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Ground eyes way:"Who say that you aren't me ground positive wife.You are me in my heart ground wife.It is this ground hostess."
Purple kid heart in very touched.She nestles in his bosom.The deep feeling ground eyes his way:"Big Lang.Do don't do your ground positive wife I am really inattentive.But I really think to sit a flower Jiao.Do obeisance a hall to marry with you."
Reeve just and formally the location nod a way:"Good!Wait me to a little bit get empty down.I take you to return to old house.Then breeze scene light the ground marry you once."
"Big Lang" purple kid's facial expression is dizzy and red.She sticks a face at Reeve just before the chest.The Reeve positive hands hug her softly waist limb.Feel she already completely resume ground formerly is slender.In his heart a concuss.Lower the head toward her lips up kiss.The purple kid also raises face circumlocution to mutually face.
At this time, "cough!Cough!"Is two, the grapevine outside and suddenly spread a cough voice and frightenned purple kid a push away Reeve just, hurriedly pulled to pull clothes, she is malicious to stare positive one eye of Reeve, put blame on him not to divide situation, she comes out a grape in quick time, sees the Qian Qian carry a hand, the facial expression wriggles tunnel:"Elder sister, the little girl girl wants Niang and cries desperately, the grandmother makes me come to seek you."
Purple kid a surprised, she also cans not considers of Reeve positive, in a hurry to inside the hall run to, Reeve is positive but come forward, on the head of Qian Qian lightly on knocking, say with smile:"How long has it been since you came?"
Qian Qian'ah'1, embrace a head injustice ground to say:"The somebody else just don't come how long!If you have to explain, I basically didn't hear."
Finish saying, she craftily on smiling, is blinking to Reeve, "want don't I sew two mattresses for you and kneel down in the evening a little bit more comfortable."
"You this guy!"Reeve just again annoy again funny, pull her wrist, pack and beat her appearance, the Qian Qian frightens hurriedly to beg for mercy a way:"Eldest brother, I didn't dare, I kept the purple kid company tonight and arranged you and Japanese bride realize newly married of feeling, how?"
Reeve was having no alternative ground to shake to shake head, "alas!The early knowing your mouth is so severe, at the beginning make you do a dumb younger sister calculate."
Wanted to think, he asked a way again:"The Qian Qian is serious, you tell me, the precious jade Ji comes in to exactly have and the purple kid takes place antinomy?"
The facial expression of the Qian Qian also seriously gets up, she formally to Reeve's proper way:"Eldest brother, this words you can ask me this time, hereafter can not lift again, otherwise you will hurt elder sister, your true don't understand her at all, the elder sister is very good to precious jade Ji, not only give her arrangement good room, fear that she doesn't adapt to again, also accompanied her to say the words for a long time, I hear a , elder sister says to appreciate her very much to on a ship look after you, precious jade Ji all touched cry, you return to put facial expression for elder sister, you!"
Reeve just and silently, he suddenly clapped to clap his own to say with smile:"Is all right!You go to and sew mattress for eldest brother and kneel down for wife to compensate a gift in the evening.[-]"
Qian Qian'burst Chi!'On smiling, pull him to then run toward the inside house to, "see two of your little babies quickly!You were presumed incognizant them."
Room inside, the leaf purple kid is embracing the little daughter nurses with milk for her, she slightly taps a kid and hums folk song in mouth and see Reeve is coming in, she hiss 1, signal hint a little bit lighter, don't be surprised kid, Reeve is ordering, the light hand light feet ground arrives at little daughter's in front and love deeply ground to looking at is shutting the daughter whom the eye sucks at breast, the kid has been 5-month-old, and leaves already totally different grow beautiful powder amiability,wholesale mac makeup, the small face tightly sticks a mother of**, the small hand kneads into a fist.
The purple kid sees a husband fancy a kid, in her heart pretty much comfort suddenly, she realizes what, face one red hand dress Jin draw down, block**, to have a little cantankerous Reeve is staring one eye, and then pointed to point inside house way:"Still have an at in house!"
Reeve is making longer nose slot the point nod, but take advantage o her inattention, at her**up quickly touched a , the kid immediately is waked up with a start, weep aloud, frighten Reeve is raising a hands life run toward the inside house to, didn't expect two small guys have a mind to respond, outside one cried inside an also followed to cry, make Reeve just stranded.
