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 That girl Ji Feng the ground say:"The Xiao is total but the magnate forget more matter!Is also, you are getting more flourishing now, on wealth hundred million, that still remembers our se small common peopleses!"
The Xiao is a bit strong embarrassed, but he really doesn't remember a girl place name word.Have to say:"This, I am in the Chin Hua.Also need very short period of time, really could not remembered ……"
That female kid sees he has much of the sincerity earth's surface the feeling and rush toward Chi a smile:"Calculate, not difficult is you!I introduce myself again once.I call Yuan leaf Xin."
She generously stretches out a hand.
The Xiao is strong and she is brief on getting in touch with, loose opened a hand.This is him town have already settled down and counter-questioned a way:"To, you don't only ask me.You are still going to school?How to run to come to here?"
"See satellite blast-off Bai!"She stretched one lazy waist."This time is our country for the very first time shoot foreign satellite, have much of to be in remembrance of meaning.I certainly want to come to see on the scene!If not that urgently wear, I how can take two days and three nights of train, does Ba Ba Di rush through to come over from Peking?Is dead tired!"
She lets go of a hand and stare at Xiao strong:"Have not you answered me?You this body uniform is which does the lane come to ground?Leave really?"
The Xiao is strong to smile.Passing certificate is past.
The national defense section work Wei of!This is true, your boy really climbs.All mix the national defense section work Wei.20 years old be inside school!At least is a vice- regiment class military officer!My daddy at when you are so big ……"
She suddenly shuts up speech not, smile happily ground to say:"Big lieutenant colonel, you this arrives for the first time west Chang blast-off center?Is just far far and then see you blind over there and turn leisurely, don't I take you to take a walk everywhere?"
The Xiao is strong to is a lieutenant colonel.The other people all call him"Xiao lieutenant colonel", sound to be like small lieutenant colonel.Yuan leaf Xin come to do exactly the opposite it,fake oakleys, call him big lieutenant colonel.The Xiao is strong to listen to is also in distress situation.
He surprised way:"Are you very familiar with here?"
"That is certainly!My Mom and Dad is all busy.Send me and keep a grandpa grandmother's house is at the base ground, 84 years of time just receive Peking to me.To speak of is my house here, play so much than Peking many!Here where I am familiar, you want to see what, do I take you to go to?"Her eye pupil a turn."Want see the American's satellite?"
"Think!"The Xiao is strong to blurt out.
This female kid has a way.Take oneself to the factory premises in go?
Yuan leaf Xin ordered to nod.Shi Che pointing at strong in front of Xiao.Say:"I also think!So,
A day before shooting.We want early as possible, in the process of delivering satellite.The satellite will put on this kind of trailer and send to shoot, we can open new vista!"
The Xiao is strong be really don't talk!
He still thinks that leaf Xin of Yuan has way to take him to enter factory premises.BE intentionally tease him!He thinks of a matter and asks a way:"Why is a front is one sky rocket?Can not install up now?"
Yuan leaf Xin Deng the trailer is one feet, the spirit shouts that the ground says:"Who say be not?You think that the star arrows separates to need very Gao her technique to match quantity, early some gearings are good enough, can also order more time to examine, promise to shoot successful coefficient.But damn of American, fear we steal their technique, now a lot of exterior in the satellite measure, all forbid us to carry on, the engineering department ground was deeply those people, harmed brains, once negotiated a lot of time as well with American, just say to allow before blast-off one genius quasi- top arrows!"
The Xiao is strong to once see a manual, poured don't seem to be most a beginning to so know not a thing, he wanted to think, pointed at the blast-off of distance and said:"You not is say where can take me to go?Blast-off can not with, "
"Certainly.Follow me?"The Yuan front of leaf Xin leads the way and says this affair in the school with strong Xiao, " you now, that is the absolute man of the hour in the school, a day positive lesson didn't up, turn round big owner.Still developing this whole world net is those professors, is also compensate to pay of pole!"
Good to listen words who all like, the Xiao is strong inwardly satisfied, superficially and still is saying:"It is polite.A little small result, also accidental!"
