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There.All at present don't know cheapness which bastard.
However he wasn't the mediocre man for waiting helplessly for the end, a few projects immediately surged forward his at heart.
Even now, be apart from they the not far place is indeed as expected concealing these two troopses for connecting.Have already been getting more embattled, the result Japan's Imperial Army suddenly change direction to make them come from an idea to anticipate, now although in their artillery ranges, can if open fire still will make them run away greater half.
Actually beat still don't beat, this makes them hesitate a long time.Immediately Lyu Xiao Tian of the leader of a group a grind teeth." Pass them, immediately notify to the headquarters this circumstance."Is not that he doesn't want to sign this achievement, however the battlefield is a decoration in two sides of road.Opening fire basically now can not develop effect, also really the confirmation Japan's Imperial Army's judgment, since the Japan's Imperial Army chose to change direction.That explains that they have worry in uncertainty to here, that makes them suspicious.
"All together noticing is concealment, don't expose a target."Lyu Xiao Tian resolutely released an order, just some displeased warriors calmed down of come down, BE, can not also move now, by so doing the devil escapes of the decision can't also determine, can for finally whole Jians they create a condition, because make track for shot to also run now however physical strength good Japanese soldier, besides adhere to be apart from about thousand meters now, even if tailgate to make track for shot also annihilation not how much,cnn.
The Tong city at this time indeed as expected anticipates such as the plum Huan jade of similar, has in morning divide be sneaked in of should outside match in shot brigade especially offend and break, certainly the biggest hero is "salty egg superman" that once was captured in former times this time, is exactly in the middle of ever and anon getting in touch with with him, understood the detailed circumstance of the Japan's Imperial Army fielding troops,google.So the attack just can be thus clean to neatly take down Tong of city, certainly when the end attack halts the Tong city Japan's Imperial Army's commander's headquarters, the commander of"salty egg superman" and Tong city superior soldier Ji in Tienchung is together dead, certainly he of these plentiful achievement Wei's spinning future will be brave record of events and give a great deal of publicity on the territory of big Japan.
So the Yan that smells Xun all without exception wrote down the certain context of "to salty study of Mr. Dan of the amity that concentrates on in the day", this precious data, became the irrefutable proof of friendly medium day record of events after a hundred years, and high profile, also became emollient refute sharply some try to escape from of the evidence of the right wing member.
Certainly the Yan at this time all without exception has already led a brigade to return to belong to a county, for all through the night capture Tong city, he has never doubted, original can take down Tong city before this Japan's Imperial Army take the offensive, however is various considerations having been staying in the Japan's Imperial Army's hand, now has already been the time that harvests fruit.
Even in addition to the holdout that rarely counts, numerous Japan's Imperial Army's soldiers have already moderated to become a captive in hair Ci in the sleeping while taking the offensive.Have no sense of shame to this bad guy that draws up this to offend a city plan, even still eloquently refute sharply those stupids to want to see the guy of blood with Japan's Imperial Army's bayonet, "the pole of boredom"
Indeed as expected such as he say, this annihilation Tong city Japan's Imperial Army, only sacrificed not arrive 4 people.Harmed more than tens, this was still that some sentinels of on duties result in.Didn't is other basic not to meet holdout, let the leg feet have already had no dint, the drowsy Japan's Imperial Army are a captive.Of course not because the policy of anti- day volunteer army contains change and only is in the light of the principle for recycling waste products, the Yan all without exception puts forward a new plan.
"Is this your new idea?"Qin Si Jiao appeared in the in front with in high spirits look and all had no with the plan that he does accounts.After all at that time also for having scruples about a safety to just make her leave of, this Qin thought Jiao or had a clear conception of.
Is only at present the heap of supplies carrying from the Lan mountain is full black of fetter, if used to rebuild home.These are good for nothing.Set up a house demand of isn't these.However underweight guy to smile happily of she knows to definitely be different from of affair.
If money cloud also greatly orders its head, she is also curious about that this just came back from the battlefield, run the youth here to have idea, see public don't understand of vision, the Yan all without exception roared with laughter:"Are not we the captives who grasped a lot of Japan's Imperial Army this time, if these all death ray, that is too wasted.The physical labor that rather makes them become us like, let them use the labor as own criminal acts expiation, can compare fatty a piece of land is strong many."
Is public this just suddenly.Feelings these are still really a fetter, cautiously conjecture for a while, indeed as expected, top of handcuffs and shackles is connect together, activity of time in addition to slowly walking to basically can not walk anymore, even if want to resist to also lack the ability to do.
Listens to Yan all without exception and cautiously explain:"The customs station here uses to burn red nail to seal dead when the time comes, by so doing the Japan's Imperial Army can not run at all, and for the sake of the easy to management, can three people wear into 1 string.As long as there being 1 resisting, all processings drop.Certainly for the sake of the economy food, they also need not eat satisfied, order and then go so much than the pig.Wait until we beat past of time one more and send back, need not collected their travel expenses."Listen to this him a pleasing way, public and a burst of bad cold.
How many students Be from of the staff Be some to defy spirit, "little handsome, this the way of sage that can not agree with to match us too much, how can we complain by hatred?The ancients' hasing cloud to repay evil with kindness is a proper way."
Yan all without exception one Leng,Facebook.Cautiously conjecture this youth person, these students are to lately take part in a work, just arrived at to belong to county participation reconstruction, heard that the troops that beat a victorious battle comes back and smelt the breeze coming out to welcome.Estimate these people to also just know his head.However the Yan all without exception hurtles the courage that dares to query, didn't also dispute with him.
The Yan all without exception sees public on all sides, the clear voice says:"Sage?As I see it, the original words of bore sage BE'why report virtuous with keep complaining, with virtuous report virtuous.'Be say Confucius didn't the hot face also wanting us stick the Japanese's cold bottom!Japan's Imperial Army into make burn to kill crafty Lue to do every evils!Which order a way according to sage?If our country the person all want to privilege them, these beast can't taste sweetener another day again?Such Zhao Zhao.The justice is where!"Make reference to here once his vision turn and sweep to see public.
A few youths lower the head to go, one defies spirit ground to counter-question a way:"We also want to learn a crazy dog to bite a person to be not?"The Yan is all without exception great anger, immediately press a fury to ask a way, " our country soil hasn't recovered, the people still bleed!You do this speech not ashamed!Have never needed to speak humality with beast!Deal with with the whip son is a justice!Otherwise go crazy a dog slowly over the strength come again give a bite again be how?"
Saw several individuals to have no a speech, Yan all without exception not from inwardly feel deeply about, think of previous incarnation inside, a common people that just still was humiliated by the Japan's Imperial Army, exactly looked after for a crazy Japan's Imperial Army's soldier's several decadeseses, the in the interval experienced hungry for several years, he would rather starve close sister-in-law Ge and also brings up a soldier the food reducing to devil!The thus damned person incredibly became news person and changed future of praise at 1:00, also go fetch big four report.Is true to annoy very the person is also!
The place being own now then and incredibly comes out again how many righteously of does the guy want to treat kindly devil?Flank of money if cloud looking at a the Yan of faces fury to all without exception don't already admire from the heart, this youth rarely and seriously gets up, unexpectedly a vehemence rushes toward noodles but goes to unclearly, let her heart Peng however move.
Make a decision, these words she records in mind, after a while is today the headlines of the newspaper to report.
Flank of Qin Si Jiao is a bit funny, looking at public spread to go, she in whisper says:"This several individuals want to cautiously notice, Hey Hey."Finish saying to smile to blink eyes.
In her eyes this several people are stupid enough, failing will have the courage to face failure.In her Qin Jia's education, have never treated kindly to fail this to say, besides these are two countries, you die I live of of conflict.
Wanted these people to once turn over body to invade again once?It is the idea of bad guy to pour, she really appreciates and resolutely deals with an enemy, there is no womanly kindness, this is the rare man.
Yan all without exception on smiling, is still this wench understand oneself, their Qin Jia can stand erect have no not make sense up to now, a bond maids all have like this a knowledge.Compare a lot of adults to all see far.He turned a head to once call a company commander, "you have promoted since today, I sought for you one good work."That boy eyebrow flower eye smiled ground to run to come over and signed is saluting a way Related articles:

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