He had to the Nie hand Nie feet to enter an inside house the Su kid sit upright the elder sister who feels another to weep aloud in the bedside to lightly coax and suddenly see Reeve is coming in, frighten she stood and lowered the head a way:"Big Lang, you came back."
Originally, the wife's younger sister saw a brother-in-law is to open a few funs, then pulled clothes to beg for and want red envelope, but this wife's younger sister not is ordinary people, she was a just real fiancee of Reeve, the leaf, Su, kid was the woman of ice snow cleverness, she saw the father admit elder sister this close, but have never lifted and rescind betrothal one matter for oneself, and also not put forward toward Li Jia elder sister legally marry, she then knows father also not want and cancel she this kiss
And this grandmother put forward to want to come to Peng Lai together, who all know a grandmother of true he or she body up, can the father didn't oppose, this more explained that the father is to think that the sister double marries, is also say, Reeve just sooner or later still her husband, unless he wants a regrets marriage, didn't marry oneself.
Therefore, the Su kid sees Reeve positive at this time, but ratio formerly more awkward and shy, be like to be a thief, the Peng Peng in heart keeps jumping, Reeve is embarrassedly just some the head of Nao Nao to say with smile:"I awoke the little girl girl of outside, how inside of the big little girl also cried."
Su's kid's purse one's lips a say with smile:"They are twin sisters, certainly is 1 to cry, the another also follows to cry, very interesting of, sometimes separated a few rooms will also so."
Reeve is seeing the kid cry a voice not to stop, he hurriedly stretches hand a way:"Let me come to embrace her to coax!"
"Okay, the big Lang carefully orders."The Su kid makes the big little girl being lightly crying carefully passing to him, but Reeve is positive clumsy, a confidence lived the Su kid's back of the hand while embracing a kid, Su kid a surprised, don't dare and throw a hand again, had to once twist the face doesn't dare and see Reeve just, full face abashed is red.
Reeve just not is idea of, he holds the Su kid's back of the hand, want to put also not dare to put, fee the dint of the tremendous amount, he just embraced the kid steady, he hurriedly to Su kid apology way:"Execuse me, I ain't intentional.
The Su kid lowers the head, light tone way:"Do not close, I knew you be not intentionally, the big little girl is lovely, you go along with her well, and I go to and pour tea for you."
Finish saying, the Su kid flies ground outwardly the house run to, while running to doorway she but come to a stop, by hand carried on the back ice ice face, this just went out, Reeve is lowering the head to hope own kid, by surprise of BE, the kid got to his bosom in, incredibly didn't cry, Zheng write jet black roll round eyes curiously looking at him, Reeve just and by hand pointed on the her nose to order for a while and said with smile:"Does the autumn autumn still remember daddy?"
The small guy wields arm, unexpectedly'Luo Luo!'The ground is smiled, Reeve is positive greatly elated, he once the small guy raise Gao Gao and also laugh uproariously together with daughter.
The leaf old woman crosses mountains because of long distance, arrive Peng Lai behind unexpectedly fell sick, cured a private to say after making a diagnosis and giving treatment problem not big, needs to take some medicine and calms down again to keep for several days then like, Reeve is once seeing wife female, then come to visit the sick in the old woman's building.
Let the Wei is doing not think of is a precious jade Ji to unexpectedly sit to accompany her to talk by the side of old woman's body,mac makeup wholesale, see Reeve is coming in, the precious jade Ji hurriedly stood and smiled toward him blink for a while eye, Reeve is seeing her facial expression easy, this just trust down, he hurriedly kneels down to salute, "the grandson Wei is sending greeting to the grandmother!"
"Good!Good Hai, is a big officer also and formerly similar, the grandmother likes very much, you get up quickly."
Leaf's old woman struggles and sits, the precious jade Ji hurriedly comes forward to hand her, and the old woman sits to start to say with smile:"Big Lang, this Japanese girl is very considerate, the heart is again good, and you are to have a lucky person!"
The precious jade Ji ashamedly and hurriedly says:"The old grandmother doesn't say like this quickly, I see the old grandmother thought of my own grandmother, you are as kindly as she and kind."
Old woman happily ha ha cachinnation, but violent cough a while, the precious jade Ji hurriedly and lightly pund the back for her, the old woman put to put a hand, "thank, my no harm, you go first!I want to speak a few lines with big Lang alone."
"BE!"The precious jade Ji goes one gift, again deeply Related articles: