his body cans not helps hereafter tilting to one siding few, sink a voice to say:"Do not be too nervous, my kid!, The arrangement that please rest in God!The road that bravely heads for front, wishes many absolute being and you together at!"
Such a tone is euphonic, undoubtedly is to tell Joe Anna, this repents to come to an end for the time being, Joe's Anna lost ground to sigh tone, slowly stand get up, turn round into a door to outside walk to, just before going out, just lightly said 1:"Thank you, the absolute being officer's adult, my in the mind is much more comfortable now."
Looking at Joe's Anna to close the door to leave, the Lun loosenned tone, this stupid woman owned thus sharp intuition, indeed as expected was the posterity that owns colourful household pure and unadulterated blood relationship of Bo, however again want her the viewpoint of that simplicity but simpleton, could not help upsurging to Joe's Anna sympathetic toward for several cents.
The Lun stretched one lazy waist, wondering this absolute being officer's adult can really not be!
Didn't separate how long, the door again opened, a man with handsome abnormality, be dressed in the nobility dress of in proper form, slowly and longly walked to come in.
The his anti- hand closes the door and lightly says:"The absolute being officer's adult, how are you!"
This is a very have a magnetic man voice, the body of Lun lightly one earthquake, like this acquaint with of voice, this is is even a by himself/herself ever the mimicry led of voice!
The bearer is unexpectedly a Mou promise Lin, really have never thought under such a situation to again reencounter!
However he should is playing to do obeisance Lun a prince at the moment, and oneself is also playing a boring absolute being officer.
The Mou promise Lin doesn't wait as well Lun answer, immediately after say again:"Be like me so whole body top and bottom all the person of sin come to say, also the nothing important repents so much of, anyway definitely is enter hell of!However everyone calls I, so I come right away a knowledge for a while, so, we have a chat like, so the environment of the utter darkness, pretty suit chat."

Section 12

The Lun mimicry wear the old absolute being officer's voice, the wry smile is in response to the way:"Kid, to absolute being, we are all full is the convict of sin ……since you intend to chat with me, I take pleasure in sharing your career very much."
The Mou promise Lin sat down and also was like the Lun sort raise to have a leg, she beat to loudly point and said:"Like, say what good ……to, the absolute being officer's adult, whether whatever I say, your wanting to regard as is the whole life a secret to conservative?"
The Lun say:"To, is exactly so, so regardless is what matter, you can to I pour out of, kid!"
Mou promise the Lin is light on smiling, say:"Talk to not and up pour out, just have a chat ……H'm, the absolute being officer's adult, if say, what I like is a man, do you believe?"
In this ages in, the homosexuality is an affair allowed of no by customs, connect someone start to discuss this kind of matter, will encounter side the person disdain of vision.
The Lun heart know belly clearly opposite this does obeisance Lun the prince is in fact a woman, so he answers of the voice remain equanimity:"In this superficial confusion world, what affairs can take place, kid, you like a man be not what too rare affair, I believe!"
The Mou promise Lin obviously didn't expect this absolute being officer's adult will give her such an answer, once her clear voice smile and say:"Ha ha, the absolute being officer's adult, see appearance you should be an interesting person, not greatly same with the absolute being officer in my impression."
The Lun say:", That absolute being officer in your impression what kind of should?"
"Is ultra conservative, the thought fall behind, consider as correct of old guy." The Mou promise Lin nowise shows consideration of evaluate.
The Lun say for of a smiling, :"Kid, I am very happy that I didn't stay an impression like this to you."
The Mou promise Lin, and then say:"Return to the topic that I originally say, since you would like to believe me, that I said the man that I like like, anyway I come in, affirmation would not° until is foolish enough and so a short while leave."
"Listen respectfully."
The Mou promise Lin hands match ten, the eye wave slowly becomes aery confusing, and she lightly says:"This how of a guy …… I liked him since the childhood, because the teacher always took him to make model to request me, his existence to me, since was a kind of pressure, at the same time also is a kind of power ……"
Lun heart in difficult to express on jumping, the lover said by Mou promise Lin, the good elephant is exactly oneself ah, does she have been liking himself/herself?Think of this little younger sister Shi,wholesale mac makeup, that moving and matchless Qiao face, breathe also immediately urgent few.
The Mou promise Lin didn't also aware of after the opposite cloth screen that absolute being officer's adult of not satisfactory, lightly continue to say:"Until afterwards one day, my discovering in the mind noodles has already had his a place and often start to remember him, most funny of is, in that time, I unexpectedly connect his side have never seen as well ……"
The Lun sighed tone and sank a voice to say:"Sometimes the predestination is really a very marvellous thing, many wise men are poor it the whole life energy can not also penetrate among them mysterious."
She also the ground of You You sighed tone and said:"The absolute being officer's adult, affair really such …… however lately, I finally met with him, he didn't also be ungrateful to my expectation, although he has no teacher to describe so ruthlessness, but another had a kind of making me is of dumping of magic power ……"
The Lun touched touch chin, for of the wry smile say:"He really has so well ……"
Mou promise the Lin is light on smiling, say:"Good?Probably can not go fetch to describe him, he should be similar to me, together is a convict of whole body sin, to a certain in the future, the absolute being officer's adult you already the regression arrive absolute being of embrace China Times, I and he is definitely to want to get into a hell of the deepest of, ha ha ……"
Mou promise Lin finally of in the laughter, can not repress ground to show unintentionally Xiao Suo and fall Mo.
The Lun is originally also as mum as she, thought of the role that oneself plays, had to Wen Yan to advise Wei to say:"Kid, absolute being and we together at, he will forgive each person!"
The Mou promise Lin affected a corner of mouth and said:"The absolute being officer's adult is frank to say, I don't have religion and faith."
"Concerning this, I can observe."
Mou Nuo Lin says:"However, I still keep wanting to make a wish today, can?Because they all say at open a day to make a wish is to specially work properly, I pour to want to verify for a while today."
The Lun say:"Certainly, with absolute being for can listen your wishes together, I feel pretty much honor!"
Mou promise Lin deeply absorb one breath, just slowly of, lightly say:"I hope Lun he can so-so Anne Anne, the all things is smooth, that is deep-rooted of the sorrow leave him to far go and no longer usually torment him, the happiness can condescend to come in his body and make him from now on no longer thus melancholy, the comity can condescend to come in his body and make him from now on no longer thus solitary ……"
Her voice gentleness and feel attracted, the Lun listen to listen to and can not help foolish, he has never missed this ferocious ruthlessly oppressive little younger sister Shi of he unexpectedly like this a side of the tender feelings, a warm current slowly upsurges from the heart deep place and accompany with a Mou promise Lin clear and crisp voice, slowly visit to whole body, the soul of oneself that sin, imitate Buddha be sublimated at the moment.
He could not controled feelings 1 ground to read low 1 in:"You this why the need for, fine wishes the for yourself pray just to ah ……" is being vacant, he has already canned not control feelings of reply original voice.
The voice that the Mou promise Lin makes a wish immediately stopped down, she was hard to believe ground to stare at that very thick cloth screen, quickly judged one this isn't own of after Huan listen to, her voice also became to shiver, the low voice asks:" Is the Lun you?"She also resumes originally Related articles:

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