"Ze Ze Ze!Lo you this words say that is sour!The person isn't big, speak of words to come to old spirit horizontal autumn!Be like the slippery person that mix vestige officialdom for several decades!"Yuan leaf Xin at 1:00 also Don't mention it, " feeds!Happily finish saying.Say to feel disappointed with you of!Because you missed class over a long period of time, the school made decision, cancel your learn by!"
"!I have hand over leave of!"The Xiao is strong on staring blankly, called.
Yuan leaf Xin sees him worried and satisfiedly says:"You invite a leave, a please is more than a years and also have been already managed!The school said that make everyone cite as lesson to be learned, don't think do-it-yourself result.Can take no cognizance ground rules in school.However school also said, is the Chin Hua student ever, your result still will stay a history at the school in, conduct and actions afterwards the student's model!Clap and beat, school but beat of good idea.Since pursue studies schools to add honor with you.The killing again chicken lets monkey sees and warns those students who without cause miss class!There is your example at, exactly a month, I have never seen to have 1!"
She the Luo ground smiled a , the Wu wears lips and smile the idea Ying Ying ground to looking at Xiao strong.
The Xiao is strong to is only helpless to shake head.Tell the truth, make him return to have a class now, that is impossible, he doesn't have this time!Calculate, the company inside also had 100 several scientists, return school, ask to the professors, think to they will also ovation.It not be disputing for this side end stanza.
At blast-off outer circle, similar have a soldier of guard, also have already patroled a ground of motorcycle, back and forth shuttle.There are another two fire fighting truckses, stop by the side of the blast-off, at any time preparation again appear surprised of time .Provide to extinguish fire a support.
Yuan leaf Xin stopped feet:"Like, our right here sees!Walk up again, those soldiers are about to interfere with!"
The Xiao strong spirit must could not say words.A good half-day just tremble to begin.Point at a distance ground blast-off, ask a way:"This be you say of, literally where can be possible?"
"Yes!"Yuan leaf Xin innocently blinks eyes and also points at surroundings."Here what can see!You want to see satellite, I say it's all right, the satellite last arrows is that day.Can see.You say to see shoot.Although is so big, you can also see over there, I still keep giving a lot of care to take you to come over!You don't appreciate me, how still strange rise me to come?"
The Xiao strong spirit must not want to manage her!
"This blast-off takes.Is 58 meters high, see here, whether feel very sublime?"Yuan leaf Xin this time pours to have no again play joke on him.From attend to introduce, "you see a Long March the third.Have 44 meters much Gao, at shoot take ground to surround under.Also show not to come out at 1:00."
The Xiao is strong to also dip down heart, in earnest stare at to shoot tower.
Match to embrace middle in the steel.Stand erect to go on a long journey the third, high arrows body's seeming to be is so beautiful!
"Go on a long journey the third and is going on a long journey No.2 ground foundation up develop.Before we wanted to shoot the Earth of satellite hold still orbit, needed to help to push the going on a long journey of machine No.2 E with the bind type, but now, have never bound and help and push a machine and go on a long journey the third and then can send to the Earth of 36,000 meters quiet orbit to the satellite, very fantastic!"Yuan leaf Xin continues introduction way.
The Xiao is strong unbearable to connect a people's way:"Does that say and going on a long journey on the third is stiller strong than going on a long journey No.2 E ?"
"Admire!"Yuan leaf Xin smiled 1.The hurry Wu shuts up, "are you still really an amateur?
Go on a long journey No.2 E , can carry the lotus to the layer after layer four tons her city effect, send to the Earth quiet orbit.But go on a long journey No.3 the satellite that can chase to weigh 1.4 tons, send to the Earth quiet orbit.You say who sturdy?"
The Xiao was strong this to ignore to solve and point at to go on a long journey to ask a way on the third:"Why does that still want to exclusively design this rocket?"
"Is certainly a forerunner more!It doesn't need to break down a rate to be high and more complicatedly binds booster rocket, direct send the God the satellite with the x-rated rocket, certainly advanced!You know static orbit of the Earth?"Yuan leaf Xin sees him really don't understand.Also no longer joke he, patiently the solution speaks of Related articles: