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Is crazy when the person appears in front of them, that master's surprise a , but that sword Chi tiger but have no action, just conjectured breeze crazy their one eye, the vision is pure.However, don't know is what cause, when breeze crazy of the view concentrate to ride at that, in the brain but burst upon Kai boon and the war monster once said by oneself.
Again expel drop a master have never invoked to fasten of technical ability after, breeze crazy idea flashback, that condition is immediately some oddness, in addition to the breeze is crazy outside, the others then curiously stare at that sword Chi tiger, but that master MM then have some concussion of looking at breeze to wildly wait a person.
"Too like, finally saw a person", master MM is happy of call way, jumped down from the sword Chi tiger body, seemed to be concussion matchless, make cold breeze they in every aspect and mutually Qu, is not individual.
Master MM's interjection is also wildly surprised to wake up the breeze.
"You at here foolish for a long time, and your member of team", the breeze wildly stays calm and collecteds of ask a way, in fact he is to really want to directly ask that sword Chi the tiger whether fights a monster, but seems to be like this is very rude, other people not necessarily so will answer him as well, after all don't acquaint with.
"Yes, I at here foolish for a long time, there are no member of team, only the cat cat accompanies me", master MM points at a that sword Chi tiger and happily says.
This master looking at age to also has 20 how old shapes, shape Gao Tiao , the outlooking still goes, the skin is very smooth, unwillingly is the edge of beauty, however, that shape's pouring is very outstanding, typical model of devil shape, even if is a relaxed sorcery tunic also hard cover up it, particularly huge convex rise before the chest, will make people doubt that she usually is how to keep a center of gravity.
"We are windstorm wars brigade,cheap benefit makeup, I am that the captain barbarian's breeze is crazy", the breeze wildly roars with laughter of say, cold breeze they also introduce myself in good time.
"I call Su thin, 30 classes master Su is thin", the master hurriedly says:"Being able to meet you is really too like" returns to leap something to jump like child.
If 30 master Jis, no wonder that can alone in my self-discipline, really all right already, owned the occupation of 30 class technical abilities real strenght is also compare 29 classes to soar a lot, a little bit more careful, at marsh ground hole place like this also unwillingly can exist.
"Gu Gu"
This strange voice suddenly thinks of.The breeze is crazy they are or so on seeing, have no monster to appear, Su thin facial expression a red.Bashfully grasp dress Cape.
"You, you have to eat of thing", she difficultly opens mouth.The facial expression is more getting rosy more.
"Have", the breeze wildly and right away takes out the type of cutlery of, let to admire Nuo to start beginning.Originally that voice is what master ground belly spread come, see to is hungry be getting worse.And the breeze is crazy they so on listenning to, also feel oneself has a little hungry.Looking at this outward appearance to have a little maturity, shape sexy captivating.Talk behaviour but like the kid's master, public is not said with smile by ground.
"Boon, boon", Su is thin to go toward to fill thing in mouth, simultaneously nod.
"You say you at here foolish for a long time, didn't return to", the breeze wildly and suddenly asks a way:"When come in"
"I forgot", Su is thin to say that this sentence seems to be very ashamed, the breeze is crazy they a listen to.Immediately have no language.Unexpectedly and someone forgot to when come to ground.
"Should have already taken a sorcery clock as well, not is tell time of".Admire Nuo to sit at Su thinly and side, smile to ask a way, the part is still from the pot in make some things thin to Su.
"Sorcery clock, I have, carelessly put in the warehouse" makes reference to this, is more getting ashamed more, the heads are all quick to depend on the breast.
"E ……", public have no language.
"You even the food didn't also take how much", the cold breeze hurriedly asks a way, this master is very invincible.
"Taking is a lot of, but the appetite of cat cat is a lot too big, the foods were all eaten up by it", the breeze wildly waits once the person see a that sword Chi tiger, is lying prone on the part of black Zi, chew big fillet of big piece big piece in mouth, see that body figure, the appetite is really not small.
", Be getting more satisfied", Su is thin to touch touch belly, acts equal drop captivating:"I haven't eaten for two days, admire Nuo elder sister ground the handicraft is really good"
"Why don't you return to", admires Nuo Be saying with smile and asking, since had no food and then can return to.
"I …… I can not find to go out of road"
"As an occupation, taking the map is have to, you don't even understand maps", the saint also says.
"Map I understand", Su is thin to hurriedly say:"Just …… just, map and sorcery clock put in the warehouse together and carelessly"
Invincible, true invincible.
The breeze wildly waits equals drop of person to has no language, there is also so incautious person"you always can use the book of transmission, might it not be the book of your transmission also carelessly puts in the warehouse", saying with smile of breeze crazy Hey Hey, this master was really too interesting, while the occupation in nowadays all generally take the book of transmission, heel different when the Luo space encampment just turned a job soon, more or less of all started to buy land the book ground of transmission.
"Have no, the book of transmission do I take, in my product column", Su is specially thin to finish saying, also take out a bottom skin navy blue of color, the top painting has a gold color the grain ground the book.
"That you why need not, is the time that you have to use but discover to have no return journey spooler", breeze wildly and again the Hey Hey say with smile.
"You …… you are true cleverness", Su is thin to break continuously continuously weak weakly said 1.
Lead to win public support a person to again have no language.
Lin Zi Da Dun, what birds all have, the world is getting bigger, what persons all have.
The breeze wildly has no language more, all so will be said cleverness, whether this overflowed too much.
"Are a few elder brother's elder sisters just- come in from the outside", Su is thin to suddenly ask a way.
"To, come in in a little while"
"That celebrates the birthday stanza to start having no", Su is thin to say to celebrate the birthday stanza to seem to be very excited:"Celebrate the birthday stanza terribly hot make, I like"
"E, next time of haven't started", breeze wildly drive Qiang for a while, drink wine, just say, the others are then strong to endure to smile an idea.
"Next time", Su thin momentary the reaction don't come over:"This of celebrated the birthday stanza to end", a surprised a suddenly of, very upset."Do not worry, still have already celebrated the birthday stanza after three years, can again take part in, and, you are at present this but celebrate the birthday the champion winner of stanza tournament, serve as a Lei lord to arrive be over from the first day by one person's dint, have never hurt", the saint says and also points at breeze wildly.
Chapter 41 is pregnant in December

"Is true of ah", the Su thin surprise says:"I saw that next time, the breeze crazy eldest brother musted continue to appear on stage"
"Say again when the time comes, generally is can't",benefit Cosmetics, the breeze wildly and at will says, he is to have no interest to continue to do something like that , if not that because and database the second war brigade battle out a gusty head, he can't takes place, either.
So, the breeze wildly didn't promise Su thin, because in his eyes, even if is a white lie is also lies, if oneself orally promised, was tantamount to do commitment.
Do the commitment will carry out, this is the person's basic principle, otherwise don't do commitment, promise these two words very heavy the meaning of containment, be not freely said can of.
So, the breeze wildly and never and easily sits down to promise, but once promises and has to complete.
The private of ancient times is often loyalty the generation of the righteousness, only because a words even is a plain wheat roll and do a round flat cake of type of, will do and recompense, but that recompense sometimes is take life as price, but they know perfectly well thus, but is still not to give up.
No matter say to is to act wilfully, is still stubborn dogmatic, this kind of thoughts and feelingses are worth other people's respecting and admiring.
And the breeze is crazy although can't attain such degree,benefit makeup, after all, on the hoof and the most important, so he generally doesn't do commitment, if ever can't be that kind of, either will endanger life, don't the slightest turn the commitment of the ground of Yuan.
Certainly, the breeze wildly says so also not is elaborate, the matter after three years who ability be willing to Related articles: