mac makeup wholesale Feng Ya Ling up and

Is red, took canteen to infuse a , this time round to Lun and Feng Ya Ling roared with laughter.
The Nu wave Ze Ze 2, see to Feng Ya Ling, mysteriously say:"I guess that the number of times that you must be the girl whom a not too loves a mirror, sees in mirror for a day definitely not over ten times!"
Feng Ya Ling held chin to want to think, then stretched out index finger very firmly and towarded a Nu wave to slowly shake to shake.
The Nu wave turned over cold stare, malicious vomited an emollient dirty word, consumedly drank an one mouthful again of water.
Lun and Feng Ya Ling again and happily smiled, Feng Ya Ling didn't forget to add to say:"The heart of love of beauty, the person all has it,mac makeup wholesale!"
The Nu wave also stretched out an index finger, facing Feng Ya Ling up and down swung several bottoms and again mysteriously said:"The feeling letter once received by you must be the among the person whom you know most!"
Feng Ya Ling thinks to be all this time need not think, stretch out index finger, towarded a Nu wave to slowly shake to shake.
"See ghost!"The Nu wave defies spirit of drank one mouthful water again, the way of Rang Rang:"Feed, have who may accept than you does the feeling letter want to be many?"
Ya Ling of Feng is mysterious on smiling, pointed to point to sit just across the street of Lun, the Lun is also smiling, however smile this time have a little embarrassed.
The Nu wave"Pei"1, say:"Seeing ghost is unexpectedly a Long.Nana!"
He defies spirit of point to Feng Ya Ling again, say:"I guess, you ……"
Result, is still that the Nu wave lost, be he connect after losing several pair ofs, a face not Fen of he suddenly be like thought of what, then have ready plans to meet a situation of once turn round, conjecture Feng with thief's thief's taste Ya Ling, again use matchless mysterious tone with sing saint poem of euphonic, lightly say:"I guess that you fell in love with strong breeze!"
The car compartment immediately calmed down down and even connected the person's voice, traffic voice on all sides the all quick Lian went to, the whole world, imitate a Buddha the heart palpitates voice that leaves plop, plop.
The vision of the Nu wave challenge, the Lun don't have no embarrassed look in the eyes, Feng Ya Ling is breathed and silent.
This is a pretty much have an explosion of have of ask words, one isn't good, can will the heart of Lun deep-fry whole body covered with wounds.
Wait for ……
It is breathed to wait for.
The Lun hope earnestly to know answer, and a trace of fear is this answer, like have a little feeling provocation the wave suddenly and neurotically ask a such a question and have a little old grudge again, he unexpectedly asks so sharp[one] question.
Finally ……
Good short while later on, Feng Ya Ling Wei forward song body, slowly picked up the cup of tea side-table, drank an one mouthful.
"Ha ha ……" is in the Nu wave naturally of ha ha in the voice, at the Lun don't have no shocked that the surprise eyes under, the whole world imitated a Buddha to suddenly spread all over a riotous color.
Feng Ya Ling light smile, look at Lun, with nothing exciting euphonic say:"I guess that this isn't wishful!"
The Lun is made an effort of closed lightly purse one's lips lips, deeply absorbed an one breath, slowly exhale again, also tiny song body, picked up the cup of in front, a stem but exert.
In the strange laughter wantons in the Nu wave, the "ha ha ha ……"'s ocean overflows in the car compartment of, is a kind of heavy romantic state of mind.
The Lun suddenly discover oneself's noodles to up have a little heat and discover her face while secretly seeing Ya Ling toward the Feng, rare Be getting reder, this time, her Lin opened the vision of Lun, with beautiful must can not the facial expression of square thing Be tiny to lower the head, jade person bashful facial expression, make the mind of the Lun a burst of Chi is fond of turbulent.
His side is overdo, discover the Nu wave has already let go of the cloth screen, also don't forget to make a grimace of exaggeration to oneself.
The Lun smiled, this a moment, he touched a kind of very special felling, small and soft tasty, he finally discovers, that the felling call a sweet, is the sweet for hasing long time no see, the sweet that gets along with family.
At this time, the wagon just once drove a wooden bridge and formally stepped enough absolute being empire dragon's officer's way, the sun is shining in glory the road of their front.

Chapter 6

On the car compartment side, the Ming wears the branding of the sky saint hall, this brands at absolute being empire dragon equally since the effect, the on shift duty military officer of border defense toll-gate once checks a saint hall pass after, respectfullly and sincerely and in proper form of open passage in person for wagon, be full of the vision of esteem in the both sides government troops under, Lun they got into absolute being empire dragon's first province.
Absolute being empire dragon, orchid Si one of the most ancient empires of mainland, the north connects Phoenix, west noodles and freely and heaven separate blue river to hope, the northwest side is emerging forces fresh breeze household.
The absolute being dragon guards the best whole the orchid Si is rated as the windstorm fortress of defendoofing the dint, thousand in the last yearses always with hand of sharp knife, resist the monster person's hit, absolute being imperial house dragon and Phoenix for many times allied marriage, become a hard alliance, as to it's the diplomacy strategy of remaining various country, tolerate a big degree, so on political,wholesale mac makeup, the absolute being dragon became a various country of mankind unclearly of spiritual leader.
Usually the association of every trades, such as mercenary soldier association, hunter's association, craft association and farm crop association...etc., all at absolute being national territory dragon inside establish headquarters.
On the economy, thousand year agos, and then is that they discover the evil stone can be an energy, can rob an energy first timing, the storage of the evil stone quantity and then line up in the head of many countries, and in the past gentleman the king is mostly astute, bureaucrat system return calculate honest, and then have been strongly encouraging that industry and agriculture want to go forward together, thousand in the last yearses, their national strengths are always located in the head of all countries.
At absolute being national territory dragon up, everywhere gleam the civilization breathing of ancient east, from humanities culture to building, all made every effort to exaggerate a kind of special eastern magic power, the Lun waited 3 people to step enough in this one landed up, the Feng Ya Ling's was born here, longer than Si, and Lun and Nu wave once stayed a period of time in the absolute being dragon as well, and all of 3 people were encyclopedic knowledge persons, walked all the way, not lonesome either, they with respectively of standpoint to commented on an absolute being dragon various, although often had an issue,always could dissolve various frictions on the standpoints with the laughter.
After seven days, they arrived at the capital of this province, regard light Fang industry as principle of past wise city, here, is also one of the absolute being Long Da Dun's households, the headquarters of the Tang's household.
According to the engagement, the Nu wave gets here will with Lun they broke up, his viewpoint BE, the Tang's household is a household that can trust, their take charge of lord Tang Huang will definitely they the safety convoy return to absolute being Long Di is all of.
Is forthcoming respectively, Feng Ya Ling formally of after taking leave with Nu wave, returned to wagon up, let a space give the Lun make with intimate friend don't the Nu wave looking at the Feng Ya Ling's figure and say with smile:"She is really a quite good female kid, considerate, cleverness, again without affectation …… admire, strong breeze, your controling breath really doesn't depend on, meet with of is all fine quality of goods, alas ……"
The Lun smiled and said:"Nu wave, having never thought you will also have cry up a person of Hou, feed, don't so sob ……"
Nu wave Song shrug shoulders, lay up to sigh a form, soft-voiced way:"Strong breeze!Lead that day blue river of Hou, your relations' seeing is about to break bottleneck, why this how many days, but have been maintaining present condition?Fail too much."
The Lun smile say:"Feelings contains a lot of expression methods, so also quite good ……"
The Nu wave loses to say with smile:"Strong breeze boy, you are little to come, you similarly one belly bad water, think that I felt gorgeous in those early years a female into the room of Hou, your boy which be the time to fall all of a sudden at somebody else's breast?Ha ha ……however I know, those kinds of goods you see not up, now but have a best puts in the eye and miss too regrettable ……want don't I teach some special techniques to you?"
The Lun start listenning to Hou for Nu wave to describe of, the despise of one face, but listen to till the last that induction technique, he finally still keeps cannot helping but depressing voice and asks:"What technique?"
The Nu wave a pair per eye sees through your facial expression, feeds to bind a to smile and says:"That is …… descend aphrodisiac, arriving the rice has been already become to meal, Hey Hey ……"
The Lun have never liked jilting of spirit to open a face and filled the burden to the hand of Nu wave up, say:"Partner, bon voyage!"
The Nu wave says with smile:"Ha ha, be me to play trick good …… , be not, be not, is me root Related articles:

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