Facebook her party to hurtle

Those worker ant generally busy roughnecks, if not that the background that knows them, by this time and perhaps return be really think that this helping hard-working guy is a worker
Wang Jun tooks a look watch, he feels 110 polices, should be to soon arrive, after all this is the human life legal case, even if they delay any more, didn't dare to drag along too longly as well.
Hence signal hint a few member of team to spread out corner, in order to prevent that takes advantage o to succeed in escaping indiscriminately for the bludgers, certainly he doesn't dare as well what the member of team divided spread too much, after all they can beat again only six people also, hence assign for 221 sets.
See own member of team all about arrive to schedule to position, but that helps the bludgers and also doesn't discover, Wang Jun suddenly the Shan body is bright from the blackness before getting to door in the warehouse the place of light.
"All forbid to move, raise a hand, I am a police"
The bludgers move thing and all move just happily, which thought of by this time to pop out to two polices here.Momentary stand on the doorway of several immediately the things in the hand all dropping doesn't know on the ground how to is good.
And is going toward and outside move the bludgers of the thing in the warehouse, a listen to the outside contain police, also panic absolute being, immediately from the front door in flee out, run toward both sides to, they don't know that the police has as well how much, however there is all a mind in the brain, that be first from here run again say.
But run at the front of, just didn't run several steps, drive darkly in the shadow of human figure jumping out turned over in the ground to the Chuai.
"Forbid to move, we are polices, raise a hand."
The bludgers of following behind, also all panic absolute being, press to say peacetime, they are also afraid police, particularly this police who helps gold state, if fall a their hand, an is quasi- don't be good, this helps Boanerges and start more malicious than the bludgers last several cents, so they didn't be not afraid.
And lead the way today of eldest brother again not at, by this time does their of course not know how to do?
Have several smart, by this time the beginning looks for song sun that take their come everywhere, the figure of song young master, after all today eldest brother but give an account, the whole distanceses all listen to the order of this song young master,google.
But saw 1 turn, don't also see the figure of song young master, the feelings somebody else early ran
Group without a leader under, this helped bludger to immediately deep-fry nest and had the small head of group that a few courages compare among them and by this time also saw out, the Boanerges here combined not much, hence loudly of shout a way.
"They have no several individuals, everyone run quickly"
This throat can give the bludgers the courage of the everlasting and after all dig a sand at the west Jiang province, but who all don't want to go
Among them several take the lead of a see here anterior of police two, and the surroundings is again an all high big insulation plank, as long as putting these two people to turn over, probably always of the road up run to go out, hence also ignore regardless of of hurtle to come over here toward Wang Jun.
The activity this time, Wang Jun is also did preparation, he brings of six personal insides, only he has a gun,Facebook, other severals all have no a gun.
Hence he chose the medium road that garrisons a warehouse and held up the bandits to want from incomingly sell the building place right path for escaping, but four other both sideses that person then guarded front door in the warehouse, in order to prevent this helps guy to flee indiscriminately everywhere when the time comes!
/Looking at this now help is blunt to come over of rascal, Wang Jun is also not panic, take out pistol, directly shine on to hurtle at the most anterior guy, when the chest is one gun
After a gun of "bang" rings, originally blunt fore noodles, the bludger head of group take the lead, echo and pour on the spot, other bludgers immediately were also rung by this gun to live for town.
While fighting with weapons at ordinary times, they once used to spray son as well, however have never taken to come over, meet with to have a gun now today of Boanerges, immediately this helps guys all nervous.
The other party contains gun, but oneself's this kind of people again who all don't want to die, that behind of affair simple, one many bludgers, in several minutes, all embrace a head, squat down at the front door of the warehouse front.
And Wang Jun by this time then wiped a cold sweat, know he just is also in the wager, the wager wears to help disorderly band, basically little courage, indeed as expected oneself is a wager to.
Wang Jun wiped pair of sweat, then hurriedly walked again to the bandit that is shot by him to fall on the ground front, a kick pass by.
"Died to have no, didn't die to hurriedly get up there squat down"
3 the end of the months admire, everyone has a ticket of to a few Bais

The rains and winds meeting gold state of chapter 447(4)
The rains and winds meeting gold state of chapter 447(4)
"Ah ah government, you lightly order ……"
The rascal that lies on the ground to pretend to be dead hurriedly humed severals to say, however this speech inside deeply wears an infirmity.
After all got one gun, who also very not how much, which getting rubber bullet for a while is afraid
Everyone knows that this our police of dynasty in the sky is generally an unqualified gun of and have plenty of to go together with a gun, but unqualified bullet
Even if is the policeman's gun that goes together with a gun and goes together with bullet first hair bullet, generally is also all rubber bullet, because this first gun, generally is conduct and actions blare a gun to give warning a function.
Wang Jun their flameproof big brigades are also similar, however Wang Jun Zhang wears resume old, plus to mix with leadership relation well, so also mix go together with small hit cannon
However they leadership still fear some time lightly, on impulse, is asking for a trouble when the time comes, so give his go together with to there are no several hair bullets in gun.
But Wang Jun's this boy brain lives, the inside made the quite a few hair rubber bullet again from the unit, the peacetime bumped in the gun to play hoax on something to use.
So today he just deserving noodles, gave that blunt fore the noodles takes the lead of the bludger is one gun, and he chooses to open fire to also choose to like opportune moment.
After all although is a rubber bullet, but if leave too nearly, or beat the words of winning the vital part part, similar can also kill a person.
The bludger for taking the lead, time goes toward him always, leave him to still have 7810 meters, his small hit the effective artillery range of cannon is also 50 meters.
So he estimates to touch that guy to hurtle to 60th, rice of time, open fire, O.K. his peacetime also always plays a gun in the unit, so marksmanship still at last can.
This just one gun give°ed that guy to knock down, although this is a rubber bullet, but Wang Jun still have no dare in the artillery range inside open fire, because if one isn't good, or is this guy idea to carry on the back too much, if beat in the vital part part, similar can kill person or is to beat physically disabled, result like this Wang Jun certainly don't think as well.
And this gun he is also one crest wearing is very big of pressure of, because his result for wanting be have to one gun helps the guy to this and live for town, otherwise if let this helps guy near body, he returns really don't know how to do to is good, who know that this helping guy will can't take out cold son Tong when the near body runs road them to are two knives.
He this a cartridge clip that is small to hit cannon, only two hairs finally are true bullets, front of five hairs can are all rubber bullet, if the first gun didn't pour the other party Liao, that several guns after return be really bother
He doesn't want to wait the other party to hurtle into to open fire again, in case of if kill person, he also wants to undertake a responsibility.
O.K. he this gun greatly of return be regarded as enough quasi-
More than 30 bludgers an embraces head to squat down in the doorway of warehouse, but insulates a knothole outside, the whistle having already repeatedly spread blares to call of voice.
See to this increasing to aid is finally to arrive, Wang Jun is also to loosen tone, after all six people looking at more than 30 rascals, in case of the other party if the dog urgently jumps a wall, that is also troublesome ……
Li Zhi Yang on that night have to arrive Wang Jun there of news, however don't can hold tight that song sun of current, he is still pretty sorry of, however when hear Wang Jun say there is an old man for sounding night watching on his workplace be killed, Li Zhi Yang is immediately a fire to emit three Zhangs.
You**, killed a person on Lao Tze's workplace, Lao Tze didn't finish with you
Although just and Li Zhi Yang's vegetable don't acquaint with of sound night watch old man,cnn, but Li Zhi Yang still feel to is very sorry and ashamed and if not that letting oneself seeing a building materials, somebody else also can not so big age, haven't canned get to die a natural death Related articles: